Sons of Thunder

CBS (ended 1999)


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  • Too short spin-off

    Though the main theme - helping people, prevent youngs from drugs and keeping criminals in prisons - is not so original, see all those series like Walker, Texas Ranger, CSI's, Hunter, The Shield etc., I think it still has it's own spark and a bit of originality.
    This spin-off series contains more than psychopatic murders. I think the violence against women, which was one of the most used topic, shows us that crime doesn't mean only killing people for such no reason. It keep us to remember that violence is everywhere in our neighborhood and it's not always so obvious.
    I love the characters of Trent and Carlos and it's a pity there won't be any new 'Sons of Thunder' episodes.
  • Two kick butt heroes--no waiting!

    I loved these two characters from the start of when they were on Walker, Texas Ranger. Trent & Carlos are a set of private investigators that fight to make the world safer. Trent is a former army ranger & will not use guns of any kind, due to a horrific accident when he was a child. He relies on this martial arts techniques and his wits to get his man. Carlos is a former Houston cop, and Trent's best friend. Together they work to create a safer Houston. This show held really strong elements of Walker, Texas Ranger, but had two very likable lead characters. Where it fell a bit short, was in the supporting characters, which weren't as strong as C.D. and Alex in the Walker series. Still, if they ever had a reunion, or brought it back, I would watch in a heartbeat.