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  • Great Fun

    I really like this show even though when i step back and really analyze I realise I shouldn't. They are essentially just the worse criminal organisation in the world, forever making bad decisions, trusting/killing the wrong people, not killing people they should when they should like Gemma and many others. But I suppose its these bad decisions that make the show. Its good fun but put your brain in neutral, oh and season 3 is god awful trash. I'm Irish, born and bred and that season is an insult to the country and our accents.
  • So Effin Good

    Kurt Sutter (writer of The Shield) creates great characters with eccentric and complex storylines that fit together perfectly. Caught onto this great show late, but ever since then I've been advising everyone to watch it!
  • Just love this show

    Awesome! Different, new, daring, bold, emotional. I love this show.
  • Hit the ground running

    From the outset Sons of Anarchy delivers terrific story telling and hardass violence. From their relationships with the other gangs within their area to their dealings with the Cartel and IRA. Any fan who has seen this show will admit that from the beginning you will find yourself hooked and at the end of every season you will have the calender out counting down to the beginning of the new season. The Cast of Hunnam , Ron Pearlman, Katey Sagal and others play their characters as if it was their calling to be in this show.

  • Sons Of Anarchy Finale is on the way!

    Sons of Anarchy burst onto our screens for the first time back in 2008. Roaring full throttle in a hail of beards, bullets and scorching leather. From the first episode I was hooked. The pixies that have been under their 90210 rocks, I will elaborate a little, just for you. The show centres on two parallel storylines, tightly woven. - See more at: 21774053/article/2198018
  • One of the best shows ever!

    Die hard SOA fan, can't wait for season 7 to start. It is sad about Tara, but it was inevitable really. The show is filled with drama and action, which i love. Jax is gorgeous, i love and hate Gemmas character, Katey Sagel does a fantastic job. Love all the SOA crew too! Awesome show
  • Tara is gone for good!

    So Tara is finally gone, good riddance! Her expressions are always more or less the same. Most of the time she walks with a frown and walks with limps arms to the side. ( the walking dead ) Can't see Jax and her together or maybe I just don't like her. There is something unbecoming about her, not sure if the character is supposed to be like that or just the acting is not up to par. No tears when when she saw her kids in the hospital but was teary eyed when Jamma got hurt from the car accident? What was that? Her mind must have been foggy when she made the decision to stay with Jax knowing his lifestyle then halfway towards the marriage she bails out! Where is the loyalty and commitment?

    Can somebody recommend another show that is as good as or better than SOA or Breaking Bad? They rock.
  • Sons of Anarchy

    what date is season 7 going to start?
  • Sons of Anarchy ????

    Is there a Season 7 ??
  • Sons of anarchy

    Sons of anarchy should be rated the best show of the year. It's so ridiculous when you see a boring show, that gets such high ratings. It must be some kind of in house connections thingy, that making these that happen
  • season 6 esp 1

    Bated seeing Jade to give into temptation
  • Perfectly Gritty

    I was saddened when Breaking Bad was over. I thought, "where am I gonna get my suspense and drama now?" A couple people recommended me to watch Sons of Anarchy to fill that hole and I must say, this show surprised me. I admit, it took me awhile to get into it but the drama builds and builds and you eventually grow a connection to the characters. The biker family dynamic is portrayed outstandingly and it's really interesting how far these boys go to protect each other and the club. Yes, it gets bloody. Yes, there are some uncomfortable and gritty scenarios BUT the show is so well done that you can't take your eyes off. I'm not much of a fan of violence and "gang" tv shows but this one really does it for me. I HIGHLY recommend this show to everyone.
  • SOA ROCKS!!!

    The actors and actresses are powerful and the family aspect of that type of lifestyle is pretty on point!! I love Katy Sagal! She is awesome!!

    Looking forward to another season!!
  • wow mayhem, mayhem, and carnage

    Ive watched SOA for sometime and each season ends the same in carnage but in the same retrospect it also pulls the incentive to watch (or bear to watch). That being said the concept revolves around the lesson the violence in it shows its in our nature to destroy ourselves as well as save ourselves, your sins will revisit you and the cost is more than you can bear. That being said this is a very deep, emotional, prolonging, (had to throw that in) aggressive, and violent show. Its still entertainment that I love to watch
  • I am done!

    Are they serious? The one redeeming thing about Jax is his relationship with his wife. She is everything that is decent in him and as long as she was in the picture there was hope for him. No reason to watch this show again.....
  • Why is this so slowly rated ? I

    Why is this so slowly rated ? I have no clue I see series so stupid an the get rated 8 or nine

    What do we want Clean nice shows No one smokes No one is different No one is anyone actually

    With al its up and downs I rather look these series . Get a life folks ;-)
  • people

    I dont get whats wrong with people here. They rate this show so low its stupid. There must be so many haters who rates the episodes 1 and that ruins it for all others. On imdb the episodes is rated between 7.8-8.6 while here its 4.9-7. If you cant make a professional judgement then stay away

    I love this show I think Kurt Sutter is a genius!! I love Charlie Hunnam he embodies Jax perfectly. This is my favorite show on tv the writing and acting is incredible.
  • I'm gonna kill first.....

    Ugh, this show is so frustrating. Jackson's love for his "club" over all else leads to some pretty wild story lines. By the end of Season 5, I was so ready for Jax to kill Clay, but from all of the previous seasons, you knew he wouldn't. I love Ron Pearlman, and the show would definitely suffer without him, but, I would like to see Jackson actually follow through on his words and advance the plot.

    I can only take so much of" I'm gonna kill Clay, but it gets old after awhile.
  • I'm intrigued!

    Discovered this show recently on Netflix, saw Katey Sagal's name on this show so I took a chance. I really like the show. It's sometimes a little too violent but the story line keeps me interested. I love all the actors, very talented cast. I hated seeing some of them die. I love adventurous shows and this close to it.
  • Irreverent

    Like most Hollywood shows they ruin it with blasphemy. And some of the worse I have seen in any show. I was surprised the actor wasn't struck by lightening during the scene. I'd rate it a zero, but the score wont go that low.
  • Love of life

    Shows becoming a soap opera. let's get back to head banging and the stuff that mad it a hit.
  • Love the show

    every week I look forward to is my very favorite show!Keep it coming!
  • Beat tv series ever!!!

    Honestly speaking one of the all time best tv series I have seen up to date!!! Great show
  • Paradise???

    I live near Paradise. Paradise is not in the desert. How about some realism?

    Not for children!! Boy, Tara shocked me last night!
  • great tv

    not recommended for children under 15 but I haven't enjoyed watching television in ages until SOA. great story line, excellent characters and non stop turns of unexpected suspense and action.
  • Great show!!

    I love this show every episode every season but they need to bring somes UP's in to it there just mainly ima continue watching just saying needs some more good in it
  • just stupiit

    haha FMc435, Sep 23, 2013

    The show should not be on national TV it has to much blood in it and allot of glory that which should be considered NC17

    my god you should watch hallmark tv then!

    we are all grown ups i think we damn well can make that choise of wacting by our selfs dont you think!

    and people complaining about kids that wacth it yea wel thats on you big time!you should not let kids free zapping around in this time and day,you can easly set yre chanels with a pincode

    i dont think any sain parrent would let a kid see a channel parrent free like amc/fx etc

  • Kurt Sutter really delivers

    Sons of Anarchy depicts a motorcycle gang in all of its guts, glory, good, bad and the ugly. I personally have enjoyed every episode and season thus far! It is definitely a show that most find there is not an in between on it. You either love this show or hate it. Now if you hate it there is nothing I can say to you. Most likely violence, blood and sex offend you and in that case the channel. And no this show is not for everyone and most definitely not for children! With that being said if your an adult and you need a show with real meat and potatoes then this is for you.

    As Americans (not to discount other countries) we have a fascination and a deep longing for the outlaw. We have romanticized the outlaw in many forms in our several hundred years as a country. The motorcycle outlaw has been developing and becoming a part of our culture for at least Fifty years now. Everyone of us admires and wishes we had the freedom to get on a motorcycle and just take off and loose ourselves somewhere. (in real life I ride a motorcycle and you should to) Its almost like therapy for those of us that find Shrinks or the idea of going to one too taboo. Who wouldn't want to hop on a motorcycle and hit the open road and ride until your troubles or problems could not follow any longer or you have relaxed to the point they don't matter any longer.

    Sons of Anarchy takes that further. It puts men on the edge of what society considers good and moral and forces you to acknowledge and deal with that gray line. If you watch this show you will have to think for yourself. But I have went amiss. Sons of Anarchy takes men and packs them together. It represents freedom. Freedom from society, from laws, from what the majority considers taboo or immoral.

    Over the course of its series this show has proven itself to be provocative in one of the greatest ways. Time after time the writers and the actors bring us a story on screen that has a lot of soul and substance. It accomplishes several core things that a good show should.

    Sons of Anarchy makes you think, it puts you in many positions and situations where often you find yourself emphasizing with a broad range of characters. Often I find myself relating with even some of the "villains" of the show.

    But Sons of Anarchy does not quit there. This show also has rich and deep characters. This is not a fly by night sitcom that you can casually watch every once and awhile. You will either be instantly drawn in and hooked or you will be repulsed. The story being told here has been compared to a "Hamlet" type of saga and in a lot of ways that is true. It only adds to the allure of the show.

    Flashback to last season when Opie sacrifices himself. Very few people can say that they were not in that room with him. The show has the effect of pulling you into it. You watch as Opie makes the decision to go in alone and save the others. You admire him for his courage and yet you feel compassion because you know why he walks into that room a broken man and desires closure and for the pain to end. You watch as he soldiers on and dies the "Hero's" death.

    But that is just one of many characters and plots that this show delivers on a weekly basis. Even as of late with the Sixth season the show continues to enthrall you and keep your attention where it should be. This show uses its characters as they should be used. They should make you question what choices you would make, they should make you emphasize with them and feel/share their pain.

    And sadly sometimes you have to say good bye to even some of the richest and greatest characters. This show in its story lines sometimes will and has to sacrifice a popular or deeply loved character all in the aim of telling a broader or deeper story.

    Sons of Anarchy has also consistently delved into cultural and society issues in the show that other sitcoms may avoid at all costs. Most recently the show depicted a young man engaging in a school shooting. That issue alone has galvanized our society. And in that particular episode you learn if you did not already know that the gun used was one the Sons of Anarchy had imported. Thus causing Jax to try and break off his ties with the IRA Kings and the gun running business. Just one more example of this show pushing the envelop and getting your mind involved.

    No issue is off the table in this show and I admire that, I enjoy a show fortitude. They have written everything and anything that might be taboo or extreme and forced you to use your morals and values to interpret what you see and what you feel. This show forces you to face issues you otherwise may avoid or never consider at all. Yes this show is deep and you will appreciate the journey it takes you on.

    The cast deliver the characters and they do a excellent job but credit is also due to the crew. The writing is top notch and always on point. The crew always finds great and captivating ways to shoot scenes and make you a part of it. You can quickly find yourself immersed in California maybe at the clubhouse, maybe on Charming's main street or with Bobby riding in the desert with the wind in your hair and the sun warming your skin.

    Sons of Anarchy is a gift from the mind of Kurt Sutter and if he never creates anything else I would be satisfied with Sons of Anarchy. Kurt Sutter has been on my radar since The Shield another great show even if it ended in a way that left me unfulfilled.

    Back to the Sons, The actors are top notch as well. You have a great cast here: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, Ryan Hurst, Johnny Lewis, William Lucking, Theo Rossi, Maggie Siff, Ron Perlman, and recently Jimmy Smits. If you look at those names there are no slouches or flunkies here. They all depict their characters professionally and realistically. The really do breathe life into characters week after week show after show. I initially had misgiving in the pilot episode but quickly overcame them once I tuned in and gave this show a chance and my attention.

    Ultimately this show makes you think and that is a great thing. Yes some show's make you laugh and some just help you unwind from the day. But Sons of Anarchy surprisingly delivers something better. Sons makes or rather forces you to think, to analyze and to feel. Sons of Anarchy also exposes the fine line between good and bad. It takes you to the grey line and then all the way into to the darkness and if your lucky it brings you back all the better morally.

    This show is a must watch. If you have not sampled it yet what are you waiting for? If you enjoy other shows like Boardwalk Empire or the Sopranos or maybe the Shield then Sons of Anarchy should be on your to do list. Again if your easily offended then don't watch. But for the rest of the adults out are you waiting for? This show delivers a great cast and crew, episode after episode it will captivate and entertain you, this show will make you think. As I have previously stated this show is definitely on the fringe culture or what some may say is fringe.

    This show will make you THINK and I know some of you may not want to think or take on deep cultural or moral issues but every once and awhile your brain needs some stimulus and so does your soul most importantly. This show sneaks in Philosophy and makes you like it.

    Sons of Anarchy will force you to laugh, to cry, to love and to be free.
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