Sora no Manimani

Chiba TV (ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • Starry Sky Loop
      Starry Sky Loop
      Episode 12
      The Nagashiratsuru trip is nearly over and after spending sometime at a local hot spring the group prepares for their final night of stargazing. Mihoshi even has a surprise for everyone which will allow them to view Saturn in all its glory. Meanwhile, back at home Roma and Oumi spend some more time together.moreless
    • It`s Like White Snow
      Winter has arrived and the Astronomy club are headed to Nagashiratsuru, for a winter camp with some of the other HSAN members. However, no sooner do the group arrive than Hime goes missing in a blizzard following a fashion faux pas. Things then get even worse when Mihoshi heads out alone to find her friend.moreless
    • Together
      Episode 10
      After following Soma and Mihoshi on what they think is a date Saku and the others learn that Mihoshi's father is dead, killed in a car accident whilst returning from stargazing. However, following the revelation the rest of the Astronomy Club, especially Saku, is unsure how to react to Mihoshi.
    • High School Astronomy Network
      The Souei Astronomy Club are invited to take part in the Prefectural High School Astronomy Network's (HSAN) Autumn Stargazing Conference at Nogishiro High School. When they arrive Mihoshi and the others are astounded by the other clubs taking part both because of their large number of members and their sophisticated equipment. However, Hime soon realises that she may have another rival for Saku's affections in the form of Oumi Ayumi.moreless
    • Illuminated School Grounds
      The cultural festival has finally begun and with Saku's help the planetarium is finally complete. Although at first they have problems attracting customers, with a little help from Haruko the event ends up being a big success. A couple of young stargazers even help to mend the bridges between Saku and Mihoshi.moreless
    • Moon and Sweet Osmanthus
      Saku agrees to help the Literature Club with their annual publication for the cultural festival as well as organising the planetarium with the Astronomy Club. However, Mihoshi is upset about the amount of time Saku is spending away from the club.
    • Yoroshiku
      Episode 6
      It is the start of the new school term and class 1-2 has a new teacher, Nozomu Soma, who also happens to be an old friend of Mihoshi. It turns out that Soma was a student of Mihoshi's father whilst at university and that the two have been friends ever since. Soma then becomes the new advisor to the Astronomy Club and decides that with the cultural festival approaching the club should make a handmade planetarium to impress the other students.moreless
    • The Star of Words
      After finding everyone sleeping in the same room Fumie bans the Astronomy Club from carrying out any night-time activities. However, Saku and Fumie come to an agreement whereby stargazing can resume as long as the Astronomy Club agree to show the Literature Club what it is they actually do.
    • Until Dawn
      Until Dawn
      Episode 4
      Summer vacation has finally arrived and the Astronomy Club are off on their first overnight camping trip. Unfortunately the lake that they have chosen for the trip is the same place that the Literature Club have chosen for their annual camp. However, the presence of Fumie is not the only problem as Saku is still troubled by a strange and insincere confession by Mihoshi.moreless
    • Planetarium
      Episode 3
      Saku is still trying to live a peaceful high school life but Mihoshi isn't making it easy. As such he decides to take some time off from club activities and decides to visit the library where he runs into Fumie. After he realises that the Astronomy Club is where he actually wants to be he returns but finds that Mihoshi has become depressed because the bad weather has interfered with her stargazing. In an effort to cheer her up Saku suggests that the club visit the local Planetarium.moreless
    • First Star
      First Star
      Episode 2
      Even after all of their hard work the Astronomy Club is still in need of a fifth member and as such Mihoshi attempts to recruit Hime Makita, one of Saku's classmates. Although she initially refuses her attraction to Saku, along with Mihoshi's insistence eventually leads to her signing up. However, their first official club activity doesn't turn out quite as they had planned.moreless
    • Welcome to the Astronomy Club!
      Mihoshi Akeno and Saku Ooyagi were childhood friends but they lost touch after Saku moved away seven years ago. Now Saku has returned to his former hometown and is almost immediately reunited with Mihoshi, although he is less than thrilled to be reunited with the loud, impulsive girl who once broke his arm. Despite this Saku eventually ends up joining the schools newly formed Astronomy Club and becoming reacquainted with his old friend.moreless