Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins fourteen months after the events of Season Three with Jax inside of his prison cell at Stockton. With a newly shaved head he is writing in a notebook. A correctional officer comes by and tosses him a piece of paper. It's Jax's parole papers. The correctional officer tells him to pack up his things and get ready. Jax stands up, and we can clearly see three stab wound scars underneath his left breast.

At the hospital, an almost two-year-old Abel is drawing in a coloring book. Tara is sitting in a chair reading the letters that Maureen Ashby had written to Jax. She wonders what should be done about them. A knock is heard at her office door and she shoves the letters into her purse. She goes to chat with one of the doctors. Abel digs into Tara's purse and finds the note that Maureen had written for Jax telling him to read the letters, but Jax never found that note. Abel takes it out to color on it.

Back in Stockton, Clay is led out of his cell being ready to be released on parole. As he walks down the cell block, he looks confident with his upcoming release from prison.

At the Morrow residence, Gemma goes into the bedroom to find baby Thomas, Jax's son by Tara, crying in his crib. Gemma has a bottle ready for him and she goes in to feed him noting that his father is getting out of prison today.

Clay, Jax, Tig, Bobby, Juice, and Happy all enter into the admission room of Stockton Prison. They are able to put on their civilian clothes and take their belongings and rings. The doors open and light comes into the room. The six men walk outside of the prison towards the exit gate.

In the SHU, a correctional officer brings breakfast to Otto. Otto gets up from his bed and gets the box. He opens it and finds an egg inside for him to eat. He breaks it open and finds a razorblade has been cooked inside of it. Otto cleans off the razorblade with his teeth and stares at it.

Clay, Jax, Tig, Bobby, Juice, and Happy get to the exit gate and find Opie, Chibs, Kozik, Miles, and Filthy Phil waiting for them. The men cheer as they see their brothers come out of the penitentiary. All of the men get their cuts back and Jax first approaches Opie and gives him a brotherly hug. Opie states that he missed Jax while he was inside. Jax notes that he is glad to be free and notes that it is a big day for all of them, hinting at Opie's marriage to Lyla. Opie tells Jax that there was no way that they would have the ceremony without the rest of the club being there. All of the members greet each other and Tig makes his way over to Kozik. Kozik has been patched into Redwood Original charter while Tig was away. Tig laughs and notes that he knew Kozik would patch in the backdoor while he was away, but Tig has no hard feelings about it. The two share a brotherly hug and things appear to be patched up between them. Clay mocks Stockton Prison and notes that it was a pleasure. The men get on their bikes and drive away from the prison, all giving the middle finger while they drive past.

Back in the SHU, the correctional officer finds a pool of blood starting to form outside Otto's cell. The correctional officer opens the door and finds that Otto has slit his wrist with the razorblade he was given.

SAMCRO rides back towards the town of Charming. On their way, they notice several bulldozers and construction equipment on a piece of land that used to be owned by Elliot Oswald. A large portion of the forest has been cut down and the new project being built there is called Charming Heights. When the men look at the billboard, they see that Jacob Hale's company is the developer and the contractor is Elliot. All of the men are concerned and angered at the sight of Charming Heights. Clay puts on his sunglasses and signals to the men to continue down the road.

At Floyd's Barbershop, Floyd finishes Sheriff Eli Roosevelt's head shave. Roosevelt is the new sheriff in the town of Charming since the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department took over Charming Police Department. Roosevelt tips Floyd for his service and heads out for duty. As he walks down one end of the street, a man with shoulder length hair and a beard wearing a leather jacket walks down the other end of the street staring at Roosevelt. He lights a cigarette and gets onto a motorcycle. At this point, SAMCRO approaches the town and a roadblock of police cars sets themselves up to block the road. The members stop and the man on the bike rides away.

Roosevelt steps out to greet the men. Clay jokes that he thought that the town would be waiting for them with flowers and cake. Roosevelt smirks and states that no cake was made for them. Jax asks Roosevelt what he wants. Roosevelt tells the men that the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department is now the main police force in the town of Charming. Clay notes that Roosevelt must be the boss. Roosevelt states that he is the Sheriff of this town. Jax notes that Roosevelt definitely made a good show of how big the force is and asks if they can go now. Roosevelt notes to the men that on the terms of the parole it states that no articles of clothing with gang affiliation signs on them are permitted to be worn. Clay retorts that Sons of Anarchy is not a gang, but a motorcycle club. Roosevelt states that the federal government has a different opinion on what Sons of Anarchy is. Roosevelt says that if he sees any of the men that got released wearing their cuts he will take them. Roosevelt welcomes them home and the roadblock clears. SAMCRO rides back into the town.

Back at Teller-Morrow Automotive, Piney sees Tara outside holding Thomas. Piney reminds Tara that history is dead and it has to stay that way, citing the conversation that the two had several months ago about John Teller's death. Tara has a concerned look on her face and says nothing to Piney. Gemma comes out and asks Tara if she's alright. Tara states that she's just anxious to see Jax. Gemma tells Tara that she is very proud of her for staying strong while Jax was in prison. She notes it isn't easy to make it without the men and Tara stayed strong. Tara notes that she couldn't have done it without Gemma. Gemma tells Tara that she loves her and Tara states it back. The men roll into the shop and everyone is there to greet them. Jax gets off of his bike and gives Tara a kiss. Clay goes right to Gemma. Opie goes over to Lyla and greets her. Abel runs up to Jax and Jax gives him a big hug. Gemma joins them and gives Jax a hug. She notes that it is great that Jax is finally home. Jax agrees and tells Gemma that he missed her. Gemma tells Jax that she loves him and Jax says the same. Gemma tells Jax that Tara stayed strong without him and Jax notes that he expected that from Tara. Gemma gives Jax an envelope and says that she got the one that he wanted. Jax thanks Gemma.

Clay approaches Gemma and asks her where Unser is. Gemma states that Unser told her that he would be here to see them. Suddenly, Chuck comes up to greet everyone with some new prosthetic hands. Clay is taken aback by them and everyone notes that Chuck got some new fingers. Gemma tells the group that Chuck's nubs were freaking her out so she bought him some new fingers. Clay tells everyone to meet in the meeting room in ten minutes.

At the new police station in Charming, the man with the leather jacket comes to see Roosevelt. He introduces himself as Lincoln Potter and he's an Assistant United States Attorney. Potter gives Roosevelt a card to prove his identity. Potter tells Roosevelt that his agency has been renting out a room on the third floor of the station. Roosevelt acknowledges that he has seen the attorneys coming and going and asks Potter what he wants. Potter states that he wants Roosevelt to meet him upstairs later so they can discuss some things. Roosevelt asks if this is going to be done officially. Potter states that it is and notes that Sheriff Moore approved him to be onboard with Potter's organization. Roosevelt agrees to meet with him.

Jacob Hale comes into the room and Potter introduces himself to him noting that he has heard a lot of great things about Jacob. Potter notes that Jacob became Mayor of Charming since SAMCRO has been locked up. Jacob acknowledges that Potter is the attorney he's been hearing about. Potter tells Jacob that it was nice meeting him and he will talk with everyone later. When he leaves, Jacob asks Roosevelt what Potter's visit was about. Roosevelt doesn't tell Jacob about the details and says it was just about protocol. Jacob asks Roosevelt about this morning's meet and greet with SAMCRO. Roosevelt states that it went without incident and he thinks that SAMCRO got the message. Jacob warns Roosevelt that one speech isn't going to settle SAMCRO down and notes that the club has been quiet mostly because half of its members were in prison. Roosevelt assures Jacob that they have SAMCRO handled. Jacob says that is why he brought the sheriffs into Charming because he needed their expertise in law enforcement. Roosevelt states that Charming will be rid of its gang problem with SAMCRO. He notes that he has been combating gang problems for the last fifteen years and notes that they can't be toppled in just one day. Jacob understands and says that they are both aware of the similar goals that they are trying to reach in Charming. Jacob states that he is just trying to make sure that they stay focused on those goals. Roosevelt says he understands and tells Jacob he appreciates it. Jacob tells Roosevelt to let him know if he needs anything.

In the meeting, Chibs gives Clay, Jax, Tig, Bobby, Juice, and Happy their share of the gun money that has been distributed since they were incarcerated. Clay knew that getting more inventory from the IRA would be beneficial. Opie notes that the Mayans, the Italians, and the Niners are all buying guns from them and they love the better firepower. Jax notes that the small percentages are over. Clay tells Chibs, Opie, Piney, and Kozik that they did a good job holding the club together and keeping their business running. He thanks all of them for their help. Chibs notes that Clay was the one that set up all of the arrangements inside Stockton while the club just did the heavy work outside. Clay states that nonetheless, the four men deserve the appreciation. All of the members thank them for their hard work. Clay asks the men about the Charming Heights Project and Jacob Hale's plans. Opie states that the city is a warzone for developers and Jacob is trying to get a view more investors into the project before he starts building the homes. Clay asks how Elliot is involved. Piney says that when Jacob took the plans to city council they took eminent domain over Elliot's land. Piney continues to state that the timberland was cut down and Elliot ended up losing millions of dollars. In order to help Elliot, Jacob allowed him to be the main contractor for the project in order to make his money back. Kozik adds that project allows double time work at the mills. Clay states that Jacob is going to be building homes in Charming that nobody in the town will be able to afford. They all see the problem with that. Clay states that Jacob has been setting the foundations for the project for the last five years and city council and the zoning committees are in his back pocket. He also notes with the Charming Police Department being absorbed by San Joaquin Sheriffs further extends Jacob's control. Clay vows that Charming Heights will not happen. Jax asks about Roosevelt. Chibs states that Roosevelt is out of Oakland and has worked on gang task forces for most of his career. Opie adds that Roosevelt began working ten months ago. The mood had been quiet and Roosevelt's presence had been known, but today was the first day Roosevelt exerted force over the club. Tig notes that Roosevelt isn't going to be silent anymore. Jax agrees and notes that it won't be business as usual for them. Clay states that they are really going to need to dig deep with Roosevelt. Piney states that Roosevelt will never be bought out by anyone and states that he is a straight up cop. Chibs tells the group that the meeting with Putlova is set up at the Jelly Bean. Jax makes a remark that Russians and strippers seem to always go together. Opie remarks that the Jelly Bean doesn't have strippers, but horse meat in a G-String. Tig notes that he loves the Jelly Bean and Happy adds he does as well. Juice jokes that their freak circle is once again complete. Jax asks Opie if everything is set up for the wedding. Opie states that everything is set with the Wahewa people to have the wedding on the southeast reservation at 6:00. Opie remarks that he knows how much money is in the envelopes and states that the wedding gifts better not be small. Clay tells everyone that they are all aware of how big of a day this is for the club and tells them all to get it done.

As the men exit the room, we notice that Miles has been patched into the club, but Filthy Phil is still a prospect. Filthy Phil warns Clay that the security cameras are showing two sheriff units watching their clubhouse from down the block. Jax notes that Roosevelt probably sent some of his men to tail them. Clay notes that one cop car can't follow all of them. Clay asks Jax and Opie to go with them while the rest of the club lingers behind and distract the squad car. Clay tells Miles to drive the tow truck. Miles asks Clay if he's upset with him. Juice steps in and tells Miles that the reason is that the group can only congregate together if they look like they're working the auto repair business. Tig stops Clay and notes that he should be up in the front with Clay. Clay tells Tig that he'll be alright and notes that most of them need to stay detached. Bobby promises Tig that they'll have the fun job.

The men drive onto the highway with the sheriff's unit right behind them. Clay waves to everyone and that signals the group to split apart. Jax, Clay, and Opie take off ahead while the rest of the club lingers behind to slow the car down. The two deputiesDeputy Sheriffs Cane and Martinezsee what is going on and note that if the group really is splitting then they need to stick with Clay. The men slow down and start to box in the police car. The squad car tries to get around them and break away from the bikes. The squad car ends up hitting Chibs' bike and he almost collides with a car in the other lane. Happy rides up beside the car and repeatedly kicks the door. The squad car slams on the breaks and spins out. When it recovers, the sirens are turned on and it heads after the larger group.

Back at the station, Roosevelt signs some paperwork that Potter has prepared for him. Roosevelt asks Potter why he must remain in confidentiality over the details of their discussion. Potter states that this is a very small investigative group and warns Roosevelt that if he does say anything he will be stripped of his badge and thrown in jail. Potter notes he has trust issues. They go into the meeting room. Inside this room, there are several pictures on the wall. Potter notes that many of the pictures on the wall are probably familiar to him. The pictures on the wall are SAMCRO members, their family members, and any of their associates. It also has pictures from the Mayans, the Niners, the IRA, the Grim Bastards, and the Russians. Potter states that back in 1970, President Richard Nixon signed the Organized Crime Control Act into law and one of the sections deals with racketeering and corrupt acts. This is where SAMCRO fits into the picture. Potter introduces Agents Lane and Kessler from the FBI and Vance Ice from ATF. Roosevelt asks the men if they really think that they can take down SAMCRO with RICO. Potter notes that SAMCRO is a major distributor for the IRA and work directly with the Irish Kings Brogan, Dooley, and Roarke. Potter states that the club struck a deal in Belfast with the men stating that if they killed Jimmy O'Phelan the IRA would open up their arsenal with higher caliber weapons. Roosevelt asks how Putlova and the Russians fit in. Potter states that Putlova offered a safe house for Jimmy O'Phelan in exchange for guns, but they received a better offer from SAMCRO for Jimmy. Potter recounts that SAMCRO double crossed them and the Russians lost out on a lot of money. Roosevelt notes that the Russians later tried to kill Jax in prison. Potter states that in order to make peace with Putlova, Clay made a distribution deal with Putlova and his organization got the majority of the profits while the members were in prison. Roosevelt asks what happens with the members getting out and notes change will be coming. Potter states that they don't know what that change will be, but they will find out soon. Roosevelt realizes that Potter has someone working undercover. Agent Lane shows Roosevelt a picture of one of Putlova's associates. Agent Lane states that the man is actually Ronald Worski, an undercover FBI agent who is almost Putlova's second in command. Agent Kessler states that they have traced high caliber weapons leaving Belfast and Dungloe and heading into Northern California through Canada. Potter states that when Worski is inside of the circle they can get recorded evidence of Putlova buying illegal weapons from SAMCRO. This will allow their task force to take down SAMCRO and their associates, the Russians, and the IRA in one big sweep. Roosevelt notes that because this arrangement will most likely happen in his jurisdiction he was brought onto the task force. Potter notes that the deal will probably happen in his area, but that's not the only reason he was brought on. Potter states that Roosevelt has had a lot of experience dealing with the gangs of Northern California. He notes that none of the other men have that experience and tells Roosevelt that he is not present just by default. Potter feels Roosevelt can be trusted and they need him. Roosevelt states that he will help them.

At the Jelly Bean, Putlova and Worski sit down with Clay, Jax, and Opie. Putlova asks Jax if he is healing well. Jax states that he is fine and seems to understand that it was only business. Putlova is glad that they could settle all of their problems. Clay stops him and notes that not all of their problems are settled. Clay notes that Putlova has been taking eighty percent of the profits for all of his work. Putlova notes that the Russians have been doing eighty percent of the work and they handled all of the transport and storage. Clay states that the equal sharing needs to begin today. Putlova says that he is willing to share fifty percent of the hardware, but if the Russians keep storing and transporting the guns then they need to be compensated. Clay says that it's going to take some time to set up the club and offers Putlova five percent of the profits. Putlova notes that he is taking a huge risk for just a measly five percent from the club. Opie acknowledges that they are aware of the amount of money Putlova is making and warns him not to try and sound like he is under hard times. Putlova agrees for the five percent on the first month and asks for fifteen percent if they stay in business longer. Clay agrees to that and notes that he wants to see the new merchandise. Putlova states that he was going to bring it to the Jelly Bean. Jax states that the sheriffs are watching them and advises Putlova to bring the guns to Opie's wedding at the Wahewa Lands. Putlova thought that the wedding was only for celebration. Opie notes that they need to use the wedding as a cover so they can see the guns. Putlova agrees to be at the wedding with the guns. Clay cheers Putlova and hopes for a long and profitable relationship.

Gemma drives out to Unser's trailer. Gemma hears Unser inside coughing heavily. Gemma knocks heavily onto Unser's door and Unser retorts that if Gemma keeps hitting the door like that she'll knock it off of its hinges. Gemma apologizes and notes that she thought Unser might have died inside. Unser remarks that if he had knocking louder wouldn't have helped. Gemma remarks that she has been known to wake the dead. She comes inside and notices how dirty the trailer is. Gemma thought that Unser was going to hire someone to help him manage the trailer. Unser retorts that he doesn't want anyone nosing around his stuff. Unser states that if Gemma had called he might have been able to clean up. Gemma states that Unser's phone has been disconnected. Gemma notes that Clay and the rest of the boys came home and she thought that he was going to be there. Unser apologizes and thought that it was on a different day. He notes that he has lost track of time lately. Gemma asks Unser how the new medications are going. Unser states that he's stopped taking them because he can't afford them. Unser adds all they do is make him throw up and sleep so he's better off without them. Gemma asks Unser what has been going on with him. Unser mocks that he is just living the dream. He asks Gemma if Clay knows about him and Della splitting up. Gemma states that Clay knows, but remarks that she doesn't think that Clay is impressed with his new rock styled life. Gemma brings Unser some marijuana and notes that his plants looked like they were dying outside. Unser starts to sob and notes that lately everything has been dying on him. Gemma holds Unser and wishes that things were different for him.

Back on the highway, Tig, Bobby, Chibs, Juice, Happy, Kozik, and Miles are all handcuffed by the sheriffs and sat down. To pass time, Tig asks Bobby what he's getting for Opie. Bobby states that he is going to give Opie some cash. Happy asks Bobby how much he's going to give him. Chibs pipes in and notes that Bobby will probably give Opie more cash that Happy will because Happy has been known to be cheap. Happy retorts that he is not cheap, but only mindful of excessive spending. Miles remarks that Happy reusing condoms is not mindful spending. Juice states that he is giving Opie ten free sessions at Clear Passages. Bobby doesn't know what that is. Juice states that it's the herbal and marijuana clinic in town and notes that he owns twenty percent of it. Tig is disturbed that Juice would give Opie a present like that. Juice asks the men if they have ever seen the contents of a lower colon. The men tell Juice to stop his description at that point.

Roosevelt talks with his deputies that have detained the SAMCRO members. Roosevelt is angry with them when he hears that they almost ran Chibs off of the road.Deputy Canestates that the club tried to box them in and they accidentally hit Chibs trying to get out of the blockade. Roosevelt asks Deputy Caneif the members were going the speed limit. DeputyCanesays that they were at first, but then took off at 110 mph. Roosevelt yells that the club will try to claim that the sheriff's office tried to kill them so they took off out of fear. He also worries that the club will sue the department for assault if they are brought in. Roosevelt tells the deputies to let the club members go and warns them that if they ever act out like that again he will put them back on parking duty.

In the office, Agent Lane tells Potter that Worski reported in that SAMCRO will be meeting with the Russians tonight to test out the guns. Potter notes that the club is already taking risks on their first day out. Agent Lane asks if they should put a team out to keep an eye on the club. Potter states it's too risky to send a team in and says that it only looks like a show and tell at this point. Potter tells Agent Lane to let the club get reacquainted first and make a bigger deal down the road.

Jax arrives home and sees Tara. Tara tells Jax that Abel and Thomas are down for their naps. She walks over to Jax and Jax lifts her up. He carries her into the bedroom and the two start to passionately kiss and disrobe. After fourteen months behind bars, Jax is ready to be with Tara again. The two lie down on the bed and make love.

At the Morrow residence, Clay and Gemma have just finished making love. Clay is disappointed that their session ended fast and Gemma jokes that Clay only had Juice in prison. Clay extends the joke and tells Gemma not to make the relationship between Juice and him more torturous, but notes there was no relationship. Gemma tells Clay that she doesn't ever want to see him behind bars again and notes that she doesn't think she can go through that again. Clay promises her that everything will be alright. Gemma asks about the Russians. Clay states that the Russians are handled. He promises her that the new guns will be their retirement package and they will be set for their old age. Gemma holds Clay's hands and asks him how bad they are. Clay states that the medicine in Stockton didn't do much for him. He notes that when the weather is warm he is fine, but he might only have one to two more winters left. Gemma states that there is a lot that they could do and states that Tara was looking for a good surgeon that might be able to help. Clay states that he is not going through surgery because he would have to step down to recover. Gemma says that they need to find better medicine and keep using the Cortisone. Gemma thinks Clay has plenty of time left. Gemma adds that she went to see Unser and asks Clay to go see him. Gemma states that Unser needs Clay and the club. Gemma states Unser did a lot especially with taking care of Jimmy O'Phelan and Stahl. Clay states he remembers that and won't ever forget it.

Back at Jax's house, Jax and Tara have finished making love. Tara tells Jax that they need to talk about a few things. Jax jokes that they need to talk about the girly things that Tara decorated the house with while he was gone. Tara chuckles and notes that Harley bikes and Maxim posters are not her style. Tara says that she wants to talk about Abel and Thomas and what they are going to do. Suddenly, Thomas begins to cry and Jax states that someone else wants some quality time with Tara. Tara playfully punches Jax and the two laugh. Jax goes to get Thomas.

At Opie's house, Lyla sees Opie packing his things to get ready for the wedding. Lyla jokes that Opie should have been gone by now since its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Opie states that he wanted to wear clean socks on the wedding day. He asks Lyla if she really wants to get married. Lyla states that it's too late to back out now. Opie jokes it's never too late to run and starts to kiss her. Lyla stops and tells Opie that she is not running or leaving him. Lyla states that she is a part of the family whether he likes it or not. Opie states that he likes it and is also happy that they are going to be adding to it. Whether that means Lyla is pregnant or not right now is not indicated. Opie starts to kiss Lyla's neck and Lyla stares off into the distance maybe recalling her abortion while Opie was away in Belfast.

Back at Jax's house, Jax gets Thomas out of the crib. He takes out the bag that Gemma gave him and puts it near Thomas. He takes him to Tara so that she can feed him. When Tara looks down at Thomas, she notices a ring on one of his fingers. It's an engagement ring for Tara. Tara states that it is a beautiful ring and smiles. Tara asks Jax if he is proposing. Jax states that he is and wants them to get married. Tara asks Jax if that's what he really wants. Jax states that he has loved Tara since she was sixteen and stayed whenever everyone else had bailed on him. Jax further states that Tara took care of Abel like he was her own and gave him Thomas. Tara states that she loves Jax as well and she wants to make a family with him. Jax asks if something is wrong. Tara states that she knows that Jax is the man he is and she doesn't want to change the club or Charming. Tara states that she's wanted so many things while he was away. Jax tells her that he wants a lot of things as well. Tara states that she's looked at Abel and Thomas and she thinks about how it will work. Jax knows that Tara wonders how they grow up in the life of the club. He assures Tara that they will never know that life. Tara asks Jax what he is talking about. Jax is aware that the relationship between him and her is not an accident. Jax states that he thinks Tara was put into his life to get him out of the club world. Jax notes that she tried fifteen years ago and now she's back. Jax promises Tara that he's done with SAMCRO. Jax says that if he stays in the club he will either end up dead or in prison. Tara thinks that Jax is only saying this because he just got out. Jax promises her that he has been thinking about this for a long time. Jax says that the bond that holds the club together isn't love and brotherhood any longer. He states that the club is now based on fear and greed. Tara notes that John Teller said something like that in his manuscript. Jax says that he remembers that part. Tara also thinks John Teller wanted to get out. Jax says that John was a coward and lost himself in Maureen. Jax states that instead of writing about it, John should have taken him and Thomas with him when he left. Tara says that he would have had to get past Gemma first. Jax states that John could have run her over on the way out. Jax tells Tara that he is not John Teller and he is not weak. Tara asks Jax how he will get out and notes that Clay and Gemma will never let him leave. Jax says that they have a good thing going with the IRA and promises her it is smart and under the radar. Jax wants to stay in the club for awhile so he can earn big money for them. Tara asks how long he things that will take. Tara states that more guns means more risks. Jax says that he is an okay mechanic with a GED and all he knows is the outlaw life. He knows that he can't have a fulltime job and wants to make enough money for his family. Tara notes that she has a lot of money coming from her job and she can take them wherever they want to go. Jax says he doesn't want to live off solely on her. Jax tells Tara that Clay's hands will soon make him step down and that's when he will leave. Jax states that Gemma is only an old lady. Tara admits that she is scared of all this. Jax tells Tara that she needs to trust him on this and promises that he only thought about this while he was in Stockton. Jax wants to finish out his time with the club and then he promises Tara that they will take Abel and Thomas and leave Charming to start fresh somewhere else.

Clay rides out to see Unser. Unser admits that he is surprised to see Clay out at his home. Unser tells Clay that it is good to see him and the two hug. Unser apologizes for missing his homecoming. Clay forgives him. Unser offers Clay a beer, but Clay is feeling alright. The two men sit down and Clay notes that he heard Unser sold his trucking business. Unser states that he still has controlling interest over the business and still gets a check in the mail every month. Unser notes that Clay must be brought up to speed on the developments of Charming. Clay notes that he saw the sign for Charming Heights on his way into the town and also met Roosevelt. Clay tells Unser that Charming is upside down. Unser states that he doesn't know if the cancer in him is worse or if the one in Charming is. Clay states that Unser rotting away in the trailer on the outskirts of town isn't helping anyone either. Unser admits he is happier not being caught up in all of the drama. Clay tells Unser he needs to get plugged back into the works because he needs him. Clay refuses to let Jacob Hale change Charming. Clay doesn't want to see Charming Heights happen. Unser asks Clay how he plans to stop it. Clay tells Unser that they will let nature take its course. Unser admits he doesn't know what exactly Clay is hinting at, but he knows that it's going to be messy. Clay asks Unser if he still has control over the rental trucks. Unser states that he does. Clay tells him that he needs a rental truck used for catering at a wedding. Unser asks what it's for. Clay states it's for the wedding, but we know that there's more to it.

Back in Stockton, Otto is recovering from blood loss after he slit his wrist. He is tied down to a bed to prevent him from hurting himself again. Suddenly, a Russian inmate, Ivo,is wheeled into the room with him. He is also tied down and is also yelling and screaming. We realize thatIvo is the Russianthat tried to kill Jax. The correctional officer outside of Otto's cell comes into the room and states that he'll handle the situation. The guards notethat Ivohas been drugged so he will stop resisting and go to sleep.Ivo yells and spits at the guards as they leave. Otto looks over at Ivo as he goes to sleep. The guard asks Otto how his wrists are feeling. Otto admits they are a little sore and asks him how his wrists are feeling. The guard hands Otto a prison shiv.

At the Wahewa Lands, the guests arrive at the wedding. SAMCRO is there to greet Alvarez and the Mayans, Putlova and the Russians, and T.O. and the Grim Bastards. Members from other charters of Sons of Anarchy are also in attendance. On the outskirts, the sheriffs are set up to make sure nothing happens. Roosevelt asks if everyone is present at the wedding. The deputy states that a lot of bad guys are at the wedding and cites the Niners, Mayans, and Russians are all attending. Roosevelt remarks that love is in the air. A catering truck drives into the land and Roosevelt tells the deputies to make sure that nobody leaves the area.

The wedding ceremony is about to begin. Piney brings Lyla up the aisle to Opie and Jax stands beside Opie as his best man. The Wahewa priest begins the ceremony to join Opie and Lyla in lawful marriage. He shares a blessing of the Apache. While he does, Jax and Tara smile at each other knowing they too will be married in the near future. Jax gives Opie the rings and Lyla vows her love to Opie. She promises to be a faithful wife and old lady for the club. Opie vows his love for Lyla and he promises to cherish and protect her. Jax asks Opie what else. Opie states that he will treat her as good as his leather and, along with the chants from the rest of the crowd, ride her as much as his Harley. Everyone cheers and the priest pronounces them husband and wife. Opie and Lyla kiss and the crowd cheers.

Later, everyone dances at the reception party after the wedding. Out in the woods, Jax sees Happy, Bobby, Juice, and Chibs get into the catering truck. Jax tells them that if they see any tails on them they need to abort the mission. Chibs promises they'll keep their eyes open. Juice tells Jax to drink a lot for the rest of them. The back door of the catering truck closes and Happy drives the truck out.

Back at the reception, Clay thanks Alvarez for getting his Mexican contacts inside to protect them. Alvarez states that he was making sure to protect his interests. Alvarez states that he's talked to his new contact today and he wants to meet with Clay tomorrow. Clay tells Alvarez to get to the meeting first because the sheriffs are keeping an eye on them. Clay states that they'll be safe when they get to the meeting. Alvarez's wife comes over to him and says that they need to dance. Clay allows him to go have a dance. On the stage, Piney dances with Tara and Gemma dances with Wayne.

Opie, Tig, Kozik and Jax sit down with Putlova to look at some of the guns. Putlova shows them a pistol and says that its street name is the Cop Killer because it can pierce body armor. Putlova states that the gun is a wedding gift. Opie states that it is a very interesting present for a wedding. Tig jokes that when Opie sees Juice's wedding present he's going to want to use the gun on himself. Clay approaches the group and Jax shows him the gun. Clay is impressed and states he wants to play with the gun. Lyla tells Opie to come dance with her. The men let him go so he can dance with his wife. They decide to go test out the gun in the woods with Putlova and his men.

Back at Stockton, Otto has been released from his restraints. He takes the shiv out from under him and goes over to the Ivo. Otto holdsIvo's head down and whispers to him that this is for what he did to Jax. Otto stabs Ivo through the ear and continues to push the shiv in until the man stops breathing.

At the Russian storage unit, Bobby, Chibs, Juice, and Happy check out the weapons that the Russians have. They are very impressed with the weapons and they take them out of the crates. They then load the weapons. Worski and two henchmen are alerted to this, but before they can react, Bobby, Chibs, Juice, and Happy turn on them and in a firing squad method gun down Worski and the two henchmen. A third henchman rounds the corner and Happy takes him out before he can shoot them. Bobby tells them that they need to load the guns onto the truck.

Out in the woods, Clay test fires the Cop Killer handgun. The men appear to be having fun and laughing at the amazement of the gun. Clay turns and smiles at Putlova. Clay then shifts the gun and kills one of Putlova's men. Tig quickly shoots the other man. Kozik grabs Putlova and holds him tight. Jax takes the opportunity to pull out his knife and stabs Putlova three times in the abdomen. Jax tells a dying Putlova that it is just business and spits on his body.

Back at the house, Gemma cleans up Abel's room while he sleeps. When she cleans up his coloring books, she finds the note that Maureen wrote and reads it. Gemma gets a worried look on her face.

Bobby, Chibs, Juice, and Happy take the opportunity to get rid of the bodies while Kozik, Tig, and Clay take time to sit down and enjoy cigars. Opie and Lyla and Jax and Tara dance on the dance floor. Tara states that this is very nice and Jax states that it's nice to be home. We then go back out to the site where the bodies were dumped and we notice that the bodies were dumped right outside of the Charming Heights sign. The episode ends with a close-up of the Charming Heights Sign.