Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2011 on FX

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  • So guys always pull a fast one on us don't you?! But does that make us trust you less??? Perhaps....but it was still bad*ss!!


    So i'm not a "reviewer". I actually have never written a review in my life! Well not since the days of schoolwork and reviewing books I looked up on 'SparksNotes' anyways. But, seeing there was not even one word spoken about this weeks premier gave me the urge to even write something small.

    So...let me first start off by saying almost all season premieres seem to lag along some people. Honestly...this premiere did start off a bit slow but I was still so enthralled in the first opening shots I had to restart it cause I missed two words.

    I felt it was a great episode and truly lived up to the hype. Nice to see that most the promos used (which seem to give away alot) were from the premiere and didn't give too much away from the rest of the season.

    What an ending montage and what a way to show that this season's not gonna be all under the radar and enjoying the free life like they made us think. The Russians are dead...sorta...which means what?

    Jacks did what? Lied to tara's face? Or does he have some other plan we wont know about till the writers find an epic song to shoot scenes to it for.

    Also I loved how Jacks proceeded to wrap his hands around Tara and slow dance with the hands he just cold blooded murdered someone with. NICCCE!

    Great episode! Great opening to new characters and plots! Just all around great to me!