Sons of Tucson

FOX (ended 2010)


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    I watched all 13 episodes on Netflix today!! Loved the show!! I wish it hadn't been cancelled!! I want more! Why do they always cancel the good ones? I thought it got better with each show. I found Tyler's character to be more endearing with each episode. FOX made a mistake cancelling that one and leaving some of the garbage on that they have on now!! The boys were great little actors and very likeable!
  • This looks hilarious! I love shows that are slightly off-kilter yet have show heart and embrace life and family. Seems to fall somewhere between Malcolm in the Middle and Arrested Development. Kudos, Fox! I think you have a hit on your hands.

    Shows like these are the present and future of comedy on TV. This has a great premise and I can totally picture the storyline of how the episodes will go... how the sketchy "fake dad" will come to love and appreciate the kids, and vice-versa, despite all the things that go wrong - which I'm sure they will. I didn't recognize most of the actors, which I actually appreciate because they seem to be fresh faces with good comic timing. It gets old seeing the same recycled actors over and over on various shows. So, brave choices in casting, but ultimately probably the right ones! Look forward to this one. Again, kudos to Fox!
  • R.I.P.

    This show was doomed after its first episode, the ratings were too bad. I think it had a good potential to develop in something better, to find its own shape, but it didn't manage to retain its prettry solid ratings lead. I'm real sorry for Tyler Labine (the one reason I got interested in SoT), the guy is fricking hilarious. I hope he'll get sooner or later a show worthy of his talent. In this show there were a few weak moments, but It should be expected the very first episodes and maybe the little on of the boys wa trying a little too hard, but... See you soon Tyler.