Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2008 on FX

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  • Finally Something Worth Watching

    Kurt Sutter is a genius when it comes to writing. He introduces strong characters that you want to know more about. Katie Sagal is amazing as Gemma.
  • SOA- Jacksoo Teller

    There's not ever been a better is the greatest <3
  • Nuff Said

    Well I started watching soa on the third or fourth episode,and became a FAN by the fifth or have never seen the pilot or the other two until now, But WOW now I know how it all started. THANK YOU for the chance to catch up before it all ends.
  • WOW!!

    I Cant belive this episode is rated 7.0! I've watched all seasons and i just started again on ep 1, And this is definently a 9.5 at least! Who the fvck rates thiis 7 or lower!
  • The pilot.

    Sons of Anarchy premiered on FX to much hype, yet failed to live up to any of it. Everything from the dialogue, to the storylines are just incredibly unbelievable and unrealistic. The actors fail to have any presence and it's as if anyone could portray the main characters on the cast. Katey Sagal may have been mediocre on 8 Simple Rules and Married With Children, but she is just horrid in this fiasco.

    Jax, is like a cartoon character. His facial expressions are the same whether he's angry or sad and the idea that he is a dangerous threat is a joke. This show is too white trash to appeal to the masses, but more importantly, it wasn't researched properly. Nobody acts like this, whether they're in a drug ring or just part of a biker gang.

    You would think being on FX would mean this drama is intense and exciting, but the complete opposite is the case.
  • Something with a welcome difference.

    Finally a show comes where good and bad are blended into the a very murky and gritty mix.

    A very apt pilot that perfectly introduces the main characters, contrasting situations, opposing emotions and contradicting philosphies of a typical/not-so typical Hells Angel biker gang.

    Combines a decent amount of intrigue, drama and action into a very enjoyable episode. Dialogue is fairly okay for the most part with some great one-liners sprewn throughout various scenes of importance or during some perfectly arranged light-hearted moments.

    Liked the characters, setting, intrigue, drama and action - all of which combined to demonstrate the potential of this underwhemingly marketed show. Most of all, I loved the conflict that unpins every aspect of this particular world of fiction, that ebbs and flows through every character, all aspects of life, caught and touched upon in every scene.

    I for one shall be watching a lot more of this show.
  • A gritty look into the lives of members of the outlaw motorcycle club "Sons of Anarchy" in the fictional city of Charming in California.

    This pilot did a great job of introducing the story and main characters while keeping the viewer interested. Sons of Anarchy focuses on the gun-running motorcycle club in the fictional city of Charming, CA. It was originally started by John Teller and Clay Morrow, and now after John's death, his son Jackson (Jax) has become a pivotal member of the club. John's wife Gemma has also since re-married - to none other than Clay.

    Jackson's ex-wife is a junky pregnant with his son at the start of the show. In preparation for his son's birth, Jax talks to his mother about getting some of his old baby things out of storage. Here he discovers some old papers that lead him to believe his father never meant for the club to become involved with any illegal activities.

    When the SOA's guns are stolen, they set out to get their inventory back and make whoever stole from them pay. There seems to be turf struggles amongst the various gangs in the area. Within their own club, there also seems to be a power struggle between Clay and Jax. Outside of the club's problems, Jax is also dealing with the medical issues of his prematurely born son. His ex-wife had been found unconscious on crank and they had to surgically remove the baby early to try to save him. He was born with a tear in his abdomen as well as a heart defect.

    As the show progresses you see that the true mastermind of the club and everyone who is involved is the mother Gemma. There is a Hamlet-esque quality to the story. Gemma is married to John and after he mysteriously is killed by a semi-truck, she marries Clay. She is trying to sway Jax to follow in Clay's footsteps and keep him in the dark about his father. She also threatens Jax's ex and gives her drugs in the hospital so she can't stay clean and keep her baby. There even seems to be a history between the former SOA member turned Dr. (Tara) and Gemma.

    I really enjoyed the action-packed pilot and can't wait to see what happens next.
  • A show about a motorcylce gang that keeps drugs off the streets, but runs guns. I'll give it a shot.

    I was a little skeptical about this show because I was not sure how they were going to do this. I mean, there has not been a show about motorcycle gangs before and I think that this could be another mega-hit for FX. The pilot episode was decent, definitely worth checking it out again, and I love the fact that Katey Sagal is in this show, although her husband, Kurt Fuller, is the writer/creator of the show. Fuller, who also does The Shield is coming to the end of that show, so this is a good thing for him to focus on for hopefully a long time.
  • Way better than I thought it would of been.

    The promos for this show were pretty vague and it was hard to determine if this show was going to make it past the pilot episode or not and even then past a few episodes, but as the time went on and the premiere date grew closer I started to read more into it and all of a sudden I was hooked and wanted to give it a shot, if I didn't care much for it I could turn the channle and no harm done.

    So I laid on my bed last night and turned it on and even though I was looking forward to watching it I was still uneasy about if it was going to be worth watching or not, and if so would it keep my attention for the full hour - enough to make me watch more.

    As it started I watched in amazement I the episode unfolded and the plot was being made known and by the first commercial break I was hooked and had to find out what was going to happen next. The hour went flew by and only seemed like a few seconds. By the ending credits I was glad I gave it a shot and can't wait till next week's episode, "Seed" - with all the intro's and the layout of the storyline it should be even better. The character's were believable, the storyline was one to get you hooked, the atmosphere for this show was perfect, comedic drama(part comedy part drama), and the actors were perfect for thier roles. As I stated I can't wait for next weeks episode but in the mean time this episode gets a 8.7 out of 10, bit slow at times and Jax's baby looked fake but other then that very well done.
  • It reminds me a bit of The Sopranos.

    I just finished watching this pilot and have to say that it was one of the better pilots I have seen. If you like crime family shows then you are going to like this show. In this pilot we are introduced to The Son's of Anarchy, a motorcycle club in California that is involved in gun running among other things to make a living. When the gang's supply of guns are stolen by another rival gang the Son's must get them back. I thought this show had good special effects especially at the end when the action started happening. There also looks to be several subplots starting already so I think there is going to be several things to follow in this show which gives it even more appeal to me. I cannot wait to see the second episode, I hope it is as good as this one.
  • A very nice pilot that really draws you in.

    Yesterday's season premiere completely surprised me. I had been expecting this show to be a gritty drama. It IS a gritty drama, but also mixed with dark humor that really gave the episode that something extra.

    Overall the writing was great, and the acting was amazing as well. I was glad to see Drea De Matteo (though she died at the end of the ep) and Katey Sagal whose performance was as always very strong.

    I am certainly intrigued by all of the characters they introduced to us in the premiere, so I'm not hesitant to watch the next episode. This show could certainly turn into something amazing.
  • Uneasy Riders

    As a huge fan of most of FX's dramas, I unsurprisingly tuned in to the heavily-promoted Sons of Anarchy, a dark, brooding drama from one of the writers of The Shield.

    The motorcycle club itself is not a happy place to be. It's dangerous, violent, and the amount of bloodshed and burned corpses in the space of an hour would turn anybody off that lifestyle. But, whatever you think about the club itself, there's a true sense of brotherhood amongst the members, something kept over from Jax's father's original ideas, before Clay and Gemma got their hands on the club.

    Jax is an interesting lead. He's emotionally stunted, preferring to release his feelings through violence, and you can see that he's beginning to distance himself from the more violent side of the club. Charlie Hunnam does well in the role, and I'll excuse the occasional misstep he had in the pilot down to jitters or whatever.

    You can already see some Shakespearan undertones to the drama, especially in Katey Sagal's duplicitous Gemma Teller-Morrow. She's one hell of a mega-b*tch, sweet-talking both her son and her husband into doing what she wants, and her final scene with Wendy was unforgivable. Seriously one of the cruelest things I've seen. I also saw the implication that she may want to steal Abel away from Wendy to raise him as the new leader of Sam Crow, since it's clear that Jax will want to steer the group in a new direction.

    Like with most shows, I'm more interested in the female characters. I loved Maggie Siff on Mad Men and Nip/Tuck, so I'm intrigued by her mysterious Tara character. Was she in the club once? Or just a hanger-on? Whatever her past, she was definitely a bad girl in her time.

    Some of the biker lingo was a little confusing, and there were more than a couple of times I had to rewind and try and catch who characters were and what their motivations were. Still, for a pilot, this was pretty good. The cast is very appealing, and already many of the characters are intriguing me.

    Directors: Allen Coulter, Michael Dinner
    Writer: Kurt Sutter
    Rating: C+
  • I must say that this premiere was quite good, and it looks like this will be a very good series.

    This was the series premiere of Sons of Anarchy. The main character which also is my favourite so far is Jackson.

    Jackson is the son of co-founder John Teller, and lately he found a script by his late father where it shows that his father had a different direction for SAMCRO.

    Meanwhile Jax's ex wife, Wendy, was a junkie even though she was pregnant. After taking crack she was taken to hospital where the doctors gave birth to their son Abel who was 10 weeks premature. The doctors only gave him 20% chance of living after being born with half stomach and a genetic disease that of being born with a whole in his heart.

    But a former SAMCRO member now Dr. Tara Knowles did her best to save Abel and they succeeded.

    Meanwhile Jax's mother, who is now the wife of leader Clay, tells Wendy that if she ever goes near Abel she will kill her.

    I must say that this premiere was quite good, and it looks like this will be a very good series.