Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 4

Stolen Huffy

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

Two young boys on bicycles watch the Sons as they ride past. The Sons are coming home from prison. Thinking of Opie, Jackson watches the boys as well. Gemma wakes in prison and much to Carla's chagrin, is released. It is Wendy who bails her out. Wendy, like Carla (and perhaps everybody else in the world) is angry with Gemma.

The boys arrive at the garage. Tara is waiting for them. Jackson is doing it tough and he and Tara declaretheir love for each other as the credits roll.

In the chapel, the boys praise Opie and discuss the danger of Pope. Retaliation is not an option. Clay thinks that the home invasions are related but Pope has denied this. Jackson wants time so they can figure out what to do in the face of the kind enemy they have never seen before.

The Sons tell a stunned Unser about what happened to Opie. When Nero, Gemma and Carla arrive back at the brothel, they find the place in a mess and an eviction notice. Wendy goes to see Tara at the hospital and accidentally runs into Able. She wants to have contact and warns Tara that she won't be able to keep Able away from him forever.

At the brothel, the Sons arrive. Gemma explains that she caused the trouble after she found Clay with one of the workers. Jackson tells her to go home. Nero wants the boys to save the girl from the Bizlats. (She went to Vice and the Bizlats want payback).

Gemma goes to see the boys at the clubhouse. Interestingly, they are working out in the gym. Gemma tells Clay she needs distance and that he should stop checking on her. Clay tells her she can have it but not before reminding her that she probably needs vigilance. He then tells her about Opie's death. Before she can help herself, Gemma reaches out to him and then runs off.

Chibs and Jackson locate the girl (Emma Jean played by Ashley Tisdale) . He removes his jacket and gun not to scare her. The girl denies calling vice. Chibs and Jackson try to take her somewhere safe but the Bizlats catch up with them  and a chase begins.  Eventually they catch up with them but Jackson convinces them they will kill the girl. The Bizlats want proof which may prove tricky.

Emma Jean is taken to the garage. It turns out Carla called Vice. There are some hostile words between Gemma and Jackson. Tara finds Jackson alone in a room looking at a photo of Opie. There is a young photo of Wendy and Jackson. He tells her that he is going to toss that photo but she says they probably shouldn't. Tara wants to tell Jackson the truth but Jackson disagrees. He thinks Able has seen too much trauma and reminds Tara that she will always be Able's only mother.

A worker arrives with Opie. Lila is devastated. She also has to raise three kids on her own now. Jackson reminds her that the club is family. Nero also arrives and under the watchful eyes of Jackson, Carla  and Clay, he and Gemma embrace.

Nero and Jackson talk. Nero tells him about his business and his end game. Jackson talks about his former porn business and a possible location. He wants to go into business together. Jackson also has an end game; he wants the club out of businesses that is killing them. They both have reservations. Nero doesn't want any heat from the Sons' other enterprises and Jackson wants him to stay away from Gemma. They both agree to each other's conditions.

Wendy arrives to collect the bail money Gemma owes her. She too is stunned about Opie and wants to say goodbye. Gemma doesn't think that is a good idea and is clearly correct when Tara arrives enraged that Wendy is there. Wendy leaves and things almost get physical between Gemma and Tara. When Gemma tells Tara how Carla went to Vice and Jackson got caught up in the ensuing mayhem, she and Tara get into an altercation with Carla.

The club say goodbye to Opie.

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