Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins at Teller-Morrow Automotive with Jax meeting with Chibs and Juice. Chibs tells Jax that they need his advice on a matter. Chibs shows Juice's neck to Jax and Jax asks what the big deal is. He heard that Juice caught his neck on the security chain at Elliot's warehouse. Juice stays silent and Jax realizes that Juice tried to hang himself. Juice says he doesn't know what happened and states that doing prison time, the Russians, and killing Miles have really gotten to him. Chibs tells Jax that they need to figure out how to handle this issue. Juice states it was a mistake and he is aware of that. Jax tells Juice to give them a minute alone. Juice walks away. Chibs states that he found Juice trying to hide the evidence out in the woods. Jax states that Sons do not kill themselves and the club will vote him out if they find out he did this. Chibs is aware of that. Jax asks Chibs if he really understands. Chibs says that when he first killed someone for the IRA, it was a constable. Chibs says that he had shared a classroom with the man in school and he had shot him twice in the back of the head. Chibs states that he came close to killing himself over the murder, but he was able to move on. Jax notes that thinking about killing yourself and actually doing it are two different things. Chibs asks Jax if he can watch Juice for awhile and find out what is going on. In the meantime, he wants Clay to take Juice off of the Gallindo Cartel business. Jax agrees.

Jax and Clay go to a junkyard to meet with Alvarez. Alvarez states that the Lobo Sonora man they interrogated was correct and that there are several Lobo Sonora men across the border in the United States making alliances. Jax asks who they are allying themselves with. Luis admits they are not sure. Jax notes that Lin could be making deals with the cartels. Alvarez doesn't think that Lin would take the risk because his heroin trade is growing without the cartel and has moved onto new streets. Jax realizes that Laroy and the Niners are in that area and asks Alvarez if Laroy is just letting the territory go without a fight. Clay realizes that Laroy is probably making a deal with Lobo Sonora in order to sell new product on the streets. Jax also notes that Laroy has not been available to help them the last few times they asked and this explains this. Luis asks Alvarez how the relationship with the Niners has been. Alvarez admits that things have been peaceful the last year. Jax says that they were going to sell guns to Laroy in a few weeks, but they can send them today to get in touch with the Niners. Jax promises that they will find Laroy and contact him. Luis tells Jax that he will have a dozen men coming up from the border today and they will be in town at noon to back SAMCRO. When Luis and Alvarez leave, Jax notes to Clay that if Laroy has been buying from Lobo Sonora Luis is going to have them killed. Jax says that will change the peace in Oakland and wipes diplomacy off of the table. Clay says that it might be time to clean house and notes relationships are overrated.

Gemma sends a phone call up to Piney at the cabin, but he doesn't answer because Clay killed him the previous night. Later, Clay, Jax, Bobby, Tig, Opie, and Happy all gather at the table for breakfast. Gemma asks Opie if he talked with Piney today. Opie states that he hasn't. Clay tells Gemma to go get more food ready. Clay asks Jax where Juice is. Jax tells Clay that the sheriffs are still investigating the shooting at Teller-Morrow Automotive so he left him there to deal with Roosevelt to sweep for bugs. Opie asks Jax if they are sure Laroy is dealing with the Lobo Sonora. Jax says that it seems to be the case. Happy asks the group what they are going to do about it. Bobby remarks that this will only lead them to question what would happen if the Salvadorans or the Armenians started to work with the Lobo Sonora. Bobby asks if they would have to fight everyone. Clay notes that this is the Gallindo Cartel's fight and Romeo and Luis are the ones that would be doing the fighting. Jax tells Bobby that if the Niners are working with Lobo Sonora, then they can arrange a meeting with them and Romeo and Luis will do the fighting. Bobby sarcastically notes that all of their plans with Gallindo have worked out so well when they actually haven't. Jax screams at Bobby to stop being cynical and tells him that they voted the Gallindo Cartel in. Jax says that they need to play it out, and if Bobby is not alright with that then he needs to turn in his patch. Bobby remains silent. Chibs comes in and tells Clay that Galen from the IRA is on the phone.

Clay takes the phone call and Galen tells Clay that they have discussed the Gallindo Cartel with the IRA Council and they are concerned. Galen notes the IRA is not comfortable giving the Gallindo Cartel RPGs and .50 caliber weapons. Clay assures Galen that he trusts Romeo and believes he is a sensible man. Galen states that Romeo is fighting a different kind of war. Clay asks Galen not to judge Romeo and the Gallindo Cartel for their war. He states that SAMCRO has taken responsibility for every bullet fired from their guns. Galen argues that they are aware of how the Gallindo Cartel does business and they are heathens. Clay notes that Romeo has purchased more guns in the last two months than any of the other gangs combined over the last two years. Clay asks Galen to sit down and talk with Romeo. If the IRA is not satisfied, then they can take the big guns and go home. Galen asks Clay if he will be at the sit down. Clay states that he will be there and promises Galen that he will help him make the biggest deal the IRA has ever made. Galen tells Clay to set the meeting, but does not guarantee that Romeo will get his guns. Clay thanks Galen and hangs up.

At Teller-Morrow Automotive, Roosevelt arrives. Juice tells Roosevelt that his deputies are done with their investigation. Roosevelt states he needed to do a follow-up. Roosevelt tells Juice that he needs to pick up the phone when he calls him. Roosevelt gives Juice six burners and notes that he is aware Juice is the communications man in the club. Juice drops them on the floor and tells Roosevelt that he is done helping him. He states that he cannot do this anymore. Roosevelt sees the bruise on Juice's neck and asks him what he did. Juice tells Roosevelt just to tell his superiors that he is done working with them. Roosevelt looks on at Juice in concern.

Murphy talks with Tara in her office. Murphy asks Tara if she is still upset with her. Tara states that she isn't upset and tells her to come in. Murphy states that it's just policy that if a threat is made against staff members, action has to be taken. Tara says that she is fine. Murphy informs Tara that there is a Neo-Natal Conference at Providence, Oregon in a few days. Tara states that she is going. Murphy is glad that Tara is going and feels that the hospital will be a great fit for her. Tara tells Murphy that she has a favor to ask of her. Tara unlocks a drawer in her desk and pulls out a folder. Tara states that she is going to leave something with Murphy and she needs to take care of it in case something happens to her. Murphy asks Tara what might happen to her. Tara says nothing is certain of happening, but if something did happen she wants Murphy to give the folder to Jax or Piney. Murphy states she doesn't like this. Tara states it isn't anything illegal and that it's just a bunch of letters. However, when Tara opens the folder, she finds that the copies of the letters have been replaced with blank sheets of paper. Murphy asks Tara what is wrong. Tara states that she left the letters at home. Murphy gets a phone call and tells Tara that she'll be here all day if she needs her. Tara takes the paper out and is angry that Gemma found them.

Potter asks Roosevelt if he gave Juice the burners. Roosevelt informs Potter that Juice told him today that he is done working with them. Potter thinks that Juice is just testing them to see how serious they are. Roosevelt states that Juice isn't and tells Potter that Juice tried to hang himself. Potter states, without much concern, that it is unfortunate that Juice did that. Roosevelt states that Juice is unstable and if the club kills him they won't do much good. Potter tells Roosevelt that he wants him to listen to a tape that was recorded at Stockton Medical Visitation two days ago between Bobby and Otto. The conversation is Bobby telling Otto that they killed Caruso, but they really didn't and had lied to him. Roosevelt states that they can just pick Bobby up for murder. Agent Grad Nicholas states they cannot and informs Roosevelt that Caruso is still alive. Roosevelt asks Potter why Bobby would lie about killing Caruso. Potter states that it was out of guilt since Bobby was sleeping with Luann before she was killed and tried to heal Otto by telling him that Caruso killed her and SAMCRO finished him off. Roosevelt thinks that they can turn Otto against Bobby. Potter notes that Otto has suffered a lot of pain for SAMCRO more than any other felon. Potter thinks Luann could turn Otto against the club. Roosevelt notes that even if Otto can tie the club to the past, they still need to tie SAMCRO to present crimes. Potter says they will have enough evidence for what they currently have, but they just need a little more information from Juice. Roosevelt doubts that Juice will give them anything. Potter thinks the day still has hope and they need to wait and see what happens.

Jax, Clay, Tig, Chibs, Opie and Happy meet with Laroy and some of the Niners. Laroy is happy to see them and notes that Stockton Prison seems to have treated them well. Laroy asks the men why they are meeting today and asks if there is new merchandise that needs to be tested. Clay states that they just wanted some peace and quiet with them. Gill asks Clay where the guns are at. Clay tells Tig to go get them. Jax asks Laroy how business has been. Laroy admits that he can't complain how things are going. Clay notes Laroy has a lot of men present for just an exchange. Laroy notes that Clay also brought along more members. Jax informs Laroy that they know the Niners are moving away from heroin and asks him if they are moving out of the neighborhood. Laroy states that their business is moving in all different directions. Clay asks Laroy if the cocaine is treating him better. Laroy states that it is none of their business and notes that SAMCRO does guns while he sells the drugs. Jax tells Laroy that they made a deal with the Gallindo Cartel and if the Niners are buying from Lobo Sonora then it puts the groups at odds and this cannot happen. Laroy notes that the Niners never told SAMCRO who to deal with and SAMCRO has no right to tell the Niners who they can do business with. Jax tells Laroy that he isn't going to do anything, but Alvarez and Luis might. Alvarez, Luis, and several Gallindo Cartel militia arrive and Laroy asks Jax if they really just set him up. Luis asks Laroy if they have been dealing with Lobo Sonora. Laroy spits in Luis' face and Luis goes to react. Jax gets in the middle and knocks Laroy to the ground. Jax tells Laroy that Luis wouldn't be afraid to cut off his head. Jax tells Laroy if he remains calm he will try to get him out of the situation alive. Laroy tells the men that Lobo Sonora approached them last month before SAMCRO got out and they didn't know about Gallindo. Clay asks Laroy what they offered. Laroy states that Lobo Sonora promised them protection and manpower as well as a piece of the other businesses so they can get involved. Luis tells Laroy to call Lobo Sonora and tell the group members that they have a huge buyer with an urgent need to buy. When Laroy does nothing, Luis states that he can always kill his men one by one until Laroy picks up the phone. Jax asks Luis to have the chance to let him talk to Laroy alone. Laroy tells Jax that if he turns over Lobo Sonora, Luis will still kill them. Clay tells Laroy that if he gets onboard with them and helps then there would be no reason to kill him. Jax tells Laroy that they can't get in the middle of the cartels and promises he will see if Alvarez will cut the Niners in. Laroy agrees to help them.

Gemma arrives at the cabin and finds Piney's dead body. Gemma is taken aback by the scene and starts to sob. Gemma shouts at Piney's dead body that she told him this would happen to him. She sits down on the chair and sobs heavily. She calls Unser and Unser comes up to the cabin. He finds Piney and Gemma notes to Unser that Clay was the one that did this. Gemma informs Unser that Clay lied to her last night about being at the clubhouse. Gemma states that they burned the letters so there is no proof left and doesn't understand why Clay would kill Piney. Unser tells Gemma that Clay read the letters and the ones that were burning in the fire were copies. Unser states that Clay knows Tara has the original letters and he thought Piney may have had them at the cabin. Gemma is angry that Unser lied. Unser admits he thought he could prevent everything from happening. Gemma knows that Unser has been watching Tara and it is to make sure Clay doesn't kill her. Unser notes that Clay is a wounded animal and he is going to take on anyone that gets too close, including Tara. Unser states that he can't protect Clay anymore and he wants to call in the sheriffs to arrest Clay. Gemma tells Unser that it is not the solution. Unser says that if he doesn't, Clay will kill Tara and Abel and Thomas will have no mother. Unser knows Clay cannot be saved any longer. Gemma tells Unser that he is right and Clay is indeed a wounded animal who needs them more than ever. Gemma says that she wouldn't be a true wife if she didn't try to help him. Gemma tells Unser that she loves Clay and they are all responsible for this. Gemma knows hers and Unser's hands are just as bloody as Clay's. Unser asks Gemma if she lied to him and asks if she knew the real reason Clay wanted John dead, which was because John wanted to end the guns. Gemma states that she supported the decision and felt it was the best move at the time for the club and for Charming. Gemma tells Unser that she never knew the details. Unser states he is going to choose to believe that. Gemma gives Unser a kiss and tells him that she has to find the letters. If she does, she believes she can make Clay believe there is no threat and bring him close to them again. Unser tells Gemma that Clay tried to blame Lobo Sonora for Piney's murder. Unser states he can set the scene up to look like Lobo Sonora did this and can cover it up for the club. Gemma thanks Unser. Unser tells Gemma he can handle it and asks her to leave.

The meeting is set between the Niners and Lobo Sonora. Several Lobo Sonora hired men meet. A lieutenant asks Laroy about the new buyer. Laroy states that the buyer is waiting for him to call and asks about the cocaine. The lieutenant signals to one of his men to give them a duffle bag. The lieutenant states that there are three kilograms of cocaine in the bag already cut for them. Laroy takes out his phone and dials. He says that the buyer is only a couple minutes away. Suddenly, shots ring out and three Lobo Sonora men fall down shot. The Gallindo militia and SAMCRO immediately start exchanging shots with each other as everyone dives for cover. The lieutenant signals to his men and they fire grenade launchers at the Gallindo militia. Everyone dives for cover as smoke fills the room. The Lobo Sonora militia men blow up the wall behind them, get into a van, and drives away as Luis watches it drive away. Jax is angry that they got away and asks Luis what kind of a response that was. Clay notes that the Lobo Sonora threat is a little larger than they all originally thought. Luis walks over to his men and tells them to tie up the Niners. The Gallindo Cartel militia start to tie up the Niners and Laroy begs Clay not to let Luis do this. Laroy states that he did what was asked of him. Jax tells Luis that he can't do this. Luis tells Jax this is none of his business. Jax argues that it is everyone's business. Jax reminds Luis that he is not in Mexico and they are not drug kings. Jax says it is necessary to work with other gangs and if they start killing them off, nobody will trust SAMCRO or the Gallindo Cartel. Jax says that moving the drugs along the coast is necessary with the help of other gangs. Luis notes that Laroy worked with the enemy. Jax acknowledges that Laroy made a bad choice, but the better message should be that he turned Lobo Sonora over to Gallindo. Jax tells Luis that if he kills Laroy, he kills everything. Luis tells Laroy that if he makes one more bad decision, he will wipe out his entire crew. Luis pulls Clay aside for a minute. Laroy thanks Jax for his help. Luis tells Clay that Romeo wanted him to let him know that they have a hitman ready for Tara. Clay says that there is one number on the speed dial and he is to call it when he is ready. Luis notes the hitman is an independent contractor so once the hit is set it cannot be stopped. Clay tells Luis that the hit cannot blow back on him or the club. Clay states that it needs to look like someone from the outside killed Tara. Luis notes that with all of their enemies now, it shouldn't be a problem.

At Teller-Morrow Automotive, Gemma walks in to find Tara sitting at her desk. Gemma asks Tara if she is waiting for Jax. Tara states that she isn't and confronts Gemma. Tara tells Gemma that she knows she took the letters from her office. Gemma shuts the door. Gemma says that she had Unser take them and burn them. Gemma also notes that Unser informed her the letters were copies which means Tara still has the original letters. Gemma tells Tara that she has no idea what she has stirred up. Gemma knows that Tara also let Piney read them. Tara insists that she didn't let Piney read them and she asked him about John. Tara asks Gemma if Piney told her that she let him read the letters. Gemma asks Tara if she wants out of Charming. Tara asks Gemma if she wants out of Charming as well. Tara notes that Gemma needs to look at everything that has happened the last three weeks and see how much danger they are all in. Tara asks Gemma if she really wants Abel and Thomas growing up with this kind of violence. Gemma asks Tara why she didn't let Jax read the letters. Tara states that Gemma was right, and notes that Jax would be crushed if he read the letters. Tara knows it would crush Jax to read about Clay. Gemma asks Tara if she thinks Jax would kill Clay. Tara says if Jax read the letters, he would, especially if he knew how John knew that he hated Clay near the end of his life. Tara thinks the guilt would push Jax deeper into the club. Tara doesn't want to lose Jax. Gemma asks Tara about her and asks how Jax would feel about her. Tara knows that Jax would be crushed if he learned Gemma had been with Clay even before John died. Gemma says that she's made mistakes. Tara asks Gemma if she knew Clay tried to kill John. Gemma says that she knows what everyone else knows. Gemma states that all of the men should go out on two wheels at high speed. Gemma lies and says she doesn't know if Clay killed John. Gemma states that Clay ultimately brought her back to life. Gemma asks Tara what she is going to do. Tara states that she is going to Oregon tomorrow for the conference and it will give her time to think.

Potter visits Otto in prison and thanks him for seeing him again. Otto asks Potter if he has more family photos for him. Potter states that he wanted to tell him there were several suspects in Luann's murder and one was Caruso. Potter states that Bobby was trying to make it seem like Caruso did it, but Caruso had an alibi that he was in Thailand when the murder was committed and it was confirmed. Potter is also aware that Bobby tried to convince Otto that they had avenged Luann's murder by killing Caruso. Potter breaks the news that is not true and Caruso is still alive. Potter says he can make arrangements to have Otto contact the outside if he needs more proof. Otto notes that none of this makes sense. Otto asks Potter why Bobby would lie. Potter thinks that Bobby lied because Caruso wasn't guilty and he thinks that Bobby actually killed Luann because he was sleeping with her and was afraid the club would find out. Potter notes that Otto only came into prison with a six year sentence, but with all of the crimes the club asked him to do, an extra thirty years had been added. Potter acknowledges that Otto gave up his freedom, his vision, and now he is on death row for SAMCRO. Potter says that there is a lot of inequity with this. Otto asks Potter who he actually is and notes the sheriffs don't have the ability to bug hospital visitation. Potter says he's a man who is trying to tip the scales.

Jax comes into the office and wants to talk with Gemma. He tells her that Tara is going to Oregon tomorrow. Gemma states that she already knows. Jax says that Tara is also taking Abel and Thomas with her. Gemma asks Jax why she would do this. Jax states that Tara is their mother and she is also taking Anita to help her. Gemma asks Jax how long they will be away. Jax admits he doesn't know, and tells her that he is getting his sons away from the violence. Gemma tells Jax that he can't do that. Jax says that it is just until the cartel deal is over. Jax notes that Tara is doing what Gemma would do, which is protecting her family. Chibs comes in and asks them if they have seen Juice. Chibs says that Juice isn't picking up his cell phone and he can't find him.

Juice is at the sheriff's office and Potter is there to introduce himself. Juice asks Potter what he wants. Potter is glad he asked and tells him to come into the office. Roosevelt is behind him. Juice walks in and sees the photos on the wall of SAMCRO and all of the other gangs. Juice can't believe what he is seeing. Juice also sees on the wall under a spot called "Plan B" his name and Otto's name. Potter asks Juice if he has ever been inside of a RICO operation. When Juice hears this, he flips out and starts attacking Roosevelt. Agent Grad Nicholas pulls him off of Roosevelt as Potter stands on a table to get away from the madness.

At the clubhouse, Bobby tells Jax that he dealt with everything well today with the Gallindo Cartel and the Niners. Bobby really thinks that Jax saved the Niners' lives because of his actions. Bobby tells Jax that the club needs someone like him and they can't lose him. Bobby tells Jax that he knows that he wants to leave the club. Jax finally speaks and asks Bobby who told him. Bobby states that Clay told him and notes that Clay also told him he would give him the presidency after he stepped down. Bobby tells Jax that he is supposed to be the next president and it has always been Jax's path. Jax states that it isn't his path. Bobby tells Jax that he really doesn't think he would make it anywhere else. Jax says he will try. Bobby notes that the last time Jax tried to deal with something he slept with Ima in order to get Tara to leave him. Bobby states that Jax will always use a club solution to solve a problem because it's the way he is. Jax thinks he can change his ways. Bobby says that may be the case and leaves.

Inside the meeting room, Clay is going through some papers. Jax sits down and tells Clay that he knows about him telling Bobby the truth about Jax wanting out of the club and promising him the presidency for his support and silence. Clay apologizes and states that Opie cannot lead the club because it isn't who Opie is. Clay insists he is only trying to keep what they have built. Jax notes that with the rate they are going there won't be much left of the club. Jax acknowledges that the Gallindo Cartel was a mistake for SAMCRO. Clay recounts that Jax had yelled at Bobby for making the same argument this morning at the breakfast table. Jax says that he isn't just complaining about it, but he is going to do something about it. Jax states that they will come up with an exit strategy for the Gallindo Cartel and then he is leaving the club. Clay asks Jax what he means. Jax states that they are going to deal with Lobo Sonora, give Romeo his weapons, and then they are all going to sit down and plan a way to free SAMCRO from the Gallindo Cartel. Jax says he is going to take Tara, Abel, and Thomas and he is going to leave Charming. Clay notes that Jax promised he would stay in the club to finish everything. Jax also notes Clay told him the Gallindo Cartel would be good for the club. Jax notes they have both lied. Clay tells Jax that Tara is clouding who he really is. Jax approaches Clay and hisses that if he ever talks about Tara negatively again he is going to crush Clay's hands so he'll never be able to hold the gavel again. Jax leaves the meeting room.

Inside a holding cell, Potter tells Juice that he and his men have been working on the RICO case for over two years. Potter says it started with the Russians and it ends with SAMCRO. Potter tells Juice that they are turning Otto and he is going to give them past cases to use against the club and with the ongoing relationship with the Gallindo Cartel, they have the pattern of organized crime. Potter notes he can shut down every charter of SAMCRO from California to Belfast. Juice thinks it's all lies and tells Potter he has nothing or he wouldn't be meeting with him. Potter states that he wants the IRA. Potter notes he could have the Gallindo Cartel and SAMCRO imprisoned easily for crimes, but his true target is the IRA. Potter notes that even with help from Interpol he won't be able to get all of the IRA members and without other sources, the IRA will slip back into Ireland and Potter will still be searching for them. Juice tells Potter he has no idea who the members of the IRA are. Potter tells Juice that MI-5 confirmed that the Irish Kings are planning to travel to the United States and he knows it is to meet with the Gallindo Cartel. Potter tells Juice he is going to find out where and when the meeting is going to take place. Juice notes that the information is a little out of his reach. Potter tells Juice he needs to find a way to apply himself. Potter says that if Juice gives him the IRA meeting he will take SAMCRO out of the RICO takedown. Juice asks Potter if he is just going to let them walk. Potter says he won't, but he won't use federal law to shut down the entire club. Juice asks Potter what will happen to the club. Potter says that SAMCRO will go down for their part in the drug organization, but that Sons of Anarchy as a whole will survive. Potter says that saving the reaper might be the one thing Juice needs for motivation.

Back at the clubhouse, Clay finds Gemma cleaning up the playground area. She sits down on a swing to relax and Clay sits on the other one. Clay tells Gemma it has been a rough day and Gemma agrees with him. Gemma tells Clay that she lives with so many lies and so many things that she can't speak of to anyone. Gemma tells Clay that she is alright with that because she does it to protect what they have, but she doesn't want to lie to him. Gemma states that Clay is the only truth she has. Clay tells Gemma he has always known that. Gemma tells Clay that she went to the cabin today and she knows why he killed Piney. Gemma knows Clay read the letters and burned the copies. Clay asks Gemma what they do about the truth. Gemma states that they will do nothing and it will stay between the two of them. Gemma notes Piney always wanted to die hard and doing it for John was a noble way for him. Gemma states that it has to stop here. She tells Clay that Tara told her today that she is never going to tell Jax about the letters. Gemma states that Tara knows it would push Jax deeper into the club. Gemma tells Clay that Tara is going to Providence, Oregon for a conference and when she gets back from the trip, she will collect the letters and destroy them. She promises Clay that Tara is not going to hurt their family or the club. But in exchange, Clay needs to promise her that he won't hurt Tara. Clay states that he won't. Gemma stands up and makes Clay stand up. She looks him in the eyes and tells him to tell her again. Clay looks Gemma in the eyes and promises that he won't hurt Tara. Clay tells Gemma that he loves her and he only does the things that he does for her. Clay and Gemma hug.

Back at the house, Tara packs for the trip. Jax tells Tara that he wants to drive her and the boys up to Providence. Tara asks Jax how he will get home. Jax says he'll have another charter take him back. Jax promises Tara that he is out of the club. He has a few things he needs to tie up and then he is out. Tara hugs Jax.

Clay tells Gemma that he will be home in a few minutes. Gemma kisses Clay and drives home. When she is out of sight, Clay takes out the cell phone and dials the number. The episode ends with Clay putting the phone to his hear and listening to it ring for the hitman on the other line.