Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 6

With an X

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Clay, Jax, Tig, Chibs, Opie, Juice, Miles, and Alvarez and the Mayans still in the storage facility questioning why a cocaine brick is missing. Alvarez asks who took it. Jax tells Alvarez that he should ask Rafi where it was. Rafi thinks that they should ask Ratboy, Filthy Phil, and Miles. Miles argues that SAMCRO did not take the brick. Alvarez notes that somebody did take it. Juice states that it was all present before ten o'clock because he came by last night and did a walk through. Rafi confirms that is true. Alvarez realizes that Juice was the last one that saw it. Juice mocks Alvarez for thinking that and notes that he didn't just stuff a brick of cocaine in his pants and walk out. Alvarez tries to attack Juice for mocking him, but Chibs stops Alvarez. Different people start to argue and fight. Clay fires a shot into the air and everyone stops moving. Clay tells everyone that killing each other won't solve anything. Tig tells everyone to separate.

Clay, Jax, and Alvarez stay in the room alone. Clay tells Alvarez that Elliot has cameras outside all of the entrances and they will make sure nobody snuck in. Alvarez states that Rafi is a loyal soldier of fifteen years and he would never steal the cocaine. Jax also states that Juice wouldn't have done it either. Alvarez points out that Miles is a new patch for SAMCRO and he might have done it. Jax doubts Miles did it. Clay notes that Filthy Phil and Ratboy might have done it. Jax says that they'll press the prospects and asks Alvarez to talk with Rafi to make sure there are no outside pressures. Alvarez notes that they need to figure this out quickly because Romeo is coming down to check out the setup and will want to see the cocaine. Jax tells Alvarez that they will leave the remaining bricks here and he can tell Romeo that they haven't picked up the shipment which will buy them some time. Alvarez hopes that another brick won't be taken then. Clay tells Alvarez to calm down. Alvarez notes that they are not dealing with something light and asks what happens if the Gallindo Cartel thinks they are screwing with them. Clay realizes how bad this could be. Alvarez says that no matter whether the Sons or Mayans took it, the person that took it will end up dead. Alvarez leaves the room to Clay and Jax. Jax tells Clay that Juice didn't do this. Clay says that Miles is too stupid to rip them off so it had to have been either Filthy Phil or Ratboy. Jax doesn't see how that is possible since the room was locked. Jax states that the men didn't even know what they were protecting. Clay states that they knew it was valuable enough for them to be guarding it all night. Clay says that nobody else taking it would make sense. Jax states that he is going to call Happy.

Unser pulls up in his truck outside of Teller-Morrow Automotive still following Tara. Tara brings Thomas to Gemma and tells Gemma that Elyda took Abel out to Target. Tara states that she'll pick Thomas up after the meeting. Gemma asks Tara if Elyda is getting along with the boys. Tara states that she is and notes that Elyda is teaching Abel some Spanish. Gemma tells Tara to keep Elyda away from Tig. Suddenly, a taxi pulls up and a younger girl steps outside. The girl greets Gemma and gives her a hug. It is revealed to be Tig's daughter, Dawn. Gemma tells Dawn that Tig isn't home, but he'll be back soon. Dawn states that he didn't know that she was coming up. Dawn asks Gemma if she has money and Gemma hands it to her for the cab. Chuck comes out to see Dawn while Tara introduces herself. Chuck asks Dawn if she needs help with her bag. Dawn looks at Chuck's prosthetic hands and asks if they are real. Chuck states that they aren't. Gemma tells Chuck to stop talking and asks Dawn where her sister, Fawn, is at. Dawn states that is the reason she is here and notes that it is bad. Dawn states this is why she needs Tig and starts to cry. Gemma tells Chuck to call Tig.

Back at the storage facility, Bobby arrives to help with the situation. Clay asks Bobby how Otto took the news. Bobby lies and says that Otto understood why they didn't kill Caruso. Jax asks Bobby how he's handling everything. Bobby states that he is fine and asks how they are going to handle this problem. Tig points at Miles and tells him to come into the room with him and Happy. They go into the room and the door is shut. Filthy Phil and Ratboy assure Clay that they didn't take the cocaine and notes that they weren't even told what was in the room. Ratboy states that Rafi was by himself most of the night. Clay tells the boys that they will get to the truth. Suddenly, they pounding and screaming going on inside of the room. It appears that Happy is smashing Miles' fingers with the hammer, but it's actually all an act that the men are setting up to appease the Mayans. Filthy Phil and Ratboy don't know it's a joke and start to panic.

Happy comes out of the room with fake blood appearing on the hammer. He asks for the next person to come into the room. Jax tells Ratboy to go into the room. Ratboy tells Jax that they didn't take the cocaine brick. Clay tells Ratboy to tell the truth to Happy. Ratboy refuses to let Happy crush his hands with the hammer. Filthy Phil tells Clay that this is ridiculous and again states that none of them took the brick. Jax shoves Filthy Phil and Filthy Phil states that this is crazy. Happy tells the men that he is waiting. Jax thinks there is a better way to know the truth. Tig gets a phone call and tells Clay that he has to go to Teller-Morrow Automotive because Dawn arrived. Clay tells Tig that he can leave. Bobby tells Clay he's also going with Tig. Clay states they can handle it and tells Filthy Phil and Ratboy to go into the gun room. The men comply and everyone heads in. Juice takes a deep breath and also heads in.

Gemma tells Dawn that Tig is on his way back to the clubhouse. Gemma asks if she needs anything she can ask Chuck. Dawn hugs Gemma and Gemma leaves. Gemma notices that Piney is drinking and notes that it's only nine o'clock. Piney acknowledges that it is the correct time. Ima comes out of the bedroom and wishes everyone a good morning. Tara asks Ima what she's doing here. Ima states that she was a guest last night. Tara asks Ima who invited her. Ima notes that it really isn't any of Tara's business. Gemma tells Ima that she should make it their business. Ima tells them that she was invited to the clubhouse. Tara states that the invitation is over and Gemma recommends that she take her stuff and leave. Gemma warns Ima to leave or Tara will deliver a serious beating. Ima retreats back to the bedroom and Tara storms out as well. Gemma tells Piney to stop drinking and watch Thomas.

Gemma follows Tara outside and asks her if Jax came home last night. Tara states that it doesn't matter and notes that Ima shouldn't be at the clubhouse. Tara states she hates it when girls like her are around the clubhouse. Lyla arrives and asks Gemma and Tara if they've seen Opie. Gemma thinks that Opie is with the rest of the guys. Lyla notes that she was worried since Opie never came home the previous night. Gemma notes that they had a late night and Opie just crashed at the clubhouse. Gemma asks Lyla if everything is fine. Lyla says that she and Opie are struggling and not talking much. Gemma says that happens to every man when they get married. Tara tells Lyla to give Opie some time. Tig and Bobby arrive back at the clubhouse and Lyla gets ready to leave. Tara whispers to Gemma that she felt bad about lying to Ima, but Gemma notes that it isn't their business. Lyla is getting ready to leave when she sees Ima's car and license plate in the lot. Lyla gets irritated and goes into the clubhouse. Bobby points out that Lyla is going into the clubhouse and they all rush after her. Inside, Lyla demands to know from Piney where Ima is. Ima comes out and Lyla asks her why she's in the clubhouse. Ima remarks that nobody says good morning anymore. Lyla asks her if she stayed the night at the clubhouse. Ima says that Lyla doesn't want to know. Lyla realizes that Ima slept with Opie, but Ima claims that she was only following Opie's lead. Ima notes that married women can become boring to a man. Lyla tries to punch Ima, but Ima pulls out her gun and warns her that she will shoot her if she tries that. Piney gets Thomas out of the way and Dawn and Chuck cower behind the bar. Lyla asks Ima why she would sleep with Opie. Ima insists that if she wants answers she should ask Opie. Lyla starts to break down crying. Tig tells Ima to leave and Tara warns Ima to keep her gun close. Ima finally leaves. Tig gives Dawn a hug and states that it's great to see her. Gemma asks if Tara is alright and she says that she's fine. Gemma tells Bobby to call Opie.

In the gun room, a revolver sits on the table. Jax tells Ratboy and Filthy Phil that the gun is about commitment for the club. Jax says that if they get through it then they know neither of them had anything to do with the brick. Opie adds that if they chicken out then it means they aren't straight about why they are here. Filthy Phil asks Jax if there is really a bullet inside the gun. Jax states that there is one bullet and five empty chambers. Jax says they only have to pull the trigger once. Chibs adds that it's the best option they are going to get. Jax spins the revolver and gives it to Filthy Phil first. Filthy Phil grabs the revolver, puts it to his head, begging that it's empty, and fires. It is an empty round and he makes it through. Suddenly, Opie's phone starts to ring and he answers it. Jax spins it again and hands it to Ratboy. Ratboy doesn't think that there is a bullet in the revolver because if there really was then it would be murder. Jax asks Ratboy for his point. Ratboy just can't believe that the club is making them do this. Jax asks Ratboy if he is in the club or out. Ratboy picks up the revolver and screams loudly. He fires and it is an empty chamber. Filthy Phil loses it and throws up.

Opie tells Jax that they have a problem and need to leave. They leave the room and Clay asks them where they are going. Opie tells Clay there was a disturbance at the clubhouse. Jax tells Clay that Ima pulled a gun on Gemma, Tara, and Lyla. Clay asks if everyone is alright. Jax says that they are going to find out. Juice pops up and tells Clay that he really doesn't think Filthy Phil or Ratboy were behind the theft. Jax says that the prospects made it through Russian Roulette. Clay asks Chibs to check in with Alvarez about their progress with Rafi. Chibs notes that Miles should go with Jax and Opie because the Mayans think that he is in the hospital. Chibs asks Clay what they should do. Jax suggests that they do a cage match.

Dawn tells Tig that she didn't know who else to go to and she thinks that Fawn is going to hurt herself. Tig asks Dawn when Fawn started to purge and notes that it is very unlike her. Dawn says that Fawn has always had problems with eating. Tig doesn't remember this at all. Dawn says that Fawn used to count how many Cheerios she ate when she was five. Dawn states that they need to get Fawn into rehab. Tig asks Dawn about their mother, Colleen. Dawn states that Colleen is only concerned about the twelve step program for her drug problem. Dawn says that Colleen is creating boundaries. Dawn says that there is a private rehab in Orange County with an opening, but it will cost $12,000. Bobby is astounded and states that he could stop Fawn binging for no money. Chuck asks if he's telling the truth and the men look at him. Dawn states that this is serious and she doesn't want to lose Fawn. Tig promises that he'll help and they will go together to check Fawn in. Dawn states that she is the only one who can check Fawn in because otherwise Fawn won't go. Tig is fine with that and says that he'll go and get the cash. Tig gives Dawn a kiss.

Clay, Jax, Opie, and Miles arrive at the clubhouse. Clay asks Gemma if she's alright and Gemma states that she's fine. Gemma tells Opie that Lyla is in the clubhouse and Ima took off. Gemma notes that Ima said some cruel things and while it isn't her business she thinks what he did was irresponsible. Jax tells Gemma not to get involved. Gemma states that Ima pulled a gun on her. Opie says that this is his problem to deal with. Suddenly, Piney punches Opie in the face. Opie is knocked to the ground. Piney sternly tells Opie that what he did with Ima almost got people killed and states that he doesn't know who he is anymore. Piney leaves.

Inside, Tara patches up Opie's cut. She recommends that he put ice on it. Jax asks Tara if she's fine and Tara notes to Jax that she isn't. Opie gets some ice out and notes that Tara is upset. Jax notes that Tara is reliving his affair with Ima. Opie notes that Tara did give him a pass which Opie thinks he isn't getting. Jax notes that getting Tara pregnant and rescuing her from Salazar helped wipe the slate clean. Jax notes that he wouldn't recommend any of that as a fix. Opie admits he doesn't think he wants another child, but he just thought it was the solution for their relationship. Jax notes that it would get Lyla out of the pornography life. Jax doesn't think that Lyla wants out.

Outside, Jax talks with Tara. Tara ignores him, but Jax stopped her. Jax apologizes to Tara. Tara holds up her engagement ring and asks Jax if he knows what it means. Jax states that he does. Tara tells Jax that she needs to know that he can be trusted. Jax reminds Tara that he didn't sleep with Ima this time. Tara states that this isn't about Opie, but more about how the club treats women. Jax tells Tara not to condemn the whole club. Tara notes that she is something more and notes that she is the mother of his sons. Tara states that if he hurts her, then he hurts the entire family. Jax promises Tara he won't hurt her. Tara gets in her car and takes off. Gemma notes to Jax the betrayal he did to Tara will never be forgotten. Jax is aware of that. Gemma tells Jax that he should make sure it doesn't happen again. Jax nods in agreement.

Clay looks at the security camera and sees Unser's truck is sitting outside of the shop. Clay walks out to Unser's truck and finds him asleep. He wakes him up and notes that being awake is key to surveillance. Clay asks Unser if he's going to just follow Tara around for the rest of his life and notes that it doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Unser says that he doesn't care about himself and he just doesn't want to see anyone else gets hurt. Clay states that he doesn't want to see anyone hurt either, especially him by the law or the club. Clay states that if he goes down, Unser goes down as well.

Back at the storage facility, Chibs tells Filthy Phil and Ratboy that they know one of them is telling the truth and one of them is lying. He states that it is up to them to reveal the whole truth. Happy tells them that nobody is coming out of the room until they have an answer. Filthy Phil asks Happy what that means and asks if they have to kill each other. Chibs tells them that they need the truth and it's up to Filthy Phil and Ratboy what truth will be told. Chibs says that if they don't figure it out, both of them will be killed. The men leave Filthy Phil and Ratboy.

Back at the clubhouse, Miles tells Clay that he checked the cameras and didn't see anyone except their men coming in or out. Clay tells Miles to head back and give the footage back to Elliot's men.

Up on the roof, Opie finds Lyla crying. Lyla asks Opie if he was drunk when he slept with Ima. Opie says that he wasn't. Lyla asks Opie why he did it. Opie states that he found the birth control in Lyla's dressing room. Lyla realizes Opie did it to get even. Opie admits that he doesn't really know the true reason. Opie acknowledges that he knows Lyla doesn't want another child. Lyla reveals to Opie that she had an abortion last year when they went to Belfast. Opie asks Lyla if it was his child. Lyla states that it had to have been. Opie is shaken by the news. Opie tells Lyla that he will take the children to Mary's house and he will stay at the clubhouse for a little while. Opie tells Lyla to tell him later what she wants to do about their relationship.

Juice and Chibs wait outside the room to see what will happen. Chibs notes that it is very quiet. Juice asks Chibs if he thinks they took it. Chibs asks Juice if he thinks that. Juice admits he doesn't know. Chibs states that is why Filthy Phil and Ratboy are in the room. Juice asks Chibs if he has ever pushed back against the rules. Chibs states that everyone was aware of the rules and the methods of the club when they signed up to become a member. Juice asks Chibs if African Americans ever bother him, and mentions that Fiona was black. Chibs states that Fiona was just an old lady. Juice still wants to know how Chibs feels. Chibs says that he has been in the club a long time and remembers that the rules were set in a different time period. Chibs states that he doesn't agree with all of the rules, but if someone starts to pick and choose which rules they follow then the whole club falls apart. Juice realizes he can't trust the guys to necessarily accept him and he hesitantly agrees with Chibs.

Clay tells Jax that Alvarez called and told him that Romeo is coming to the warehouse to pick up his parts. Jax asks about Rafi. Clay states that Alvarez is sure that Rafi didn't steal the cocaine. Jax notes that they are also convinced that it wasn't a Son. Clay says that it had to be one of the prospects. He notes that they gave them a chance to tell the truth and he asks Jax to call Chibs with the order to take them out. Jax isn't happy about it, but Clay notes that sometimes the herd needs to be thinned.

Back at the warehouse, Chibs tells Juice and Happy that Romeo is going to arrive in an hour and they need to kill the thief. Juice is shocked by this and asks if it's necessary. Juice notes that they put the prospects through enough with the Russian Roulette game. Chibs states that it is the only way to please the Gallindo Cartel because they want a dead thief. Chibs states that if the Gallindo Cartel thinks they are weak there will be more bloodshed and they can't risk it. Juice says that Alvarez might be playing them and he is vouching for Rafi. Juice asks Chibs to give Filthy Phil and Ratboy one more chance. Juice goes into the room. He tells them that Romeo is on his way back and if that brick of cocaine is still missing it will mean trouble for the whole club. Juice says that they are going to all step outside for a cigarette and in fifteen minutes they will come back. Juice asks that whoever took the brick of cocaine to just put it back. Juice promises there will be no questions or repercussions. Happy isn't too pleased about it, but Chibs agrees with Juice. He warns them that they have fifteen minutes. The men step outside and Chibs notes that when this is over, Filthy Phil and Ratboy should both be kicked out of the club. Juice says that it is the best case scenario since nobody will be killed and the cocaine will be returned. Chibs asks Happy to watch the bikes to make sure nobody leaves. Juice tells Chibs that he is going to go to the restroom.

Unser visits the police station and introduces himself to Roosevelt. Unser asks if there is a place that they can talk. Roosevelt takes Unser into his office and asks him what is on his mind. Unser tells Roosevelt that he believes Tara is in danger. Roosevelt asks Unser if he could elaborate more. Unser admits that he doesn't know more than that. Roosevelt informs Unser that he is aware that he was on Clay's side when he was the chief. Roosevelt knows that Unser knows more. Unser retorts that he was never on anyone's side. Unser says he learned how to work with the club for what was best for Charming, not his own personal needs. Roosevelt states that if he wants protection for Tara then he needs to hear more proof. Unser states that he merely heard things and Roosevelt should just be aware. Roosevelt notes that if anything happens to Tara he will be coming to him for answers.

In the woods, Juice picks up the brick of cocaine and starts to take it back to the warehouse. As he's walking back, Miles comes upon Juice and greets him. Juice asks Miles what he is doing here. Miles states that he's cutting through the guardhouse and asks Juice why he's out here. Miles sees the brick of cocaine sticking out of Juice's pants and Juice realizes that he has been caught. Juice tries to explain himself, but Miles pulls out his gun. Juice asks Miles to take it easy and says he isn't carrying any weapons. Miles is very upset and can't believe that Juice took the brick. Juice tells Miles that he can explain everything. Miles acknowledges that Juice will have to explain everything back at the warehouse. Juice throws the brick of cocaine at Miles which causes Miles to fire his gun. The bullet grazes Juice's leg and the two are knocked to the ground. Miles gets up first and kicks Juice's leg wound several times. Miles pulls his knife out and is ready to deliver the kill. Juice sees that Miles dropped his gun and he reaches for it. As Miles lunges, Juice fires several bullets into Miles' head, killing him.

The rest of the club starts to run over to see what the commotion was about. Juice drags the brick of cocaine over to Miles and puts it in his shirt pocket. Chibs and Happy rush over to see Miles is dead and Juice is hurt. Juice says that when he was out going to the bathroom he saw Miles digging through the leaves. Juice claims that Miles saw him and tried to kill him. Chibs sees that the brick of cocaine is in Miles' pocket and he pulls it out. Happy pulls out his own gun and fires several rounds into Miles' dead body calling him a liar and a traitor. Clay and Jax arrive back to see what has happened. Chibs tells Jax that Miles was the thief and Juice caught him pulling the cocaine out of the woods. Opie can't believe that Miles was the thief. Clay states that he should shoot them for patching Miles in while they were in prison. Clay tells Juice that he did a good job. Jax tells Chibs to get everything cleaned up before Romeo arrives. Chibs tells Filthy Phil and Ratboy to get Juice into the van. Clay tells Happy to bury Miles in an unmarked grave and have Filthy Phil and Ratboy dig it. Happy agrees. Opie tells Jax that it doesn't make sense that Miles would take the cocaine. Jax notes that sometimes the greed can hit people late.

Back at the clubhouse, Dawn shows some photos of her, Fawn, and Tig together. Tig admits he doesn't remember most of the days the photos were taken. Chuck comes out with some drinks for everyone. Gemma and Bobby tell Tig that they need to see him and Dawn heads over to Chuck. Gemma tells Tig that they spoke to Colleen. Bobby tells Tig that Fawn is fine and she is in Chicago with her boyfriend for a few weeks. Gemma says that there is no bulimia involved and that Dawn is playing him. Tig wonders why she wants $12,000. Gemma states that he should ask her. Tig says he might ask her. Bobby asks Tig if he's alright. Tig says he's fine. Gemma tells Bobby that events like this should be why mothers should drown baby girls.

Alvarez arrives back at the warehouse and Chibs shows him that all of the cocaine is present. Alvarez is pleased. Romeo walks in and asks when the next shipment is. Jax states that their people are up north in discussions with the IRA now and getting everything worked out. Romeo notes that their club is pretty smart. Clay asks Romeo if he could talk with him for a minute. Alvarez remarks to Jax that it looks like they are a patched member short. Jax retorts that they are not. He promises Alvarez this will never happen again. Alvarez is confident that it won't.

Romeo asks Clay if they have a problem. Clay tells Romeo that they do. He tells him that they have an internal threat from a family member who came upon some sensitive information. Romeo notes that this could be bad. Clay tells Romeo that it is Tara and she has a level of access that could expose some truths. Romeo notes that Tara is Jax's old lady. Clay states that is the truth and he doesn't know anything. Romeo notes that Clay has a difficult decision to make. Clay says he is hurt by it, but he states that Tara needs to be killed. Clay asks that someone from the outside handle it and he was hoping the Gallindo Cartel would. Romeo tells Clay that it will take a few days to put everything together. Clay thanks Romeo. Romeo states he needs pictures of the plates, person, and vehicle. He notes it will be expensive. Clay promises he'll give whatever it takes. Clay tells Romeo that he is sorry that he let everything happen. Romeo promises that they'll clean everything up. Jax asks Clay if everything is fine. Clay tells Jax that everything is fine and gives him a brotherly hug.

Back at the trailer, Unser writes a letter on his computer for Tara which is a death threat stating that he is going to hurt her and then kill her. At the clubhouse, Tig gives Dawn a hug goodbye and Dawn thanks Tig for giving her the money. Dawn gets in the cab and takes off. Chuck waves Dawn goodbye as well. Bobby remarks that Tig did give Dawn the money. Tig states that he did. Gemma notes that Dawn will just come back for more. Tig states that he knows that, but he wants Dawn to come back.

At the clubhouse, Opie moves his stuff into Jax's old bedroom and sits down on the bed in silence looking into nothingness. Jax meets with Ima down at the porn studio. Ima thinks that Jax is jealous that she slept with Opie. Jax states that he is and starts to kiss her. Ima begins to lead him into the back room. At Jax's house, Tara patches up Juice's bullet wound. Chibs is there to help out and Juice and he exchange concerned looks. While this happens, Filthy Phil and Ratboy continue to dig Miles' grave in the dark with Happy watching.

Tig, Bobby, and Chuck take a look at some old photos with Tig, Dawn, and Fawn. Opie is sitting in silence. Gemma tells Opie that she changed the sheets in the bedroom and that he is all set to stay. Opie thanks Gemma. Clay arrives and walks into the meeting room without saying a word. At the cabin, Piney takes a look at some old photos with him and Opie together. He drinks some more alcohol.

Jax starts to disrobe Ima in the back room and then smacks her face off of the desk, bloodying her nose. Jax warns Ima that if she ever comes around their clubhouse again causing problems he will kill her. Jax asks if she understands. Ima nods her head. Jax spits in her face and walks out leaving Ima crying.

Chibs helps Juice into the tow truck to take him home. After they leave, Unser walks up to Tara's car and puts the note inside so Tara will find it in the morning. The episode ends with a close-up of the note that Unser left.