Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 12

June Wedding

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2010 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with SAMCRO arriving home from Belfast. Piney, Tig, Kozik, Filthy Phil, and Miles welcome the group home. Lyla kisses Opie and is glad to see him. Jax sees Tig and asks him if he's heard anything on Tara. Tig says that he got off the phone with Unser and there's nothing new. Jax looks over and sees the swing set and slide. Jax asks what that is for. Tig says that it's Abel's welcome home gift and says that the prospects worked on it all night.

SAMCRO meets in the boardroom for a meeting. Tig updates the group on Tara's kidnapping. He says that the ATF and Charming P.D. searched Salazar's house and interrogated some of the Calaveras but they got nothing new. Clay tells Jax to check in with Unser to see where Stahl is at. Kozik says that there is a complication. Tig says that because of the fact that the police and ATF are looking for Salazar, Alvarez is afraid that Salazar will rat and tell them about the heroin business. Jax notes that if the Mayans are going to try and kill Salazar then they're not going to look out for Tara's safety. Clay tells Tig to call Alvarez and get him to meet here. He also notes that they should look up Salazar's aunt and bring her in to try and see if they can locate Salazar. When the group leaves, Bobby notes that Tig and Kozik seem to be getting along much better. Clay says that he's glad because they're going to need Kozik. Clay tells Gemma that she needs to go to the cabin to hide her. Gemma says that she's going to stay here for a little while. Bobby says that Piney is up there waiting for her. Gemma tells him to relax and says that nobody knows she's back. She says she wants to sleep in her own bed. Jax assures Clay that they'll lock down the garage so she'll be safe. Jax says he's going to put his stuff away and then they'll leave. Gemma hands Abel to Lyla and tells her that she'll be right back. Opie walks up and notices that Abel looks happy to be home. Lyla thinks Abel is precious and the two start to make funny faces at Abel. Opie then gives Lyla a longing look.

In Jax's bedroom, Gemma comes in to see him. Gemma tells Jax not to get used to staying here because he's going home with his son and Tara. Jax agrees with her. Gemma tells him to sit down. She tells Jax that she needs to know what is going on with Stahl. Jax tells her that they've already been through this. Gemma notes that Jax is doing this for her so she has a right to know. Jax hesitates, but says that she'll find out soon enough. He says that the only thing that she can do is wait and be patient. Gemma warns Jax that she can't protect him from Clay if he finds out. She notes that they're going to jail and if they know that he's a rat he'll be dead in a day. Jax promises Gemma that everything is going to be okay. He kisses Gemma on the cheek and leaves.

On the road, Salazar slams the trunk of his car several times. He gets in and drives off. We get a glimpse at a tarp and what looks like two bodies underneath it. A fly buzzes near them.

Filthy Phil and Miles let Gemma, Opie, and Lyla into Gemma's house. Opie carries Gemma's bird back into her room. Gemma is glad to see her bird is safe. Opie tells Lyla to wait out in the kitchen with Abel. When Gemma and Opie go into the bedroom, Opie asks Gemma for her opinion on something. Gemma says that he can. Opie says it's about him and Lyla. Gemma thinks that Lyla is sweet and is good with Piper. Opie says that she is good with Piper. Gemma notes that Opie is a little upset that Lyla works in the pornography industry and that's something he wishes would change. Opie says that Donna begged him to leave SAMCRO for good and he says that now he knows how she felt when he thinks of Lyla. Opie says that he doesn't have a right to ask her to leave. Gemma says that he doesn't unless he marries her. She notes that will secure things in place. Gemma tells Opie to marry Lyla and that after that she might just quit the industry.

At the police station, Unser is glad that they found Abel. Clay thanks him. Unser asks about Gemma. Clay notes that SAMCRO's bail hearing is in two days. He admits he isn't sure when he'll see her again because she isn't leaving. Unser says that he'll make sure she stays clear. Clay also informs Unser that he heard about the Sanwa Sheriff's taking over the town of Charming. He asks if that's a done deal. Unser says that if he can tie Jacob to Lumpy's death they may have a chance of keeping Charming P.D. Unser notes if the sheriffs take over Charming it'll be a different town and a new way for SAMCRO. Clay asks how they prove Salazar did it. Unser says they have to bring Salazar in alive. Unser says that Salazar has that card to play to rat on Jacob. Clay says he'll let the club know. On his way out, Clay thanks him for Gemma.

When Clay leaves Unser's office, Stahl walks past them and notes that her favorite frequent fliers are here. Jax tells Clay he'll meet him back at the clubhouse. He walks into Stahl's office and closes the door. Stahl asks Jax where Jimmy O is. Jax admits that Jimmy O is MIA like Tara is right now. Stahl assures Jax that Charming is on lockdown so Tara is still in the area. She promises that they will find her. Stahl says that she understands Jax is taking an emotional beating, but now they need to talk about business. Jax says that the IRA gave Jimmy O safe passage out of Belfast in exchange for Abel. He tells Stahl that Jimmy O is with the Russians in Northern California right now. Stahl asks if it's Victor Protlova. Jax says that they're reaching out to them right now. He tells Stahl that they have someone from the club in maximum security and asks if she knows Lenny the Pimp. Stahl asks if it's the man that killed three ATF agents. Jax retorts he allegedly killed three ATF agents. He tells Stahl that Lenny has direct ties to the Russians, but since he doesn't have visitation rights they have to go through Otto in order to reach him. Stahl notes that Otto is in the hole. Jax informs her that he's getting out tomorrow. Jax tells her that if she can arrange yard time with Lenny and Otto, they might be able to find out where Putlova is and where he has Jimmy O stashed. Stahl says she'll work on it. She pulls out a folder and tells Jax that now she wants him to look at this folder. She hands him the folder and says that former high ranking IRA members now make up the council of the True IRA. She tells Jax that their names are Brogan, Dooley, and Roarke. She asks Jax if he saw them. Jax notes that some of them look familiar, but he'll be able to focus a lot better when Tara is safe. Stahl retorts that they don't have time for this. Jax tells her the sooner they find Tara the sooner he finds Jimmy O. With that, he leaves.

In Northern California, Jimmy O meets with Putlova. Jimmy O informs him about the gun business and tells him that it'll come from Belfast as well as four or five other locations. Jimmy O says that he still has relationships in Ireland which will help result in Putlova being the biggest distributor of guns in the northwest. Putlova notes it's a big promise and a big offer. Jimmy O promises him that once he gets himself better established they'll work out all of the details. Putlova says that if he is to get Jimmy O asylum in South America it's going to take a lot of favors as well as paying off huge figureheads. He notes it's a big risk. Jimmy O says he's aware of that. Putlova says that's good because they are requiring that he compensate them up front with $2 million. Jimmy O notes the previous deal was $500,000 immediately and then the rest once he's in Brazil. He tells Putlova that he doesn't have that kind of cash in the United States. Donny tells Putlova that they may be able to gather somewhere between $700,000-$750,000. Jimmy O says he'll also give Putlova the guns for cost plus 20% for the first year. Putlova says he's only willing to do cost and no interest for the first six months. He promises that if all goes well, he'll pay him the cost and a ten percent interest. Jimmy O agrees and asks that he makes the arrangements. He tells Putlova that he has to leave to get the money. Putlova advises Jimmy O to stay at the house and let Donny collect the money. Jimmy O insists they'll get the money faster if he goes along. Putlova says he isn't in any hurry. Putlova states that Jimmy O is lucky to have a loyal man like Donny working for him because it would be very easy for him to take the cash and flee. Donny jokes with him and asks how long of a drive it is to Vegas. The two laugh, but Jimmy O doesn't even crack a smile.

Back at the Morrow house, Gemma and Unser smoke a joint in the kitchen. Unser tells her that he came by to make sure she was alright. Gemma says that she's fine, but notes that last week Unser pulled a gun on her. Unser retorts that he technically pulled the gun on Tig. Gemma realizes he's right. Unser starts to sob and tells her that everything is crazy right now. He notes that in the last year Charming hasn't been able to take a breath from all of the bad things that are happening. Gemma promises it'll settle and says it always does. Unser says it won't happen this time. He tells her it's all going away and then apologizes for his crying. Gemma says it's okay. Gemma tells Unser that Jax is in trouble and he cut a deal with Stahl. Unser asks what he's giving Stahl. Gemma admits that she's not sure. Unser notes the ATF is on Tara's kidnapping case so he thinks that he might be able to talk to her. Gemma tells him not to. She says that everyone needs to focus on finding Tara right now. Unser agrees and says he won't. Unser thanks her for the chat and Gemma welcomes Unser back. Unser kisses Gemma on the cheek and leaves.

Outside, Alvarez and some of the Mayans arrive at the shop. Clay greets him. Alvarez asks Jax if he found Abel. Jax says that he did. Alvarez says he's glad to hear that. Alvarez says that he knows why they want to talk. Jax assumes that Alvarez already heard about Salazar kidnapping Tara. Alvarez says that he has and he's sorry about that. He tells them that he has to look out for his family as well. He notes that Salazar will probably rat on the club's drug trade so he needs to be killed. Clay tells him that Salazar has a bigger card to play than with Alvarez. He reveals to Alvarez that Salazar is doing dirty work for Jacob Hale. Clay says that if they bring him in alive it keeps Tara safe, but it also keeps the Mayans safe. Alvarez doesn't understand the logic. Clay states that if Jacob Hale becomes mayor the town will be more corporate and it will be protected by the Sanwa County Sheriff's Office. Alvarez says that Salazar wants him dead and he'll give up the heroin trade quickly just to see them get hurt. He admits he doesn't want to see Tara get hurt because of this, but says that her safety isn't his priority.

Bobby and Kozik arrive back at the clubhouse with Salazar's aunt, Ramona. Ramona doesn't speak English and Bobby is really annoyed with her Spanish because he doesn't understand her. Clay asks if he got anything. Bobby says that he thinks her name is Ramona, but admits that's all he knows. Clay asks if anyone knows Spanish. He turns to Juice, but Juice says that he grew up in Queens. Alvarez steps up to Ramona and starts talking to her in Spanish. What can be derived from the conversation is Alvarez asking who she is. Ramona asks Alvarez about Salazar, who is her nephew. Alvarez pulls a gun on her and says that the groups aren't stupid. He demands to know where Salazar is. Ramona gives him an address in Spanish and Alvarez tells them they need to get moving. SAMCRO and the Mayans hop on their bikes and start to ride towards a location. They arrive at a house and prepare to burst in. Juice and Happy go in the front and Clay, Jax, Opie, and Tig are in the back. Before they can break in, Alvarez yells for the group to come over here. The group arrives at the two bodies that are under the blanket. Jax hesitantly pulls the blanket back and it is revealed to be Luisa and an unknown woman. Jax is relieved that Tara is still alive.

In town, Salazar gets out of his car and we see Tara still tied up in the trunk of his car.

At the clubhouse, Chuck is starting to stack boxes in the office. Gemma comes in and asks him if he's stocking office supplies. Chucks says no and says he needs to show something to Gemma. He takes out his knife and starts to cut them open. Gemma tells Chuck this isn't a good time and grabs the gun out of her drawer. She tells Chuck to open the gate for her. Chuck asks her where she's going. Gemma says she has to test drive the Beamer. Chuck notes that Gemma is lying to him. Gemma says he's right and tells him to open the gate. Chuck heads outside to open the gate.

Jimmy O tries to call Donny, but he isn't able to get a hold of him. He sits down at the table where Putlova and his men are playing a board game. Putlova tells Jimmy O that he worries too much. Jimmy O agrees with him. Jimmy O notes that if he doesn't get the cash then he's going to have to reach out to other people and that would mean he would have to leave the house. Putlova says that he is aware of Jimmy O's situation and says he realizes that the ATF, IRA, and SAMCRO wants him. Putlova says that if Jimmy O leaves then he is at risk to be caught and he knows too much about Putlova and his men. Jimmy O is baffled and tells Putlova that he won't get caught. He says that even if he did he isn't a rat. Putlova says he knows that, but he tells Jimmy O that he wants this business to expand and the only way to do that is get Jimmy O to safety. He says in order to do that he needs the money.

Gemma waits outside of the police station and sees Stahl leave. She pulls up to Stahl before she can get in her car and points a gun at her. Gemma demands she gets in the car. Stahl asks if she's serious. Gemma says yes and Stahl gets in. Gemma asks for Stahl's gun and Stahl hands it to her. Gemma drives out, but Tyler comes out of the police station and sees Gemma holding Stahl hostage. Tyler races to her car. Gemma parks at a spot away from the station. Gemma demands to what she is doing with Jax. Stahl asks Gemma what Jax has told her. Gemma says he's told her nothing so she knows it's bad. Stahl adds that Jax knows his priorities and family is the biggest one. Gemma tells Stahl that Jax isn't thinking clearly right now and whatever the two are planning it's going to end up hurting the family and SAMCRO. Stahl asks her what she wants. Gemma tells her to cancel the deal with Jax. Stahl says that is not for Gemma to decide. Gemma tells Stahl again that she is to cancel the deal or she turns herself into the U.S. Attorney's Office and tells them that Stahl gave her the statement to say to the FBI. She adds that Tyler would probably have no problem turning on Stahl and cooperating if it means she's off the hook. Stahl says that she has no idea what she's stepping on. Gemma tells Stahl to end the deal or she ends her career. She drops Stahl's gun out of the car and tells her to get out.

After Stahl gets out, Gemma drives away and Tyler approaches her. Tyler asks what was going on. Stahl says it was nothing. Tyler states that Gemma is a fugitive so they need to call this in. Stahl says that they don't. Tyler protests, but Stahl tells her to shut up and get in the car.

Back at the crime scene, forensics takes Luisa's body away. Bobby goes over to talk to Jax. He asks him if he left for Belfast on bad terms with Tara. Jax admits that he did. Jax says that they need to find her. Bobby agrees, but notes that they just traveled all the way to Ireland to get Abel. Since Tara is local, this will be easier. Jax nods in agreement. Unser approaches them and Jax asks if he knows anything. Unser says that Luisa bled out and the other woman was bludgeoned to death. He informs Jax that the woman was Lori Allen and notes that she never made it home from work. Clay notes that Salazar killed her for her car. Unser agrees and says that the car is a Gray Lexus that they've put out an APB for.

In town, Salazar tries to call his Aunt Ramona. He starts to talk to her in Spanish, and then notices Jacob Hale getting out of his car. He cocks his gun and grabs Tara. Tara and Salazar walk into Jacob's office. Tara tells the woman at the reception desk that they are here to see Jacob. Jacob comes out of his office and tells the woman that he needs a file. He then sees Salazar and Salazar pulls the gun out. He grabs Tara and shoves Jacob back into the office. Salazar tells the receptionist to inform Charming Police Department that there is now a hostage situation at the building.

Outside of the building, Clay and Jax arrive and approach Unser and Stahl. Clay asks what he has. Unser says that the Sanwa Sheriff's have taken over the hostage negotiations. Jax retorts that if Tara killed Luisa then the hostage negotiator isn't going to do anything to save her. Unser tells Jax that the negotiators know what they are doing. Jax screams that Salazar will hurt Tara. Stahl tells him that as far as they know Tara is fine. She notes that if he was going to hurt Tara he would have already done so. She promises Jax they'll get her back. Jax and Clay start to walk away. Clay tells Jax that he needs to keep it together. Jax says he will. The Mayans also arrive on the scene. Bobby asks Clay what they're going to do now. Clay notes they'd better pop some popcorn because there isn't anything that they'll be able to do about this now.

In the office, Salazar has Jacob and Tara handcuffed to a pipe. Alvarez tells Jacob that he is going to pick up the phone and Tara is going to take down the information with the pen and paper he hands her. Salazar tells them that he wants S.W.A.T. van for protection and he wants food, water, and gas to get to Mexico. Salazar says he is also going to demand the roads cleared of police so he can have safe passage to Mexico. Jacob asks if he also wants a suitcase of money with that. Salazar says there's only one other thing he wants. The phone starts to ring.

Outside, Unser and Stahl approach Jax. Jax asks if Salazar made his demands. Unser says that he has. He tells Jax that Salazar will let Jacob go if he gets a free ride to Mexico. Jax asks about Tara. Unser says that he'll only trade Tara if he gets Jax as a replacement. Jax agrees immediately. Chibs warns Jax that the minute Salazar sees him walk through the door he's going to get shot. Clay says that Chibs is right and tells him that they're not letting him take the risk. Jax retorts that Salazar is going to need a hostage to get out of the town so he won't kill him. Stahl says it's too risky and it's against protocol so the FBI is coming. Jax says that Salazar is desperate and won't give them time to plan. He tells Stahl that he is doing this.

Over by the police car, everyone figures out the layout for the building. The SWAT guy tells them that if things go bad the only ways Salazar can escape is the front door or the fire escape towards the back. Unser tells him that they should heavily guard the back door since he'll probably go out that way. Stahl says that she has to call for more ATF agents so she advises that Unser stay out front and she and Tyler will go around the back. The SWAT guy is fine with that. Stahl, Tyler, and a few uniforms head around back.

In the office, Jacob informs Salazar that they're sending Jax in. Salazar opens up the bag and gets a knife out of the bag. Tara asks Salazar if he's going to kill Jax. Salazar says no, and adds that he is going to kill Tara first so that Jax can watch. Then, he's going to kill Jax. Outside, Jax knocks on the door and Salazar stabs the knife into a book. He opens the door and demands that Jax come in. He holds his gun on Jax. Jax shuts the door and raises his hands. Salazar frisks him for weapons and then shoves Jax into a chair. Jax demands that Salazar let Tara go. Salazar smacks Jax in the head with his gun and yells that Jax doesn't tell him what to do in this situation. Salazar grabs the knife and pulls Tara up and holds it to her neck. He tells Jax that Tara slit Luisa's throat and he watched her bleed out. He says that this is for revenge. Jax tries to intervene and Salazar turns his attention to Jax. Jacob grabs the pen on the floor and stabs Salazar in the side with it. Salazar screams in pain and elbows Jacob. Jax is able to tackle Salazar and the gun flies out of his hand. Jax dives for it and Salazar runs out of the building. Jax hands the gun to Tara and tells her to kill anyone that's not a cop. Jax grabs the knife and runs after Salazar.

Salazar runs down a hall and Jax chases after him. Jax runs past some of the SWAT team and Jax informs them that Tara and Jacob are in the office. He continues to run after Salazar and runs up a flight of stairs. Salazar has grabbed an axe and he swings it at Jax. Jax is able to dodge the blow, but he ends up falling down the stairs as a result. Salazar continues to run and Jax continues to give chase.

Outside, the SWAT team informs all of the agents that Salazar is on the loose and tells them to keep an eye on the exits. Stahl tells the uniforms that it sounds like Salazar is heading for the front. She tells them to go out front and she and Tyler will stay in the back. The officers agree and head out front leaving Stahl and Tyler on their own.

Inside, Salazar comes to a dead end. He tries to open the doors on either side of him, but they are both locked. Jax confronts Salazar and says that he has no place to run now. Jax promises Salazar that if he drops the axe he will let him walk out alive. Salazar says that Jax is lying. Jax says it's not a lie. He tells Salazar that he knows about Jacob Hale using Salazar for his dirty work and says that he wants Jacob to go down for that. Jax says that he'll let Salazar walk out as long as he rats on Jacob. Salazar seriously contemplates it and drops the axe to the ground. Jax comes in and takes back his promise. He stabs Salazar in the gut with the knife and Salazar dies. Jax hears the SWAT team coming up the steps. He grabs the axe that Salazar has and slices his arm with it. The SWAT team comes up and Jax tells them that Salazar came after him so he had to kill him.

Outside, the SWAT leader informs SAMCRO that Salazar tried to attack Jax so Jax killed him with his knife. Unser is disappointed, but the Mayans are satisfied that their heroin trade is safe. They nod to Clay in satisfaction.

Unser calls over the radio that Salazar has been killed and tells everyone to regroup in front of the building. Stahl isn't happy to hear that. Tyler asks Stahl what's wrong. Without a word, Stahl turns around and shoots Tyler through the throat. Tyler falls wounded and Stahl calls over the radio that three Mexicans, possibly Mayans, ambushed them. She tells them that Tyler is down. Stahl fires several shots over the radio and the officers say they are responding. Stahl wipes off the gun and throws it. Stahl shushes Tyler and asks that she go. Tyler breathes her last breath and dies. After she does, Stahl yells out to the other officers to help them.

At the hospital, Tara gets a sonogram of her baby. Jax is there by her side. The nurse tells them that the baby's heartbeat is strong and healthy. Jax and Tara are both happy to hear about that. They get a picture of the sonogram and the nurse leaves them. Jax holds Tara's hand and gives her a kiss.

Unser walks into St. Thomas to see Jacob being interviewed by the media. He tells them how he is a hero for intervening. Unser sees Murphy and asks her if she's doing alright. Murphy says she is and thanks him. Murphy sees Tara and gives her a hug. She tells Tara that she is glad to see her safe. Tara thanks her and apologizes to her for all of this happening to her. Murphy says it's alright. Unser motions to Jax and notes that Jacob is bragging that he brought down Salazar singlehandedly. He notes that Jacob will play the hero card and Elliot would be a fool to run against him. Jax apologizes to Unser that things didn't go the other way. Unser brushes it off and says that it just means it's time for him to retire. Jax tells Unser that they're all having breakfast tomorrow and tells Unser that he should come. Unser says he'd like that. The two shake hands.

Later that night, SAMCRO has a boardroom meeting. He tells the group about the opportunity that IRA gave them for a larger gun trade. He notes that the charges that the club is facing may force them into hard time, but Clay says that he is going to make sure that the business is run even if he has to do it from Stockton Prison. Clay says that SAMCRO needs bodies on the outside to make that happen. Clay says that they have six members that are willing to transfer to SAMCRO to make that happen. Bobby notes that the transfer is going to have to wait until they're in prison. Clay says that they need to vote a new member in before they go away so they need to vote Kozik in tonight. Clay tells the group that Jax and Piney sent in a proxy vote and it's yes. Clay also votes yes. The vote then goes to Tig. Tig hesitates for a long moment, but he says no again. Kozik is visibly disappointed. Tig says he's sorry, but he can't do it. He leaves the boardroom. Clay lightly taps the gavel on the table.

In the house, Gemma holds Abel when Jax and Tara arrive home. Tara is so happy to see Abel again. Tara hugs Gemma and is glad to see her again as well. Jax gives Abel to Tara for her to hold. Jax tells her that Tara's baby is fine. Gemma is glad to hear that.

At Putlova's house, Donny brings the money he has to Putlova. He tells him he was able to get $712,000 and apologizes for the lower amount. Jimmy O is nervous. Putlova laughs and notes that Jimmy O had no faith. He says that he will arrange for the safe passage.

At the station, Jax meets with Stahl again. Gemma asks if everyone's okay. Jax says yes and asks how she's doing. Stahl says she's getting through it and says that tonight she has to give her statement to Internal Affairs. Jax says he's sorry to hear about Tyler. Stahl shuts the door and tells Jax that they need to finish what they started. Jax is aware of that. Stahl says that Jimmy O has drained his shadow accounts in the United States and he is going to leave. Jax tells Stahl to set up a meeting between Lenny and Otto so that they can finish what they started. Stahl hopes that happens before Gemma gets back to her again. She informs Jax that Gemma took her at gunpoint today to make her cancel the deal they had or she would turn herself in and say that she was forced to lie under oath. Jax tells Stahl that Gemma only reacted that way because she is nervous about what will happen if the club finds out about what he's doing. Stahl promises them that they won't find out if they do everything the right way. She tells Jax that he needs to tell her the IRA council members. She says that if he tells her the names of the council members, Gemma will be cleared. He says that if they get Jimmy O, the club will get the reduced time.

On the roof of the shop, Lyla and Opie sit together. Lyla notes it's nice up here. Opie reaches into his pocket and takes out a ring. He says that this is his grandmother's ring. He tells her that the next few days are going to be intense and he's not sure what will happen. He tells her everything is changing. Lyla asks what he's talking about. Opie tells her that they should get married. Lyla smiles.

Down below, Kozik sees Tig swinging on one of the swings of the playground set. Kozik joins him. Tig tells Kozik he tried, but he can't get past it. Kozik understands. Tig knows that Clay needs a fourth guy down in Charming to watch over everything and he tells him to come back while Tig is inside so he'll get voted in. Kozik says he's not slipping in the back door like that. Tig says he always knew Kozik was upstanding like that. Tig asks Kozik to stick around until this whole thing is dealt with. Kozik says that he can stick around. Tig thanks him. Kozik gets up and starts to leave. He tells Tig that he loved her too and leaves. Tig grabs his wallet and pulls a photo out of it. The back says, My Girl Missy, and on the front is Tig laying with a German Shepherd. We can derive from this that Kozik must have killed Tig's dog somehow.

At Stahl's debrief, Stahl tells the agent that she fired a few shots back at the Mexicans, but isn't sure if she hit anyone. She says they ran to the car and took off after that. She says it was a late model Gray Honda. The agent asks if they were wearing any colors. Stahl says that they were too far away for her to see if they had any tattoos or belonged to the Mayans or Calaveras. The agent says that the report is thorough and asks if there's anything else. Stahl says that there is something she needs to disclose. She tells the agent that she and Tyler were having an intimate relationship. She says that it was new so they didn't document anything and says that what she is about to say is even more painful. She says that Tyler confessed something to her today before she died. The agent asks about the confession. Stahl says that it is about the incident at the safe house with Edmond Hayes. She tells him that Tyler was first on the scene of the safe house and after she arrived she told Stahl what happened. She tells the agent that she made the call and filed the report for Tyler because she is the primary end. Stahl says that Tyler told her that everything she had said about the incident at the safe house was a lie. The agent asks her what happened. Stahl tells him that Tyler and Edmond had gotten into a fight and Edmond hit her. She says that Edmond tried to escape and Tyler shot him in the back. She says that Tyler hid when Gemma walked in the door. She says that Tyler watched Gemma shoot Polly Zobelle in self-defense. Stahl says that Tyler then framed Gemma for Edmond's murder. The agent realizes it was to protect Tyler from Edmond's shooting. Stahl says that she thinks it was to protect her. She says that Tyler knew how important the case was to Stahl's career and she didn't want to disappoint her. The agent asks if everything in Gemma's statement is true. Stahl says that it is true and that Gemma was wrongly charged. The episode ends with Stahl sobbing.