Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 7

Old Bones

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2008 on FX

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  • Old Bones highlighted relationships in bright lights; from Jax and Tara to Gemma and Clay, and everyone in between

    When promos for SOA began months ago, I admit that I turned my snooty nose up a bit said that there was no way I would end up watching it. Don't like The Shield, not a fan for Nip & Tuck. I just have a hard time hoping the bad guy wins. Imagine my utter surprise when I just happened to be channel surfing and ended up watching the entire pilot and have been hooked ever since. Not for the biker element (I have no idea if their portrayal is accurate or not) or because I like cheering for the bad guy, but simply because of the relationships. And Old Bones highlighted those relationships in bright lights; from Jax and Tara to Gemma and Clay, and everyone in between. I knew that Gemma was Queen "B" and that she was a major manipulator, what I didn't realize until this episode was how much she manipulates Clay. I always assumed they were equal partners, but I am no longer assuming anything, especially when it comes to the Queen. The scene in the baby's room where she was manipulating Clay into murdering Lowell was just chilling in its pure evilness. Her disappointment (and under-played anger) when she found out that Clay was giving Lowell another chance was palpable. To me, this character is not a character that I love to hate. I just hate her, but it doesn't take away my fascination with just how evil this woman really can be and what she's going to do next and to whom.

    I have to disagree with Tara in her last statement to Jax. It wasn't Gemma's words in his head that made him ask the question, it was the ATF agent's (Ally Walker). You could see his mind whirling as the agent was making her sly and snide remarks about Tara. She played it perfectly, putting doubts in his mind about the woman he is apparently still in love with after all these years. Which brings me to the Jax and Tara relationship…is it still love on both their parts or just residue of a first love? Did Tara come home just for Jax's protection or was it coming home to find him again? And why does Gemma hate Tara so much? I don't buy it's because she hurt Jax when she left, frankly I don't think Gemma cares about whether Jax is hurt or not. I'm assuming it's because Tara put thoughts of leaving in Jax's mind, something Gemma has no intention of ever happening, but what if it is because of something else? Other relationships of interest in this episode:
    Jax and Hale
    Jax and Gemma (finally told her off…twice)
    Tig and dead women (the man is truly demented)
    Jax and Clay
    Clay and Lowell
    Clay and Half-Sack and his woman (I forget her name)
    Hale and Tara

    Great Episode and I'm looking forward to this week's episode. I've heard that Tara's scenes are emmy-submission caliber. I'm really ready to move Jax and Tara forward or cut them off completely.
  • One dark secret revealed but I think there are lot more to come.

    The storyline was really good and intense this time. Overall one of my favorite episodes so far. Jax and Deputy Hale finally deal with Agent Kohn, who leaves Charming and has to face charges for violating the restraining order. Will he come back? I don't think so as he has nothing more to add to the story, at least not for a while. Although he was an interesting character, I have to admit that I won't miss him very much. His role was to bring Jax and Tara closer again and that's exactly what happend. They still love each other. Something Gemma doesn't like very much. Also, SAMCROW tries to raise the money for the True IRA, in manipulating a boxing tournament. This fails as Half-Sack wins his last fight instead of losing it, cause he thinks Clay wants to hook up again with the Nevada girl. Quite the opposite Clay gives his approval to their relationship. When will we see Half-Sack become a full member? Not so fast I think.

    The most interesting part of this episode was for sure that one around the three dead bodies. Back in 1992 Clay shot a machanic of Teller-Morrow, who was a drug addict and had something to do with the Mayans. So he was burried along with two of them. I can't remember the mechanic's name but he was the father of the now mechanic working at Teller-Morrow, Lowell. He thought his father ran off but is still alive as that is the story Clay told him, and gets serious problems dealing with the truth about his father's death and can't stay away from drugs too. Clay then wants to shoot Lowell, as he thinks that he might become a threat to SAMCROW and talk to the police, but can't. Instead he brings him to "SAMCROW Rehab". Obviously the guilt weighs too heavy on him. Something Gemma also doesn't like very much. Her men, Jax and Clay, are getting weak and that's dangerous.

    We can assume that this is not the only dark secret Clay and Gemma hide from Jax. It's said that John Teller died around that time, so maybe there's more to reveal. As Gemma says at the end: "The rest stays burried." I don't think so. Hamlet will find the truth and Gertrude won't be able stop him.