Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 13

To Be, Act 1

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

We pick up from last week, with Opie shooting Clay twice in the chest. However, Clay survives the attack, and Jax shoots the weapon out of Opie's hand, injuring him. Jax tells Opie to lay low as Unser helps clean up the crime scene and create a cover story (involving some black guys) for Clay's injuries.

Jax tells Tara about Clay, and Tara figures that this means Jax will never get out of the Sons and they'll never be able to leave Charming. Jax counters that their plan is still active, and they just need to wait until the Irish/Mexican meeting is over. Gemma informs Tara about Clay murdering Piney and about how Clay put out the hit on her. This convinces Tara to give Gemma the letters.

Hearing about Clay's shooting (and knowing only that blacks were involved), Tig decides to retaliate by going after the leader of the Niners. He steals a car and tries to run over Laroy, but he kills the man's wife instead. A car chase ensues, and Tig escapes, but now the Niners will certainly want vengeance on SAMCRO.

Jax and Lenny talk, and Lenny is grateful that he now has visitation rights. Lenny wonders whether Otto made a deal with the feds in order to get Lenny more freedoms, and this might also explain why Bobby hasn't been around lately. Jax tries to make peace with the Galindos, assuring them that the meet is still on despite Clay's injuries. Jax suspects that Otto turned rat, but Romeo can't uncover any information about that.

Back at the clubhouse, Gemma speaks with Jax, who wants to know more about Clay's involvement in Piney's death. But Gemma gives him the letters and tells Jax the story about how his father died, while leaving out how she was involved. Gemma fears that Tara might be angry at her for allowing Jax to see the letters. Tara doesn't mind because she knows that once Jax finds out the truth, he's going to want to kill Clay. She gives Jax some blood thinners for Clay so that he'll slowly die from his wounds, and now Jax is off to the big meet between the Galindos, the Irish, and the Sons.

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