Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 3

Laying Pipe

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2012 on FX

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  • What the fuck do I click to watch the damn thing

    How the fuck do I watch it?
  • great episode

    Someone had to go, and its what pope says.

    "This is what turns players into Kings."

    Revenge will follow, but not yet. Very curious how this will all turn out.
  • opi rip

    I hated this episode opi had a family and got fucked over by the club... jax u would want to bring some revenge to the table
  • Laying pipe

    It was an interesting episode. Although, I liked the interplay of characters- the actual actions of Jax do not show him to have become a harder and better leader- but in the contrary- puckish and weak. SOA should have had someone waiting outside the prison for Pope when he returned to the Jail to get his answer from Jax's, and taken the opportunity to dispose of him. Besides, the reputation of the club must be such that the guards would not dare to do- what they did -even with Pope supposedly protection. And if it did happen then , any self-respecting club must not only get rid of the main-guard but the other four guards and the inmates that participated in Ope's death also- if not their Club's Reputation is worthless. The whole point of flying colors is that keeps gang members safe from police and correction officers' abuse- fear that there is more behind the particular individual/perp. Colors are not entirely for other gangs but in a large part for government authorities and civilian intimidation. Besides, SOA have CIA connections so why not use that to negate Pope? It seems that - the writers are stuck in a white middle class mindset- of musical biker gangs (westside story)- So I was expecting a "Sharks Ballad" after Ope's death
  • One of the best

    I can't understand the low ratings and bad reviews for this episode. To me, this is one of the best episodes of the whole series. The good guy can't always win and sometimes popular characters will be killed off to further the overall story. I am not happy Opie was killed. He was my favourite too, but I understand why he had to go. Try to have an open mind.
  • Game Changer

    The events that occurred in this episode set up some potential major character changes. The loss of Ope was almost foretold with his behavior as of late. It seemed as though he were either going to exit the club from the loss of his father and lack of retribution towards Clay, or in as a martyr for the club in a last heroic act. With the latter choice he makes a final case to Jax solidifying his own loyalty to the club and preparing him for the tough decisions he is going to have to make that follow. I am excited to see how he will lead the club to take down Pope, with a small amount of satisfaction when the dirty prison guard is disposed of.

    Gemma's decisions were somewhat predictable with regards to her grand kids. Having her attack the escort at the brothel that was with Clay seemed unnecessary, isn't she over him already? It did paint her new love interest, the pimp, as extremely patient though.

    All in all it was a good episode even with the loss of a main character.

  • Disgraceful

    I cannot see how this makes any sense from either a storyline or a business point of view.

    From a business perspective.. killing off a fan favorite this early in the season - and with such a forced reconciliation between him and Jax - was such a horrible decision.

    From a storyline perspective, It's as if the writers of the show are trying to force Jax to become Clay . But to what end? It's starting to look like a repetitive cycle that will bring nothing new to the table. If Jax turns into Clay - or worse, into Pope - then I see season 5 being the final season. There is simply no conceivable point to making the 'hero' (jax, so to speak) of the club simply turn into the 'villain' (Clay) that he finally defeated.

    Not sure if I can stomach the rest of the season with the way things are going now. Was good while it lasted but I honestly don't see a bright future for this show. I just wish writers and producers would finally grasp that it is stupid decisions - much like this one - that turn great shows into friday night garbage that will get cancelled soon.

    Much like the final play of the green bay v seattle game... this was an absolutely disgraceful and horrible call