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At the Shinigami Weaponry Vocational School, humans known as Meisters study. Each Meister has their own partner, who is a human capable of taking on a weapon form. The story follows three of these Meisters and their Weapons. They are Maka Alban and her weapon Soul Eater, Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and his weapons Patricia and Elizabeth Thompson. They attend the school, do homework, fight evil souls, and most important, try to help their weapons reach Death Scythe status, in which they are eligible for use by the leader of all the Meisters and Weapons, the shinigami (Death God) himself. Opening Theme: 1: "resonance" by T.M.Revolution 2: "PAPERMOON" by Tommy heavenly6 Ending Theme: 1: "I Wanna Be" by STANCE PUNKS 2: "Style" by Kana Nishino 3: "Bakusou Yumeuta" by Diggy-MO' 4: "STRENGTH" by Abingdon Boys School 5: "I Wanna Be" by STANCE PUNKS
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  • I want more! >:( please? :,(

    I loved the series so much! But now it is over and i am so upset, please make more! I know it has been about 5 whole years since last aired but this was the one anime I actually liked! We as fans could give you ideas and you could choose which ones you liked best! Like a new idea for a season could be Maka trying to figure out her weapon blood and Soul getting upset because he still wants to be her weapon and maybe some people could start dating? You don't have to take my ideas and I know it might be hard to get the actors back, for all i know some of them could be retired or worse... but still please and more. The reason I am so desperate that you make more is because I am absolutely positive that I am not the only one who wants it to continue. So if you read this,which you probably won't ,please please please think about what I wrote so that IF you do read this then i know you will make the right decision. if you don't read this, this part will have no point but if you don't read this and don't continue this series then I want to thank you for an awesome anime series that will probably be the only one I loved and watched. (but then again i'm probably just exaggerating about that last part ;)moreless
  • Bought The Complete Series When Adult Swim Ended It

    This is a great anime. Like so many, it has cool abilities, likable characters, blends comedy and action very well and was fun to watch. The animation has a gothic like feel to it, though I do wonder why the moon and sun look scary.

    This is also one of the few times I've ever seen the Grim Reaper in a more benevolent light. He is funny, humorous and was only dark when he had to face his son Asura.

    The show's main themes are friendship, forming bonds, and courage. The friendship between the characters makes them very formidable and Meisters and their Weapons show a strong bond to make them great fighters, and it took courage to face the Kishin, with a punch full of courage destroying him.

  • Please add more :(

    I watched all of your episodes and seasons, but what got to me is the last episode, I have been really depressed for the last few days after the last episode and thats why I'm adding this review, just hoping you can make more. I thought a funny episode would be the 4 main boys ( Soul, Kid, Black Star, and Crona ) would all have deep feelings for Maka, but Maka only likes one, but it would not be heard until later in the other episodes (making the whole thing confusing the audience so they are questioning what's gonna happen next?) Oh and I have a brilliant new season name, "Soul Eater: A New Scythe" <--- This is referring to Maka becoming a scythe from the last episode. I hope there is gonna be more episodes!! Thank you!!moreless
  • Fantastic Show!

    Soul Eater is one awesome show, and I'm pretty sure almost all enjoy it! It also made me develop my new and favorite "One True Pairing OTP" which is Soul and Maka! <3

    This show also has a really great lesson engraved in it. To Be Brave.

    To those people who have recently finished the anime, I feel your pain now that it's over... But due to my research, there have been slight rumors about a second season! ^^ The creator Atsushi Okobu said in an interview he would love to see another go at it, so he basically said yes to it! ^^ Let's all just wait and hope for another season

  • Love it but having problems

    I absolutely LOVE soul eater but all the episodes i try after episode 4........ Now I'm super sadness... I tried you tube but they only have Japanese with English sub titles.... D:)

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