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  • slightly inadequate with just a hint of banality

    how old do i have to be to like it? five? five and a half? i know it can't be six. it doesn't look like humans participated in the process of writing the script. sounds like computer put preset cliche pieces together. why do i watch it? well, i watch pretty much everything. i even watch "new advantures of old julia louis-dreyfus", please don't hold it against me; but this...... this show is something else. and not in a good way. by the way, there is no good meaning when we say "something else" period. sorry, back to the show. its not good. however, if you do like to see people overacting on tv
  • 'Sophie' isn't one of those shows that has you hooked from the first minute, but it's one of those that's worth continuing to watch anyway.

    I've seen four episodes and I like what I've seen so far. It has great comedic moments and it has great dramatic moments and although it doesn't have the fast paced keep-watching heroes-esque feeling to it, I'm gonna keep on watching it because the characters are great and it makes me wanna know what happens to them.

    It also has an interesting premise - somebody having the worst day of their life - and I'm curious how they would go about doing a season two with that premise. But that's if they get a seaosn two, which I hope they do.
  • Eight month pregnant Sophie is told that she will have the worst year of her life. After that everything starts to fall apart, including this show.

    I like to stay open minded and try at least the first episode out of a new show.

    While the lead actress appeared very attractive her voice sounded like one of those older female Night Court guards and took any appeal away.. I think it was supposed to be a comedy too but I didn't see nor hear anything funny so I'm confused. It's either a very bland 30min drama or a really unfunny comedy. To top off the overall badness of the show every character was poorly acted and just plain unlikeable, including the token gay side kick like every other show these days seem to have.

    Do not waste your time with this. I consider it a waste of my time for my eyes to glance the title "Sophie" on a TV listing. Were the writers already on strike when they wrote this? Have the studios resorted to the B team of writers?