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A&E (ended 2007)


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  • Why bother? Wasn't the Gotti show a bad enough adventure???

    Sad to say that in an age of seeing young men and women (our soldiers in Iraq and in other parts of the world) die for freedom of press and movement that we have this show to remind of why we look so stupid to the rest of the world. The fact that on the very first show we saw or rather a failed attempt by the producers to show us that the 3 sons may have character and some level of individualism rather than being sponges of their parent's success. Instead we had to witness Rod's son fighting and arguing and than gambling badly (with comments like “it’s only money”) makes you appreciate him as the real nob (English term for a person with little or no brains) and then Spelling's kid tattooing himself as some form of respect to his father- whilst still partying, was incredible!!!!

    What is reality TV these days- do we need to experience more junk like Gotti, Flavour and I love New York to make us appreciate that Jerry Springer was not bad really? One wonders what an A&E Christmas party would be like, i.e.a room full of egos and hot air and very little else? Please the only remedying show is the Gene Simmons family show where one appreciates that the kids and family have some stability and the kids are smart, funny and down to earth!!

  • Sons of Hollywood is one of A&E's best reality shows.

    I didn't know either one of these guys before this show. This show is a guilty pleasure for me. Why am I interested in their lives? They have lots of fun and go partying a whole lot. They get into fights and get girls. Even though neither one of them will amount to their fathers because they don't take much seriously. But all their crazy stunts and their lives in general is very exciting. I hope Randy can handle his dad's death okay because its gonna be hard. This is one good show that I hope stays around because I love it.
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