Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2011 on FX



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    • Sheriff Eli Roosevelt: They all here?
      Cop: Yep. It's a who's who of bad guys. Niners, Mayans, Russians.
      Sheriff Eli Roosevelt: Love is in the air.

    • Lyla: With this ring, I vow my love and promise to always be a faithful and loving wife...and old lady.
      Opie: With this ring, I vow my love and I promise always to cherish and protect you.
      Jax: What else?
      Opie: And to treat you as good as my leather. (with the rest of the members) And ride you as much as my Harley!

    • Jax: The bond that holds this club together isn't about love or brotherhood anymore. We lost that a long time ago. It's just fear and greed now.

    • Clay: Damn. That was fast.
      Gemma: That's cuz you're used to speed banging Juice in a dark hallway.
      Clay: Hey, don't turn what Juice and I had into something cheap and tawdry.

      Gemma: I'm sure it was cheap Puerto Rican magic.

    • Jax: I love you, Tara. I've loved you since I was sixteen. You stayed when anyone else would have bailed. You've given me a beautiful son and taken Abel on as your own.

    • Clay: There ain't gonna be no Charming Heights.
      Unser: How you gonna stop it?
      Clay: Let nature take its course.
      Unser: I got no idea what that means, other than it involves shit and a big fan.

    • Unser: I'm not sure which cancer is worse: the one in me or the one in Charming.

    • Tara: I think we should talk about some things Jax.
      Jax: Like all the chick shit you decorated my house in?
      Tara: Sorry. Maxim posters and Harley mirrors aren't really my style.

    • Gemma: (hands Unser a bag of marijuana) I noticed your plants weren't looking too good.
      Unser: Yeah. Everything is kind of dying on me.

    • Opie: Have you been to Jellybean? It's not strippers - it's horse meat in a g-string.
      Tig: I love the Jellybean!
      Happy: I do too!
      Juice: And the freak circle is now complete.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: January 18, 2012 on 5 USA
      Finland: September 25, 2012 on MTV3 MAX

    • Featured Music

      "Coal War" by Joshua James
      "Burning Your House Down" by The Jim Jones Review
      "Everybody Seems To Think" by The Deadly Snakes
      "Darlene" by Devil's Brigade
      "Evil Ways" by Christian & the 2120's
      "What a Wonderful World" by Alison Mosshart & the Forest Rangers

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