Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2010 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Jax sitting in the church after his discussion with Father Ashby. Michael tells Jax that he's going to take him back to the clubhouse. Jax says he's going to walk by himself. He tells Michael that he needs some time alone. Michael tells him to slam the door on his way out and leaves.

Back in Charming, Stahl sits in bed while watching the news. She gets a phone call and it's Jax. Jax asks her if she's heard of Kellan Ashby. Stahl looks to see that Tyler is in the bathroom and gets on the phone. She asks if he's in Belfast. Jax says that he is. Stahl asks if Gemma is with him. Jax says yes, but he admits that he didn't know that Gemma was coming along. Stahl notes that Gemma is facing another federal charge for escaping. Jax says that they can talk about that later and asks that right now she tell him more about Father Kellan Ashby. Stahl asks if he's a friend of the army. Jax says that Father Ashby is a shot caller and informs her that he has Abel. He says that he will only get Abel back only if he kills Jimmy O. Stahl reminds Jax that their deal is for Jimmy O to be brought in alive or the deal is off. Jax says that he'll figure it out and asks for information on Father Ashby. Stahl notices Tyler coming out and tells Jax that he will get back to him tomorrow. She quickly hangs up. Tyler asks who was on the phone. Stahl lies and says it was Agent Estevez asking for paperwork. She kisses Tyler and goes into the bathroom. Tyler doesn't believe her and when the door closes she picks up Stahl's phone and checks the number. She knows that it wasn't Agent Estevez.

As daylight shines, Jax walks out of the church. Back at the house, Maureen stares at photos of John Teller, Father Ashby, and herself when they were younger. Jax arrives back at the clubhouse and walks inside. He meets with the other SAMCRO members. Clay asks Jax what he knows. Jax tells him that Father Ashby moved Abel to a location out of Belfast to protect him from Jimmy O. Gemma asks why Jimmy O wants Abel. Jax says it's for leverage against what Father Ashby wants from the club. He says that Father Ashby wants them to kill Jimmy O because he's become a real problem for the IRA. Gemma says that their action should be simple and they need to kill Jimmy O. Jax says it isn't that simple. Gemma states it is, but Jax insists that it isn't that simple. Jax notes that everything the Irish have said has been smoky truth. He admits he doesn't trust the IRA or Father Ashby. He says that he knows for sure that they want Jimmy O. Clay says that they should find Jimmy O and trade him for Abel. Jax says that makes sense and insists that they can't kill Jimmy O. Juice asks Jax if he should update SAMBEL on this conversation. Jax says no because as far as they know the club only wants to grill Jimmy O for Abel's whereabouts. Bobby says that SAMBEL has a protection run this afternoon for a gun shipment. McGee told Bobby that Jimmy O will be at the drop-off in Dungloe. Opie says that they will be there as well. Jax apologizes to everyone and says that he had no idea what he was bringing the club into when they got here. Clay says that they'd better get some more rest before the run. Clay asks Gemma if she's coming and Gemma says she'll be with him in a minute.

Gemma and Jax stay out to talk. Gemma says that this doesn't feel right to her and doesn't understand who these people are that they would use Abel like a poker chip. Jax tells them that it isn't just the IRA. He states that this happened because of their gun trade with the IRA. He says that they aren't victims in this case. Gemma says that that awareness helps relieve his guilt, but now is not the time to search himself. He tells Jax to use all of the hate he has in him to take down the Irishmen that are hiding Abel. With that, she leaves Jax to ponder on that.

In Charming, Unser questions Lumpy in the hospital about who attacked him at the gym last night. SAMCRO stands outside. Lumpy says he doesn't have anything. Unser says that he knows Lumpy doesn't have much use for him, but it's obvious SAMCRO can't protect him. He tells Lumpy he needs information or he has to go by the book. He notes that will result in locker searches and even some citizenship statuses on people that work for him. Lumpy realizes that wouldn't be good and tells Unser that the attacker was Mexican and told him not to mess with the Mayans. Unser thanks Lumpy and tells him to get better. Tig, Piney, Kozik, and Miles come in to see him. Unser insists that the club should just let Lumpy rest because they've done enough damage. Miles tells the group that Lumpy told Unser that the Mayans attacked him. Kozik is surprised that Darby didn't return for a visit. Tig doesn't get why Alvarez would betray the deal. Piney says that it's in Alvarez's nature to betray deals. Lumpy tells the men that it's over. He says the insurance isn't going to cover the damages and he's going to have to sell the gym.

The guys leave the room and note that whoever attacked Lumpy was the same guy that hired Darby to attack Lumpy. They realize that they have to find Darby. As they walk down the hall, the men see Tara standing by the desk. They greet her and Kozik tells Tara that he heard that the guys made it to Belfast alright. Tig scolds Kozik and tells him to say it louder for the whole world to hear. Kozik wants to respond, but Piney tells them to take it easy. Tara thanks them for letting her know and abruptly leaves the group. As they walk down the hall, Kozik asks Piney if he's aware that at this rate either he or Tig will end up dead. Piney jokes that he's counting on it.

In Belfast, SAMCRO and SAMBEL sit at the table. McGee asks what they are meeting about. Clay tells McGee that they want in on the Dungloe gun run. McGee notes that it's a short list with short money involved. Bobby says that they don't want money and that they only want to talk to Jimmy O. Jax tells the men that Father Ashby didn't provide a lot of information on Abel except that Jimmy O is involved. He knows that Jimmy O is going to be at this deal in Dungloe and they are hoping to question him. Clay notes that there is a falling among the ranks of the IRA and they need to dance around it so they don't upset Jimmy O or Father Ashby. Jax asks if they're alright with that and asks if they need a vote. Liam says that a vote isn't needed and that it would be good for SAMCRO to see what SAMBEL goes through. McGee tells them that they'll call Dungloe to let them know.

In the hospital, SAMCRO comes upon Darby walking down the hall. Piney is glad to see him. Tig asks what he's doing here. Darby says he's here to visit Lumpy. The group takes him into the chapel and kick out the other patrons. Darby asks them what they want. Tig asks what happened to his face. Darby insists that he was in a chemical accident. Piney notes there aren't that many chemicals in Caracara. Darby states that he didn't do what they think he did and they tell him that he's out of the game. Tig tells Darby that somebody broke into Darby's gym and beat him up. Kozik notes that he was there yesterday. Darby admits that he did go there yesterday, but he didn't attack him last night. Piney asks who did. Darby says he doesn't know and that's why he came to see Lumpy. Tig asks if he's feeling guilty. Darby asks if they're done, but Tig pushes him back down onto the pew and says they aren't done. He asks who put him to task on Lumpy. Darby isn't convinced that SAMCRO will believe him and notes that even if he told him they won't be able to prove it.

At the police station, Piney and Tig meet with Unser about what Darby told them. Piney informs Unser that Darby was approached by Jacob Hale to muscle Lumpy into selling his gym. Tig adds that Darby didn't do the job, but somebody did and he thinks Jacob initiated it. Unser asks what he is supposed to do with this information. Tig notes that he is a police officer and he can look into it. Unser realizes that they want him to look into arresting the man that has been trying to take down the club for years. Tig says this isn't about their differences with the Hales. Unser thinks that it is the word of two felons against the man who is about to be their next mayor. Unser notes that it doesn't stack up very well with their accusations. Piney tells Unser that it wasn't the Mayans. Unser says that a Harley motorcycle with ape hangers was seen by witnesses fleeing the scene. Unser asks if Jacob is riding that nowadays. Candy comes in and tells Unser that he has a call on line two. Unser tells Tig and Piney that he has police business to attend to and tells them to leave.

Outside, Tig and Piney meet with Kozik, Filthy Phil, and Miles outside. Kozik informs them that they just got off the phone with Alvarez and he insists that the Mayans didn't do this. Tig says that they know. Tig asks who else is a Harley riding Mexican that has a beef against SAMCRO. Kozik realizes that it was probably Salazar that did this.

In Belfast, McGee and Liam are on the phone with Jimmy O. McGee says it's done and SAMCRO is coming on the run. He adds that it was the club's idea. Jimmy O is happy to hear that. He tells them to get it done right. He says that they will pass by another police roadblock and this time SAMCRO won't get through it. McGee tells Jimmy O that SAMCRO is onto something. Jimmy O says that SAMCRO won't expect this and he tells them that he'll see them later. McGee takes a shot of whiskey. Jimmy O tells Donny to set up the meeting. Donny tells Jimmy O that this may not be the best move and that they might be setting off a chain of events they can't contain. Jimmy O tells him to set it up and Donny states that it will be done. They drive off.

At the clubhouse, the group prepares to take off. Clay and Gemma kiss goodbye. Chibs laughs with Padraic. McGee kisses Maureen goodbye. Jax nods to Trinity and she nods back. A car pulls up and Father Ashby gets out. Sean and Michael escort Fiona and Kerianne out of the car. Father Ashby says that he has some priests visiting his church today and he is assigning Michael to watch over Fiona and Kerianne at the house. Chibs is fine with that and is happy that they will be at the house. Fiona kisses Chibs and tells him to be careful. Chibs tells Kerianne that he'll be alright and he'll be back later. Chibs kisses his daughter and tells her to watch after Fiona. Father Ashby walks by Jax and tells him to have a safe run. He hopes Jax finds what he's looking for. The gang gets on their bikes and everyone gets ready to move out. The clubs ride down the road as one big group.

Down the road, they come upon the police officers. Clay is very frustrated that they are having another run-in with the police officers. Jax asks if this is legitimate and not a setup like last time. McGee says that this is Republic Border Patrol. He tells the group that money will get them through. Liam walks up and hands the officers some money. McGee says that everything is fine and they can move through now. McGee and Liam say that they will pass through first and then the police will check SAMCRO's identification. After they pass through, Juice notes that they paid the police off. Jax says that they don't know what it was for. Clay says they need to find out. They drive up and the police tell them to present identification. The group pulls out their IDs and hand them to the officers. One of the officers asks where they're heading. Clay says they're heading to Dungloe to rendezvous with some friends. The officer says that everything checks out. Liam is confused about why SAMCRO is able to get through. McGee tells Liam to ride ahead of the group. Clay thanks McGee for getting them through the police and McGee says it isn't a problem. The group continues down the road.

Back at the house, Kerianne asks if she can go to the shop and hang with Trinity. Fiona says that Kerianne is to stay up here. Kerianne asks if she's afraid someone will shoot her. Fiona warns Kerianne not to have an attitude. Maureen tells Kerianne that if she goes to the shop then Trinity is just going to have her stocking shelves all day. She says that she'll get some movies set up for her to watch. Fiona notes to Gemma if she spoke to her mother like that she would have been beaten with a rod. Gemma says that was the good old day. Fiona tells Gemma that she was right to have her go to Chibs in Charming and set everything in motion. Gemma says that this is an example of the heart beating the head. Fiona agrees. Gemma asks Fiona about Father Ashby. Before she can answer, Jimmy O and Donny burst into the house leading Michael at gunpoint. Jimmy O demands Donny to look for Kerianne. Fiona demands to know why Jimmy O is here. Jimmy O replies that he's here to set things right. He aims his gun and shoots Michael through the head. Kerianne and Maureen are led into the room. The sight of Michael's dead body freaks Kerianne out and she begins to scream. Out in the shop, Trinity hears Kerianne's screams. She locks the door to the shop and grabs a pistol out of the cash register.

In the kitchen, Maureen tells Jimmy O that he will pay for killing Michael because Father Ashby treats the Casey brothers like sons. Jimmy O retorts that now Father Ashby can bury one of them. Jimmy O orders Fiona and Kerianne to come with him. Fiona says they're not going with him. Jimmy O aims his gun at Gemma and asks if he has to kill her to prove his love. He tells her that his family is coming home with him. Fiona says that no more bloodshed is needed and says that they will go with him. Maureen starts to grab a knife on the table. Kerianne says that she left her iPod on the table. Jimmy O asks Donny to go get it. When Donny rounds the corner, Trinity fires shots at him. She misses, but the shots are able to distract Jimmy O. Maureen stabs him and Gemma is able to take his gun. Donny comes back out and points his gun at Gemma. Gemma orders Donny to put the gun down or she'll kill Jimmy O. Donny does as he's told. Maureen runs to Trinity and asks if she's alright. Trinity says she's fine. Gemma orders Donny on the ground and Jimmy O to sit down on the chair. Gemma tells Trinity and Kerianne to go down to the basement. Fiona asks Gemma what she's going to do. Gemma says that her family has some things they need to work out with Jimmy O. Fiona informs her she's making a mistake. Gemma says it's her mistake to make and orders the girls to the basement. The girls head down. Suddenly, Fiona pulls a gun and tells Gemma to put the gun down. Gemma asks what she's doing. Fiona assures Gemma this is for her own protection. Gemma says that she needs to kill Jimmy O. Fiona says that Gemma would drop first. Gemma cooperates and gives Fiona the gun. Jimmy O is very impressed with Fiona's skills. Fiona tells Jimmy O to shut up and leave. She tells him that if he ever comes back to try and fetch her again she will kill him. Jimmy O tells Gemma it was a pleasure seeing her again. He tells Fiona he'll see her soon. Jimmy O and Donny exit the house.

After they leave, Gemma is visibly upset by what Fiona did. Gemma goes to strike Fiona, but Fiona ducks her and jabs Gemma in the stomach. Gemma falls back in pain and asks Fiona why she stopped her. Fiona tells Gemma that if she would have killed Jimmy O his entire crew would have hunted her family down and killed them.

At Dungloe, the groups meet up to do the exchange. Jax asks if the two guys by the barn are Jimmy O's boys. Padraic informs Jax that the boys over by the car are Jimmy O's. It turns out that the boys are actually boys only about 15 years old. Jax asks if that's who Jimmy O is recruiting. Padraic says yes. Liam and McGee stand outside. McGee asks Liam what happened at the police blockade. Liam admits that he's not sure and he hasn't heard from Jimmy O. McGee tells Liam to call Jimmy O to ask.

The group walks back and gets out the assault rifles. Happy looks through the sights of the gun and is very impressed. Bobby asks what they are used for. The IRA man says that they never ask that question. The man says that they've done dozens of runs before and they've never been stopped. They use hay trucks to bury the guns and they've never been caught. Opie hopes that they keep that going. McGee tells him that he'll ride ahead. Clay says that they'll take the rear and watch on the flank. Clay asks where the delivery is going. Padraic says they're going to another barn outside of Belfast where the IRA will meet them. Jax asks McGee where Jimmy O is. McGee says that he's on his way. He assures him that Jimmy O has never missed a transport and assures him that he'll be here.

At the hospital, Tara washes up after surgery. Murphy walks in and notes that she cleared Tara's schedule for the abortion. Tara tells Murphy that it really was a friend that had an abortion. Murphy apologizes for jumping to that conclusion. Tara tells Murphy that she wasn't wrong and that she is pregnant and getting an abortion tonight. She says that she will need cleared tomorrow. Murphy asks if she has a ride. Tara says she's going to take a cab. Murphy says she goes that way to get home and tells Tara that she is giving her a ride tonight. Tara agrees to the ride and thanks Murphy.

In Belfast, the group gets ready to move out after loading the guns. Jax tells Juice to keep his eye on Liam. Juice tells Happy to come with him. McGee tells him that it's almost time for them to go. Jax says that they're not going anywhere until Jimmy O gets here. McGee says that the IRA is the one that sets the speed and they are ready to go. McGee gets a phone call and steps aside to take the call. Happy and Juice follow Liam and ask him where he's going. Liam tells them that he needs to use the bathroom and asks them if they want to watch. Happy asks Juice if he really wants to be tasked with that. Juice says he doesn't. In the barn, the drivers get out and McGee tells them to give him a moment. McGee says that he just got off the phone with Maureen and informs the group that Jimmy O was in Belfast looking for Fiona. Chibs asks if everyone is okay. McGee assures them that everything is fine. Suddenly, the barn doors start to slam shut and the group races towards them. They pound against the doors. Happy and Juice are still outside and they run to help out the group. The driver in the van starts the engine and Chibs yells for them not to do that. However, the van starts just fine. Padraic jumps on the back and tells the van to go. Outside, Juice and Happy shoot at the padlock to try and get it open. From behind the brush, Liam looks at the commotion. The group is able to drive the van through the barn door. Liam pulls out a detonator and hits the button. The van explodes. Several people are knocked to their feet, including Jax. Jax can barely hear and his vision is blurred. The rest of the group start running towards several injured members. Opie pulls a piece of shrapnel out of his belly. Ryan, Luther, and McGee pull themselves together. Jax looks up and thinks that he sees an image of John Teller approaching him calling him son. When he comes to his senses, it turns out to be Clay. Clay asks Jax if he's okay. Jax says he is. He is able to shake himself loose. Five SAMBEL members have been killed in the blast, including Chibs' nephew Padraic. Chibs finds his body and begins to mourn his loss. Jax looks around in anger at what has happened.

Clay is convinced that Jimmy O has to be involved with this. McGee says that they can't be too certain about that. Liam says that blowing up guns may have been the UVF and is something Jimmy O wouldn't do. Jax scream at Liam and asks where he was. Liam insists that he was using the restroom and that Juice and Happy will confirm that. Bobby tells everyone that the explosion was probably seen from miles away so they need to get out of the area. Clay tells them all to lead the wounded and get moving. Jax and Opie tell Chibs that they have to go because there is nothing they can do for Padraic. Chibs screams that the men responsible for this are dead when he finds them.

In Charming, Unser enters the diner to find Jacob eating some lunch. Unser sits down with Jacob and asks him what he needs. Jacob tells Unser he heard about Lumpy and asks what happened. Unser informs Jacob that Lumpy has a head injury and internal bleeding. He doesn't know if he'll pull through. Jacob is very upset to hear that and asks Unser if he knows who did it. Unser says that witnesses point to a Mexican possibly one of the Mayans. Jacob says that he's trying to save Charming Police Department, but at this point he's running out of positive things. He says he may not be able to sway city council to keep Charming Police Department in charge. He tells him to find a way to get those pluses. As Jacob leaves, he walks past Elliot. They greet each other. Elliot asks Jacob how he's doing. Jacob admits he's not doing too well. He informs Elliot that he heard about the attack on Lumpy's gym last night and the people that did it are responsible for Hale's death. He says that this is more brutal attacks that are being brought on by SAMCRO. He makes sure to make it a point out loud that Elliot bailed SAMCRO out of jail. Throughout the whole conversation, dinner patrons notice the two men's conversation. After Jacob leaves, Elliot sits down with Unser. Unser admits that Jacob knows how to make an exit. Elliot states that Jacob is a jerk. He asks if the police are sure that the attack was Mayan retaliation. Unser says he doesn't know. Elliot says it wouldn't make sense. He reveals to Unser that he met with Clay and Alvarez and they shook hands and assured him that there was peace. Unser notes there's a lot of bad blood between the two clubs and it doesn't take a lot to tip them back into war times. Elliot tells Unser to check every business on Liberty Street. He notes that he checked with the bank and none of the businesses that are selling out foreclosed with the bank. Unser asks who owns them. Elliot thinks it's a single developer and they have something to gain by clearing Lumpy out. This raises Unser attention.

Back at the church, Sean grieves over the murder of Michael. Father Ashby assures the girls that nothing will happen to them while they are in the church. He takes them into the back to keep them safe. Gemma stays behind and tells Father Ashby that she is sorry about Michael. Father Ashby tells Gemma that he is the only one to blame for Michael. Gemma asks Father Ashby if they can talk. Father Ashby agrees and sits down with Gemma. Gemma asks Father Ashby why he's doing this to her and says that if he knows where Abel is he should tell them. Father Ashby apologizes to her and says that he knows that she thinks that it is unfair. He notes that she and Jax are caught up in a huge struggle. He notes that the things he does are not out of Irish loyalty, but also to keep promises to his family. Gemma is confused. Father Ashby says that over the years, he and John got to be really close friends when he lived in Belfast. Gemma asks him if he granted John absolution from adultery. Father Ashby says no and says that John always struggled with his love for Gemma. Gemma retorts that John abandoned his family. He says that she watched Thomas slip into a coma while John was over in Belfast with Maureen. She warns him not to say how John struggled. Father Ashby apologizes for dismissing her pain and says he understands. Gemma says that he doesn't understand what she's going through and says that he is a hypocrite. With that comment, she leaves him.

Back in Charming, Tig, Piney, Kozik, Filthy Phil, and Miles prepare to raid Salazar's house. Kozik tells Tig to take the prospects around back and he'll go in the front. Tig retorts that Kozik can take the prospects around back and he'll take the front. Kozik says he'll take Filthy Phil and tells them to storm in at a count of 20. While they prepare to storm in, Miles asks Tig if he should be counting from the time they started walking or the time that they get to the door. Tig tells him to shut up and Piney shoots the door open. The group bursts in to find the house empty.

Back at the station, Candy gives Unser a folder of information on the investors of Liberty Street. When Unser looks over the list, he sees that Jacob Hale is on the list. He's starting to realize that Elliot and SAMCRO may be right.

Jacob leaves his office building and is confronted by Salazar and Luisa. Jacob asks him why he's here. Salazar tells him that they need to talk. Jacob gets in Salazar's car and warns him to never come into his place of business again. Salazar asks if he's ashamed of doing business with him. Jacob states that he is. He recounts that he told Salazar to scare Lumpy into selling not beat him half to death. Salazar admits that he was able to get him to sell. Jacob asks what he wants. Salazar says that he needs a favor and he has unfinished business with SAMCRO. Salazar says he wants information about Jax's girlfriend, Tara. He says that she's not at the house and says he needs to know where she works. Jacob tells Salazar he isn't giving him that information. Salazar signals to Luisa and Luisa starts to play a recorded statement of the conversation that Jacob just had with Salazar. This would implicate him in the crime. Jacob says that this is blackmail. Salazar agrees and says that he's good at that. Jacob puts his hand over his forehead in frustration.

Back at the house, Gemma asks Chibs how the girls are. Chibs says that they are safe. He says that he wants Juice to watch the girls from now on. Clay says it will be done. Bobby says he talked to Elliot and that there is a plane leaving tomorrow that Fiona and Kerianne can get on. Jax tells Chibs to take Fiona and Kerianne back to Charming with him tomorrow to get them to safety. Chibs says he can't do that. Opie says they need to be protected. Chibs says that he is. He tells them that Ireland is Kerianne's home and she doesn't want to leave. Chibs says he will never force her to leave either. He says the only way he can keep them safe is if Jimmy O is dead and he vows to make that happen. Jax tells him that it will be done.

Jax steps outside and dials his phone again. Stahl is in bed again when Jax calls. She picks up the phone. Jax asks if she can talk. Stahl says she can. She says that she ran Father Ashby's name and he involved with the IRA but nothing could prove that. Stahl says that Father Ashby has never been arrested, searched, or interrogated. Records only show that he is a high priest that has turned down three promotions from the Vatican. Jax notes that Father Ashby is a saint. Jax tells Stahl to search another name for him and tells her to search Liam O'Neill. Stahl is shocked that he would be investigating one of his own club members. Jax says that he feels that Liam conspired with Jimmy O to blow him up today. Stahl asks if he's okay. Jax says he is, but five SAMBEL members are dead as a result of the explosion. Stahl tells Jax to get back to Charming in one piece. Jax says he will and mockingly appreciates Stahl's concern. Trinity approaches Jax and asks if he can spare a cigarette. Jax gives her one. Jax notes that it is almost 3:00 a.m. and asks why she's still up. Trinity says she's not much of a sleeper. Jax understands that. Trinity asks Jax how he's doing. Jax replies he's tired. Jax puts his arm around Trinity. Gemma comes out to smoke a cigarette and sees Jax and Trinity with their arms around each other. She realizes the concern.

Back in Charming, Murphy is giving Tara a ride to the abortion clinic. Suddenly, a car pulls up and bumps into them. Murphy asks Tara if she is alright and Tara says she's fine. Murphy and Tara get out and Luisa gets out of her car. Luisa apologizes for bumping into them and asks if there is any damage. Murphy looks over her car and doesn't spot any damage at all. Luisa looks at Tara and asks her if she's Jax Teller's girlfriend. Tara hesitantly says yes and asks them who they are. Luisa indicates that she is Salazar's lady and Salazar gets out of his vehicle. They both point guns at Tara and Murphy. Salazar asks Tara about Murphy and asks if she's somebody's wife in the club. Tara says that she's a doctor at St. Thomas Hospital and Murphy is her supervisor. Luisa searches Murphy and then pulls her shirt up. On her back is a very large tattoo. It looks very similar to SAMCRO's tattoo, but it obviously belongs to another motorcycle group. Salazar laughs and notes that Murphy has to be someone's wife. Salazar pushes them into their car and kidnaps Tara and Murphy. The episode ends with the two of them in the car.