Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 7

Old Bones

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2008 on FX

Episode Recap

Continuing from the last episode, Jax is taking Tara home from the hospital with Kohn following right behind. They pass by a construction site where some men are digging. One of the construction workers alerts the others, and we see that they have dug up two human skeletons.

Jax and Tara arrive back at her house. Tara thanks him for the ride. Jax asks where her car is. She tells him it's still at the hospital. Jax asks if it's running okay. Tara says it's fine. Jax notes that he knew the car was following them, and asks if the reason she's frightened is because of it. Tara notices Kohn's car, and starts toward her door. Jax asks her what is going on. Tara admits that Kohn followed her to Charming. She tells him they dated while she lived in Chicago, but when she ended it he got violent and started stalking her. Jax tells Tara to go inside. Jax approaches Kohn's car, and stabs it with his knife. Kohn gets out saying that he could get six months in jail for that. Jax says for violating a restraining order, Kohn could be in the cell next to him. Jax tells him that the ATF had their shot and couldn't find anything. He tells Kohn to stop stalking Tara, or next time the knife isn't going into the car.

Jax goes to the police station, and tells Hale that he needs to arrest Kohn. Hale says that Kohn isn't his concern. Jax tells him that Kohn isn't here to investigate SAMCRO; he's here for Tara. Jax tells him the situation Tara had with him in Chicago, and Hale puts two and two together on who Tara had the restraining order against. Unser interrupts the conversation telling Hale about the bones that were found on the highway. Hale tells Jax that he will handle Kohn. Jax tells him he'd better, or he will deal with it.

At the garage, Half-Sack and Lowell have a friendly boxing match. Cherry asks Half-Sack where he got the boxing skills from. Half-Sack tells her that he was the champion of boxing when he was in the Armed Forces. Clay arrives, and asks what's going on. Lowell just says he's helping Half-Sack train. Clay says he's already killed enough brain cells, and tells him to get back to work. Clay asks how Lowell's been. Tig says that he hasn't missed a rehab session, or a day of work. Bobby notes he's a good mechanic too. Clay asks how much bare-fisted fighting goes for. Tig says the purse is okay, but that the betting can get you up to six figure sums. The group knows they still need close to $100,000 for McKeavy. The group realizes that if they put Half-Sack in, they may be able to get the money they need. The group agrees to do this. Clay tells Chibs to train Half-Sack for the upcoming fights. Clay also tells Bobby to start making moves on Cherry to see if the relationship between the two really is tight, and Cherry isn't just there for more than just him. Clay tells Jax to call Unser to see if he wants in. Jax tells Clay that Unser is busy because of the bones that were found. Clay looks very uneasy, and the group takes a ride.

Jax, Clay, and Tig spy on the scene, and Jax notes there are two bodies. Tig notes that there should be three, but then notes they found the third one. Jax asks if this is their handiwork. Clay simply says yes.

Back at the clubhouse, the group discusses the body. Clay says that back in 1992, the Mayans tried setting up a drug base near the town of Charming. Clay couldn't let that happen, and says that he killed three of the Mayans. Jax notes that 1992 was around the time his father died. Tig says they have to stop the police from finding out who they are. Bobby doubts that Unser would do a bunch of tests to find out who they are since it would cost a lot of money, but Clay notes that Hale might get the ATF to float the cost for the investigation. Tig is also worried because DNA wasn't around during that time so there may be evidence on the bodies connecting them to SAMCRO. Clay tells them that if they stop the identification, then they stop the investigation.

Outside, Half-Sack continues to train. Clay lets him know there's a lot of money on the line for the club. Bobby steps in to take Cherry with him. Half-Sack gets mad, but Clay tells him that Cherry's going to stay with Bobby until the fights over. Cherry gets mad, but Bobby takes her away. They tell Half-Sack he's not allowed any alcohol, drugs, or sex while he's training.

At the hospital, Hale finds Tara asleep in a break room. Hale wakes her up, and asks her why she didn't tell him Kohn was the one stalking her. Tara tells him that the last time she complained about Kohn his superiors gave her a hard time. She said it took three hearings before somebody would grant her the restraining order. Hale tells Tara that Kohn's boss didn't even know he was here investigating. He tells her he will make sure Kohn leaves Charming.

At the garage, Gemma notes that the whole town is talking about the bodies. Clay tells her that things should be alright. He then notes that other than Tig, everyone else thinks the bodies are only Mayans. Clay says he's got it covered so that nobody finds out anything else. Jax tells Clay that the bodies are in the hospital for the night. Clay asks if Jax can get Tara to let them in. Clay is interrupted by Lowell asking if it's okay for his son, Moby, to be here while he works. Clay says it's okay. Clay tells Lowell he's doing a good job today.

Jax sneaks into the hospital, and tells Tig to distract the nurses. Tig is able to scare them away by showing them the dog bite on his butt he received in a previous episode. They grab one of the doctors' key cards. Jax finds Clay in Abel's incubator room, and tells him he got the card. Clay tells Jax that he and Tig will handle it. Jax asks why he can't come along when Tara pops in. They talk about Abel being so strong, but Clay quickly exits to take care of the bodies. Jax asks Tara if she's okay. Tara tells him that Hale talked to her saying that Kohn was leaving town. She thanks Jax for handling it. Jax tells her she won't have to worry about him anymore.

At Jax's house, Kohn smashes a window and breaks in. He drops his bag on the ground, and walks into Abel's finished bedroom. He turns on the ABC song, and urinates on the floor while singing along to it.

At the hospital, Clay and Tig search for their skeletons. Tig uncovers one of the corpses, and discusses with Clay about the feelings that go with sleeping with a corpse. Clay tells him to knock it off because they're not here to look for a date. Suddenly, Jax knocks on the door, startling Clay and Tig. Jax says he thought they could use an extra pair of hands. Tig says that he found the bodies, and they prepare to get them out when Jax notices that they've already been identified. Jax looks at the tag, and notices that the one is Lowell Harland, Sr. He realizes its Lowell's father.

Back at the clubhouse, Bobby continues to make moves on Cherry. He brings a batch of cookies in and sits down. He offers her one, but she declines. Bobby then starts rubbing her leg. Cherry tells him to stop, but Bobby continues to make advances. Cherry shoves him off, and tells him that she's here for Half-Sack and is not going to be passed around anymore. Bobby still won't listen so Cherry shoves him backwards, making Bobby lose balance. Bobby laughs, and says that he's convinced.

Back at the hospital, Jax asks why Lowell, Sr. was buried with the Mayans. Clay says he was a casualty of war, and he was killed by the Mayans. Jax states that Lowell, Sr. wasn't a patched member. Clay said that during the war, the Mayans killed people that were close to the group too. Jax says that Lowell, Jr. just thinks that his father skipped town. Jax asks why he was buried with the Mayans. Clay says that it was a crazy two years, and he didn't have time to sort people. Jax asks if the reason Lowell, Sr. was down there was the reason Clay didn't want Jax in the morgue. Clay says he isn't keeping any secrets from him. Jax notes that with the recent developments, it's only a matter of time before Hale tells Lowell. Clay says that he'll handle Lowell.

The next day, Clay spots Lowell working before his shift. Clay comments that the engine is running good on the motorcycle. Lowell asks if everything's okay. Clay says that he has to tell him something. Lowell immediately thinks it's about Moby, but Clay says he's fine. Clay reveals to him that one of the bodies found off the highway was his father's. Lowell says it doesn't make sense. He says that everyone told him that he left the town, but he says it doesn't matter since his father was already dead to him. Lowell asks what happened to him. Clay tells him that he was killed by two Mayans, but that the other two bodies are the Mayans that killed him. Clay tells Lowell that the cops are going to try to blame the deaths on SAMCRO. He says that Hale is going to try and screw with him. Lowell says he'll be alright then starts to sob. Clay gives him a quick hug then returns back to work. On the roof, Jax continues to read his father's book. Inside, Gemma walks into Abel's room, and finds the mess that Kohn made the night before. He sees several pictures of Jax on the wall, with one of them with him and his brother, Tommy, both crossed out. Gemma is concerned.

At the police station, Hale notes that two of the bodies were Mayan captains so SAMCRO has to somehow be involved. Stahl tells him that the bones are 15-years-old which doesn't prove anything, and without a murder weapon, they won't touch the case. Hale then shows her the third body being Lowell, Sr. He notes that his son, Lowell, Jr., works at the garage just like his father did when he was alive. Stahl asks how close Lowell is to the club. Hale says he's not sure. Stahl asks about Kohn. Hale notes that he checked out of the hotel and turned his rental car back in so in all likelihood he's gone. Suddenly, Lowell appears outside Hale's door. Hale invites him in, and tells him he has some news for him. Lowell says he already knows about his father. Stahl notes that he isn't acting very surprised. Lowell says his father lived by the sword, and died by it. Hale states that his father was a mechanic, and he can't understand why he was buried with Mayan bikers. Lowell says he doesn't know. Stahl asks if his father was close to the club. Lowell says that his dad was a friend just like he is a friend of the club now. Stahl wonders how long it will be before Lowell ends up in a ditch like his father. Stahl reveals that there were three bullet holes in his father's head, and asks what a mechanic could do to have a brutal death like that happen to him. Lowell insists he doesn't know anything. Hale tells him that if his father was buried with the enemy, then he was not a friend of the club. Stahl tells him that his father was in the same grave because he had the same killer. Stahl insists that SAMCRO killed his father. Before they can press him anymore, Unser comes into the room, and asks what's going on. Stahl introduces herself, and says they're just informing Lowell of what happened to his father. Unser tells Lowell he can be excused, and Lowell leaves. Unser is frustrated with the ATF presence in Charming. Hale asks if he knows where Kohn is. Unser tells him that he left Kohn a little bit ago at Floyd's barbershop.

At the clubhouse, Gemma asks Jax who did this. Jax says that Kohn must have done it because of Tara. Gemma is prepared to blame Tara for everything, but Jax gets furious when she thinks about blaming her. Jax says he's had enough. Jax calls Hale, and tells him that Kohn's at Floyd's barbershop.

Jax arrives at Floyd's barbershop. He startles Kohn, and then throws him out one of the windows. He then starts to give Kohn a beating. When Kohn stabs Jax in the leg with a pair of scissors, it only infuriates Jax even more.

At the police station, Kohn insists that Jax attacked him. Hale tells him that nobody's backing his version of the story. Kohn says Jax threw him out the window, but Stahl says that he stabbed Jax first. Hale notes that Jax isn't pressing charges, and Kohn is sarcastically grateful for that. Stahl notes that he is going to face charges in Chicago for violating a restraining order. Kohn says he's only trying to protect Tara. He says that if Tara hooks up with Jax, it's going to be bad for her. He says they're all on the same team. Stahl says that they're not anymore. She tells him that he's been stripped of his credentials, and that someone will be here for him to escort him back to Chicago. Kohn notes that Tara came back here because she was afraid of him. Kohn fears that he may have pushed her towards SAMCRO. He tells them he can't fix the mistake, but that they can. Stahl and Hale don't respond to that statement.

In a holding room, Stahl tells Jax that Floyd said that Kohn attacked him first so Jax reacted in self-defense. Stahl asks Jax why Kohn has it in for him. Jax tells Stahl she knows why. Stahl says she does know about Tara, and that she feels she returned to Charming so Jax would protect her because he's the only one she knew that could do the job right. Jax doesn't say anything to that, and he is free to go. As he leaves, he gives one last parting glance at Kohn.

Back at the house, Gemma tells Clay that she's worried Tara's getting under Jax's skin. Clay says that he won't let Jax get distracted. Gemma warns Clay that Tara and Jax used to be in love, and it's a different story here. Tig comes in and tells Clay that Lowell is missing. He is worried that Lowell might be trying to get drugs. Clay is upset, but Gemma tells him that there are some things in life you just can't prevent. Tig tells Clay he'll try to find where he is.

At the Vista Hotel, Clay has found Lowell locked in a room. Clay tells him that he's taking him home. Lowell is high and upset, and tells Clay that it doesn't make sense that his father was buried with Mayans. Lowell asks why he's even here now. Clay tells Lowell he made a promise to his father. Lowell asks if that was before he killed him, and asks Clay if he killed his father. Clay kicks in the door, and knocks Lowell to the floor. Clay tells Lowell he didn't tell him the truth before. He tells Lowell that his father was the enemy, and tells him that he cared more about drugs than he did his own family. Lowell tells Clay he's not his father. Clay asks what he is then because he notes that he hasn't been able to stay totally clean. Clay tells him that he kill his father because he was a rat. Lowell tells him that he can't take it anymore. He says that he's exactly like his father, and apologizes. He tells Clay to save Moby. Clay grabs a pillow, and puts it up against Lowell's face and draws his gun. Lowell begs Clay to pull the trigger.

At the boxing tournament, Half-Sack is dominating the competition. He tells the group that everyone is betting on him, except for the club. They ask Half-Sack to take a dive so that the club can win money. Chibs tells him that if he loses, they walk away with over $100,000 dollars. Half-Sack rejoins the match.

At home, Jax arrives home to find Gemma sitting in Abel's room. She asks where Tara is, and asks if he was going to get back with her. Jax says he wasn't thinking about it. Gemma notes that she's seen them together. Jax tells her that what he does with Tara is none of her business. Gemma asks what exactly her business is. Jax tells her that she didn't have to take on the burden that he has in his life.

At the boxing match, Half-Sack is still dominating before he's about to take his dive. Clay arrives at the boxing match. Tig asks him if he took care of Lowell. Clay says he took care of it. Clay sits down next to Cherry, and tells her that he heard that she turned Bobby's advances away. Cherry says that she's really here for love. Clay asks if he asked for comfort, would she give it to him. Cherry says no. Clay tells Cherry that if Half-Sack gets patched into the club, he's okay with her sticking around if he wants her as his woman. Cherry thanks Clay by giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Half-Sack sees this, and thinks that Clay is making moves on Cherry again. This causes him to go wild in the ring, and he beats his opponent to a pulp. After leaving the fight, Half-Sack apologizes for going berserk. Chibs tells him that he owes the club $35,000. Chibs reminds Clay the need the money by Friday. Clay tells him it's going to be a busy week then. In the back of the van, Lowell is in the back going through withdrawal symptoms. Clay tells Tig that Lowell's a good mechanic.

Tara arrives home to see Jax waiting for her. Jax tells her that he watched Kohn leave town. Tara thanks him for everything. Jax pulls away from her. Jax asks if she came back here because she knew he'd hurt Kohn for her. Tara says she didn't know Kohn was going to be here, and she didn't think he'd still be in Charming. Tara notes that he's sounding like his mother. Jax notes that she's safe now, and leaves.

Back home, Gemma asks how everything went with Lowell. Clay tells her he's back in rehab. Gemma asks Clay what he told Jax. Clay says he knows some of the truth, but he says that Lowell knows a little more. Gemma tells Clay that the rest can stay buried. It appears there is still more to the mystery that hasn't been answered. Clay rests his head on her lap while Gemma wonders what is in store for the future.