Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 6

Small World

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Tara and Gemma both waking to find that Jackson has already left. He is at a meeting with Pope and hands over fifty grand  for a share of the drug mule. Pope wants to double the coke runs in exchange for an extra hundred thousand. Jackson is uneasy, he may want out of the drug game. Pope offers some insight into what makes his own empire tick.

At the hospital, Eli is talking with Unser when he is interrupted by hospital staff. His wife has not made it. The credits roll.

Clay is getting better. He doesn't need the oxygen anymore but clips it on anyway, preferring to let the gang think he is still very ill. He sees Unser who lets him know that Rita Roosevelt died. Unser shares his theories with Clay and looks directly as he says it. It is not an easy conversation between the two.

Carla is sitting in Gemma's dining room with a gun. She takes her into the bedroom.

Jackson fills the gang in on the meeting with Pope. The club doesn't trust Pope as much as Jackson does. Despite the fact that all of the Nomads vote with Clay, the vote passes. Bobby and Jackson are concerned about the way the table is dividing.

Tara begins work at the hospital and sets straight into seeing Otto.

Nero and Unser arrives at Gemma's just as Unser pulls up. Unaware that Gemma is in danger, Unser drives off in disgust. Carla forces Gemma and Nero to undress and starts to force them to have sex in front of her. It doesn't get very far until Nero refuses. Carla eventually kills herself. Nero tells Gemma that Carla helped him and was his half-sister. Gemma think she was in love with him. They both laugh because the sister thing made that messy. Carla had stopped taking her meds. Nero does not know what to do with the body but Gemma does. She promises to take care of Carla.

Jackson outlines the new drug deal to Alvarez with the Mayans, Lin and the new Niners' leadership. They all agree and Jackson tells them that they should meet together more often. August Marks (Pope's 2IC) cannot deliver anything about the home invasion.

Thanks to Pope, the boys find the guard that killed Opie. They kill him and his wife (collateral damage for Opie according to Jackson).

Tara reaches out to Otto and wants him to reverse his testimony. He asks her to get on knees. When she says she won't do that, he says he won't either. He tells her that he doesn't want any more visits because he does not want do something  horrible.

Clay helps Gemma take care of Carla.

Pope and Jackson meet for the second time that day where Jackson tells him that he has made the deal work. Pope thinks that an insider is behind the break-ins. He thinks loyalty is overrated and explains that if he is killed an independent hit squad will kill the killer for five million. Pope only trusts greed.

Unser is cool with Gemma. He is angry about Nero and the fact that he thinks Gemma plays him. She tries to play him again and is told "There ain't no us and you have no friends,".

Gemma drowns her solace at the bar and with a younger man.

Eli pulls the boys over and starts out swinging. It's not his usual form but Eli rightly assumes that his wife's death is tied to the Sons. He wants to crush the club. Jackson tries to reach out to him and says he isn't the cause. He also tells Eli not to do this again. Jackson then goes home and tells Tara he had a quiet day. She lies as well. Perhaps he felt bad about lying because he plans some time at the cabin with them.

Nero and Clay confront each other at Gemma's house.

In the final moment of the show it is revealed that the Nomads and Clay are behind the break-ins.