Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 12

The Sleep of Babies

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with everyone waking up in the morning. Jax wakes up with Tara sleeping next to him. He grabs her and gives her a big kiss. With her eyes still shut, Tara tells Jax that she loves him. Jax, however, does not return the comment. In Clay and Gemma's bedroom, Gemma feeds their pet bird. Clay jokes that sometimes he thinks she loves that bird more than him. Gemma jokes that sometimes she does. Over at Opie's house, Opie wakes up with his wife and children lying next to him. He hugs all of them. At the clubhouse, Tig wakes up next to some woman he spent the night with. He gives her a big kiss and tells her to head home. Chibs also wakes up with a woman lying on top of him while over in the corner, Juice is curled up with a woman. In another bedroom, Piney wakes up to see his woman attempting to shoot drugs into her arm. He gets angry and tells her to get out. She screams that he's a crazy old man and she leaves. In Abel's bedroom, Wendy wakes up in a rocking chair and looks around the bedroom. Finally, Abel wakes up in the hospital with two doctors standing over him. One of them looks at his chart and tells Abel that he will be able to go home today. Abel smiles and coos after hearing that statement.

At the clubhouse, Tig tells Clay that the meeting has been set up in Oakland at 2:30. Clay tells Tig that if Opie is wired they're not going to be able to separate him from everyone. He says that they need to protect the club and tells Tig that he has to kill Opie today. Tig says he'll do it. Clay rides away on his motorcycle.

At the police station, an ATF agent reports to Stahl that the tracker in Opie's truck is working but the bug in his cell phone and truck aren't. Stahl tells him to check the truck because Opie may have been smart enough to sweep through it. The agent asks what happens if Clay or someone else in the club finds it. Stahl informs him that the pretrial for Hefner is tomorrow, and the attorney's office will have to release the name of the witness so SAMCRO will figure out that Opie isn't really the rat. That is when they can make their case for tying Opie to the murder. Stahl says they just have to keep him safe for another 24 hours and then they can arrest him. Suddenly, we hear Clay's voice outside demanding to see Stahl. An agent pops his head in with Clay right behind him. He shoves past the agents, and they start to get worried, but Stahl calls them off saying everything is okay. Clay notes that Stahl kicked down his doors, hurt his wife, locked up one of his members for a murder he's innocent of. Stahl says that a jury will decide Bobby's innocence. Clay says that what Stahl did to Opie and his family proves to him that she's desperate because she has nothing on the club. Clay says it must be killing her knowing that they have families and a nice living back home. He also notes that Stahl hates the fact that they get the same rights and freedoms that she has. Stahl jokes that he makes her so proud to be an American. Clay calls her a fascist pig and tells her that Otto beating her up was the tip of the iceberg. After that statement, Clay walks out of her office.

Back at the clubhouse, the rest of the group is preparing for a meeting. Tig checks the place and determines that there are no bugs in the room. Clay says that their retainer with Rosen is good for one more week. He notes that if the Hefner murder goes to trial they are going to have to front a lot of money for Rosen to defend Bobby. Juice notes that they have every dime in the warehouse rebuilt. Clay tells the group that he talked with Alvarez and he wants guns right away. Jax notes that they have nothing to sell because the Irish don't start shipping until next month. Clay says that they're going to sell their security surplus to the Mayans. Chibs tells Clay that they never sell their surplus. Clay says that if they sell the Mayans those guns it'll be a goodwill gesture. He says that they will place a bigger order with half of the cash in advance. Jax says that selling them those will leave them nothing to protect the club with. Clay tells Jax he's out of ideas. He says that if they don't jump on the plan they lose it and he wants to help Bobby. Jax says he understands, but reminds him that the ATF are still watching them from Unser's office and it'll be a big risk. Clay says that he's going to play it smart. He says that they're going to set up two locations in Oakland; one for picking up the money and the other to drop off the guns at. He says this way the ATF won't see them exchanging guns for money. Opie asks why the ATF would still be after them. Clay says that they may be mad because he didn't rat on the group. Clay tells Opie to go with Tig and drop off the money and he and Jax will drop off the guns. Piney offers to go with Opie and Tig. Clay says no because fewer people will be better for this deal. Clay tells Piney to drop by the warehouse to see how the construction is going up there. Piney is mad that he's being sent on an errand that isn't worthy, and storms out of the meeting.

At the hospital, Tara finds Jax signing some papers for Abel's release. Jax says he's finished with them. Tara says it's all dealing with liability clauses. Jax asks her if something's wrong. Tara says with Abel leaving the hospital she just realized it's not just going to be the two of them. She notes Abel is part of the picture now and they really need to think about what they're doing. Jax realizes that she really wants to talk about this. Jax notes that the one upside of being with Wendy was that she was too wasted for relationship problems. Tara retorts that she's painfully sober. Jax notes he's not going to be able to avoid this discussion, and Tara says he's right. Jax says that he really was crazy about her when he was younger, and says that he still feels that way about her. He tells her that he can still go there, but this relationship can't be that. He says that they really have to work on things, but promises that he's not trying to avoid a relationship with her. Jax says he needs a minute to know what to do. Tara says he can have a minute. The two kiss just as Wendy walks around the hall and sees them.

Wendy arrives home to find Gemma preparing for the party. Gemma notes she's been gone for awhile and asks her to help put up some decorations. Wendy says that she knows what Gemma is doing. Gemma says she's just hanging a banner. Wendy says she was referring to her and Tara. Gemma asks what she is doing. Wendy says she knows she's just being used to hurt Tara and Jax. She tells Gemma she's been adding up the pieces about asking her if she still loved Jax and wanted her family back. She says that was just about trying to get Tara out of Jax's life. Gemma says it didn't change anything and tells her that she still meant everything that she said. Gemma asks why she cares about what her motives are because in the end, they are both going to get what they want; Jax happy. Wendy says that she was okay with Gemma slipping her enough crank to kill a horse because of what she did to Abel. She tells Gemma that she is a changed person and can't be part of this. Wendy tells Gemma that she can't play with people's lives. Gemma claims that she's only protecting the innocent and if she steps on a few toes in the process she can deal with it. Wendy can't believe she actually feels that way. Gemma asks her what right she has to judge her just because she puts down a needle for a few weeks. Gemma tells her to take a hard look at herself because she is burning a hole through the very thing that she can't wait to become. Gemma wonders if that's why Wendy hates herself so much. Gemma says the sooner she accepts it, the sooner she can put down her holy faith. Gemma makes a last note by saying that Jesus is the person that cuts her lawn.

Stahl and Eviqua arrive at the safe house where Eviqua will stay until the trial starts. Stahl tells her that Agent Yost will be with her, and if she needs anything she can talk to her. Eviqua asks when the trial begins. Stahl says that they don't know the exact date but it will be soon. Eviqua asks if it will take a long time. Stahl admits that she's not sure. Stahl tells her not to worry because she has the sheriff's office outside and the agents are going to stay with her. She promises that it will all be over with before she knows it.

At the clubhouse, Opie and Jax start to collect their surplus weapons for the sale to the Mayans. Opie notes that Jax really thinks this is a bad idea. Jax says he is correct. Opie says that Clay made a deal with the Mayans to protect Charming from a war. Jax says its bigger than that now. Opie asks what he means. Jax doesn't answer and tells him that they just need to get this done and over with. Opie asks Jax if he thinks they're walking into something bad. Jax says a lot has happened in the last few months with the warehouse burning down, Clay's assassination attempt, Bobby in jail, and the ATF is really starting to get to him. Jax asks Opie how much longer he thinks the club's got. Jax says that they're better than this. He tells Opie that his father saw the nightmare that was coming to SAMCRO and notes that he had ideas about where to take the club. Jax warns Opie that SAMCRO has to change to survive. Opie says that Clay will never give up gun running. Jax agrees and says he's made that very clear. Opie says that in a few more years, Clay won't be able to ride the motorcycle and Jax will be president. Jax notes that they still have old timers like Bobby and Tig that they have to push in a new direction and Jax notes that will be difficult to do. Opie tells Jax to have faith and that change might just happen. Juice peeks in and tells Opie that Donna's here to see him. Jax tells Opie that it's probably best that he not go see her with two bags of guns. Opie agrees.

Opie sees Donna in the living room. Donna apologizes for bothering him. Opie says it's okay. Donna tells him that Mary wants to take the kids to Fun Town and then dinner and she didn't want to agree unless Opie said it was okay. Opie can't believe that his mother wants to spend time with them. Donna guesses that Mary had a good time with them. Donna tells Opie that he really should talk to his mother. Donna thinks that Mary is trying to use excuses to stay around until she can talk with him. Opie says that she can take the kids. Donna notes that means that they have the house to themselves for awhile. Opie kisses Donna, but then tells Donna that he just remembered that Jax is having a homecoming party for Abel. Opie says she doesn't have to go, and that he can just drop by with the gift. Donna tells Opie she wants to go because Abel coming home is a big deal and their family needs to be there. Opie agrees. Donna says that she'll tell Mary to bring the kids to the party. Donna kisses Opie and leaves the clubhouse.

While walking home from the store, Gemma walks right past a homeless woman on the street that is holding a sign asking for money to give her kids food. Gemma asks if she's really doing this for her kids. The woman says she is and has two boys to feed. She notes that Uncle Sam cut off her aid again. Gemma notes the woman looks capable of doing more than just holding up the sign and begging. The woman says it's hard for her to hold a job because of her mental illness. She says she tends to fly into rages for no apparent reason. Gemma asks when that became a mental illness. She pulls a wad of cash out of her purse and tells the woman not to shoot it into her arm. The woman thanks her, and says that Abel will help her little boys. Gemma asks what she says. The woman corrects herself and says that this money will be able to help her little boys. Gemma excuses herself for the misinterpretation and walks away.

Clay and Tig are seen meeting with Laroy. Laroy comments that he's glad that Clay is still in one piece. Clay notes that it's been a real exciting month. Laroy asks if he should be worried about someone watching them. Clay says that nobody knows he's here including the rest of the club. Laroy asks what's bothering him. Clay says Alvarez is. Clay tells Laroy about how Alvarez tried to kill him and says that he made the peace with him to prevent war from coming to Charming. He admits that he told the Mayans that he would sell them guns. Laroy is angry that he would sell to the Mayans. Clay says that's why they're having this conversation. Clay tells Laroy that they are meeting Alvarez later in the day and that he thinks that he'll be getting his first gun shipment. Clay says he isn't. He gives Laroy the locations and times for the deal and tells Laroy he wants the Niners to attack both of the Mayan groups at the locations. Clay says he'll kill Alvarez and the Niners kill as many of the Mayans that they can. Laroy asks why he would want to do the dirty work for SAMCRO. Clay tells Laroy that he can have the guns and this will allow their business to move back more towards their end rather than spread out amongst different gangs. Clay knows that Laroy has been buying from the Russians and that it's more expensive doing business with them. Clay says he can keep doing that, or he can go back to buying only from SAMCRO for a better selection and lower priced guns. Laroy asks what the weapons are. Clay tells him he's selling AKs, MAC-10s, and shotguns. Laroy agrees to help him, and the two shake on it. Clay tells Laroy to wait for the group to make the deal and then wait until after his crew is safe and clear before he attacks the Mayans. When the groups split up, Tig says that he understands that it's for the better of the club to make a decision like this and to kill Opie. But he says that they have made peace with the Mayans, and doing this will result in war. Clay assures him the peace will stay intact because the Mayans are going to think the Niners got their intel off the streets so it'll make SAMCRO look like victims as well. Tig asks how they are going to handle their problem with Opie. Clay tells Tig that before the Niners get a chance to attack he's to shoot Opie in the back of the head so that way Opie just looks like the victim of gangland violence and they blame the Niners.

Back at the station, an agent reports to Stahl that Donna took the truck to the store for groceries and they checked it. He confirms that the bug inside the truck and phone aren't working. During this conversation, Hale stands outside the door and listens. Stahl is convinced that Clay found the bug and is convinced that Opie is working for the ATF. Stahl says that's why Clay came into the station this morning because he's feeling guilty about the fact that he might have to kill Opie. The agent asks what they will do. Stahl says they need to put an extra team on tracking Opie. Hale is able to slip away before they notice he was listening.

Outside a coffee shop, Tara and some other nurses are enjoying their coffee break when Wendy shows up. Tara tells the other nurses she'll catch up with them. Wendy tells Tara that she needs to ask her a question. Tara says she can. Wendy asks if Tara is with Jax. Tara admits that she doesn't know how to answer that. Wendy asks if she loves him. Tara says she's not comfortable having this conversation with her. Wendy says she doesn't care. She notes that she and Tara have talked a lot recently, and she can't believe that Tara didn't mention the fact that she was sleeping with Jax. Tara says Jax is her ex-husband. Wendy retorts that it's not official for another two months. She reminds her that Jax is her husband and Abel is her son. Tara tells her that she needs to check into her sober-living facility and that if Jax wants to be with her then he'll be there for her when she gets out. Wendy asks where Tara is going to be. Tara tells her that she has to get back to work. Wendy tells Tara that Gemma will never let her be with Jax because she hates him, and she swears that Gemma will never let that happen. Wendy says that she should quit while she's ahead, or at least still alive. Wendy walks away, leaving Tara stunned and confused.

On the drive to the deal, Opie asks Tig if he can borrow his cell so he can check in with Donna. Tig gives it to him. Opie notes that he found his phone in a pitcher of beer and asks if Tig knows anything about that. Tig jokes it must have been thirsty. Opie asks if Tig gets to see his kids. Tig says he sees them once or twice a year. Opie asks if it's hard for him. Tig comments that it used to be. Opie asks if Tig had two girls. Tig says yes and says their names are Dawn and Fawn. Opie gives him a goofy look, and Tig says he knows the names are weird. Opie says that he just got her voicemail and thanks him for letting him borrow it.

Over at the other location, Clay and Jax meet Alvarez at the other location. Alvarez says they're early, but Clay retorts that Alvarez is late. He opens the van, and the Mayans grab the two cases of guns out of the van.

Back at Opie and Tig's location, we see two ATF agents park near the area as Opie and Tig walk in to make the exchange. They walk into a warehouse full of dolls and Tig starts to get really uptight. Opie asks what's wrong. Tig says that he hates dolls, and that they creep him out. Opie remarks that is a story that needs to be told. They head over to the back of the warehouse where the deal is to take place.

Alvarez checks out the weapons. Jax tells Alvarez it's $30,000 for this batch and another 30 upfront for the next shipment. Alvarez seems satisfied with the deal. Alvarez tells the group to call down to the warehouse to see if the deal for the cash has been made. Suddenly, the Niners show up to attack the meeting way earlier than when they were supposed to. Two Mayans are shot down immediately, and Alvarez is wounded in the leg. Clay curses Laroy for his mistake.

Back at the warehouse, the Niners move in on the warehouse early too. The ATF agents see them go in. They start opening fire on both SAMCRO and the Mayans. Tig takes cover while Opie returns fire. Tig starts to freak out over the dolls while Mayans are getting taken out. One of the Niners approaches Tig and prepares to shoot him. Opie appears from behind and kills the Niner before he can shoot Tig. Tig thanks Opie for saving him. As Opie peeks around the corner to see if the coast is clear, Tig has a perfect shot that he can take to kill Opie. But Tig can't bring himself to do it. Opie and Tig exit the warehouse and drive away unscathed.

At the other exchange site, the gunfight still ensues. Alvarez yells at Clay and asks him what happened. Jax tells Clay to lay some covering fire. Jax is able to make it to the van, and he backs up to let Clay in. Clay jumps in the back, and Jax drives off leaving Alvarez to fend for himself.

Back at the clubhouse, Opie asks if Laroy made a mistake or if he was sending a message. Clay admits he doesn't know. Jax notes this could be the worst-case scenario. He says that the Niners might want them dead and the Mayans aren't going to trust them. He's worried they're going to lose their customers in the gun sales. Opie notes that they are broke with no guns. Jax's cell phone rings and Gemma is calling him. When he answers, he tells her he'll be at the hospital soon. Gemma asks if he can pick Wendy up. Jax says he will and tells her that he'll see her soon. Jax tells the group that he has to go pick Abel up. Clay admits they need something good to happen and tells him to go pick Abel up. Jax and Opie leave. Tig asks Clay what happened back there. Clay admits that Laroy was even angrier than he thought he was. Clay knows that Laroy double-crossed them. Clay asks what happened with Opie. Tig lies and says he never got a clear shot in the chaos. Clay says that he wonders if Laroy might bring his army into Charming because he saw Opie's truck at the money drop location. Tig knows he's talking about doing a drive-by. Clay says it has to be done tonight after the party. Clay tells him to make it look like the Niners did it.

At the police station, Unser spots Hale in an unlocked cell and says that he's been looking for him all day. Unser asks what he's doing in the cell. Hale says it's the only place he can think without the ATF buzzing around. Unser says he can relate to that. Hale tells Unser he has some information. He says that if he gives it to Unser he's betraying his badge, but if he doesn't, someone could get hurt. Unser jokes that the badge isn't real silver. Unser asks what Hale wants to tell him.

At the hospital, Tara says that it may be her most insidious move yet. Gemma says she needs to be specific. Tara says she was referring to her telling Wendy that she might have a shot at getting Jax and her family back. She notes that's a lot of false hope to lay on a recovering addict. Gemma says she doesn't know where Tara is going with this, but she tells her that she was only trying to help Wendy and encourage her efforts to change. Jax and Wendy arrive at the hospital to see Abel. Jax thanks Tara for bringing him to them. Gemma says they need to get the family home. Tara shakes her head at the statement. Jax, Wendy, Gemma, and Abel arrive home to the party to find everyone waiting there. They are excited to see them, and they all look at Abel.

At the police station, Hale walks in to see Stahl packing up. Stahl informs him that her agency is pulling the plug in Charming. Hale asks why. Stahl tells him that the dead Mayan bodies in Oakland made the FBI mad so all she has is Bobby to prosecute out of all this. Hale asks about Opie. Stahl says that Opie made his own bed. Hale says that Clay is under the impression that Stahl is with him, and presses the fact that Opie is in a lot of danger. Stahl tells Hale that the witness' identity has to be revealed tomorrow so SAMCRO will know that Opie isn't a rat. Hale warns her that a lot of things can happen overnight. Hale says she can't pull the agents off of him. Stahl says it's out of her hands. Hale tells Stahl that she's unbelievable saying that they stormed into Charming, turned the town upside down, and then they just walk away leaving them with a huge mess to clean up. Stahl remarks that she and Hale had some fun in the process. Stahl leaves the office.

Back at the homecoming party, we see Kenny Winston balancing a cup on his head. Wendy walks past Lowell, who is out of rehab, and is looking good. Tara enters the party, and sits next to Jax on the couch. Jax asks if she's doing okay, and Tara says she's fine. Wendy stares at them, and Tara gives Jax a big kiss right in front of her. Jax tells everyone that he'll be right back and asks Tara to come with him so he can talk to her. They go into Abel's bedroom. Jax tells her that Wendy is going through a hard time, and he doesn't want to do anything to set her off and make her relapse. Tara asks if she's still in love with him. Jax says no. Jax says they need to be cool around her with their display. Tara is upset about what he said. Jax says that she knows what he meant. Tara says that she doesn't. Jax goes to grab her hand, but Tara slaps him in the face. Tara storms out of the house. Jax tries to stop her, but she heads out the door. Jax tells Juice to make sure that Tara gets home safely. Opie asks Jax what happened. Jax admits that he has no idea. Opie apologizes. Donna comes over and tells Opie that they have to head home because the kids have had a long day. Jax thanks Donna for coming. The Winston family leaves, and Clay looks at Tig giving him the message to do the hit.

Outside, Donna and Opie get the kids in the car. Tig walks outside and gets on his motorcycle. He drives away before Donna and Opie leave the house. Donna gets in the car while Opie gets ready to get in his truck. Donna asks if Opie is just going home. Opie says yes. Donna tells him that she wants to come back and help Gemma clean up later. Opie tells Donna to stay and he'll take the kids home and put them to bed. Donna asks Opie if he has any cash, and tells him that Gemma needs powder for the dishwasher. He gives her some money, and kisses her good night. They say they love each other, and Donna gets in the truck to go pick up the powder while Opie takes the kids home in the car. Tig pulls over in the brush, takes his SAMCRO jacket off and gets in a black SUV. He puts a black sweatshirt on, and pulls the hood up over his face. He goes after Opie's truck. After Tig leaves, Unser pulls up in a police car. Clay comes outside to asks what's going on. Unser apologizes for interrupting the occasion, but says that he has information that can't wait. Clay thinks it's about the Niner-Mayan shooting, but Unser says it's about Opie. Unser tells him that the ATF has been laying him out to look like a rat, but he says that Opie isn't a rat. He claims the wires were put there without his knowledge, and tells Clay that the witness is somebody that lives in the building where Hefner was shot and that's the person that identified Bobby. Clay asks how he knew this. Unser tells him that Hale told him, and says that he thought that he should let Clay know that in case he was having doubts about loyalty in the group. Clay says he appreciates it. Unser tells Clay to let Jax know that he's glad his boy is home.

When Unser leaves, Clay picks up the phone and dials Tig. Unfortunately, Tig left his phone on the bike when he got in the SUV. Gemma asks if Clay is okay, but Clay isn't. Gemma asks what's wrong, but Clay doesn't answer.

Donna is stopped at a red light. Tig pulls up behind her and gets the MAC-10 ready. He pulls up behind the truck and squeezes the trigger. When he pulls up to see if Opie is dead, he realizes that he just shot Donna. Tig curses himself and flees the scene.

Later, emergency personnel arrive at the scene to take care of Donna. Jax, Clay, and Chibs arrive at the scene. A moment later, Opie pulls up in the car. He runs through the police tape to find Donna dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Opie holds her and sobs. Clay walks away realizing the mistake that he's made. Tig and Juice pull up. Clay does a role play, and asks Unser what they know. Unser says that a man walking his dog said a black SUV pulled up and shot her through the back window. Clay asks if the witness saw the guy and asks if he was African-American. Unser says that he couldn't see. Unser remarks that unless Donna was living an unknown double life, he can safely say that this brutality was meant for Opie. Unser notes that someone made a terrible mistake, and Clay agrees. Opie continues to sob and Jax picks him up and hugs him. They take him out of the crime scene. The group notices Stahl pull up, and Hale walks over to her. He tells her that he knew the operation was going to go bad, and tells her that this blood is on her. One of the other agents tells Hale to back off and Hale slugs him in the face. Stahl mouths that she's sorry when the emergency personnel put a body bag over Donna.

Jax arrives home to find a sobbing Gemma and Wendy. Jax hugs Gemma and says that she's sorry that this happened. Gemma asks how Opie is doing. Jax tells Gemma that she should go home. Gemma asks about Abel. Jax tells her that he can take care of his son. Gemma asks if he's sure. Jax tells her it's time for him to be a parent. Gemma agrees and heads home. Jax goes into the bedroom where Abel is laying in his crib.

At the end of the episode, Mary comforts Piney after finding out his daughter-in-law was murdered. At the clubhouse, Chibs and Juice drink some beers. Tig mends a scratch on his forehead. In the bedroom, Gemma comforts Clay. At Opie's house, the children are put to bed while Opie stares at the mirror in anger and frustration. Wendy comes into Abel's bedroom where Jax is and takes her into their room. She kisses him, and Jax returns it. At Tara's house, Tara lies in bed alone thinking about everything. Back at Jax's house, Jax holds Wendy after making love to her.