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  • Why is it?

    Why is every single episode so badly rated? I've been wondering because this show is highly praised, yet every episode has a score below 7.0/10. It's honestly really strange.
  • absolutely Great show.

    this show is beyond perfect, I enjoyed everything minute of it Kurt stutter is a genius for sad it's done and I doubt that crew will come back around.. But I loved this show. Thank you!!!
  • COP OUT!!

    I am SO disappointed over the final chase scene that it left a sour taste in my mouth over the whole series. It's not hard to tell they gave a bunch of high school dropouts $157.00 and told them to go wild. All this so they could get an early start on a drunken after party. It's so bad it's hard to know where to begin.

    How about this? Since when is Interstate 580 a two lane back country road with a double yellow line? And can somebody explain to me how "Interstate 580" goes from two lanes to four and back to two in what seems to be a totally random, although somewhat alternating, pattern?

    Why was the chase scene filmed at about 20 MPH? Who were they chasing? OJ? If it was supposed to be slow motion why did they go to the trouble of speeding up the flashing lights?

    What happened to Jax? Did the semi stop in time? With all the blood and gore and violence for SEVEN years why wimp out on the final shot? I expected the grand finale to be a GRAND FINALE! Not some green screen cop out to save a few bucks. I wanted an aerial shot of the bug hitting the windshield!

    There was a lot more stupid stuff in that final minute or so but this is what sticks in my mind and I'm too damn disgusted to watch it again.

  • please continue

    Great show. Would enjoy to see early times and future episodes. Great actors. Shame to lose a good show.
  • what happen

    what happen to Clay in all the afterword final thoughts? He was a big part of the show
  • Awsome show..

    from a 75 yr old guy, the best tv show I have EVER SEEN. Hope they can make a movie soon.

    For once, tv treated us like adults. Charlie, I'm a fan for life. God Bless
  • I love Tig!

    The acting is superb all round; amazing actors who make show believable.

    I must say I love them all for one reason or another. My favourite is

    Tig. Great actor like them all, and those mesmerizing blue eyes send me heehee I love him.

  • Does every episode have to have someone shoving something up their a$$?

    What is the obsession with gay sex and shoving things up people's ass on this show? Seriously, are all bikers this strange? The storyline is getting way out there too. I swear they have killed over half the people in the lovely little town of charming and nobody gets in trouble. For such a beautiful little town it sure has a lot of white supremacists, gangsters, hookers, transvestites, porn stars, and bikers! Does anybody else live in charming? Please end the show soon before the terrible acting kills me to!
  • Best show ever!

    Hands down the best show ever! Kurt Sutter has outdone himself and has definitely chosen the perfect actors/actresses for the part! What else do people expect a five year old to say? Very entertaining! I love it!
  • Abel on SOA sucks

    Seriously the worst acting and lines ever. Abel is ruining SOA.
  • samcro

    Gemma's husband in real life is the writer/creater of the show.. thats why her dumb role is so big.. by the way the guy who plays "otto" is gemmas husband in real life.. all makes sense now right ?

    With all the commercials - what was the show eleven minutes over all the commercials. So sorry about needs to GET GOT!
  • This Show Sucks

    This shows sucks so much i hate it so much i wish it would end.
  • Like father, like son

    I still say little Abel at some point gets hold of a gun and gives someone their 'just deserts'
  • happy ending

    Wife and I have watched this show from the beginning. The way we hope it ends is; All of the gangs that are still alive get together and massacre the entire SOA club, including Gemma of course. As Jax and Gemma lay there dying Gemma tells Jax that it was her who killed Tara. Jax shoots Gemma and then blows his brains out.
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  • Great Fun

    I really like this show even though when i step back and really analyze I realise I shouldn't. They are essentially just the worse criminal organisation in the world, forever making bad decisions, trusting/killing the wrong people, not killing people they should when they should like Gemma and many others. But I suppose its these bad decisions that make the show. Its good fun but put your brain in neutral, oh and season 3 is god awful trash. I'm Irish, born and bred and that season is an insult to the country and our accents.
  • So Effin Good

    Kurt Sutter (writer of The Shield) creates great characters with eccentric and complex storylines that fit together perfectly. Caught onto this great show late, but ever since then I've been advising everyone to watch it!
  • Just love this show

    Awesome! Different, new, daring, bold, emotional. I love this show.
  • Hit the ground running

    From the outset Sons of Anarchy delivers terrific story telling and hardass violence. From their relationships with the other gangs within their area to their dealings with the Cartel and IRA. Any fan who has seen this show will admit that from the beginning you will find yourself hooked and at the end of every season you will have the calender out counting down to the beginning of the new season. The Cast of Hunnam , Ron Pearlman, Katey Sagal and others play their characters as if it was their calling to be in this show.

  • Sons Of Anarchy Finale is on the way!

    Sons of Anarchy burst onto our screens for the first time back in 2008. Roaring full throttle in a hail of beards, bullets and scorching leather. From the first episode I was hooked. The pixies that have been under their 90210 rocks, I will elaborate a little, just for you. The show centres on two parallel storylines, tightly woven. - See more at: 21774053/article/2198018
  • One of the best shows ever!

    Die hard SOA fan, can't wait for season 7 to start. It is sad about Tara, but it was inevitable really. The show is filled with drama and action, which i love. Jax is gorgeous, i love and hate Gemmas character, Katey Sagel does a fantastic job. Love all the SOA crew too! Awesome show
  • Tara is gone for good!

    So Tara is finally gone, good riddance! Her expressions are always more or less the same. Most of the time she walks with a frown and walks with limps arms to the side. ( the walking dead ) Can't see Jax and her together or maybe I just don't like her. There is something unbecoming about her, not sure if the character is supposed to be like that or just the acting is not up to par. No tears when when she saw her kids in the hospital but was teary eyed when Jamma got hurt from the car accident? What was that? Her mind must have been foggy when she made the decision to stay with Jax knowing his lifestyle then halfway towards the marriage she bails out! Where is the loyalty and commitment?

    Can somebody recommend another show that is as good as or better than SOA or Breaking Bad? They rock.
  • Sons of Anarchy

    what date is season 7 going to start?
  • Sons of Anarchy ????

    Is there a Season 7 ??
  • Sons of anarchy

    Sons of anarchy should be rated the best show of the year. It's so ridiculous when you see a boring show, that gets such high ratings. It must be some kind of in house connections thingy, that making these that happen
  • season 6 esp 1

    Bated seeing Jade to give into temptation
  • Perfectly Gritty

    I was saddened when Breaking Bad was over. I thought, "where am I gonna get my suspense and drama now?" A couple people recommended me to watch Sons of Anarchy to fill that hole and I must say, this show surprised me. I admit, it took me awhile to get into it but the drama builds and builds and you eventually grow a connection to the characters. The biker family dynamic is portrayed outstandingly and it's really interesting how far these boys go to protect each other and the club. Yes, it gets bloody. Yes, there are some uncomfortable and gritty scenarios BUT the show is so well done that you can't take your eyes off. I'm not much of a fan of violence and "gang" tv shows but this one really does it for me. I HIGHLY recommend this show to everyone.
  • SOA ROCKS!!!

    The actors and actresses are powerful and the family aspect of that type of lifestyle is pretty on point!! I love Katy Sagal! She is awesome!!

    Looking forward to another season!!
  • wow mayhem, mayhem, and carnage

    Ive watched SOA for sometime and each season ends the same in carnage but in the same retrospect it also pulls the incentive to watch (or bear to watch). That being said the concept revolves around the lesson the violence in it shows its in our nature to destroy ourselves as well as save ourselves, your sins will revisit you and the cost is more than you can bear. That being said this is a very deep, emotional, prolonging, (had to throw that in) aggressive, and violent show. Its still entertainment that I love to watch
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