Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 7

Widening Gyre

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Ima waking up with Jax and getting up to use the restroom. Jax wakes up and reaches for a cigarette. Outside, Tara walks into the clubhouse and gets past the prospects without them stopping her. She is about to reach Jax's bedroom when Opie sees her. Opie tells Tara that Jax isn't in the bedroom. Tara asks Opie if he knows where Jax is because he didn't come home last night. Opie admits that he isn't sure. Tara doesn't believe Opie and opens up Jax's bedroom. She finds him in the bedroom and Ima coming out of the bedroom in Jax's shirt. Ima tells Tara good morning. Tara looks around in shock and slams Jax's door. Ima asks Jax if he's alright. Jax tells her to get out of his room.

Tara storms past Opie while he is talking to Lyla without another word. Lyla asks Opie if she should go talk to Tara. Opie suggests that she get Ima out of the clubhouse. Lyla yells that this isn't her fault. Opie says that if she wasn't in the pornography business she might have a better set of friends that didn't try to sleep with his fellow club members. Lyla is very insulted and slaps Opie. She storms away in anger. Miles asks him if he wants more coffee, but Opie just glares at him and leaves. Filthy Phil notes that Miles probably shouldn't have said that. Miles states that caffeine is a proven mood booster.

Outside, Tara gets in her car and drives off. Lyla and Ima watch her leave. Ima laughs and admits that it was an awkward situation having Tara walk in on her and Jax. While Tara is driving away, she sees Lyla slap Ima for what she said. Ima asks what her problem is. Lyla notes that Ima just couldn't help herself and storms away from her.

At the hospital, Unser visits Gemma and asks her if she's doing alright. Gemma says that she is doing alright considering her current situation. Unser says that he wanted to let her know that he would be handling her transport to county jail later today. Gemma asks if Unser requested that. Unser says that the ATF actually asked Charming Police Department to cover it. Gemma asks Unser about the raid. Unser says that he told Clay the truth and that the station didn't find out about it until the Sanwa Sheriff's Office was getting ready to move in. Gemma says that Unser is a bad liar. She says that she understands why he can't be close with them because of all of the eyes on him, but people getting hurt is not good and he could lose friends that way. Gemma says that she would hate to see Unser lost in this mess.

At the clubhouse, Opie sits in Jax's room and notes he had a busy morning. Jax says that he was with Ima. Opie admits that was not a good move. Jax doesn't have much to say. Opie wants to know what's going on with Jax, but Jax says he has nothing to tell him. Opie says he hopes that Jax is fine with it because there was a high traffic zone he went through last night. Jax asks Opie to look at it in hindsight and asks if Opie could have done this to Donna would he have. Opie hesitates and tells him that when he first went to prison he tried to get Donna to divorce him and take the kids considering his situation. Opie says that Donna knew what was going and still stayed with him to the end. Opie thinks it's going to take more than Ima to scare Tara away. Jax asks if Lyla is scaring him away from the club. Opie goes to respond, but Juice informs the two that they are sitting at the table now. Jax runs over and grabs his cut. Jax says that they need to go find Abel and then they'll deal with their love lives after that.

In the boardroom, Clay informs the group that the cargo plane is headed for Manchester and a guy that will get them a ferry to Belfast. Clay says that SAMBEL will pick them up at the port and take them to Belfast. He says he's going to call McGee to arrange everything. Jax notes that they still aren't sure if they can trust Liam O'Neill after what happened with Jimmy O. Clay says that he'll press McGee for the truth, but states that they have no other choice but to bunk down with McGee. Tig says that they travel with bond restrictions and they're going to use their unmarked motorcycles for the trip. Clay also tells them to pack light and says that anything they can't fit on their backs is not to be brought along. Chibs comes into the boardroom and the group asks if he was able to get a hold of Fiona. Chibs says that Jimmy O has Fiona and his daughter, Kerianne, under lockdown. Jax asks if Fiona knows why Jimmy O lied to them about Abel being in Vancouver. Chibs says she isn't sure about that, but that she does know that Jimmy O is trying to push Father Ashby out. Juice asks if he's talking about the priest. Chibs says that he is and calls him the Real IRA consigliere. Piney adds that while Father Ashby doesn't actually call any shots nothing is done without him giving his two cents worth on the issue. Jax says that whatever it is he knows Jimmy O doesn't want them in Belfast and they may face IRA heat by going to Belfast. Clay says that that is a risk they are willing to take to find Abel.

In Belfast, Jimmy O and his bodyguard, Donny, meet up with Liam. Liam says that he's still waiting on details, but he is sure that SAMCRO is coming to Belfast. Jimmy O says that the plan is to go into effect now. Liam warns Jimmy O that he needs to be kept in the loop about things and says that whatever happens SAMCRO can't know the information came from SAMBEL. Jimmy O says that's a risk that he has to take. The two go their separate ways.

Later, Jax visits Gemma in the hospital and asks her how she's doing. Gemma says she's doing fine. Jax says that the trip is planned this afternoon and they are leaving on one of Elliot's cargo planes tonight. He tells her that they are going to find Abel. Gemma says she knows. Gemma says that she's going to miss a lot of his life. Gemma tells Jax that she doesn't want to go to prison and starts crying. Gemma apologizes, but Jax tells her that she isn't going to prison and he promises that he will protect her. Gemma says that she doesn't know what he's doing, but that he will be in trouble with the club if they find out what he's doing. Jax tells her that she doesn't have to worry about him and everything will work out alright in the end. Gemma says she always worries about him. Clay comes in and asks what's going on. Gemma says that she just wants to be with her family. Clay says that he knows that. He gives her a hug and Gemma says she's sorry about breaking down and blames it on the medicine she's getting. Gemma asks if he needs to do anything. Jax says that they need to let Maureen know that they are coming to Belfast because she may be their best shot of finding Abel. Gemma asks if she is going to reach out to her. Jax thinks that is a good idea and says that she might be able to reach out and get more information. He hopes that Maureen might open up a little more about things coming from one mother to another. Gemma agrees to reach out to Maureen. Clay promises that they will come back to see her before her transport to county. Clay and Jax say goodbye to Gemma and they head out.

Clay and Jax find Tig and Bobby in the waiting room. Jax asks what's going on. Bobby says that they just got a call from T.O. saying that they need to come to Lodi. Jax asks what happened. Tig says that he didn't say and notes T.O. was crying. Clay knows this can't be good.

The club arrives in Lodi and go to T.O.'s house. They walk in the house to find Lander dead from gunshot wounds and a huge knife protruding from the back of his head. Clay asks T.O. what happened. T.O. says that he found Lander like this. He is convinced that the bullets killed him and the knife is merely a message. Chibs asks who it was. T.O. yells that the knife is buried in Lander's skull and Jax notes it was the Calaveras that did it. T.O. thinks it was Salazar. Opie asks if there were any witnesses. T.O. says no and that Lander's family has been moved to a safe location. Happy asks if the police were notified. T.O. says no and adds that with the retaliation they are going to give out he didn't want the police to be able to slap a motive on them. Clay notes that retaliation is going to be very tricky. Clay says that the deal with the Mayans is only a day old and the Mayans still have connections to the Calaveras. Bobby also notes that they have to assume for the time being that the Mayans may be involved. T.O. asks what happens if Alvarez denies them justice and reminds them that this happened because the Grim Bastards defended SAMCRO. Jax tells T.O. that they need to bring Alvarez into the loop or he's going to think that they went back on the deal. Tig notes that there is a Mayan rally today and he thinks that Alvarez will be there. Clay tells Tig to give Alvarez a call so he knows that they are coming down. T.O. says that the Grim Bastards are going with SAMCRO. Clay permits T.O. to bring two of his members with him but that's it. Clay says they are going for Intel, not battle.

SAMCRO and the Grim Bastards arrive at the rally. Tig admires a lot of the Latino women, but Juice reminds him that the last time he was with Latina women they ended up dead and he was almost in trouble. Tig shrugs off the remark. Alvarez meets up with the group and Salazar and his men watch from afar. Alvarez says that he just got word of what happened. Clay thinks that Salazar is involved with the hit. Alvarez says that may be the case. T.O. is really upset by that comment and wants to attack Alvarez. Clay turns to T.O. and says that he needs to control his rage right now. T.O. nods his head and apologizes. He tells Alvarez that he's known Lander since he was only 4-years-old. Alvarez says he understands and says he didn't patch the Calaveras in, but that they still serve a good purpose to the club. Jax notes that they can't make this about the Calaveras and thinks only Salazar is in involved. Opie thinks that Salazar may be going rogue. Clay tells Alvarez that Salazar should be stripped of his patch and someone else put in charge of the Calaveras. The Mayans discuss in private and then tells them to head to the bathroom.

The group arrives at the bathroom. Alvarez brings Salazar and two of his lieutenants, Edgar and Roscoe, into the bathroom. Alvarez informs Salazar that someone killed a member of the Grim Bastards this morning and there was a not so subtle knife in the back of his head. Alvarez pulls out his gun and points it at Salazar. He demands to know who killed Lander. Salazar says it wasn't him, but T.O. knows that he's lying. Salazar says that SAMCRO killed Pozo so he had a right to retaliate. Alvarez tells him that the way this works is that either Salazar drops or the lieutenant that did it will. Salazar asks why he cares about Lander's death and calls the Grim Bastards racist names. T.O. wants to lunge at him, but SAMCRO holds him back. Clay pulls out his own gun and says that he does care. He says that a body is going to hit the floor in a minute and tells Salazar that it's either going to be him or one of his lieutenants. He tells him to start talking. Salazar points to Edgar and says that he is the one that did it. Edgar calls Salazar a traitor ad scum. Alvarez nods to T.O. and T.O. shoots Edgar in the head. Roscoe raises his hands in fright and swears that he wasn't there. Alvarez throws Salazar up against the wall and cuts the president's patch off of his cut. Alvarez demands that Salazar take off his cut. Salazar tells him off, but Tig and Jax pull the cut right off of Salazar. They put it in the toilet and stomp it in. Salazar says he's going to kill him for that. Clay punches him in the face. Alvarez hands Roscoe the president's patch and says he is now the new president of the Calaveras. He hopes that he does a better job keeping them in line. Roscoe accepts the patch and looks at the dead Edgar. He says he will make sure of it. Alvarez asks if they're good. T.O. nods and says that they are good. Jax informs Alvarez that several of the SAMCRO members are heading out of town for a few days. He tells them that if they need anything he can call SAMCRO. Alvarez says that he should be fine, but thanks Jax nonetheless. The groups shake hands and leave the bathroom. Salazar gets up and staggers out with a bloody lip. Salazar's girlfriend, Louisa, runs over to him to comfort him. Salazar stares at SAMCRO in hatred and vows revenge.

In the hospital, Gemma dials Maureen's phone number to talk to her. She puts the phone down in mid-dial and wonders if she should do this. She looks at the number again and dials. Maureen picks up the phone and hears Gemma's voice. Gemma asks if Maureen can talk. Maureen asks her to hold on for one second. She locks the door to her shop and closes it. She picks up the phone in her office and says she can talk. Gemma says that Clay told her to inform her that SAMCRO would be in Belfast tomorrow afternoon. Maureen says that she will be ready for them. Gemma asks her if she knows where Abel is. Maureen says that she doesn't, but that she knows someone that knows his location. Maureen says she will do what she can to help her. Gemma tells Maureen that Jax knows nothing about John Teller and Belfast. Maureen tells her that Trinity doesn't know anything either. Gemma is confused and asks who Trinity is. Maureen says that Trinity is her daughter. Gemma asks why this concerns John and Belfast. Maureen realizes that Gemma doesn't know the truth, but it suddenly hits Gemma. Gemma realizes that Trinity is John's daughter. Gemma is shocked and throws up in the waste basket. Maureen hangs up the phone in embarrassment. She pulls a box out of one of her drawers and unlocks it with her key. Inside are two guns and a photograph of her, John, and baby Trinity. Maureen stares at it longingly and we see that it is from the year 1988.

While Maureen is in the office, there is a knock at the door. She asks who it is and it turns out to be Fiona. Fiona tells Maureen that she needs some help. She says that one of Jimmy O's boys has been hurt when a cocktail blew up in his face. Fiona says that Jimmy O wouldn't let him go to the hospital. Maureen says that the boy is young and tells her to take him inside. Chibs and Fiona's daughter, Kerianne, helps take the boy into Maureen's shop. Fiona says that Jimmy O is going to know that they are gone by now and worries that he'll kill her for leaving like this. Maureen tells Fiona to stash her car somewhere because SAMCRO is coming to Belfast tomorrow. She hopes that they can deal with Jimmy O. Fiona asks if she really believes that. Maureen says that they don't have much of a choice and tells her to go hide the car.

Back in Charming, Tara visits Gemma in her hospital room. Tara asks Gemma if she's alright and realizes that she's nauseous. Tara asks if it's the medicine, but Gemma says no. Tara says that Dr. Gallagher has cleared her to leave. Gemma isn't thrilled. Tara says that he will continue to make sure that she gets her medication. Tara says she's sorry that this is happening to her. Gemma says that she at least has a new grandson on the way and pats Tara's belly. Tara steps back and Gemma asks what's wrong. Tara tells her that she doesn't think Jax is ready for another baby. Gemma asks what she's talking about. Tara tells Gemma about walking in on Jax and Ima that morning. Tara says that Jax has been pushing her away and it worked with the stunt with Ima. Gemma tells Tara that Jax blames himself for everything that happened to Abel and that he can't handle the thought that something could happen to Tara. Gemma says that Jax is lost and Tara needs to be his constant and ride it out. Tara says she isn't strong enough to do that. Gemma says that Jax wouldn't be doing this if he knew that Tara was pregnant. Tara tells Gemma that Jax cannot find out. Tara says that what happens to the baby is her decision and warns her that nobody can know about this. Gemma says that secret babies are a bad idea. Tara begs Gemma. Gemma says that she will stay silent but only in exchange for a favor.

In Belfast, Maureen, Fiona, and Kerianne look after the injured boy. McGee arrives and says that there is nothing they can do about the eye because it's gone. Fiona says that his older brother was tasked with watching over her and Kerianne and she thinks that they were followed here. Another member says that he thinks that he's stabilized the boy, but he's going to go need to get some compresses for him. McGee says that's fine and the man heads out to retrieve them. Fiona asks where Trinity is. Maureen says that Trinity went to deliver supplies to her grandmother and she'll be back tomorrow. Fiona is glad because she doesn't want Trinity seeing all of this. She notices Kerianne in the kitchen shell-shocked and covered in blood. Father Ashby arrives and hugs Kerianne. He greets Fiona as well and then notices the boy on the couch. Father Ashby asks what happened. McGee says that the boy had a run-in with the police and a cocktail blew up. Fiona notes that Jimmy O is making the boys think that acts of violence are a republic duty and it's getting more people hurt. Maureen tells Fiona to wash up and get a new set of clothes. Fiona eaves to do that. Maureen tells Father Ashby that she talked with Gemma and SAMCRO is going to be in Belfast by tomorrow. Father Ashby tells Maureen to care for the boy and then send him back to Jimmy O. Maureen asks about Fiona and Kerianne. Father Ashby says he'll keep them safe in the church. Maureen notes that Jimmy O will come looking for them. Father Ashby is aware of that, but insists that he is prepared for that.

Back in Charming, Jax approaches Tara in the bathroom packing her belongings. Jax tells her that she doesn't have to leave yet and says that they aren't heading out for a few more hours. Tara doesn't answer him. Jax apologizes for this morning's incident. Tara says it's what he wanted. Jax says that he never wanted Tara to get hurt. Tara says that he did want her to get hurt and is convinced that Jax blames her for Abel and just won't admit it to her. Tara says that Gemma told her that him breaking up with her is only about protecting her. Jax says it is to protect her. Tara asks what she needs protection from. Jax says that Donna, Abel, and Half-Sack were all victims of the club and tells her she could be next. Tara thinks he's being ridiculous and says that they both know that nothing is going to happen to her. She thinks that he needs a reason to feel good about bailing on her, but says that this time he isn't going to get his way. She storms out of the house and drives away before Jax can say another word. When she pulls out, Salazar and Louisa notice Tara driving away. Louisa says that Tara must be Jax's girl and Salazar adds that they now know where to find her.

At the hospital, Margaret Murphy pays Gemma a visit. Murphy says that she needs Gemma to help her with Tara. Gemma tells her to say what she has to say. Murphy notes that Gemma has a very strong influence over Tara and she needs encouragement to make the right decisions about her future. Gemma asks what she means. Murphy is talking about her relationship with the club, and Gemma adds she's also talking about the relationship about Jax. Murphy doesn't look her in the eye on that one. Gemma retorts that Murphy has no idea who they are or what they are about. Gemma says that she only has an impression and is corrupted by what other people think about groups like the club. Murphy tells her it isn't about her, but Gemma says that when someone attacks her son they are attacking her. Murphy says she isn't attacking anyone, but she thinks someone needs to intervene. Gemma says that Jax and Tara have loved each other since they were 16. Gemma says the problems they have are their own and Murphy doesn't get to interfere. Gemma orders Murphy to get out or she is going to give her a matching eye.

At the clubhouse, everyone gets ready to head out. Clay gives Gemma's bird to Miles and tells him to take care of it or Gemma is going to stuff him in the birdcage. Miles agrees to watch over the bird. Piney says that they are going to be on the road by 4:30. He is given some employee passes that will get them through the gates and into the hangar to wait for the plane. Jax tells Bobby that they are going to take the truck because they have to go say goodbye to Gemma before she goes to county. Tig says he's going with Jax and Clay. Clay says he'll see them at the plane. Clay tells Bobby to make sure that nobody is late. Bobby says they won't be. Lyla pulls up in her car and sees Opie packing some things. Opie greets her and Lyla asks if he's ready to go. Opie says that they are ready. Opie apologizes for what he said earlier and says he was only angry. Lyla says she knows and says that she has something to tell him. Opie asks what's going on. Lyla stays silent for a moment and asks Opie if he knows how much she loves him. She says it would devastate her if anything happened to Opie. Opie says that everything will be okay and they will be back in a week with Abel. Opie says that Piney will help her out with the kids and it'll work out. Opie tells Lyla he loves her and she says the same. The two kiss.

At the hospital, Gemma starts to thrash around on a stretcher and she is escorted past Unser. Unser asks what happened. Tara tells him that Gemma's fever spiked and it may have been because of the new medicine. She says that she needs to put Gemma in an ice bath before she blacks out. Unser tells Tara to keep him posted. The group puts Gemma into an ice bath. The nurses on the gurney leave the room and Tara asks another one of the nurses to get Dr. Gallagher. The nurse says that Dr. Gallagher is in surgery. Tara orders her to page his partner. The nurse leaves to do that. Tara tells another nurse to go tell another doctor that she is going to be late for surgery because of this. The agent in the room is a male and Tara asks if they can have a little privacy while she disrobes Gemma. The agent agrees and steps out. When he leaves, Tara tells Gemma the room is clear. Gemma gets up and is freezing. Tara grabs Gemma some clothes.

They leave the room and Gemma asks Tara to call Jax. Tara hands her a phone and tells her to do it herself. Tara swipes her card through another door and they both go through it. Jax's phone rings and he answers it. Gemma asks Jax if they are at the hospital. Jax says that they are. Gemma tells him to meet her outside the service entrance. Jax is confused, but Gemma tells him to get over there now. They hang up and Clay asks what happened. Jax says it was Gemma and they get in the tow truck. Tara gives Gemma some medicine and says that it's enough to get her through a few weeks but if she's there longer she needs to find a way to fill the prescription. Gemma says she will. Tara says that this elevator will take her to the service exit and to the guys downstairs. Tara gives her some cash and gives her the keys to her car if she needs it. Gemma says that the federal agents are never going to believe that she did this at gunpoint. Tara says that she may as well have. Gemma says she'll keep her promise about not telling anyone about the baby. Tara reminds Gemma that it is her choice about what happens to the baby. Gemma asks that she wait until Jax gets back and look into Abel's eyes before she does anything. Tara says she has to go and gives Gemma a hug. Gemma says she'll be back in a week and gets in the elevator.

Tara walks back down the hall and Murphy approaches her. She asks where Gemma is. Tara tells her that Gemma pulled a gun on her and stole everything and escaped. Murphy asks if she really expects her to believe that. Tara says she doesn't care and Murphy takes her into another room. She notes that Tara is committing a crime. Tara informs Murphy that when Hayes killed Half-Sack he also kidnapped Gemma's grandson, Abel. Tara says that it wasn't in the papers and the police aren't doing anything to help. She says that the only way that Abel will be found is if SAMCRO is looking for him and she tells Murphy that Gemma wasn't going to prison until she knew that Abel was safe. Tara says that there may have been a way for her to have stopped Hayes from taking Abel, but she says that helping Gemma was her way of making up for it. Tara says that she'll deny all of it and if the cops don't believe it she'll suffer the consequences. Tara thanks Murphy. Murphy asks why she's thanking her. Tara says that she knows that Murphy is only trying to help her. Murphy tells Tara to wait and then slugs her in the face. Tara screams and asks why she did that. Murphy says that the police will never believe that Gemma didn't slug her. She gives her an icepack and the two head out to report what happened.

Outside, Gemma comes outside to Clay, Tig, and Jax. Jax asks what she's doing. Gemma tells him that she's going to Belfast with them. Jax yells that she made a deal with the ATF. Gemma says she doesn't care and the cuffs will be waiting for her when she gets back. Clay tries to reason with her, but Tig says that it won't work because he's already been there once before. Gemma says she's going. The four go to the truck, but Unser stops them. He notes that Gemma's fever broke and there are people looking for her. Gemma says she'll be back soon. Unser tells Gemma that she has to come with him and that he'll tell the agents that she turned herself in and had a change of heart. He says this way nobody will get in trouble for aiding and abetting. Clay asks what happens if they say no. Unser says there are no other options here. Unser pulls his gun and Tig pulls his out as well. Unser says that this is not the way he wants to do this. Gemma starts to walk towards Unser and asks him if he's really going to shoot her. Unser holds steady, but he realizes that he would never shoot Gemma. Gemma calls him a traitor and they walk past Unser without another word. Gemma gives Tig the keys to Tara's car and the others take off in the tow truck. Unser calls in the escape. Down the road, the group hears sirens behind them. Tig realizes that Unser called it in and they won't make it out of Charming if they continue like this. He gives them the keys to Tara's car and says that they will be looking for the truck. He says he's going to drive the truck in the other direction while they make their escape. Jax insists that they need Tig in Belfast. Tig says that they need Gemma more. Tig says that he'll lead them on Interstate 18. The group relents and gets in their respective cars. Tig tells Jax to get Abel. The two groups separate.

In the hospital, Tara gives her statement to the agents that Gemma punched her and stole her card as well as her keys. Murphy says that she saw Tara pursue her, but when Gemma got away she took care of Tara because it was the agents' job to go after Gemma. Tig leads the cops down Interstate 18 and he yells for the cops to stay with him as he leads them down the highway. Tara's car arrives with Clay, Jax, and Gemma. Elliot is there to greet them and admits that they ran it very close. Jax apologizes and says that they need to give someone a ride. Gemma gets out and Jax tells Elliot that this wasn't his idea. Bobby asks where Tig is. Clay tells him what happened. Gemma hugs Bobby and Clay tells the group that McGee is calling him. Clay picks up the phone and asks McGee if he got his message. McGee says that he did and apologizes for not getting back to him. McGee says that he has their motorcycles and house ready for them when they get here. McGee says it isn't California pretty but it has the basic needs. Clay says it's enough and asks about the ferry. McGee says they will be waiting for them. Clay says he appreciates it and then says that he needs to ask McGee a delicate question. McGee notes he's a delicate man. Clay asks about Liam and notes he has concerns that he may be lying along with Jimmy O. Clay asks if Liam's loyalties are closer to the club or the IRA. McGee says that Liam has been a brother for 10 years and that he trusts him. Clay says that he believes him and warns McGee that Jimmy O cannot find out that SAMCRO is coming to Belfast. Clay says that Intel would put them in danger. McGee says that he has his word on that and the two say goodbye. Clay tells the others that Belfast is set up. However, in Belfast, Jimmy O gets out of his car and meets with McGee and Liam. Jimmy O asks McGee where Fiona and Kerianne are. McGee informs him that they are with Father Ashby. Jimmy O says that makes since. He asks if he got hold of Clay. McGee says that SAMCRO is on their way and will be here tomorrow afternoon. Jimmy O tells McGee to be ready for them and notes that SAMCRO will not be in Belfast long. The three part ways.

In Charming, Clay thanks Piney for looking after the business while the club is away. After their goodbyes, Clay, Jax, Gemma, Bobby, Chibs, Opie, Juice, and Happy walk to the plane with Elliot to take off for Belfast. Piney, Filthy Phil, and Miles watch them leave. The episode ends with the group preparing to board the plane.

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