Sons of Anarchy

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Jax sewing the patches back onto his cut. Tara tells Jax that she wanted to tell him. Jax assures Tara that she did the right thing by staying silent about it. Tara asks Jax if he's going after Zobelle. Jax says that he is. Jax states he would do the same for Tara. Tara notes that he already did with Kohn. Tara states that she can't help but think about John's manuscript. She wonders if John would have retaliated with violence. Jax notes that if Gemma had been raped on John's watch, he would have written a different book. A knock sounds on the door and Abel wakes up crying. Jax grabs his gun and goes to the door. It turns out to be Clay. Clay apologizes for coming late. Tara tells Jax that she'll take care of Abel. Jax says he'll handle it and gives his gun to Tara.

Jax and Clay walk back to the bedroom to see Abel. Jax picks Abel up and holds him. Clay takes Abel and also comforts him. Clay tells Jax that he's sorry. Jax states that he is as well. Clay notes that what they did to Gemma is despicable. Clay notes that they have charges against them and the ATF is in town. Clay knows that this retaliation needs to be smart. Clay tells Jax that he can't do it without him. Jax promises Clay he isn't going anywhere. Clay gives Abel back to Jax. Clay asks Jax how he wants to handle it. Jax says that they are going to kill all of them.

The next morning, the club convenes a meeting. Bobby notes that Jax is wearing his SAMCRO patches and this must be what it's about. Jax says yes. He tells them that he's not going nomad. Chibs is glad to hear that. Jax tells everyone to listen. Clay tells the rest of the club that on the night of Bobby's party Gemma didn't drive into a barricade. She was jumped, beaten, and raped by Zobelle's crew. Clay states it was a message to them to get them to stop selling guns to the Niners. The rest of the club is distraught by the news. Clay states that one of them was Weston. Opie asks what they are going to do. Chibs says they need to get bloody and chop all of their heads off. Everyone else is in agreement, but Clay says that this is not the way to handle it. Jax says that they've never seen an assault like this and as much as he would like to rip their hearts out a show of force will get them back in jail. Jax says they have to do what they've been doing. They need to find LOAN's weakness and unravel them. Clay says until that happens, nobody is to react. He orders the club that if they see Zobelle, Weston, or any of the crew, they are to walk on. The group agrees. Bobby notes that they need to get some guns because the cupboard is empty. Clay notes that the Chinese have laid low since the immigration case. He says it'll be weeks before they get any MP5s. Jax states that they need to get their personal stock.

At the Morrow residence, Gemma is smoking a cigarette when Tara comes in. Tara asks Gemma if she's alright. Gemma says that she's doing fine. Tara states that Gemma was very brave doing what she did. Gemma says that it had to be done to snap Jax and Clay out of their beef. Tara notes that Gemma also did it for herself. Tara asks if she wants to talk about it. Gemma says there's nothing to talk about. Gemma doesn't think that Clay will want to be with her anymore since she was raped. Tara tells Gemma that Clay loves her. Gemma says that love has nothing to do with it. She says that men need to own that part of a woman and his was violated by someone else. Gemma really thinks Clay will find another because that's what they do.

Jax prepares to get his guns packed for retaliation. Tara comes in to see him. Jax is startled and thought Tara was at work. Tara reminds Jax that she has vacation time. Jax remembers. He apologizes that they can't go. Tara understands. Jax asks Tara if she's seen Gemma. Tara says she has and adds that Gemma is kind of numb right now. Jax asks Tara to keep an eye on Gemma for the day. Tara says she will. Jax tells Tara that he loves her. Tara says she loves him too and they kiss. Jax leaves to go take care of business. Before he can leave, Tara tells Jax that she got suspended from St. Thomas. She says that they figured out what she did for Chibs and there's a hearing in two weeks. Jax asks what it means. Tara says that the worst case scenario is that she's fired. The best case would be a mark in her file that would follow her entire career. Tara admits she wasn't going to say anything because of everything going on, but she doesn't want anymore secrets. Jax tells her it's okay and promises that they'll get through it like everything else. He gives Tara a hug. Tara mentions that he knows it would hurt her if she knew that he was sleeping with other women. Jax asks where this is coming from. Tara tells Jax that cheating is a deal breaker for her and tells Jax that playing house just isn't going to be enough. Jax tells Tara that they can talk about this later. Tara adds that she wants a baby or two herself. Tara adds that she needs to know that whatever they are doing is heading in the right direction. Jax is overwhelmed by it all. Tara apologizes, but says that she needed to say all that, but it should have been in smaller doses. Jax assures Tara that he hasn't been with anyone since this became their relationship. Jax states that he wouldn't have told her the things he's told her if he didn't think there was something more between them. Jax and Tara embrace.

At the Morrow residence, Tig continues to pack some guns and drink alcohol. Gemma asks if he wants orange juice with that. Tig apologizes for drinking their alcohol. Tig tells Gemma it's been a rough morning and gives her a hug. Tig starts to kiss Gemma and tells her that if there's anything she needs she's to let him know. Gemma asks what all of the guns are for. Tig tells her that the Chinese contact didn't pan out so they need their personal stock. Gemma says she'll get hers. Gemma heads to the closet, but Tig tells Gemma that he has it. He starts to get the guns down and one of the crates falls out of the closet. As Tig starts to pick up the guns, Gemma grabs Tig. Tig starts to embrace her and Tig kisses Gemma passionately. He pushes her up against a wall. Gemma takes off Tig's jacket and Gemma takes off her blouse. Before Tig can do anything, he sees the picture of Jax and Thomas on the ground. Tig asks her what they are doing. Gemma admits that she doesn't know. Tig gets his clothes back on.

Tig arrives back at the clubhouse to find Opie working on his motorcycle. Tig tells Opie that the bike looks great and he's done a good job restoring it. Opie thanks him. Tig asks if he needs help. Opie insists that he's fine. Tig tells Opie that it was an awful thing that happened to Gemma. Opie asks Tig if he's alright. Tig says that he's fine. Tig then asks Opie a question. He asks Opie why Donna was driving the truck the night she was killed. Opie tells Tig that he was taking the kids home and needed the backseat. Donna was going to come back and help clean up. Opie asks Tig why he asked him that. Tig reveals to Opie that Donna wasn't supposed to be in the truck. Opie realizes what Tig is saying and realizes that Tig was the one that shot Donna. Opie throws Tig against the truck and punches him repeatedly in the face. Tig doesn't fight back at all. Opie demands to know what Tig did. Tig tells Opie that Stahl made him look like a rat. Tig says that Stahl was the one responsible for killing Donna. Tig states that he and Clay didn't want to believe it. Opie yells that he came clean and that he and Clay were in good terms. Tig reveals that they found wiretaps in his truck and phone. Tig adds that the ATF put money in his account. Tig states that Stahl wanted to make the club think he turned rat. Tig says it was supposed to be Opie in the truck, not Donna. Jax arrives and asks Opie what he's doing. Tig apologizes to Opie for what he did. Jax shouts for Clay. Clay, Juice, and Bobby run outside. Opie walks past the group and gets on his bike. Jax tells Juice to call Tara. Clay asks Tig what he said to Opie. Tig tells Clay that he doesn't know who he is anymore. Clay asks Tig what he's talking about. Tig reveals that he told Opie the truth about Donna's murder. Bobby can't believe what he's hearing. Tig tells them that Opie knows it was Stahl's fault. Tig tells them that Stahl is the one that really got Donna killed. Jax realizes that Opie is going after Stahl. Jax gets on his bike to chase after Opie. Piney walks away after hearing all of this come out.

Opie waits in his truck outside the police station. Opie sees Stahl get in her vehicle and Opie gives chase. Hale notices Opie drive by. Opie gets a gun out of his dashboard.

Jax goes into the police station and asks Hale where the ATF is. Hale says that they left a little while ago. Jax reveals to Hale that Opie found out about what happened to Donna and he's going after Stahl. Hale reveals he saw Opie's truck earlier and knows that he's probably tailing Stahl. Jax tells him that he has to stop Opie. Hale tells Jax he'll give Stahl a call. He'll give Stahl a heads-up and then he'll put a lookout on Opie. Jax asks Hale if he knows where Stahl is going. Hale states that Stahl has a buyer that's willing to turn on the IRA. Hale thinks it's someone from Zobelle's crew because they're the only ones buying guns. Jax says he'll start with that information. Unser comes out and assumes that Jax told Hale everything. Unser states that the crew found out about Gemma's rape. Unser says they are going to do right for her. Unser says that where this leads and what he has to do for them is on him only. Hale asks if he's really going to protect SAMCRO. Unser says he has to help a friend and Hale is to do whatever he needs to do. Unser tells Hale to consider himself acting chief.

Back at the clubhouse, Clay asks Bobby what he's supposed to do. Bobby states that sometimes Clay has to make executive decisions and Clay has earned that power. He notes that if word gets out to the other charters that one of the First Nine put out a hit on the wife of a member is not going to look good. Bobby states that they need to keep this information to the few that know. Clay asks how they are supposed to convince Opie of that. Half-Sack and Tara arrive at the clubhouse. Bobby tells Tara that Tig is in the apartment.

In the apartment, Tara stitches up Tig and asks what happened. Tig states that he was only in a scuffle. Tara gives him some alcohol and tells him to clean the wounds on his hands. Tig thanks Tara. Half-Sack leans against the wardrobe and Tara asks if he's alright. Half-Sack tells Tara that he thinks there's something wrong with his implant. Tara asks what he means. Half-Sack asks to show her. Before Tara can protest, Half-Sack drops his pants. Tara is shocked by what she sees. Half-Sack asks if it's really bad. Tara tells Half-Sack that the new testicle is infected and he needs to get to the ER now. Half-Sack agrees. Clay and Bobby walk in to find Half-Sack with his pants down. They are also shocked at the size of his implanted testicle. Tig vomits at the sight of it.

Piney visits with Mary. Mary tells Piney that being there for Opie wasn't doing him any good. Mary insists that Opie needs to be a father. Piney tells Mary that he doesn't care about that. Mary asks what he wants. Piney says that the girls and his drinking never gave Mary the chance to be a good wife and mother. Piney says that Opie's mistakes are his fault. Mary asks what's going on and asks if he has cancer. Piney kisses Mary and tells her to take care.

Jax drives down to the cigar shop. Zobelle tells Weston to call him when he's done with the pickup. Weston asks Zobelle where he's going. Zobelle tells him that he and Ule have a meeting at the church. Weston asks if he needs to come by afterwards. Ule tells Weston that they have it covered. Weston gets in his truck and heads to the pickup. Jax continues to drive through town.

Juice arrives back with his personal stash. Juice states that this is all they have. Bobby notes that Zobelle has enough automatic weapons to suppress a third world coup. Bobby states that they can't go after Zobelle with handguns, a couple AKs, and hunting rifles. Clay states that they have to reach out to Jimmy O and repair their relationship with the Irish. Bobby asks about Chibs. Clay tells Bobby that Chibs is just going to have to understand. Clay states that everyone has to make sacrifices. Clay states that this is for Gemma.

At an ATF location, Gemma reads a statement with Chibs. Gemma notes that in exchange for his cooperation in the arrest Jimmy O, they will get immunity for Fiona and safety for her and Kerianne. Chibs will go down in the registration as a confidential informant for the ATF. Chibs notes that SAMCRO getting immunity was also in the deal. Stahl states that immunity from the IRA is something she can guarantee. She notes that the DA's office hasn't even put the case together for the assault case yet so she can't make that deal. Chibs thinks she's lying to him. Chibs notes that he gave her Edmond and now she's messing with him. Stahl thought that Chibs wouldn't want to wait and it might risk his family's safety. Chibs states that Stahl promised all of the deal and he isn't saying nothing until that happens. Stahl notes that Edmond has already given up Cameron. Since that streak runs in the family, she is confident that Cameron will give up Jimmy O. Stahl notes that if Jimmy O figures out that Chibs the one that started the investigation then there's no telling what he would do Fiona and Kerianne. Chibs vows that he is going to kill Stahl. Stahl tells Chibs that if he looks it over and signs it, then everything will be set to go. However, if Chibs doesn't sign it then he can forget about the deal entirely.

Opie sees Chibs walk outside with the deal in his hand. Opie is upset that Stahl got to Chibs. Opie sees Stahl and her agents walk outside. Opie gives chase after Stahl's vehicle.

Jax drives in his truck and spots Zobelle getting out of his car to meet with Alvarez and the Mayans. Jax realizes the partnership that Zobelle has made. Alvarez notes that since his heroin is good, he wants to know Zobelle's business proposal. Zobelle states that the proposition is simple and lucrative. Zobelle states that he will provide him with an unlimited heroin distribution to every prison in Northern California. Zobelle notes that with his estimation, that will triple Alvarez's current business. Alvarez asks Zobelle where his take is on this. Zobelle says that he'll split the prison profits 50/50. Alvarez reminds Zobelle that he is the one that supplies the heroin. Zobelle reminds Alvarez that he's providing the pipeline. Alvarez asks what happens if he says no. Zobelle notes that Alvarez is a smart man and should already know. He says that not only will the opportunity be off the table, but the weapons will be as well. He will then lose ground to everyone else. He will find himself in third place again. Zobelle gets out some money for him and says that this is Alvarez's share of the profit from their recent order. Zobelle states that Ule will make the same pickup every 10 days. Alvarez states he'll see them in 10 days. They shake hands and leave the shop. Jax watches Zobelle leave and continues to follow him.

At the marina, Weston picks up the AKs from Cameron. Stahl watches from afar as the pickup is made. Cameron informs Weston that they've hit an inventory problem and this might be their last shipment. Weston asks what he means. Cameron informs him that their Russian pipeline has dried up. Weston notes that Zobelle will not be happy to hear about this. Cameron promises to give them a call when he hears more and apologizes to them. From the station, Stahl tells an agent to put a tail on Cameron.

Opie waits outside the marina for Stahl. He sees Cameron getting into a vehicle and leaving. The other ATF agents leave to follow Cameron. Opie sees Stahl heading out to her car alone. In the car, Stahl returns Hale's call he made to her. Opie approaches her and aims the gun at her head. He orders her out of the car. Stahl tells Opie she doesn't know what this is about, but states that whatever it is shouldn't be handled this way. Opie doesn't want to hear anything from Stahl. Stahl asks Opie if he's going to kill her. She realizes that Opie found out something about Donna. Opie tells Stahl not to even mention Donna's name. Stahl apologizes. Stahl asks Opie what he wants from her. Opie states that he wants Stahl to feel what he feels. Stahl assures Opie that he never thought his family would get hurt. She states that she underestimated Clay's feeling for vengeance. Opie tells Stahl not to pass blame to someone else. Stahl states that she'll take some of the blame. Opie tells Stahl that Donna was a beautiful woman and a wonderful mother. He states that Donna was innocent from the world of the club. Opie takes the clip out of his gun. He tells Stahl that the outlaw had mercy and she had better remember that the next time she tries to twist the truth to get one of them killed. Opie leaves Stahl. When Opie is gone, Stahl falls back into her car and starts to sob over the experience.

Elsewhere, Gemma is smoking a cigarette. The priest from the church comes out and asks Gemma if he can get one from her. Gemma says that he can. The priest introduces himself as Francis. Gemma asks Francis if this is his parish. Francis states that it is and asks Gemma if she's here for a meeting. Gemma admits she isn't sure. Francis states that it took him three months before he could walk through the church doors. He states that he was addicted to heroin, but has been clean for 21 years. Gemma congratulates him. Gemma asks Francis if he thinks God forgives them for doing really bad things. Francis says that God forgives absolutely and humans are usually the one that can't. Gemma agrees with his statement. Francis states that it took him a long time before he would let go of all the wreckage that he created. He says this is why he does his job. Francis believes that service to others is the only thing that keeps the self-loathing to a tolerable level. Gemma says that she's not sure how much service she could be to a person. Francis admits that Gemma is being of service to him right now for offering him a cigarette and having a relevant conversation. Francis tells Gemma to look for the opportunities. He notes that God puts them before people all of the time. He says it was nice meeting her and heads back to the chapel.

Jax returns to the clubhouse and finds Opie in his room washing up. Jax notes that he's been looking for him. Opie assures Jax that he didn't kill Stahl. Opie tells Jax that he knows the rift between him and Clay was over Donna's murder and Jax knew the whole time. Jax tells Opie that he couldn't have told him. He notes that her getting killed was bad enough, but knowing the truth could have destroyed Opie. Opie asks Jax what he is supposed to do about Clay and Tig. He doesn't know how he is supposed to share a patch with the two of them. Jax tells Opie that the burden lands on the club and both know it. Jax notes that they made Clay the person he is. Opie asks Jax how they are supposed to change him. Jax tells Opie he has been trying to figure that out all along, but he now knows that he can't do it alone. He tells Opie that he needs him. Opie tells Jax that he is here and the two hug. Jax tells Opie that he has something he wants him to read.

At a bar, Jimmy O tells Clay, Chibs, Juice, and Bobby that Cameron panicked and Edmond thinks the ATF is following him. Jimmy O honestly states that he didn't know that they had switched sides. Chibs thinks that Jimmy O is lying. Jimmy O notes that he's really trying to be diplomatic in this situation. Clay notes that Jimmy O can't blame Chibs for being irked. Jimmy O notes that the IRA is involved with Zobelle and Zobelle almost killed Chibs. Jimmy O states that from experience, Chibs can't be killed because he already tried. Chibs asks if he wants to try again. Clay tells both of them to stop their fighting. Clay tells Jimmy O if he makes anymore rude comments he will pull out their business and get McGee in Belfast to pull out of the business as well. Jimmy O apologizes and states he was out of line. Jimmy O notes they've worked together for 20 years and he doesn't want to ruin a good thing. Clay also adds that no more guns are to go to LOAN. Jimmy O states that it's already done. Clay states that they will run their guns up the cost as long as they keep supplying SAMCRO with the Russian AKs. Clay states that he needs some AKs right now. Jimmy O states that it's done and he'll give him Zobelle's next shipment for reparations. Clay finds that to be a fair deal.

Up at the cabin, Piney grabs his military M1911 Pistol. He looks at a picture of the First 9 members of Sons of Anarchy. Piney tucks his SAMCRO cut into a box. Up on the roof at the clubhouse, Opie is starting to read John Teller's book.

Opie meets in the room with the club. Opie tells the men that this club killed Donna. Opie asks how it will ever be made right. Clay tells Opie that they want to fix this. Opie says he wants it fixed as well and that's why he's staying. Clay is glad to hear that. Opie tells them he doesn't want anybody knowing his business. He notes that it won't help anyone if the news gets out to the rest of the charters. Opie tells them that the secret dies here. Clay agrees to that. Clay asks if he wants anything else. Opie adds that when he went looking for Stahl, he saw Chibs come out of her office with paperwork. The club is in disbelief. Opie demands that they hear him out, get the truth, and trust what he tells them. Clay thinks that is reasonable.

In the garage, Chibs has his hands in his face when Gemma approaches him. Gemma asks if he's alright and asks if it's his head. Chibs says that his head is fine, but everything else isn't. Gemma hears him on that statement. Gemma asks Chibs what's going on. Chibs states that he doesn't know. He asks Gemma if she's ever done something that made her feel wretched, but it protected someone she loved. Gemma says she's done that more than once. Chibs tells Gemma he's dug himself into a hole. He adds he has no idea how to get out. Gemma tells Chibs it's alright. Chibs asks what he should do. Gemma tells Chibs to tell the club the truth because it's the only way out of the hole. Chibs tells Gemma that he doesn't know what they would do without her.

In the clubhouse, Jax tells the guys that the Mayans are with Zobelle. Jax states that Alvarez's only commodity is heroin. Juice asks why Zobelle wants to deal in heroin. Jax tells Juice to think of the big picture and notes that it's the missing piece. Jax states that this was never about a race war. If Zobelle has the guns, then he controls the heroin trafficking to the prisons. By giving the Mayans weapons they can help the Aryans control the heroin trade. Bobby asks how that can work since Weston and the Aryans are racist. Jax states that Weston wasn't at the heroin deal because it was with the Mayans. Clay realizes that Zobelle is working behind Weston's back. Jax states that is what's going. Clay states that this is their weakness they can unravel. Chibs enters the room at this point and tells the guys he needs to tell them something.

Outside, Piney arrives in his U.S. Army uniform. He pulls his pistol out from the back of the bike and tucks it inside his pocket. In the clubhouse, Chibs tells the men how Stahl played on his hatred for Jimmy O and he agreed to give Jimmy O up for Fiona and Kerianne's safety as well as immunity for the club. Chibs assures them he didn't make the deal. He knows that Edmond is turning evidence on Cameron and if Cameron gives up Jimmy O, Stahl will tell Jimmy O that Chibs was the one that got this started. He thinks that Jimmy O will kill Fiona and Kerianne just to hurt him. Chibs apologizes to the men. Clay tells Chibs that since he didn't make the deal he isn't a rat. All they have to do is make this right with Jimmy O. Jax promises Chibs that they won't let anything happen to his family. Chibs thanks the men. At this point, Piney bursts into the room and takes two shots at Clay. Both of them miss and they are able to wrestle the gun off of Piney. Clay tries to attack Piney, but everyone separates the two. Opie pleads with everyone to give him the room alone with Piney. The men agree and they leave Opie and Piney alone.

A little while later, Opie comes out of the room. Opie notes that Piney is a crazy old man and Clay has every right to ban him from the club. Opie tells Clay that Piney was trying to protect him because he was afraid that Opie would kill Clay. Opie states that Piney didn't want him to take that fall. Clay believes there is truth to that fear. Opie says there is. Clay asks what they're going to do now. Opie tells Clay that he wants him to give Piney a break because he's dead without the club. Opie tells Piney he can go home. Piney exits the room. He tells Clay he wants to know how they will handle this. Clay tells Piney that he is never to come back to the clubhouse again without wearing his cut. Piney promises it won't happen again and leaves.

Outside, Tara and Lyla wait for Jax and Opie. Clay tells them to be good to their men because they've had a long day. Tara tells Clay that Gemma is in the office. Tig follows after Clay and tells him that Gemma needs to know that he still loves her. Tig tells Clay that the thing that's hurt Gemma the most is her believing that Clay doesn't want her anymore. Tig promises Clay that he'll always have his back and the two hug.

Clay goes into the office to see Gemma. Clay tells Gemma they should go home. Gemma tells Clay that she needs to catch up on work or tomorrow they will be exhausted. Clay shuts the door and slides all of the papers off the table. Gemma asks what he's doing. Clay tells her that he wants his wife. Gemma gives Clay a kiss and the episode ends with the two making love on the desk.

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