Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 12

June Wedding

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2010 on FX

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  • Oh my... Spoilers.

    The gang is back in Charming and things go "back to normal".

    Best episode this season IMO.

    Baby Abel is back in Charming.
    Tara's kidnapping comes to an end when Jax kills Salazar. He had a choice, leave him live so he can rat on Hal, and that would mean Charping PD will stay. Or kill him as vengance for kidnaping Tara and for protecting the Mayan's and the drug business, and that means there's no way ( so far ) to prove Hal is dirty so the Charming PD will cease to exist, making things for SAMCRO more difficult in the furure.

    Stahl is a *****! And I love her. No so long ago I wanted her dead, but now it's one of the best characters mainly because she supposed to be the good one. Charming PD is dirty, SAMCRO are doing illegal stuff all the time, she was the face of the law. But since she framed Gemma things for her went bad, crossing from one side of the law to the other, killing her lover so she can't put the murder of the irish dude on her and getting Gemma clear, all in favor to get Jimmy and boost her carrer.
    Stahl shooting her lover was just like Vic Mackey shooting Terry Crowley in the pilot of The Shield. Vic has better aim though :P. You knew they were dirty, but you didn't know how far will they go to protect themselves.

    Tigs and "Lem" ( don't know the name! ) seemed OK, but when another vote was required to patch Lem, Tigs said no :(.

    Was it just me or Tigs take out a picture of him with a dog and said "hey baby, hey baby"? WTF?

    5:15 AM here, and my english sucks, so I'll end it here.
    Best episode this season, glad they're back in Charming. I'm guessing next week they'll deal with Jimmy and next season will be about Hal, the sheriff department in charming getting in their business and maybe 2, 3 episodes from jail?.
    I'd love Stahl to stay, but if Jimmy's storyline come to an end next week there's no point for her anymore :(

    Long live SOA.

    Greetings from Argentina.

    PS: the first 10, 15 minutes when you didn't know if Tara was alive or don't, in a show when it's totally possible that the writters kill characters like that, had me in the edge of my seat.
    Damn doesn't accept my review for some reason -.-
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