Sordid Lives: The Series - Season 1

LOGO (ended 2008)




Episode Guide


  • The Trip
    Episode 12
    LaVonda and Noleta arrive in Los Angeles for the opening of Ty's play, but Ty has other problems; G.W. proposes to Peggy; Bitsy Mae shares her feelings with Glyndora; Latrelle kicks her pill addiction; Sissy confesses to killing the goat and is arrested along with Noleta; Brother Boy blackmails Bumper and he and Jackie make their escape.moreless
  • 10/22/08
    Ty tells come out to Marc and tells Sara that he and Jacob are a couple; Brother Boy and Jackie try blackmail to get out of the institution; church members picket Bubba's; Bitsy Mae takes Glyndora in after Ritchie beats her; Latrelle quits popping pills, while Sissy wants to quit smoking; Noleta decides to accompany LaVonda to L.A. to see Ty's play.moreless
  • 10/8/08
    Noleta and her gun save the day when Bumper fights with Latrelle, LaVonda and Sissy; the church circulates a petition to close Bubba's bar; Noleta finds evidence of G.W.'s extra-marital affair with Peggy; LaVonda catches Bitsy and Glyndora in a compromising position; Sara refuses to accept that her ex, Ty, is now involved with a man.moreless
  • 10/1/08
    Latrelle owns up to her pill addiction; Brother Boy learns of an escape out of the mental institution; Bumper goes to Latrelle's house to attack her; Walker dies and Sara moves into his old place, upsetting Ty further; G.W. wants to get rid of Noleta so he can be with Peggy.moreless
  • 9/24/08
    Bitsy Mae speaks to the church; Peggy explains her reasons for taking Bitsy Mae in; Brother Boy is troubled in Dr. Eve's therapy; Sissy, Noleta and LaVonda search for a missing Latrelle.
  • 9/17/08
    Bitsy Mae and the gang at Bubba's decide to confront the church members; Brother Boy tries to convince Dr. Eve to continue his therapy; Noleta suspects G.W. of being unfaithful; Ty comes clean, but Sara refuses to believe he's gay.
  • Call Waiting
    Episode 6
    After Latrelle spies G.W. at the motel, LaVonda puts two and two together and realizes that G.W. and Peggy are having an affair, which LaVonda keeps secret from Noleta. Meanwhile, LaVonda plans to visit Ty in Los Angeles.
  • 8/20/08
    Brother Boy recovers; G.W. and Peggy begin a secret affair; Sissy takes matters into her own hands when a neighbor's goat keeps her and LaVonda awake at night; and Ty meets his older gay neighbor.
  • Secrets & Lies
    Episode 4
    Bumper confronts Latrelle about stealing pills; Bitsy learns who really burned down her trailer and sent her to prison; G.W. believes Noleta poisoned herself; Ty is confronted about his habitutal lying; and Dr. Eve explains her plan to "straighten" Brother Boy out.
  • 8/6/08
    The family learns of Brother Boy's fate; Noletta buys rat poison; Latrelle gets caught stealing; Sara catches Ty in a compromosing position with Jacob; and Juanita tries to win a radio contest.
  • 7/30/08
    Bitsy Mae takes Peggy to a bar; Ty is confronted by his ex-girlfriend, Sara; Brother Boy is visited by the ghost of the late Tammy Wynette.
  • 7/23/08
    Latrelle and LaVonda search for a missing Peggy, who went to get Bitsy Mae out of prison; Brother Boy is upset by the news that his idol, Tammy Wynette has died; Noleta confides in Sissy about her sexual problems with her husband; Ty sees a therapist and prepares to audition for a nude musical.moreless