Sons of Tucson

Season 1 Episode 2

The Break-In

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 21, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

On the hottest day of the year, Ron Snuffkin awakekens in his new home, the tool shed. The fan has stopped working and literally melted away, soon after his clock radio falls victim to the heat aswell.

Later, the boys and Ron go to a yard sale to replace the fan while Ron tries to convince the boys to let him live in the house. Gary tells him their deal is that Ron sleeps in the shed because he is their outside dad. Ron tells them it's too hot to be outside and they should at least go to a mall, but Gary explains that they still have to do damage control because Ron picked up the wrong kid from swim and do stuff normal families would do like go to a yard sale.

At the yard sale, Ron meets his best friend Glenn and his wife Angela. Angela is pretty angry with Ron because he ruined her wedding three years ago when he slept with her mother. After the wedding fiasco, she didn't let Glenn talk to Ron anymore. Before Angela and Glenn leave, Glenn gives Ron his cell number without Angela's knowledge. When they are gone, a neighbor tells Ron about a break-in in their

That evening, Ron visits the boys in the house to tell them that there have been several violent break-ins in their neighborhood, but they
shouldn't worry because they never kill kids or always, he can't remember which way it was and leaves. Brandon suggests to let Ron sleep in the house for a few days, but Gary answers, for all they know Ron could be the burglar. Robby on the other hand shows a crossbow he purchased at yard sale, suggesting they could use the crossbow to defend themselves.

Glenn visits Ron in his shed and is told about Ron's deal with the kids. They reminisce of their past days together, but Glenn also reveals that he is glad these days are gone and he has settled down. Ron agrees before he asks Glenn to break into the house to scare his fake kids so Ron can come to their rescue. At first, Glenn turns Ron down, but finally Ron can convince him to do it for the kids. Suddenly, they hear Angela who is looking for her husband. Before she enters the shed, Glenn hides under Ron's bed and Ron convinces her that Glenn wasn't there.

Later that evening, Ron calls Glenn who is waiting outside the house, dressed as a burglar and ready to break in. Ron realizes that Glenn is drunk and wants to call it off, but Glenn ends the phone call and runs to the house. Ron hears noises coming from the house and storms into the living room to rescue the kids and realizes that the noise is coming from the tv.

The next day, Ron visits Glenn in his garage. Angela discovers them and sends Glenn cleaning the house. When he is gone, she asks Ron what's going on because Glenn sneaked out of the house twice at night and he seems to be happy though she doesn't make him happy. Ron tells her Glenn probably has an affair.

Gary visits Ron at his workplace to hand him the keys for the house after the house next door was robbed the other night.

That evening, Ron moves into the house. Soon later, Glenn shows up and has robbed another two houses. He tells Ron that he didn't know how much he missed this life and that he feels alive again. Ron who realizes that he made a mistake tries to convince Glenn to stop and go back to his wife, but Glenn just runs away to continue his burglary spree.

The next morning, Ron comes home after looking for Glenn the whole night long where Gary awaits him. Gary is angry because Ron was out while three more houses got robbed the other night and because Angela keeps calling. Ron who is exhausted asks for an hour sleep before his next shift at the store begins when Angela rings at the door. She starts crying and tells Ron that Glenn didn't come home the other night still convinced Glenn is having an affair. Ron tells her to go home and wait for Glenn because he will show up eventually and never let him leave the house again.

That evening, Glenn discovers a lamp in the Gunderson's home he wants to take for Angela. When he leaves the house with the lamp, Ron who knew Glenn wouldn't be able to walk by that lamp already awaits him. He tells Glenn that he did him a huge favor and ended his marriage when he called Angela to tell her that he has not an affair, but is stealing again. Glenn finally realizes what he has done, he starts crying over losing everything over a few cheap thrills. When Glenn says his life is over, Ron reveals that he didn't call Angela and he was just giving him some kind of shock training to make him realize that he has to stop the burglaries. When they hug, Brandon who is convinced that the burglar is a vampire after reading too much Twilight and Robby show up to attack the vampire Glenn.

Later, Ron finally wants to spend a relaxing and peaceful evening in the house, but is thrown out by Gary and sent back to his shed because Brandon told Gary everything about what happened.