Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 5

Turning and Turning

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2010 on FX

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  • Turning and Turning.....No Baby Abel yet!!

    Okay, so I love this show, I mean borderline obsessive, but i am finding this season a little bit of a struggle. Baby Abel gone AWOL, is really starting to get old......jax keeps getting distracted by other less important issues, I mean wouldnt a father move hell and earth to get his son back, nothing against Charlie Hunnam, who I think does a fantastic job being Jax Teller, but I dont see the desperation and drive to get 'the kid' back, but maybe thats more down to the writing and plot direction then anything else. And now, what i feared most, TARA is Pregnant.....for the love of god, do we turn the garage into a creche and invest in baby seats for the back of the mc's....this was not a direction i wanted for Jax and Tara, at least not yet......I mean is he about to get one son back and then loose another child when Tara leaves him because who wouldn't blame her with the ass his being lately. So now were off to Belfast......I have mixed emotions, cant wait to see jax get his kid back, (thus ending this story,please god), but i am not looking forward to all those painful northern Ireland accents, I mean I wonder do the N.Irish peop's even understand them!! Not that I want subtitles just wish I didnt have to stop and think, 'what did he say', I'm even Irish, ya think I'd catch it the first time!!

    Great to see Gemma is doing well, Katie Segal is doing a wonderful job with her. Liked the interaction between herself and clay....cant wait to see what the big secret is that their hiding from Jax. Believe it or not I did enjoy the episode, just like i enjoy everything got to do with SOA, I just wish we had a little more action......I am a dedicated fan and no doubt I will be miserable when the finale airs in Nov, back to rehab for me.
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