Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 13

To Be, Act 1

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on FX

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  • To Be... or not to be?


    To Be continued the drama from the end of the previous episode with continued jaw-dropping scenes.

    Clay, after being shot, still was looking out for the club, an Opie, told Jax to blame it on blacks. I thought it was pretty amazing to show the skewered sense of family and loyalty the members have.

    Gemma is brilliant. I knew that she would give Jax the letters. She thought that it would cement him further into the club, further into her web. Of course, she took out any letters implicating her, Unser, and telling of her affair with Clay, but who didn't see that coming? Then she told Jax that Clay had killed Piney, and that he also tried to kill Tara. She then told Jax that Clay has to die. My biggest shock was that Tara was on board for it, and already had a plan.

    I have to admit, I would have felt robbed if Opie had killed Clay. Don't get me wrong, he had every right, but from the beginning, Jax has been the main character, and after what Clay has taken or almost taken from him, he should be the one. The most brilliant part of the writing is that he still has that chance.

    Criminally, we got to see very little of Opie, Bobby and Juice, but the show propelled the story forward beautifully.

    I have one prediction. IF Jax goes to the meet with the Irish, he will be caught by the US Attorney. He will either cut a deal, or go to jail. As he is leaving (or planning to leave) the club, he might actually go to jail, since the cartel told him that they didn't know anything about it. If that happens, he may not be able to kill Clay. It could be the one way that Clay is actually saved. What is going to be happening? I will keep watching and find out.