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  • Amazing

    So many great characters, actions scenes and storylines. Not really any shows like it and I can say it does a superb job of showing the emotion behind outlaws with an amazing performance from Charlie hunnam, tommy flanagan, David labrava, Kim Coates and many more. The show is just amazing
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  • SAMCRO lives in our hearts

    This show is a Shangri La for the people who love Harleys and guns alike. Set in Charming, California the Sons of Anarchy is more than an outlaw community. It's a protective guardian for the town's people from more worse threats. I would say the ending was little abrupt but it all makes sense considering the sole focus of Jax had always been to steer his club away from gun business and make a future in viable legit businesses.
  • an angel.

    Often wondered about homeless looking woman in many episodes. S6 E9 shows picture of her in man's house where the girl that broke the window in the ice cream shop lives. It was the girls mother who was killed when the truck that hit John Teller jack knives.
  • Great Show To Watch!

    Great show ! Job well done to the Cast & Crew !!!
  • What a bunch of

    This show was dragged on for too long and ended very stupidly. I wish I never wasted so much time watching this show. I guess it was purely out of boredom. Who kills their own mother? Even for an outlaw they could have written the ending better than that. The Sons Of Anarchy basically did what ever they wanted and killed whoever they could. Kinda stupid. "Breaking Bad" will always be number one for me. Come on writers, stop making horrible series and think you've done a good job.
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  • One Of My Favorite Shows Ever

    I honestly miss this show and I want it back I don't have to just watch it again from begining to end like love Jax that's my husband I really like everyone on the show they did a great job playing their come back to I think it was an amazing show...
  • This is great show !

    I fought that i' m a big fan but today i read some facts which i didnt know. Be honest and write who knows about it ?
  • Great show overall with a suckish ending

    Overall great show, but the last few episodes of the show were stupid. Like for instance, Jax killed his mother. Really? What man can just shoot his own mother in the back of the head without any remorse? Sure, she caused alot of deaths with all of her lies, but its his mother for fuck's sake. And he didn't even tell her he loved her before blowing her brains out. And now, Abel doesn't have a grandmother.

    Also, I don't think Sutter thought out the last few minutes of the show too well. Did he not realize that Thomas is now an orphan? Jax, aside from his half brother Abel, was his last living relative. He has no uncles, aunts, parents, or grandparents. So Thomas will probably lead a very depressing life, especially due to the fact that almost everyone he knew died before he could even say his first word. Abel at least has a mother to look after him, but Thomas is fucked. And now Abel and Thomas have been left in the care of a junkie and a pimp. But hey, that's okay right? What could possibly go wrong?

    Also, that high speed chase bullshit was pretty stupid. Jax would've been shot dead the moment he opened fire on that first officer. I understand it was supposed to be a powerful scene, with all the cops chasing after him. But let's be honest, these modern day cops would've killed Jax.

    I liked the show overall, but how it ended was pretty suckish.

  • Expectations

    I had so little expectations going in to this show, which is why it was so good to me. I loved the drama and loved the violence that went a long with it. It was a lot different than what you were use to seeing on TV. I loved every second of this show. Season 7 being the last season ended very well, but it was based off of a lie which made damn near everything that happened meaningless almost.
  • Great show

    One of the best tv shows in years, the way they put great songs over the action is a fantastic winning formula. I just found some nice props from the show up for auction here 70977_sons-of-anarchy-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo/page1
  • Turrible

    Very dull acting. Portrays a small town, "good old boys" city with the forced idea that the biker gang are the good guys. The same gang who sells guns to support drug running. Then, in the same city, it seems like there are, on average, 1,285 unsolved murders a year that seemingly get swept under the rug.

    Anyways, besides the plots, the actors are lame. Peg Bundy does ok ;-) But the whole show carries the acting quality of Married With Children, so maybe that's why she seems ok to me. "Jax", on the other hand, totally doesn't look nor act like a prominent figure of any motorcycle gang, let alone one such as SAMCRO. Actually, I used to only see Ron Perlman in cheap sci-fi movies. He was bad in them. He did improve a lot for SoA, imo, but you can't polish a turd. And the turd, in this case, is the entire script and screen play.

    Let's add some more to this. The Sons call Latinos "wetbacks" and constantly say derogatory things about their race. Yet, their rival African American gang never once receives any racist, derogatory terms. Double standards? This shows where we are in America, today. There's not enough Mexicans for it to matter, but we can't talk bad about black people. Real life middle aged white men in biker gangs would have been racist towards the black gang, just as much as they were the brown gang. But clearly Sutter thought it was only racist to speak bad of blacks, and that the Mexicans don't matter.

    Oh, another pet peeve, when Mayan "Salvador" or whatever his name was, took off in his 3rd generation Fbody (late 80's/early 90's Camaro), the federal agents described it as a "late model sedan"... TWICE. Looks like someone needs a dictionary next to their writing desk. A sedan is a four door car. And there has never been a four door Camaro since its inception in 1967. A "late model car" is a car which has been recently designed or manufactured, often the latest model. This was the third of, at the time, five generations.
  • Sad and shame on Kurt Sutter

    You ended what I believe was the best action TV Show today, what really sad was you never explored life on the road, nor any other gangs actions other then the brief battles we saw. BTW Jax's would of never killed his Mom, Sutter this was stupid and Jax riding into a semi on a highway LOL wow. Just remeber Sutter it was YOU who lost interest in SoA NOT US. I hope and pray someone comes along and does a Bobby in shower thing that Dallas did and Bring Jax's back to life and lead his crew out of Charming and on the road.

    I rate the show a 10

    Kurt Sutter rated 0
  • Why is it?

    Why is every single episode so badly rated? I've been wondering because this show is highly praised, yet every episode has a score below 7.0/10. It's honestly really strange.
  • absolutely Great show.

    this show is beyond perfect, I enjoyed everything minute of it Kurt stutter is a genius for sad it's done and I doubt that crew will come back around.. But I loved this show. Thank you!!!
  • COP OUT!!

    I am SO disappointed over the final chase scene that it left a sour taste in my mouth over the whole series. It's not hard to tell they gave a bunch of high school dropouts $157.00 and told them to go wild. All this so they could get an early start on a drunken after party. It's so bad it's hard to know where to begin.

    How about this? Since when is Interstate 580 a two lane back country road with a double yellow line? And can somebody explain to me how "Interstate 580" goes from two lanes to four and back to two in what seems to be a totally random, although somewhat alternating, pattern?

    Why was the chase scene filmed at about 20 MPH? Who were they chasing? OJ? If it was supposed to be slow motion why did they go to the trouble of speeding up the flashing lights?

    What happened to Jax? Did the semi stop in time? With all the blood and gore and violence for SEVEN years why wimp out on the final shot? I expected the grand finale to be a GRAND FINALE! Not some green screen cop out to save a few bucks. I wanted an aerial shot of the bug hitting the windshield!

    There was a lot more stupid stuff in that final minute or so but this is what sticks in my mind and I'm too damn disgusted to watch it again.

  • please continue

    Great show. Would enjoy to see early times and future episodes. Great actors. Shame to lose a good show.
  • what happen

    what happen to Clay in all the afterword final thoughts? He was a big part of the show
  • Awsome show..

    from a 75 yr old guy, the best tv show I have EVER SEEN. Hope they can make a movie soon.

    For once, tv treated us like adults. Charlie, I'm a fan for life. God Bless
  • I love Tig!

    The acting is superb all round; amazing actors who make show believable.

    I must say I love them all for one reason or another. My favourite is

    Tig. Great actor like them all, and those mesmerizing blue eyes send me heehee I love him.

  • Does every episode have to have someone shoving something up their a$$?

    What is the obsession with gay sex and shoving things up people's ass on this show? Seriously, are all bikers this strange? The storyline is getting way out there too. I swear they have killed over half the people in the lovely little town of charming and nobody gets in trouble. For such a beautiful little town it sure has a lot of white supremacists, gangsters, hookers, transvestites, porn stars, and bikers! Does anybody else live in charming? Please end the show soon before the terrible acting kills me to!
  • Best show ever!

    Hands down the best show ever! Kurt Sutter has outdone himself and has definitely chosen the perfect actors/actresses for the part! What else do people expect a five year old to say? Very entertaining! I love it!
  • Abel on SOA sucks

    Seriously the worst acting and lines ever. Abel is ruining SOA.
  • samcro

    Gemma's husband in real life is the writer/creater of the show.. thats why her dumb role is so big.. by the way the guy who plays "otto" is gemmas husband in real life.. all makes sense now right ?

    With all the commercials - what was the show eleven minutes over all the commercials. So sorry about needs to GET GOT!
  • This Show Sucks

    This shows sucks so much i hate it so much i wish it would end.
  • Like father, like son

    I still say little Abel at some point gets hold of a gun and gives someone their 'just deserts'
  • happy ending

    Wife and I have watched this show from the beginning. The way we hope it ends is; All of the gangs that are still alive get together and massacre the entire SOA club, including Gemma of course. As Jax and Gemma lay there dying Gemma tells Jax that it was her who killed Tara. Jax shoots Gemma and then blows his brains out.
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