Sons of Guns - Season 2

Discovery Channel (ended 2014)


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Episode Guide

  • Wedlock & Load
    Episode 17
    In this explosive season finale, Will, Steph and Kris head to Vegas to demo the Red Jacket Desert AR - an American gun built to challenge the AK during all-conditions desert warfare. Then, everyone is stunned when Red Jacket loses a valued member.
  • Motars and Mayhem
    Episode 16
    Will and the RJ crew resurrect an 82MM Russian mortar, and push its limits going H.E. -high explosive- while testing. Then, tempers flare when Kris has trouble building the new, RJ Desert AR. Also, Ted Nugent stops by for some belt fed, full auto madness.
  • The Hogzilla Gun
    Episode 15
    Will and the RJ crew create a muscled up, silenced, night stalking AR to take down the wild hogs that are tearing up Louisiana farm land. Also, Charlie scores big when he finds rare, pinfire ammo for a 150-year-old, $7500, 20-round French revolver.
  • 12/28/11
    Will and the RJ crew restore a WWI Maxim machine gun, mount it to a plane engine and create an interrupter system allowing the gun to fire cleanly between moving propeller blades. Also, Vince and Steph team up to modify a Glock for a customer with MS.
  • Flamethrower Cannon
    Episode 13
    Will and the RJ crew are challenged to build a double-barreled, napalm spewing, flamethrower cannon. Meanwhile, against Will's wishes, Steph enlists Kris to help her design Derringer holsters for women. Also, Vince rebuilds a German K98 Mauser rifle.
  • 12/14/11
    Will and the Red Jacket crew restore a 20mm Oerlikon cannon and a twin 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun aboard the USS Kidd for an explosive 4th of July air show. Meanwhile, Steph designs a ladies line of Saiga .545 rifles, much to Will's chagrin.
  • 12/7/11
    Will and the RJ crew create a dual mounted M240 Bravo machine gun and Mark19 grenade launcher for the Sheriff's Gulf Patrol Boat. Also, Will restores a WWII German Luger. Then, Kris responds to Will's ultimatum - does he choose Steph or Red Jacket?
  • 9/14/11

    Oh My God, A Cannon! is the ninth episode in the second season of Discovery Channel's reality show Sons of Guns. Will decides to tackle a difficult project, despite his busy schedule. Vince works on a commissioned piece for a famous athlete. Meanwhile, things quickly change between Kris and Stephanie.

  • Oh My God, A Cannon!

    A cannon puts the cherry on the top while a ar-15 gets something going for a super bowl star, and kris decides to make a move.

  • 9/7/11

    Will its decided to build a historic machine gun with a modern touch, there after he goes for a duel.

  • The Taser Shotgun
    Episode 7

    A anti-tank gun makes its way to the shop and gets resurrected, whileKrisgets a warning from will to stop fraternizing withStephaniehe works on adapting a taser to ashotgunand abutt stockto a desert eagle for a lady.

  • 8/24/11

    Flying Guns and Uzis is the sixth episode in the second season of Sons of Guns on Discovery Channel. Will rushes to modify an Uzi in time for an upcoming competition. While he is busy, the rest of The Red Jacket crew is trying to create a Mag 58 weapons system with a swivel arm.

  • 8/17/11

    Grenade Launcher Silencer is the fifth episode in the second season of Sons of Guns on Discovery Channel. Tensions are high in the shop because The Red Jacket Crew has several important deadlines approaching. When the team overlooks a minor detail that could prevent them from completing a project on time, Will struggles to keep things together.

  • The Meat Chopper
    Episode 4

    The Meat Chopper is the fourth episode in the second season of Discovery Channel's Sons of Guns. Will and The Red Jacket team tackle a complicated request. They are attempting to take four MG42 machine guns and modifying them to recreate a German WWII "Meat Chopper." When Will and his daughter disagree about how to handle a new customer request, it sparks a heated debate.

  • 7/27/11

    American Chopper Gun is the third episode in the second season of Sons of Guns on Discovery Channel. This is a Discovery Channel crossover event, which features Paul Teutul Jr., who stars in the reality show American Choppers on the same network. Paul and Mikey have been invited to Will's shop to test shoot a new gun. However, Stephanie is disappointed that she was left out of the plans.

  • AK / Sniper Rifle
    Episode 2

    AK / Sniper Rifle is the second episode in the second season of Discovery Channel's Sons of Guns. Will attempts to build a gun that has the accuracy of a sniper rifle and the dependability of an AK-47, even though Vince thinks it cannot be done. Meanwhile, Stephanie struggles with the increase in business at The Red Jacket.

  • Anniversary Bash
    Episode 1
    Will celebrates Red Jacket's 10th Anniversary by building a Triamese-three M16’s joined together. Stephanie plans a surprise anniversary bash which almost backfires when Kris posts it a day early on the company website chatroom.
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