Soul Eater

Season 2 Episode 23

Asura Wakes — To the End of the World?

Aired Monday 6:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on TV Tokyo

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  • With how things have played out so far, a deus ex mechanica engineered ending is inevitable.

    Well, the story couldn't have gotten any worse. Arachne and Medusa are dead, and the Kishin has gotten even stronger. Yet Maka, Black Star, and Death the Kid are expected to defeat this guy? Someone that not even Shinigami with a Death Scythe could have beaten? Mind you he also has gotten a huge upgrade though eating Arachne's soul. There's only one simple solution for the story to get itself out of this mess; deus ex mechanica. Soul is going to wake up and get some huge power boost, enough for him to defeat the Kishin and the world is saved. You know what though? In times like these where shounens inevitably reach generic status, it all lies on how well the fights are animated, and the battle against the Kishin so far against the three young heroes is pretty entertaining so far. If this fight goes through cliche hell, it better be pretty to look at.