Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 8

The Pull

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on FX

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  • War is coming.

    First I've to admit that I was wrong. Kohn came back for a final showdown with Tara and Jax. Now he's dead. And he fullfilled his mission as Tara and Jax are back together now. At least they have sex, next to Kohn's dead body. So, Jax can be killer, maybe not for the club but for Tara. The final scenes of Kohn and Tara were good but it was obvious how it would end.

    The main story line of this episode was about the beginning of the war against the Mayans. Darby gets key information about SAMCROW from Kohn and he shares it with the Mayans to strenghen their alliance. So the Mayans take the first step to start the war as they try to kill Clay. Interesting was that they also try to kill Darby, but he survives. And that's good because I like Mitch Pileggi and his performance. It looks like the Mayans want it all, the guns, the drugs, and Charming.

    So what's going to happen next? I didn't see the preview for next week, so I've to speculate. Maybe SAMCROW and the Nords will work together against the Mayans. Or will Clay go against both the Nords and the Mayans? Will Jax be the killer Clay wants him to be?

    I'm curious.

    And, yes, Gemma is a b*tch. But I love Sagals's performance. What I think was also very interesting were the tensions between Jax and Tig. Tig doesn't trust Jax, we knew that before, but it seems as he starts questioning his status as number two. I think he will play a crucial role in the next episodes. And, also will be important for the overall arc of revealing the truth about John Teller's death.

    Just to mention it, the baby cap with the SAMCROW patch was great. Were can I buy one?
  • What can one say about "The Pull" but WOW! This episode was great from start to finish without letting up.

    What can one say about "The Pull" but WOW! This episode was great from start to finish without letting up. Rarely does a show surprise me, but last night's episode held quite a few surprises. Jaw dropping, gasping surprises. From the way Gemma treated her best friend, to Tig's increased hostility towards Jax (am I the only one that thought he was not in the least bit happy that Jax found a way to get the rest of their much needed money?) to pretty much all the scenes with Tara, Jax and Kohn. I even jumped at the assassination attempt of Darby…I knew he was marked for death, but was so focused on the hit on Clay that the simultaneous hit on Darby actually made me jump a little.

    While I have been ho hum (not disliking, but not really caring) about Tara, last night made up for it in spades. The chemistry between she and Jax lit up the screen in every scene they shared and the absolute horror of what she had done and the fear of what she would have to face if Kohn were to live was electric…as was the screams and pitiful chest-ripped whines of relief, disbelief and horror at his murder. I sat there on the edge of my seat thinking…there is no way they are going to have sex with a man's brains scattered all over the place when she kissed Jax and yet I was not really surprised when that is exactly what they did. And you know what? It didn't sicken or disgust me that they did. It seemed right…somehow. The range of emotions that Tara and Jax went through in such a short amount of time, a release had to happen. I'm not sure if there ever is such a thing as a perfect episode, but to me, this one came as close to perfect as can be…story, writing, acting, and directing. Bravo!

    Other things I loved:

    Half-Sack (every episode I love him more)
    Juice (he's definitely growing on me)
    The ambulance and how it played into the storyline
    Jax holding and loving his son