Sons of Anarchy

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on FX

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  • Tig is crumbling before our eyes...

    Tig has never been my favorite. From the first episode, where he coldly offered to gut two women he'd been getting sexual favors from to his brutal slaying of Donna, Tig has been presented with very few redeeming qualities. He has two kids he doesn't seem to care if he sees, sleeps with women he kicks out in the morning, and only seems to care for the club.

    This season has shown Tig struggling with the guilt of mistakenly murdering Donna, an innocent woman, as well as the Old Lady of a brother. The last few episodes have shown him slipping farther and farther down into the hole as Clay's support shrinks. At the end of Season 1, Clay saw how hard Tig was taking Donna's death and embraced him, telling him that he sometimes forgets how much of a burden he (Clay) puts on Tig and what it costs him (Tig). This season, Clay coldly tells Tig that it doesn't matter what he's done previously, but what he's willing to do in the future. Clay was obviously angry when Tig told Opie what he'd done, and walked away as Tig numbly stated, "I don't even know who I am anymore."

    Tig is, quite simply, breaking my heart.
  • Probably the one of the best hours of television I've watched in years that was not a season/series finale. What started out as a tiny crack in the damn from last week's ending, has now broken open the floodgates and sets up for a massive finale.

    Last week's episode, "Balm," was more or less a so so episode with the exception of the ending. I thought the extra half hour last week was completely unnecessary, but today's episode "Service" completely changed my view of last week's. The writers have built so much tension into this season that it was hard to find a character aside from Juice and Half Sack that wasn't lying to some faction of the club. Today's episode had almost no violence delivered (of course very uncharacteristic), but the emotions were just bursting from the seams.

    Jax coming back was inevitable and Tig had it coming, but its amazing how the writers managed to turn the entire episode into a sermon on honesty and loyalty, the real aspects that make an MC an MC. Opie's line to Stahl about the outlaw showing mercy was classic. And who didn't think Piney wasn't about to shoot himself? His choice of suicide though made it all the better and by firing squad in a blaze was simply genius. It seems as though once everybody had unleashed their secrets, the tide had finally turned in their favor. And most importantly, now all I can think about is next week's show.

    P.S. My big fear though, around this time last year, was the death of Opie's wife, the exact opposite of this year, and last year ended on a good/decent note. Personally, I think at least one Son is going to die at the end of the season (money is on Chibs and Half Sack), and Clay can't start his motorcycle, leaving the club to Jax.
  • One of the best episodes!

    This felt like a exhaling. All the pent up hurt, rage and fear was just let out. Issues dealt with out in the open, friendships and bonds reinforced. Everyone got a little something, even the Prospect. One of my favorite scenes was with the priest. Service in order to hold the self loathing at bay. And Gemma just payed it forward. I think one reason this episode is so cathartic is that the entire season was wrought with secrets and pressure that keeping those secrets come with. Once it was all out, and the teller of those secrets were ok, we all could exhale. They had each other's back.