Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 5

Turning and Turning

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2010 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Gemma in the hospital waking up after having a heart attack. She looks over to see Clay reading the paper. She says hello and Clay is relieved to see her wake up. He puts down the paper and sits down on the bed with Gemma. He kisses her hand. Gemma asks if she really had a heart attack. Clay says that it was just bad arrhythmia that knocked her down. Clay asks Gemma if she stopped taking her medication. Gemma says that she did because it made her feet swell and she couldn't get in her boots. Clay notes that fashion before health is Gemma's way, but she needs to get back on her medication in order to get stabilized again. Clay says that she'll be fine in a few days. She looks at her one arm and realizes that she is handcuffed to the bed. The authorities knew that she came to the hospital. Clay doesn't understand why she came back to Charming. Gemma says that she was thinking Abel would be here. Gemma is upset that he didn't tell her that Abel had been kidnapped. Clay says that he's sorry about lying. Gemma wants to know where Jax is so she can get some answers.

In the waiting room, the gang waits outside for word on Gemma. Jax makes himself a cup of coffee. Bobby asks Jax how Gemma is doing. Jax tells him that Gemma is still sleeping and tells him that he had to get out of the room. Bobby says that they need to talk. Everyone gathers in the chapel. Jax asks what's going on. Bobby says that he has to confirm the tracker with Sergio today. Jax tells Bobby to send the money to him. Bobby agrees. Jax tells them that he's making sure that Gemma is alright and then he's heading back up to Vancouver. Opie and Chibs tell Jax that they are going with him because he isn't going alone. Bobby says it doesn't matter how many of them go. He says they need the cash pull off the bounty hunter. Tig asks about the drugs they took from the rednecks. Juice says that some of it is Adderall and steroids that he can easily sell on the streets. However, the rest of it is HIV drugs and he can't just push them on the street. He says that needs to go to the clinics. Jax suggests that Juice go visit Lumpy Feldstein's gym and see if he'll push the steroids. Juice says that he'll call the Chicken Man to take the Adderall. Jax agrees. Tara comes into the chapel and informs Jax that Gemma is awake. The guys tells Jax to go see Gemma. Jax says he'll be back in a little bit. Opie tells Jax to tell Gemma that they all love her. Jax agrees.

Tara leads Jax into the back where two guards are standing outside Gemma's room. The guards frisk him and he is allowed entrance. Jax says hello to Gemma, but Gemma isn't happy. Tara goes to leave, but Gemma tells her to get back inside because she's involved with this. Tara comes back into the room. Gemma asks what happened and demands the whole truth. Jax reveals that when Hayes killed Half-Sack he also kidnapped Abel. Jax says that the federal agents aren't doing their job so they've hired a bounty hunter to locate Abel. He shows Gemma the picture they received a few days ago with Hayes and Abel in Vancouver. Jax insists that they were only trying to protect her. Gemma says that is ridiculous and tells them that they were only trying to protect themselves. Gemma tells them that Abel isn't in Vancouver. She informs them that the call that she received last night before she passed out was from Maureen Ashby. Jax asks who Maureen is. Clay informs him that Maureen is McGee's wife and is a friend of the club. Gemma tells him that Abel is in Belfast. Jax says that is impossible because Jimmy O and Liam O'Neill told him that Hayes was identified in Vancouver and he was captured in Belfast without Abel. Gemma says that somebody is lying. Her monitor starts to beep as she gets more upset about the situation. Clay tells her that she needs to take it easy. Gemma says that she'll take it easy when Abel is safe. The nurses come in and tell everyone to leave so that Gemma can get some rest.

Outside, Jax tells Clay that they need to call McGee. Clay says that they can't. Clay tells Jax that if Liam lied to Jax this means that SAMBEL might be in bed with Jimmy O. Jax says that McGee is First Nine and asks if he would really lie to them. Clay really isn't sure, but they need to talk to Maureen again. He tells Jax that Maureen owns a grocery store a block away from the clubhouse in Belfast. Tara walks down the hall and tells Clay that Gemma wants to see him.

In the room, Gemma tells Clay that if Jax goes to Belfast stones will get unturned. Clay says he knows that. Gemma says it was bound to happen. Clay asks what happens to Gemma. Gemma says that she called Stahl and made a deal with her. Gemma tells him that she agreed to sign off on the cover-up story and in exchange she will take the death penalty off the table and she'll get weekly visitations. Gemma says that she needs to turn herself in this morning. Gemma apologizes to Clay and says she's too old to run. Clay is devastated at hearing this news.

At the bar, Jax, Chibs, and Opie meet with Luke to discuss the different stories. Jax tells Luke that they received word from a friend that Hayes was spotted with Abel in Belfast. Chibs adds that this is before Hayes was killed. Luke says that if Hayes was seen with a baby then it had to have been someone else's child. Jax asks how he knows. Luke says that he doesn't know who their friend is that told them this, but he assures them that it's a lie. Chibs asks Luke to get in touch with Jimmy O so he can get some fresh information on Abel. Luke promises he'll do that. Jax warns Luke that if he finds out that he and Jimmy O have been feeding him lies about Abel he is going to track them down and he'll beat the truth out of Jimmy O. After that, he'll let Chibs cut him from ear to ear. Luke chuckles and tells the men not to be theatrical to him. He assures them that that isn't going to happen. Opie informs Jax that the safe house is gone so they need to stash the rest at the bar. Jax asks if stashing the AKs here is a good idea. Opie says they don't have any other option.

Back at the hospital, Gemma watches television when Unser comes in. Gemma says hello to him and he returns the greeting. Unser asks Gemma how she's feeling. Gemma confesses that she's feeling a little stupid and indicates the handcuffs. Unser tells her to join the club. Gemma thanks him for everything. Unser says that he's glad that Gemma is alright. Gemma apologizes to Unser about Hale getting killed. Unser says that Hale shouldn't have gone that way and says that is actually why he is here. He says that the town is worried. Clay comes in and says that Gemma has been asking about her. Clay asks what's up. Unser tells him that he was telling Gemma that folks in Charming are struggling with SAMCRO and he has a lot of people looking over his shoulder. Unser tells them that he isn't going to be able to help them out with their illegal business anymore. Clay asks what that means for the club. Unser says that he actually has to be a cop for awhile. He apologizes to them and tells them to take care of themselves. He leaves.

Downtown, Tig, Bobby, and Juice arrive at Lumpy's gym. Bobby notices that Rupert's shop next to the gym has closed and asks when it did. Tig admits that he doesn't know, but he realizes the whole block has sold out. Lumpy is busy training some of the boxers for their upcoming fights. Lumpy greets Tig and Bobby. Bobby asks Lumpy what happened to Rupert's. Lumpy says that it closed down six weeks after the pawn shop closed. He points to the other side of the street and says that Leo's closed down a little more than a month ago. Bobby asks if they just went belly-up. Lumpy says that somebody made them an offer that they couldn't refuse. Tig asks who is buying them out. Lumpy says that a corporate interest is buying out the entire block. Juice shows some of the drugs to the fighters and they pay some money for the steroids. Lumpy tells Tig and Bobby that a man in a suit comes down the street every other week and he offers Lumpy more money and less patience. Bobby asks who the man is. Lumpy says he doesn't know him and he doesn't care. He tells the club that if he sells the gym he has nothing. Juice says that they are good and they tell Lumpy to take it easy.

Jax comes back into the hospital room where Gemma is applying makeup. Jax asks if he's interrupting something. Clay jokes that he is and asks how things went with Luke. Jax informs him that Luke is sticking to his story and he's going to check in with Jimmy O and get back to them. He also tells Clay that he has Maureen Ashby's number. Clay says that it is only eight hours ahead in Belfast so somebody should be there. Clay asks Gemma if she's ready to make the call. Gemma says she is. Before they can dial the number, Stahl comes into the room. She states that she is glad to see Gemma is feeling better. Gemma retorts that she's a picture of health. Stahl says that she needs to speak with Gemma alone. Jax and Clay are reluctant to leave, but Gemma tells them that she will be alright. Gemma says that there isn't much left that Stahl can do to her. Clay tells Gemma not to underestimate Stahl because she's been demoted and is desperate. Stahl reminds them that she is in the room with them. Jax says that they know, but that they wish she wasn't. Jax and Clay leave the room.

Stahl jokes that they are a family that hates together. Stahl tells Gemma that she wanted to thank her for turning herself in. She says it saves the ATF time and the taxpayers save money. She asks Gemma if there is any news on Abel. Gemma notes that she should be asking her that question. Stahl insists that they are doing the best they can given the information they received. Stahl says that Tara gave her a vague story on what happened. Gemma says that she wouldn't know because she was busy getting framed by Stahl. Stahl warns her that that attitude won't do her any good. Gemma says that she sounds like her mother right now. Stahl thinks that Gemma's mother was a wise woman, but Gemma retorts that she hated her mother and she's deceased now. Gemma says that they need to get the deal over with. Stahl informs her that there is a problem. She says that when the U.S. Attorney signs off on the deal it's a very specific and literal deal. She notes that Gemma was supposed to turn herself in this morning. Gemma says she did come back and it isn't her fault that she ended up in the hospital. Stahl says that she's only giving her a heads-up that the deal might go away. Stahl advises her that if she would speak with Tara and refresh her memory on the Irish then she might be able to help Gemma. Gemma swears to kill Stahl and tries to lunge at her. Stahl is able to jump back and the handcuffs and wires keep her restrained. Stahl tells Gemma to take it easy so her heart doesn't act up again. The nurse comes in and tells Stahl to step out so she can stabilize Gemma. Gemma stares after Stahl with contempt.

In Belfast, Trinity is busy managing the store. The phone rings and she picks it up. Jax is on the other line and tells her that he is looking for Maureen. Trinity informs Jax that she isn't here and asks who's calling. Jax introduces himself as a friend and asks who is on the other end. Trinity says that she's Maureen's daughter and asks Jax for a name. Jax says that he needs to know when Maureen will be back. Trinity says that Maureen won't be back. Jax says it's important that he speaks with Maureen. Trinity asks if it's so important that he can't give her a name. Jax tells her to take down the number. Trinity curses at him and asks how she's supposed to know that he isn't a bill collector. Jax tells her to tell Maureen that someone from Charming needs to speak to her again from mother to mother. He tells her that Maureen will understand and asks her to take down the number. Trinity agrees.

Tig, Bobby, and Juice wait for the Chicken Man to arrive. A van pulls up and Juice says that he has arrived. Bobby jokes that the Chicken Man drives a high roller vehicle. Juice tells Tig and Bobby that the Chicken Man is paranoid so he thinks he should deal with him alone. Juice walks up to the window and the Chicken Man asks Juice if the drugs are in his backpack. Juice says yes. He asks if he has the cash and the Chicken Man says he does. He tells Juice to get in the back. He says talking like this makes him look suspicious. Juice gets in, but is suddenly grabbed from behind. Salazar and two other Calaveras members pull Juice into the back of the van. Salazar tells Juice that he needs to tell Clay that the Calaveras has some reach. The Chicken Man apologizes to Juice and says that he ran up a tab with them and needed to pay it back. Salazar beats up Juice in the van.

In the hospital, Jax tells Clay that he reached out to the store, but Maureen wasn't there. Clay says that when she is they'll get Gemma to talk with her. Bobby, Tig, and Juice come into the hospital with Juice bloodied up. Jax asks them what happened. Juice tells him that Salazar and the Calaveras jumped him in the Chicken Man's van. Jax is angry. Juice reveals that the Calaveras took his patch. Chibs can't believe that Juice let a little club like the Calaveras take his cut away from him. Piney asks Bobby and Tig where they were when Juice was attacked. Juice says that it's on him. Bobby says that it's everyone's fault. Juice insists that he let this happen. Clay says that he thinks he knows where to find it. He says he just got done talking with T.O. and he has information on where the Mayans are setting up their heroin business out on the Make Hill Bend. Clay tells Tig, Bobby, and Chibs to go out to the location. Jax insists that he'll go and says he can't do anything here. Jax goes with them and Opie follows. Juice apologizes again for what's happened. Piney says that all they can do now is patch him up.

On the way out, the group passes Chuck waiting in the hospital waiting room. Bobby tells everyone to wait and notes that Salazar and his crew never saw Tig when they raided his house, but they may need more than one unfamiliar face to scope the location. Jax asks Chuck if he wants to go under cover. Chuck says he accepts the job and the group takes him with them.

Tara comes into the room and asks Gemma if she wanted to see her. Gemma says yes. Tara asks what she needs. Gemma tells her that Stahl came over and threatened to take away her deal because she didn't officially turn herself in. Tara is baffled and remembers that Gemma called Stahl. Gemma reveals that Stahl is desperate and is pressing her for information on the IRA. Gemma says that Tara's name came up in the conversation. Tara remembers that Stahl was in the room when the FBI interviewed her. Tara insists she didn't tell them anything. Gemma asks her to tell her what she knows. Tara says that it's what Jax said to her. She says that Hayes killed Half-Sack, tied her up, and took Abel. Gemma asks if there was anything she could have done to stop it. Tara states that he had a gun pointed at her head. Gemma asks what would have happened if Abel was hers. Tara is confused. Gemma says that if Abel was biologically her son she would have thrown herself in front of a bullet. Tara thinks that is a cruel thing to say. She insists she did everything she could. Gemma says that Tara did everything except save him. Tara starts to sob. Gemma asks Tara how far along she is. Tara is taken aback and reveals that she is six weeks pregnant. She tells Gemma that nobody else knows because of all of the things going on with the club. Gemma notes that Tara has been a secret keeper lately. Tara notes that she learned from the best. Gemma asks if it's Jax's. Tara retorts that it is. Gemma says that's good. Tara is angry that's all she has to say. Gemma says she might say more later, but good is all she can say for now. She says that she isn't a position of influence right now. Murphy comes into the room and asks Tara if she can speak to her.

Tara steps outside to talk with Murphy. Murphy tells her that she knows that Tara is still thinking about her leave, but that right now they have an emergency gastroschisis. She says the boy is only 20 minutes old and the other doctors need help. Tara doesn't think that it's a good idea for her to operate. Murphy tells her that if she has a better idea she can tell that to the infant's parents because she doesn't know how to tell them that they might not be able to save the boy.

In Belfast, McGee knocks on the door and tells Trinity to let him in. Trinity complies. McGee asks if Maureen is back yet. Trinity reveals that Maureen is still making the deposits. McGee hopes that he'll catch her later. Trinity asks McGee if she can ask him something. McGee says yes. Trinity asks him who Maureen would be calling in Charming. McGee says that SAMCRO is the only one located in Charming. Trinity tells him that someone from Charming called the shop, but wouldn't provide a name. She says it was important for Maureen to call back. McGee asks if they left a number. Trinity says that she has a number. She gives it to him. McGee says he'll give it to her when he sees her. McGee says he'll be home late and asks Trinity to lock up. Trinity agrees. Trinity locks the doors when he leaves.

Jax meets with T.O. and the Bastards. T.O. says that they followed one of the Calaveras lieutenants back to a janitorial supply house on Make Bend. He says they've been coming every day and the company is called Medina Industries. He reveals that it might just be a Mexican day job but he thinks it's worth looking into. Jax thanks T.O. for his help. Lander asks them if they need backup. Tig says that they'll be fine.

The group arrives at the janitorial supply warehouse. Tig walks up to the gate and greets the guards. He says that he's here to pick up supplies from his boss, but he forgot all of the paperwork. The man asks if Tig has a PO number. Tig says that he's from Hale Sewage Removal. The man says that it isn't here. He says that he'll go inside and check it out. The man presses a security code and goes inside. In the van, Jax notes that they have a serious security door. Chuck thinks that there are expensive cleaning supplies inside. The group realize that he is joking, of course. Tig is able to catch the door before it closes and Chuck runs inside with Tig. Tig tells Chuck to hurry. They close the door. Tig hands Chuck a clipboard that he can use to look busy. Tig tells him to go down the aisle to the right and act like he's Mayan. Chuck asks what he's supposed to do if he sees something. Tig says that he'll make it out alive and tells him to get moving. Chuck heads off in one direction and Tig heads in the other. Tig sees a list of all of the contacts Medina Industries uses. He takes out his phone and takes pictures of all of the pages. Outside, Jax sees Salazar and the Calaveras arrive. He goes to jump out, but Bobby tells him not to. Bobby says that if Salazar sees them then they will shut the place down and they're back at square one. Chibs says he's going to give Tig a heads up.

Inside, Chuck walks down the aisles. He sees two Mayans talking to each other. Tig gets the call and Chuck runs right into Salazar. Salazar asks who he is. Chuck tries to play it off like he's a worker and Tig notices that Chuck's in trouble. The Calaveras drag Chuck into an aisle and they start to beat him up. Tig is able to get on a forklift truck and knock over a pallet with cleaning supplies on it. Salazar and the Calaveras fall down. Tig grabs Chuck and they run outside.

In Belfast, McGee arrives at the clubhouse to see the rest of SAMBEL. He whispers to some of the members and then walks up the stairs to his house. Inside, Maureen is sitting at the table. Maureen tells McGee that the kettle is still warm if he wants tea. McGee gives Maureen the number and tells her that SAMCRO wants her to get in touch with them. He asks her to tell him what's going on because now she's messing in his business. Maureen insists that it has nothing to do with McGee. McGee says that Sons of Anarchy is his club. Maureen insists that this is her problem. McGee chuckles. He tells her that they know Hayes took Abel and there was no trace of him when he arrived in Belfast. He says that he knows that Hayes visited Maureen because he had no one else to turn to. McGee asks if she knows where the baby is and that's why she called Charming. McGee asks her to tell him because he can help her. Maureen tells McGee that she loves him and she would do anything for the club. She says that this matter involves the other half of her life. She knows that McGee will smack her around if she makes him mad. However, she says that if she makes the IRA mad she will end up with her head taken off with a razor wire. Maureen apologizes to him, but says she has nothing to say. McGee states that she said plenty enough. He kisses her and leaves.

Back in Charming, Jax reveals to Clay that Chuck found some Mayans guarding the warehouse. Bobby says that Salazar and the Calaveras arrived. Tig adds that Chuck was roughed up a little bit. Clay asks if the Mayans and Calaveras on onto them. Jax and Tig don't think that they are. Clay says that they at least know where the Mayans are making and supplying the drugs. Tig adds that he also knows where they're shipping. He reveals that he took photos of the distribution schedule. He says there are deliveries to Stockton every week and there's one tomorrow. Clay says that they got very good information. Jax's cell phone rings and he says that Belfast is calling him. Jax and Clay run to Gemma's room.

Gemma answers the phone and says that she got her message. Maureen tells Gemma that she's calling from a house line. She asks if the man that called the shop was John Teller's son. Gemma says that it was. She says that she's heard that Maureen made contact with another person that they know. Maureen says that she has. Gemma asks for proof. Maureen states that he is a fighter with a scar on his belly. Gemma asks Maureen what Abel was wearing. Maureen tells them that he was wearing a cheap onesie and a blue hat with a white pompom. Jax grabs the phone and asks where he's at. Maureen insists that Abel is with a friend, but she isn't sure how much longer he can keep him safe. She says that's all she can say right now and that Abel needs Jax. She hangs up. Clay asks Jax what Maureen told him. Jax says that they need to get to Belfast.

In Belfast, Maureen tells Trinity that she finished the books. Trinity asks how her phone call went. Maureen asks what she heard. Trinity says that she was talking about a baby like he was missing. Trinity asks who has Abel and asks if Father Ashby has him. Maureen is upset and says that Trinity already knows too much. Trinity retorts that she isn't a child and says that she wants the truth. Maureen says that members from SAMCRO are coming out to Belfast and she has more truth than she can handle. She leaves Trinity at the table.

At the hospital, Stahl visits Gemma again. Gemma is asleep with the picture of Hayes with Abel in her hand. Gemma wakes up and Stahl asks Gemma where the picture came from. Stahl asks Gemma where Abel is. Gemma retorts that she doesn't know. Stahl tells Gemma that she needs to learn to be more cooperative. Clay argues with the guards outside and says that he isn't going to let Stahl give Gemma another heart attack. Stahl tells the guards outside that it's okay and Clay can come in. Stahl opens the door and Clay and Jax come inside. Stahl tells them that the U.S. Attorney won't honor the deal because he has no proof that Gemma was going to turn herself in. Clay calls Stahl a liar. Stahl retorts that they shouldn't just shoot the messenger. Stahl says that between all of them, she thinks that the U.S. Attorney will pressure her for intelligence on the club. She says this means that the boys either give up Gemma or she gives up the boys. Stahl tells her to have a nice life and leaves. Gemma starts to sob and Clay gives her a hug. Jax looks after Stahl and races down the hall after her.

Outside, Stahl walks outside to see Tyler waiting for her by the car. Tyler asks how it went. Stahl says that the meeting went fine. Jax stands back and looks at the car. He writes down the license plate number of Stahl's car.

Murphy meets with Tara and tells her that she heard the operation went well. She thanks Tara for her help. Tara notes that there were two other surgeons qualified to assist with the procedure. Murphy insists that neither of the surgeons had her skill. Tara asks her what she's doing. Murphy tells her that she has to protect the hospital and tells Tara that her request for a leave has been denied.

In a parking lot, the IRA men load the rest of the AKs into the back of the SUV. The IRA men leave and Luke gets in his SUV. The engine sputters on Luke's car and Luke tells his driver to get out and check the battery. The man complies. He lifts the hood to look at the battery and is hit in the head from behind. Jax sneaks up to the passenger side and is able to pull Luke out of the passenger seat. Jax has a silencer on his gun and he points it at Luke. Luke asks Jax what is going on. Jax tells Luke that he knows that he and Jimmy O lied to the club about Abel. Luke says that this is a mistake. Jax demands to know where Abel is and asks if he's with Jimmy O. Jax wants to know why Jimmy O is lying to him. Luke insists that he doesn't know. Jax says that he does and he cocks the hammer back on his gun.

At the hospital, Gemma apologizes to Clay and says that she should have listened to him and went north. Clay tells her it's alright. He tells her to get some sleep and they'll make everything alright. Clay sighs and wonders what he's going to do next.

Later, Jax walks up to a house and knocks on the door. The porch light comes on and the door opens. Stahl is holding her gun and asks Jax why he's here. Jax shows her that he's unarmed and tells her to put the gun away. Stahl asks how he was able to get her address. Jax says that he knows that the ATF took away her regulation sedan which forced her to drive her own car. Stahl asks if Juice is hacking into the DMV. Stahl steps outside and asks him what he wants. Jax says it's a deal. Suddenly, Tyler pops out of the door and asks Stahl why Jax is here. Stahl tells her to calm down. Tyler yells that Jax is not supposed to be here. Stahl insists that she is handling it and tells Tyler to go back to bed. Tyler heads back inside.

Jax lights a cigarette and notes that Stahl brought her work home with her. Stahl states that she never learns from her mistake. Stahl tells him he has five minutes. Jax acknowledges that Stahl's career is in the tank because she was taken off of the IRA case and was stripped of her team. He knows that she is looking to go to an out of the way field office to serve out the rest of her career. Stahl asks if he just came here to tell her that. Jax says that he can give her career back to her, but he can also make her an ATF legend. He says that she can be the agent that broke the Real IRA-North California terrorist threat. He promises to give her Jimmy O and his IRA contacts. He also promises a sworn statement that gives her everything she needs to know about the gun running. Stahl asks what he wants in return. Jax says he wants Abel, Gemma, and his club. Stahl asks how she's supposed to deliver those things to him. Jax says that there isn't a person at Zobelle's dinner that will testify against SAMCRO. He says that only leaves the federal automatic weapons charges against the club. Stahl says that the U.S. Attorney will never drop the charges with all of their previous charges. Jax says that they only need them reduced to short time. Jax informs her that they have a bail hearing tomorrow that needs to be slowed down for a few more weeks. Stahl realizes that the club is going to Belfast for Jimmy O and for Abel. Stahl notes that even if the bail hearing is pushed back the men aren't allowed to leave the country. Jax says that he'll deal with that, but that SAMCRO can't have a fugitive mark on them. Stahl asks about Gemma. Jax reminds her that it was Stahl's lie that caused that and tells her that she needs to do whatever she can to get Gemma cleared. He tells her to find a scapegoat or tell new lies. He tells her to set that truth straight. Gemma notes that immunity is hard to do. Jax says that there are too many formalities with that and says that he wants her cleared of both Edmond and Polly. Stahl asks Jax if she's just supposed to trust him on this deal of a lifetime. She notes that Jax wants her dead. Jax states that if the club finds out he came to her then he is just as dead. He says his risk is just as great. Stahl asks why he thinks she would actually believe that Jax would turn rat.

Jax takes Stahl over to the van where he has Luke tied up with the AKs. He tells Stahl that Luke is the man under Jimmy O. Jax asks if Luke has enough weapons to threaten Homeland Security. Stahl says that's more than enough. Jax notes that Luke needs to disappear and can't be allowed to reach out to anyone or this goes away for the both of them. Stahl notes that terrorists aren't allowed phone calls. Jax says he'll take Luke back to the bar and put him and the AKs in his SUV. He asks Stahl if they have a deal. Stahl says that she needs to draw something up. Jax tells her that can't happen and tells her that it's a simple trade. He delivers Jimmy O and provides a statement and in exchange Stahl lowers the gun charges and frees Gemma. Jax says that he's the one that has to deliver and Stahl has nothing to lose. Jax says it's the two of them and they're all they have. Stahl hesitates, but nods in agreement. The episode ends with the van doors slamming shut.