Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 8

Lochan Mor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with an overhead view of Belfast, Ireland. SAMCRO has arrived in Belfast and they and SAMBEL are riding down the road to the SAMBEL clubhouse. In the van, Gemma rides with several SAMBEL members while the guys ride their motorcycles. At Maureen Ashby's store, Trinity is hard at work and running errands for Maureen. Maureen gives her a kiss and sends her on her way. She walks into the house to find one of the members passed out on the table. She puts away the groceries and puts out the cigarette. Back in Charming, Tara sits in Jax's house next to Abel's empty crib drinking a cup of coffee. In Belfast, Father Ashby checks on Abel at the orphanage that he left him at. At a bar, Jimmy O sits down at a table with his bodyguard, Donny.

SAMCRO arrives at the meeting place where McGee and Liam are waiting for them. McGee and Clay hug. McGee asks Clay if their arrival was alright and Clay notes they're all in one piece. Chibs greets several of his old friends. He then sees his nephew, Padraic, and is very happy to see him. Padraic notes it's been awhile since he's seen Chibs. Chibs states that the last time he saw Padraic was when he was in nappies. Padraic notes that he was 15. The group laughs at the joke. Chibs asks Padraic how Fiona and Kerianne are doing. Padraic says that they are safely hidden at Father Ashby's church and that arrangements will be made for Chibs to see them. Chibs thanks Padraic and Liam for their help. McGee asks Clay if everything is okay between the club and Liam mentioning the false information and previous distrust. Clay tells McGee that everything is fine now. McGee is glad to hear that and says that it's time to get everyone home.

In Charming, Unser comes in to visit Tig in his jail cell. Tig asks him where his lawyer is. Unser asks if the lawyer went to Belfast as well. Tig notes that Unser is being funny right now. Unser says that it isn't as funny as leading police on a high speed chase, reckless endangerment, and obstruction of justice. Tig shoots back that the speeding is accurate, but the rest of the charges are merely hearsay. Unser unlocks Tig's cell and tells him his bail has been posted. Tig asks who posted his bail. Tig is led out to find Tara. He thanks Tara for bailing him out. Tara asks Unser if he needs anything else. Unser says no and asks Candy to escort Tig to get his belongings. Unser stops Tara and says that he had to hand over the reports to the FBI in regards to Gemma's escape. He warns her that the FBI are going to talk to some of the employees at the hospital. Tara says she knows. Unser notes that there may have been some things that she left out yesterday when they were questioning her about the escape. He tells her that if she corrects them now, he'll let the FBI know that is what Charming Police that omitted the statements. Tara says that she didn't forget anything. Tig comes back with his belongings and thanks everyone for everything. Unser coldly tells him that someone else is going to have to pick up the tow truck because Tig's license has been suspended. Tig asks why. Unser reminds Tig that he led police on a 100 mile per hour goose chase and also notes it'll be two years before he can get it back. Tig is furious and asks how he's supposed to work or ride his motorcycle. He coldly notes that Unser will probably be dead before Tig gets the license back. Unser orders Candy to escort Tig out of the station. Tara assures Tig that she will call someone at the garage and they will bring it home.

In Belfast, the group rides down the road towards the clubhouse. After they round the van, there is a police roadblock blocking the road and several armed police officers standing around the blockade. Gemma asks what's going on. One of the members, Luther, tells Gemma that they are North Ireland Police. He notes that as long as the group has identification they will be fine. He also notes that Interpol probably hasn't reached them yet about her or the club missing from Charming. The police approach the club members. Jax asks what they will do. McGee tells him to smile and show them their identifications if asked. The police come up and ask what is going on. McGee assures him that he's only showing the Americans the Irish countryside. The police ask all of the SAMCRO members to show identification. The IDs are given to the police and they check them. They tell the club members to wait where they're at. In the van, Gemma thinks that this is a bad situation. The police come back with their guns and point them at the SAMCRO members telling them to put their hands up. McGee demands to know what is going on. One of the police officers notes that SAMCRO has a warrant issued on them for leaving the jurisdiction of California and they need to be detained. The group is ordered to the ground. In the van, Luther is very confused because there is no way that the police would have received that information this quickly. Chibs refuses to get on the ground and an officer orders him to the ground. Chibs removes his sunglasses and calls the police officer a loyalist and a traitor. He spits in the officer's face and gets a blow from the gun. This infuriates the other members and they start to beat up their captors. One of the officers breaks free and fires several warning shots into the air. This straightens the situation and everyone raises their hands high in the air. The police round the club members up and lead them towards the van. Gemma asks where the guys are going. Luther worries that they might just shoot all of them after the fight and say it was self-defense. Gemma tells Luther to step on the gas and ram the van. The other members in the back tell Luther to listen, but Luther is reluctant to do that. Gemma steps on the gas for him and the van collides into the police car. The club members in the van step out. Two of the police officers drive away after Padraic and Seamus Ryan fire shots at them. The other members are able to free SAMCRO and capture three of the police officers that tried to arrest them. When the situation is diffused, Jax asks what this was about. Padraic tells him that this is their welcome to Ireland.

After the police officers are subdued, Clay asks them where they got the information on SAMCRO. One of them retorts that they are police officers that have access to that information. Jax asks why his backup fled the scene. Opie thinks that when the takedown went south they decided to flee. Jax roughs the police officer and asks him who gave him the tip on SAMCRO. Chibs steps in and punches the officer several times. Clay tells the officer if he ever wants to chew with his teeth again he is going to tell them what they want to know. The officer still refuses to say anything. Jax grabs him and holds a knife to his throat. Jax orders Happy to kill one of the police officers in the van to make him talk. Happy is fine with that and pulls one out with his gun ready. The officer breaks and tells Jax that they were paid to arrest them and take them back to the states. Jax asks the officer if it was Jimmy O'Phelan that ordered this. The officer tells Jax that he doesn't know who paid them. Jax tells Happy to pull the trigger. The officer begs Jax and says that he swears that he only got money and a task to get SAMCRO. He never met with the person that gave them the money. Chibs knows that it was Jimmy O. Jax notes that Jimmy O knows that they are there. Bobby states that they have to do something about the police officers. Clay tells the members to search the officers for identification. They pull out their wallets and look through them. Clay tells the officer that talked, Charles, that they know their names and where they live. Jax tells Charles that he would hate for his family to get caught up in something because of their father being part of an illegal takedown. Clay also notes that they can hurt their career and adds they will definitely hurt their family if anything happens. Clay asks if he understands and Charles replies that he does.

Back in Charming, Kozik was put in charge up picking Tig up from the police station. Kozik notes to Tig that it was Piney's idea to have him pick Tig up. Tig has nothing to say. Kozik mocks Tig and notes that it's going to be tough for Tig to not be able to ride for two years. He assures Tig that he'll let him ride on his bike with him. Tig notes that will be tough if Kozik is back in Tacoma and tells Kozik that he will never let him patch over into SAMCRO. Kozik tells Tig that it's been eight years and asks if he'll ever get it over it. Tig retorts that not a day has gone by where he hasn't thought of her. We realize that the rift between Tig and Kozik involves a woman.

At the police station, Jacob Hale meets with Unser. Jacob notes that Gemma was supposed to be transported to county jail by Unser. Unser retorts that he did not help Gemma escape. Jacob states that someone helped SAMCRO. He notes that they were tipped off about the raid and the bail hearing was pushed back. He is convinced somebody is helping SAMCRO. Unser insists once again to Jacob that he is not helping SAMCRO. Jacob tells Unser that he has to be able to hurt the club as well. Jacob reminds them that they are felons. Unser insists that he is aware of that and furthermore tells Jacob that they are on the same page. The men hear a commotion outside and Unser wonders what is going on. Unser and Jacob walk out of the office to find officers bringing Salazar into the station. Salazar insists that he is not the one that the police should be arresting. He yells that SAMCRO killed his friend, Pozo, and asks why the police are doing nothing about it. He is dragged into the back with his screaming unheard. Candy reports to Unser that they have brought in Hector Salazar from the Calaveras Motorcycle Club. Candy tells Unser that Salazar was brought in after he assaulted one of the staff members at St. Thomas when he was questioning them about the death of Pozo, the drive-by shooter who shot the kid at Half-Sack's wake. Candy notes that DNA is still trying to confirm the cause of death. Unser asks Candy if anyone was hurt. Candy says no. Jacob notes that Salazar has a strong suspicion of how his friend died. Unser tells Jacob that Salazar is nothing and that it's the county's problem to deal with Pozo's body and cause of death. With that, Unser goes to deal with the problem and Jacob slips back into the office.

At Maureen's shop, Maureen and Trinity step outside to see SAMCRO, SAMBEL, and Gemma arrive at the clubhouse. Several more members of SAMBEL are also there to greet SAMCRO. There is a huge welcoming among the members. Gemma spots Maureen and Trinity walking towards the group. Trinity asks Maureen who the woman is with SAMCRO. Maureen informs her that Gemma is John Teller's widow. Trinity asks if the young man is Jax. Maureen says yes. Gemma, Clay, and Jax approach Maureen and Trinity. Maureen welcomes all of them to Belfast. Gemma looks at Trinity and Maureen introduces Trinity to Gemma, Clay, and Jax. Maureen tells Trinity to go inside and watch the register. Trinity tells them that she's glad that they have arrived safely in Belfast and leaves the group. Maureen admits that she wasn't expecting Gemma to be here. Gemma remarks that the federal agents didn't think she would either. She demands to know where Abel is. Maureen tells Gemma to come inside and have some tea. Gemma tells Maureen that she doesn't want any tea. Maureen retorts that this is her home and that a little respect will go a long way. Gemma agrees and asks for coffee.

Inside, Maureen tells Clay, Jax, and Gemma the story of how Hayes brought Abel to her first. She notes that he knew that he was in trouble with the IRA for what he'd done in Charming. She notes that after that he went to see her brother, Father Ashby, for judgment. Clay notes that Father Ashby could have given him a pass on what happened. Maureen retorts that Father Ashby didn't give him one in this case. Maureen notes that Father Ashby took Abel to try and keep him safe. Jax wants to go see Father Ashby now so he can talk to him. Maureen tells Jax that Father Ashby knows that he is here and will come see him. Gemma isn't happy about waiting. Maureen promises that questions will be answered soon. She apologizes to Jax that this is happening to him and admits she can't imagine how he feels.

Liam gives Jimmy O a call at an Irish bar. Liam tells Jimmy O that the police weren't able to take SAMCRO at the roadblock. Liam notes that SAMCRO doesn't trust him and he knows that they are questioning about his loyalty. Liam feels that McGee may not have the heart to go through with the plan to eliminate SAMCRO. Jimmy O yells that he needs brains, not hearts. He hangs up the phone and then kicks a table across the room.

Back at the shop, Chuck is busy writing some paperwork while Tara looks through some files. He tells Tara that after he was arrested for pulling the fire alarm he was sent to a psychiatric ward where they gave him some medicine and released him. Chuck says that he doesn't mind jail, but he likes it at the shop better. Tara admits that she likes it here better as well. They notice Tig and Kozik arguing about tools to use for fixing up their bikes. Tara asks Chuck what the two are arguing about. Chuck admits he isn't sure, but notes that with the amount of malevolence he thinks that a woman is involved. Tara thanks him for the insight. Tara starts walking towards the clubhouse when she sees Lyla pull up. Lyla greets Tara and tells her that she wanted to apologize for everything that happened yesterday. Tara says it wasn't Lyla's fault. Lyla notes that she did hit Ima. Tara thanks her for that. Lyla tells Tara that she needs a favor and pulls her aside. Lyla sits down and tells Tara that she needs to find a quick abortion clinic that will take cash. Tara asks Lyla how far along she is. Lyla says she's only 8 weeks into the pregnancy. Tara says she can't think of any offhand. She notes there is one in town. Lyla says that one will only take HMOs and she says she doesn't want this abortion to go on record. Tara tells her that she'll ask around. Lyla thanks Tara for her help. She gets up to leave, but Tara asks her if Opie knows. Lyla admits she didn't tell Opie because the time just wasn't right. She also admits that she's been in this position before in her life.

Darby meets with Jacob in his car. Darby insists that the information on the illegal prescription drugs was accurate. Jacob assures Darby that he believes him and hands him an envelope of money. Darby asks what it is. Jacob tells him to consider the money as a new start for his redeveloping business in the drug world. Darby knows there is a catch to it and asks what he wants. Jacob notes that Darby grew up in Charming, but since starting his drug business he's had to go outside of the town to find customers. Darby retorts that isn't the case anymore because he's out of the drug business. Jacob says he knows that, but his goal is to help convince Charming that Darby has turned over a new leaf. Darby asks how Jacob is going to do that for him. Jacob says that if Darby helps him with his business he'll help Darby. Jacob informs him that there are four consecutive shops in Charming that he wants to renovate and make into a hotel for his developing business. He states that three of the shops are owned by people he is associated with. Darby realizes that Jacob needs all four in order to make his hotel. Jacob says yes. Darby notes that the only business he can think of that is independent on that street is Lumpy's gym. Darby then realizes that Jacob needs Lumpy Feldstein to cave in and sell his gym to him if he wants to renovate the area. Jacob says that it's a time sensitive issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Darby asks what happens if he refuses to help Jacob. Jacob tells him that all he has to do is leave the envelope in the car. Darby takes the envelope out of the car with him and slams the door shut.

In Belfast, SAMCRO and SAMBEL have a round table meeting. Bobby is convinced that Jimmy O was the one that tipped off the police that SAMCRO was in Belfast. McGee doesn't understand why Jimmy O would go through the trouble to tip off the police. Clay admits he doesn't know, but what he does know is that Jimmy O has been lying to the club. Jax asks them if they've had problems with the IRA recently. Liam says they haven't and they are still running protection runs for the IRA to Dungloe. Chibs says that they need to find Jimmy O. Ryan suggests that they confront Father Ashby about Jimmy O's whereabouts. McGee says that if they did that, the Casey brothers would cause them a lot of harm. Juice comes in and informs the group that they have visitors. The group runs outside with guns ready. It turns out to be Sean and Michael Casey. They open the van door and Fiona and Kerianne step out. Chibs runs to them and is happy to see them. He kisses them both and asks Kerianne how she's doing. Kerianne says she's fine. Chibs is very happy to see his wife and daughter and he gives them both a big hug.

Fiona assures the group that she doesn't know why Jimmy O is lying to the club because he doesn't inform her of his plans. She notes Jimmy O doesn't trust her. Chibs asks what he's been up to since he's been back to Belfast. Fiona says that Jimmy O has been recruiting and is at the bar day and night. Jax asks Fiona if she knows if Liam is on Jimmy O's payroll. Fiona states she isn't sure and reminds him that she's been in the dark for the last few months. Fiona apologizes for not being able to help. Gemma insists it's okay and thanks her. Sean walks in with Kerianne and tells them that they need to get back to the church before dark. Fiona tells the group that they've been staying at Father Ashby's church since they were able to get away and states the place is like a fortress. Kerianne asks if Jimmy O will try to get to them. Chibs assures her that nobody is going to hurt his girls. He kisses them both. Gemma asks if the two can stay for a little while longer because they just arrived. Clay assures Sean that they can get them back safely. Sean asks if they are armed. Everyone in the club reveals they have guns. Sean agrees that they can bring Fiona and Kerianne back later.

In Charming, Darby visits Lumpy's gym. Lumpy is busy helping some of the boxers train. He spots Darby looking at several trophies on the wall. Lumpy asks Darby if there's anything he needs. Darby comments that he hasn't been to the gym in years and admits it hasn't changed at all. Lumpy asks why now is a good time for a visit. Darby tells him that he has been sent to encourage Lumpy to take the offer on the gym to sell it. Lumpy says it is hard to make friends with hate on his chest and points to the swastika on Darby's chest. Darby admits that it supposedly pushes several buttons for Lumpy. Lumpy reveals the tattoo on his arm from the Holocaust. He admits that he doesn't have any more buttons that can be pushed. He tells Darby if there is something he needs to do he can come back after he closes and do it. Darby warns Lumpy to take the deal because if he isn't the one to close him somebody else will come. Darby tells him to take the money and retire. Lumpy thanks Darby for his concern, but he insists that the day he retires is the day he dies. Darby is visibly upset and he leaves the gym.

In Belfast, Maureen and Trinity walk into the house to find Gemma sleeping. Maureen starts putting some groceries away and Gemma gets up. Maureen asks if she wants some coffee. Gemma says yes, and also adds that she and Maureen need to talk. Maureen agrees. Gemma says she's been holding on to the hope that she was wrong about Trinity being John's daughter. She notes that the minute she looked at Trinity she knew that she was John's daughter. Maureen states that Trinity has John's eyes and smile. Gemma asks Maureen if John knew that Trinity was his daughter. Maureen admits that he did. Gemma is upset that he never told her. Maureen states that she was only 18 and they were both young and foolish. Maureen tells Gemma that she has no allusions of she and Gemma being friends. She notes that hate isn't going to help anyone in the situation that they are in right now. Maureen tells Gemma that they need to keep this secret buried from the rest of the group. Gemma says that it doesn't matter how deep she buries something. She notes that somebody always digs it up. Maureen tells Gemma that telling Jax will only distract him and it isn't a good idea to tell him right now. Gemma thanks her for the coffee and leaves.

In the bedroom, Trinity comes into Jax's bedroom and gives him some clean sheets. Jax thanks her. Trinity asks if this is going to be a rough few days. Jax admits he doesn't know. Trinity says that she is sorry about Abel and admits that she didn't know that Hayes brought him here in the first place because she was away. Jax says that he can't blame Maureen for not telling her. Jax asks how old Trinity is. Trinity replies that she's 22. Jax admits that she looks younger. Trinity asks if there's a problem with that. Before the conversation can continue, Juice comes in and tells Jax that Chibs is getting ready to take Fiona and Kerianne back to the church. Jax tells Juice that he is going with Chibs. Trinity notes that she'd better come with them so they don't get lost in the big city. The guys agree that she can come along.

Back at the shop, Chuck gets a phone call. He calls for Tig and tells him that Lumpy is on the phone. Tig runs over and answers the phone.

Darby returns to Jacob's car. Jacob asks what happened. Darby says nothing and throws the envelope in the car. He tells Jacob to go find someone else to do his dirty work. Darby walks away without another word.

Tig, Kozik, Shepard, and Miles visit Lumpy at his gym. Lumpy tells the guys that someone is pushing on him to sell. He tells Tig that whoever wants him out sent Darby to rough him up. Tig asks if Darby did. Lumpy assures Tig that Darby didn't touch him, but that Darby did say that if it wasn't him that did it someone else would come. Tig tells Lumpy not to worry and assures him that he'll be safe. Lumpy says he's not looking for a babysitter and says he only wants to let someone to know what's going on in case something happens. Kozik assures Lumpy that nothing will happen because they will protect him. Lumpy thanks the men. The group is about to leave, but Kozik tosses some boxing gloves at Tig. Kozik tells Tig that his right hook is looking very weak lately and assures him that he can help get it back. Tig notes that the weak right hook is looking at him through the bruised eye. Kozik reminds him that it was Tig's knee that did that. Tig tosses the gloves. Kozik challenges him and says he'd be afraid to get in the ring with him if he was him. Tig gets his game on and says that he is going to beat Kozik badly. He tells Kozik take his rings off and get in the ring with him. Shepard and Miles watch this go down.

In Belfast, Jax, Chibs, Opie, and Trinity take Fiona and Kerianne home. Jax asks them how long they are staying with Father Ashby. Fiona admits that she doesn't know. Chibs assures them that there is enough space on Elliot's plane in order to get them back to Charming. Kerianne says she doesn't want to leave Ireland. Chibs assures her that it will only be for a short time until everything blows over. Kerianne notes that may not be for a long time. Suddenly, the vehicle in front of them suddenly stops. The group honks their horn, but they see another vehicle approaching them. Everyone ducks down and the van is sprayed with bullets. The other vehicle speeds away. Fortunately, nobody is hurt.

Later that night, Chibs returns to the clubhouse. Jax asks if the girls are okay. Chibs says that Sean came back to get them and took them to the church. Clay asks who the shooters are. Opie thinks that it was Jimmy O that ordered the shooting. McGee says that it couldn't have been Jimmy O. He tells them that it was the UVF the volunteers that are radical loyalists. He thinks that since Fiona is with Jimmy O they have been stalking her. Liam notes that Jimmy O has been recruiting in Ireland for his cause and the UVF doesn't like that. He thinks that the shooting was a message for Jimmy O to back off of recruiting. Jax says that gunning down women and children is not okay. Liam coldly tells Jax that if the UVF wanted them dead they would be dead. McGee insists that they were only doing the drive-by as a warning. Chibs says that they need more boys to guard the church.

At the hospital, Tara asks Murphy if she has a minute. They go into a room for privacy. Murphy assures Tara that she didn't change her statement to the FBI when they questioned her today. Tara thanks her for that, but tells her that this is about another issue. Tara tells her that a friend of hers needs an abortion procedure that doesn't want to be reported to HMO. She asks Murphy if she knows a good place. Murphy knows an abortion clinic in a nearby county that will give abortions in exchange for cash that don't appear on HMOs and are anonymous. Tara asks if she can get an appointment quickly. Murphy says she'll arrange it. Thinking it's for Tara, she notes that her friend might also need time off of work to recuperate. She says she'll take care of that. Tara asks if she thinks it's her. Murphy says it's none of her business, but she notes that in her opinion Tara is doing the right thing. Tara asks if that's because she thinks that the father is a hardened criminal. Murphy says that it's actually because she feels that Tara is uncertain about her future and also that it would be an unstable environment as a result. With that, she leaves Tara to think about it.

Elsewhere, Salazar and Luisa pull up to Jacob's car. Salazar asks Jacob why he gave Louisa the money to bail him out of jail. Jacob notes that the two men actually have a lot in common. He says that they both lost someone as a result of SAMCRO and they want the debt settled. Salazar asks what he wants. Jacob says he's willing to give Salazar $2,000 now and $2,000 later for a few hours of his time. Salazar is interested and gets in the vehicle with Jacob.

Back at the clubhouse, the club has a rally for SAMCRO's arrival. There are several girls dancing and stripping. Liam is seen sparring with one of his friends. He beats him and asks who is going to challenge him next. Jax takes up the challenge and says he'll fight Liam. Liam is ready. Jax takes off his cut and puts his hair in a ponytail. Bobby tells Jax to knock Liam out. Jax says it'll happen. Bobby says that he doesn't want Liam ruining his pretty face. Jax puts his cut next to Trinity and Trinity offers to place wraps over Jax's knuckles for the fight. Jax appreciates it. Trinity says it's the least she can do. Jax notes that he is very appreciative of her because she almost got a bullet today. Gemma asks Clay if he'll take her to his luxury suite. Clay asks why she doesn't want to see Jax defend the club's honor. Gemma says she'd rather just spend time with Clay. Clay asks her if she's medicated on her estrogen and Gemma says yes. Clay tells her to come with him. Gemma kisses Jax and tells him to make Liam bleed. Gemma asks Trinity where Maureen is. Trinity shoots back that Maureen isn't a fan of parties. Gemma goes inside. In the house, Maureen sits in silence drinking a glass of scotch. Outside, Jax gets ready for the fight against Liam and the two exchange a few quick punches. Jax is able to land a few more hard ones than Liam.

Back at Lumpy's gym, Tig and Kozik tend to their injuries. Miles asks Tig if he's going to be alright to drive. Tig stares at him and Miles realizes that Tig can't drive. Tig tells Miles to shut up. Tig tells Shepard that he is going to take the night shift watching over Lumpy at the gym. He tells Shepard that Lumpy sleeps in the back room. Kozik asks Shepard if he has a gun. Shepard says he doesn't and asks if he should. Tig hands him a gun and tells him that if he shoots the gun he owns it. Shepard is hesitant about shooting the gun. Miles offers to stay with Shepard. Kozik berates Miles and says that they didn't tell him to stay. Miles tells Shepard that he guesses he isn't staying. Miles assures Shepard that he'll be fine. Shepard builds his confidence and says that he'll be alright. Miles leaves and Shepard is left to guard the gym by himself.

Back in Belfast, Jax and Liam tend to their minor injuries as a result of the scuffle. Jax walks past Trinity and declares himself the winner to Bobby, Chibs, and Opie. Opie notes that Gemma and Clay are making love in their room so he doesn't know how he'll wash up. Trinity says that Jax can use their bathroom so the water will be warm. Chibs shouts after Trinity and tells her to wash Jax's back for him. As they walk, a man steps up to them. It's Father Ashby. Jax asks Trinity if this is Father Ashby and Trinity confirms it. Jax introduces himself and Father Ashby does likewise. He tells Jax to clean himself up and then Sean will escort him to the church so they can talk. Father Ashby notes that Trinity needs to put her mother to bed. Trinity walks in to find Maureen passed out drunk. She tucks her in on the couch and kisses her goodnight.

At the gym, Shepard is sleeping when he hears the lock on the door break. He realizes somebody is breaking in. Shepard sneaks behind a cabinet and realizes that he doesn't have the gun on him. Salazar comes in with an AK and starts smashing the cabinets in the gym. Shepard crawls past Salazar and hides in another room. Shepard cowers in fear as Salazar opens fire on the gym destroying several more cabinets and spraying bullets into the wall. Lumpy comes out and screams at Salazar. He asks him what he's doing. Salazar smacks Lumpy over the head with his AK. Salazar tells Lumpy to give SAMCRO a message that nobody messes with the Mayans. He drops the AK and runs out of the store. When Salazar leaves, Shepard crawls out and checks on Lumpy. He is unconscious. Shepard screams in frustration, grabs his cut, and runs out of the gym.

Meanwhile, Tara and Lyla wait in the waiting room for Lyla's abortion. Lyla thanks Tara for waiting with her and notes she doesn't have anyone else. Tara says she doesn't mind. Lyla notes that Tara must think she is a freak, a porn star, and a baby killer. Tara insists she doesn't feel that way and asks her if she's sure she still wants to go through with the abortion. Lyla says that she is sure. She tells Tara that she loves Opie and it would be nice to have children with him someday. She mentions that Donna's ghost is still looming in the house. She says that she wants Opie to let her into his life more, but that he is afraid that something will happen to Lyla as well. She admits she doesn't know Opie. The nurses come out and tell Lyla they are ready. Lyla gives Tara a hug and is taken into the back. Tara walks up to the desk and asks if she can schedule an appointment. The nurse asks if it's a follow-up. Tara says it's actually for her and says she's 7 weeks along. The nurse hands her the clipboard.

In the living room, several of the club members play poker. Gemma approaches Bobby. Bobby asks if she wants any tea. Gemma says that she would like some. Gemma says that since arriving in Belfast they survived deportation and a drive-by. She notes this is only the first day that they have been in Belfast. Bobby jokes they're having one heck of a vacation. He asks Gemma how she's doing. Gemma says she's okay. Bobby promises Gemma that they will find Abel. Gemma is confident of that and they look over at the group to find that Clay has won a huge hand of poker. Bobby notes it's so good to see Clay smile. He mentions that Clay is a whole new guy when Gemma isn't around. Gemma tells Bobby that she is relying on him to take care of Clay when she goes to prison. Bobby tells Gemma that she doesn't have to go to prison. Bobby says they're alright and everything will be okay. Gemma agrees and the two hug. Gemma blows Clay a kiss and Clay returns it back to her.

Back in Charming, Shepard stops back at the shop. He places the cut and the gun on one of the trucks signifying that he is quitting his prospect position in SAMCRO. He hops back on his bike and flees the shop.

In Belfast, McGee receives a call from Jimmy O. He tells Liam to come with him. Jimmy O says that they need to put some things in motion and tells him that he should invite SAMCRO along on their run tomorrow to Dungloe. McGee agrees to this. Jimmy O tells McGee to hand Liam the phone so Donny can work out the details with him. Liam begins talking to Donny.

Jax meets with Father Ashby while Sean and Michael Casey watch over them. Jax tells Father Ashby that Maureen informed him that he has his son. Father Ashby says that he knows where Abel is. Jax asks where he is. Father Ashby says he's safe and far from Belfast. Jax asks what that means and asks if he has Abel or not. Father Ashby says that Abel is in great danger. Jax asks if it's Jimmy O. Father Ashby says it is him that is the threat. Jax states that Jimmy O has no reason to hurt Abel. Father Ashby insists that Jimmy O has many reasons to hurt Abel. He tells Jax that the conversation that they are about to discuss is a very volatile subject. He says that only God will be witness to these words. Father Ashby tells Jax that Jimmy O wants to end the relationship with SAMCRO and cut out the Belfast charter with work from dealing guns in Charming. Jax notes that the gun protection runs are the main source of income for the Belfast Charter and that is why John Teller set up the charter in Belfast. Father Ashby states that Jimmy O wants to drop the gun business with SAMCRO in order to do business with the Russians. Father Ashby also admits that Jimmy O is straying from the cause of the IRA and they want him dealt with. Jax asks why the IRA won't take care of Jimmy O. Father Ashby says that making a decision like that is something that could break the IRA apart and he notes that he cannot make that decision for the club. Jax realizes that if an outsider would kill Jimmy O then the IRA cannot be blamed. Father Ashby tells Jax that if he kills Jimmy O, he will tell him the location of Abel and he will be delivered to him safely. We realize that Jax is caught in the middle because Stahl wants Jimmy O alive in exchange for Gemma's freedom and Father Ashby wants Jimmy O killed in exchanged for Abel's return.

At the orphanage, a young couple holds Abel as they look for a baby to adopt. The episode ends with the couple looking at Abel.