Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 4

Patch Over

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2008 on FX

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  • As always the Sons of Anarchy get what they want with little resistance

    So far Sons of Anarchy is a show of continuous build up as we're waiting for the pay off to reward us. The problem is that unlike other shows that have a slow build and use other means to grab our attention--with Breaking Bad they use the humor between Jesse and Walt--SOA doesn't have anything besides gun fights and exposition set up.

    In these first four episodes we're treated to a world of gun totting bikers and how they operate in their daily lives. It was interesting for the first episode, but only four episodes in and us following their lives have already gotten boring. We get it, bikers have a code of honor and break it whenever they see it please. They sleep with a lot of women and do whatever the hell they want. We've been knowing this and their antics, aside from the plot based ones, don't amount to that much.

    There are some nice little set ups that look like they're going to pay off soon. First is of course the stalker agent who has been setting up a case against the Sons of Anarchy. The second is that Jax has been slowly defying Clay's authority. It'll be interesting to see where that goes, a rising conflict that could explode with enough tendering.

    I'm not sure what purpose Susie had in the episode. She was there with her boyfriend who was taking a picture with Jax's car, got punched, and Susie rode away with Jax after being impressed by his alpha maleness. She was instrumental for that picture Tara got in the hospital, but since Jax was practically in a brothel they could have used any women. The context behind Susie's storyline was not needed. Maybe she'll serve more of a purpose in later episodes, but she was a throwaway here.

    The beginning was all set up to build tension for the second half, which was sometimes difficult to keep up. The gun fight was odd, considering that no one died. Some injured, but it seemed those that were shot were healed the scene later. As far as the overall episode goes, it's a decent watch.
  • This is the episode that brought this show down from a solid 8 to a 1 for me.

    This is the episode that brought this show down from a solid 8 to a 1 for me. When Jacks pulls the Mayans into an ambush at the Devils' club house, there are probably 15 SOA guys with pistols and shotguns shooting at the mayans from 15-20 meters tops, and what's the result? Not a single causalty. This has completely ruined the show's credibility. It's now a kid's show in my eyes, and I won't be watching another episode. It's a shame on what could've been a really good show. The person who wrote this episode needs to be fired.
  • It's never quiet when you hang with the boys of Samcro! But that's just the way I like it!

    At first I was resistant to the addition of Agent Kohn (played by The Shield's Jay Karnes), but I liked every scene that he was in. The writers are really taking their time to flesh out all the relationships and Agent Kohn's presence is no different. He's already following Samcro around and building a case, and they sure give him one in this episode by having an all out gun battle with the Mayans in Nevada.

    The interaction with Gemma and Tara continues to be great, they're either going to be even greater enemies in the future or may friends. I like watching these two strong women go at it, neither really willing to back down. The show is also slowly building the divide between Jax and Clay. I'm still not completely behind Jax yet, but the fact that he instigated the gun battle for the sole purpose of making sure that the newly patched over Nevada division of SoA had temporary protection against the Mayans was a bold move, and clearly goes against Clay. Clay has every right to be worried!

    The Good: Agent Kohn's absolute amazement at the gun battle was priceless!
    - Tig getting bit in the butt (by a dog) was hilarious, and Juice fed the dog crank! Ahh what a moron!

    The Bad: The nickname 'half sack'

    The Ugly: I didn't really get into the whole side story of the how to become a member of the Samcro's 'old lady'

    Bottom line: This show is really starting to come into it's own, and it's a pleasure to watch it each week!
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