Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 11

To Thine Own Self

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Jackson and Tara. They have a lot to discuss. There is the job offer in Oregon and there is a chance she could be charged with an accessory to the Otto's murder of the nurse.

Gemma and Clay also meet in the morning and have a coffee. Clay seems to think there could be a chance for the two of them.

Tara meets with her lawyer. There is good and bad news. The murder ends the RICO case against the SONS but also puts Tara's future in jeopardy.

Lee Toric (Donal Logue) make his first appearance in the show and it is memorable one as he beats Otto senseless with a pipe.

Gemma and Jackson have a talk at the garage where he brings her up to speed on the Otto matter. Tig and Clay also have things to discuss. Clay tries to make things right with Tig but he is not in the mood to reconcile. There may be some opportunities for Clay outside of SAMCRO. He is a smart man and uses Tig's feelings about his daughter's death to go with him but is unsuccessful.

The re-opening party for Di Osa is in full swing and it is typical bikie club style. Outside the Sons agree to sell the Bizlats guns.

Gemma uses the death of her son to try and emotionally blackmail Clay into getting her the safe. He has to leave and it looks like she has been unsuccessful. Unser is receiving chemo and he and Tara have a chat and give each other some comfort.

Romeo reveals to Clay who is and tells him why the RICO deal is dead. He hints that he may get rid of club members including Jackson in order to keep it alive. There is a dangerous but pretty funny car chase with the Bizlits. Clay and Jackson talk. Clay is kind and fills Jackson in on the cartel. He advises Jackson to make as money as he can before getting out. Jackson doesn't want to take any advice from him.

Without Jackson's knowledge, Tara accepts the offer in Oregon. The mysterious man appears again. He tells Otto that he is not a fed but does not reveal his identity.

After some work, Juice finds the documents in the air vent. He places them back and Jackson instructs that Clay is not to be left alone in the house. The Mexicans grab Jackson and everybody is instructed to go to the clubhouse and contrary to Jackson's instructions Clay is left alone in the house.

Despite the fact that they have him kidnapped Jackson works things out with the Cartel offering the Chinese as a gun source. Clay has some questions about Nero but Gemma says it is nothing real and they tell each other they love each other.

Nero is having a bad day. He had some problems with his gang and had to kill two of them. It appears that he is back in the club. He is worried about why Clay is there. Gemma kisses him but can't explain.

The documents have gone from the air vent. The chance to get Clay has passed. Juice is punched as a result. At the table Clay outlines the plan to get the gang out of drugs and guns. The club are pleased but Bobby wants him to let the hate go. Jackson tells Bobby about Clay's murder of his old man.

At the end of episode Bobby, fearful of Clay's safety, arrives to protect him.