Sons of Tucson

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 14, 2010 on FOX
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Brandon, Gary and Robby are the Gunderson boys, their father has been sent to prison and with no one to look after them, they decide to hire a guy to play their father. Meet Ron Snuffkin, who willingly agrees to take the job, more for the reason of paying a debt to an unsavoury collector than to make a living.


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  • The Gunderson boys, to avoid winding up in foster care now that their dad is in prison for financial "wizardry", hire a minimum wage, homeless loser with a gift for gab to pretend to be their dad.moreless

    The pilot lacked a lot of the bite or warmth of the show it's trying to be, "Malcom in the Middle" (Justin Berfield, who played Reese, is a producer), and the boys were undercast, (the eldest was underwhelmingly quiet, the youngest was almost overwhelmingly grating, and the middle child, while not awful, does remind me why I loved Frankie Muniz), but Tyler Labine is a delight, as always, and the show does have the potential to find itself. The dynamic between the boys and their opportunistic pseudo-dad leaves a lot of opportunity for the show to grow. I'll be watching (for now)moreless
  • The three boys find Ron working at a sporting goods store. They think he's a creep, but figure they can talk him into pretending to be their dad as their real dad is now in prison. They have a nice setup in a large home in the suburbs all paid for.moreless

    Hmmm, the one thing this show really has going for it is Tyler Labine. Everyone knows who he is as he has been in a number of series. Most recently playing Sock on Reaper. The funny thing is the character he is playing Ron is Sock. A little older without the friends, but basically the same character. At least so far.

    I see nothing wrong with Sock for the most part. The principal played by Kurt Fuller and Maggie the teacher played by Natalie Martinez, even Tony played by Jake Busey are fine and well cast. The problem is the children. We have Gary Gunderson the middle child and slick one of the family. Robby, the youngest brother played by Benjamin Stockham who also has anger management issues. Finally you have the oldest Brandon played by non-descript Matthew Levy. The kids and their characters are not funny.

    Is the premise that all the humor will revolve around Tyler's character. It seems like Ron will be a constant physical or character joke each episode from the beginning to end. The show does take a rather violent physical tone as well. So we've seen the Pilot. There is potential here certainly with Tyler Labine at the fore of the program. I'll be interested to see if he can carry the show for a while. He was perfect for Reaper because even though he certainly was a main character it wasn't his responsibility to carry the show single handed. Thanks for reading...moreless
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