Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 14

To Be, Act 2

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2011 on FX

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  • Season Finale?

    Wasn't a big fan of Season 4 with the Cartel but feeling optimistic with the new club hierarchy. Can't wait to watch Seaosn 5!
  • Deus ex machina

    A too-convenient ending to a sub-par season. Half of the emotional investment built up during the season is invalidated in a couple of minutes with a wave of the hand (literally--the CIA characters flash their badges). And the multi-million dollar land development arc is resolved with Lincoln dumping a box of adult toys onto a table. The situation with Clay resolves itself because of course the Irish will only do business with him. (What?!) But wait, we need fodder for the next season, so Jacks's ex-wife shows up out of nowhere and is inexplicably ominous for a few minutes, and Tig temporarily loses all grasp of reality and does his hit-and-run although he does have the presence of mind to carefully steal a car, do the necessarily surveillance, and plan his escape. Lazy writing all around, and completely unsatisfying.

    As a heterosexual male I can no longer justify watching a TV show were almost half of it is devoted to drawn-out conversations between crying women about who knows about some long-lost love letters and when they found out. Thanks for a couple of cool seasons, SoA, but if you're picked up for another season I won't be coming with you.
  • A whole bunch of loose ends about to get tied up.


    I'll give em one thing. They can certainly build up to a climax and leave you hanging there wondering what just happened. Another great end of season cliffhanger. This cast works so wonderfully together, and the writing and directing are superb. Some great moments in this episode, worth watching a few times to be sure you picked up on everything.

  • How can a good season finale be so frustrating?

    Argh. I understand SoA isn't necessarily about huge plot developments or character deaths, and it has always been about the closeness of the SAMCRO family. To that end, the finale was pretty good and effective. But it was very disappointing to watch because the best thing about this season, especially the middle-to-late 5 or 6 episodes, was the tension that kept building up episode after episode. From what was happening to Juice, to Piney and Opie, to Bobby and Otto, to Unser, Gemma, and Clay, to Tig's scene where he hands in his tag and walks out on Clay, and of course to Jax and Tara, this season was filled with tension-filled scenes and storylines between all these great characters. It's because of all that tension that this finale felt like a letdown. You can't build up all that tension and drama and just settle them all down by revealing Golindo as working with the CIA. All of a sudden, Juice is A-OK, Opie, Bobby, and Otto just drift out of the picture to next season (Bobby literally played himself out), Unser does nothing, Gemma does nothing, Clay just loses his seat as club pres., and Tara just decides, "Hey, forget EVERYTHING I said this season; I love Jax, so I'll stay."

    I said a few episodes ago that I thought Clay wouldn't die because his villainy is needed until the show ends, and I guess I was right about that. But I also said that he kind of HAD to die considering all the bad stuff he's pulled and a lot of the characters seeing him for what he really is. Clay staying alive, just because the IRA decides Clay is the ONLY guy they'll work with, felt too tame.

    To be fair, this episode was still pretty good, but only for what it was. They decided to take the "safe" route, by not having anybody die or go to jail. This also serves the purpose of leaving most of the doors wide open and giving them a bunch of storylines for future seasons. But I am disappointed in the route and direction. I was hoping for a balls-out fury of a finale where heads get shot and arrests are made, but after watching this episode, I realize I didn't need that much... I'd have taken ANY type of action or drama. Having everything cooled down by Romeo flashing a CIA badge wasn't nearly enough for me.
  • Jax stays....Tara stays...Clay Lives...Linc

    Up to the finale i had bad feeling Clay will survive.and that really is my main disappointment with the episode. I had a feeling Otto may have given up Bobby only (dah! old lady issues),so it was nice seeing that played out. I didnt see the CIA thing coming (damn, it was the only way !).

    How creepy was to see Jax and Tara morphing into John and Gemma?. I hope Tara doesnt start screwing another SAMCRO member a-la history!.

    This has been the best season of SOA. Personally i hope Opie will be available for season 5. Am not a fan of Tara so it might take longer for me to understand why she chose to stay after all the moaning and whining about Charming being toxic.

    Am i the only one that is questioning Juice's storyline?ama desuct 0.5 point on my rate because of it.

    As creepy as he is, Linc was wonderful on the finale.I too dont like Hale, Linc!!..

  • Abso-freaking-lutely BRILLIANT! (spoilers)


    I had an idea of things that might happen on this show. I was so very wrong. I thought Jax would set up the meet with the Irish, get arrested, and Clay would live. I got some of that right, but I never saw the CIA twist coming (Kurt Sutter - you are amazing!) and I for one, LOVE the direction that the show took. Jax was seconds away from killing Clay, and he didn't. That scene, with the knife to the throat, and then removing the President patch... wow was that great. I have to say, I am now incredibly glad that Clay is alive. I admit, I hope he doesn't live long, but maybe just long enough to pull out his proof that Gemma also had something to do with JT's death? Or for Tara to do it?

    Jax was just trying to get everything started, and get his own life on track, his life with Tara, the boys, everything. Charlie Hunnam was brilliant as he felt the plan crumbling all around him as he tearfully told Tara to leave and take his sons. Maggie Siff played the role of Tara so perfectly, when he began to try to hold onto Jax, and cried as she still said, "He's mine."

    However, one of my favorite scenes was when Juice asked the sheriff, why. He simply said, "You're a criminal. I catch criminals." because as much as we may love the men of SAMCRO, they are criminals, drug deales, murderers, and they might not get away with what they have done.

    I can't wait to see what is next. Kudos to Kurt Sutter and his brilliant cast.

  • I have to say this show just keeps getting better each season, and the finale to this one just left me wanting more.


    I cannot believe that in S01 I felt this show to be cheesy and too try hard. It has really become worthy of it's salt by the story lines they have brought to the last few seasons. This one is even better than the last, in my humble opinion. It leaves me wanting more right now, and the wait is almost infuriating, and not many shows these days do that.

    Jax has finally taken the bull by the horns, albeit not by his own choice, but the inevitable situation has been fulfilled. I cannot wait to see what becomes of the presidents war here, and if this doesn't open up an entirely new set of stories for later seasons, nothing will. I am not entirely sure if the plan is for a continued series, or if there is a limit to the story with an outcome, but what a ride it is.

    tl;dr - Brilliant episode, want more now, hate non ratings seasons, and.. I can always watch season 1,2 and 3 if it boils down to it.

    9/10 - 9 for Opi not showing up at the end.

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