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    Now you can create your own S.E Character! ^^

    Here's mine:

    Name: Sadra Orain

    Age: same as Maka's

    Demon Weapon: Dante, can turn into claws

    Crush: Death The Kidd

    Info/Bio: Sandra was the new student at the Shinigami Technical School. Maka became her first friend and her and Dante teamed up with her and Soul, til she met Kidd. When Kidd and Sandra are around each other, they get nervous and shy. Sandra loves to draw all her frends...mostly Kidd.
    Since her and Kidd are so close, Shinigami arranged a marriage for them.

    Sandra's a very kind person but sometimes mean, mostly in battles. She never abandons her friendsShe always wears loose/baggy clothing.

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    That's great!!! Well mine is probably completely different.

    Name:Yuri Ayume



    Weapon:Jamse; a black and white scythe

    Appearenceark black hair, regular blue eyes, White shirt(sleeves depending on the weather),red,blue, or green skirt(depending on weather),black or white knee socks(depending on what skirt she wears), Black buckle boots that go to the top of her shins, when she's out of school or not on a mission casual clothes.

    Personality:She is kind toward her friends, but she does not like spoild kids. At first she didn't like Kid because she thought that he was a spoild rich kid. That was until he saved her, and then they became closer. Yuri is also very protective over those she cares about. When Maka got badly injured she was so angry not even her weapon partner could stop her. When she heard Soul's great voice of reason however, she calmed down. Hot tempered, it is very easy to get on her bad side, but not so easy to get back on her good side. She will usally stay mad at anyone she gets into a fight with for two days. One time Jamse, her weapon partner actually had to spend two nights on Maka's sofa before he could even come back home. She likes Black*Star she really does, but he does manage to get on her nerves which is not that hard to do, as Yuri plainly pointed out.

    Back Story: When Yuri was a little girl her parents were murdered by a witch. Her older brother Mathew, decided to leave Yuri behind when she found her weapon partner. He droped her off at the DWMA. When he did he joined up with the same witch that killed Yuri's parents. Yuri states that she will forever resent him for that. She met Maka on her first day at the academy because she was suppose to give Yuri a tour. Then after the tour was almost over Maka said that she wanted to introduce her to some people and then she met everyone. Black*Star was so annoying at first Yuri punched him through a brick wall.

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    I got my own character too here
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    Mine is,

    Name: Konun Zager

    Status: Meister/Weapon (Can use his entire body and turn them into blades)

    Age: 14

    Apperance: Shoulder length black hair, long black trench coat, Glowing red eyes.

    Info: Konun was forced to become a student by his parents after almost destroying his home. He was instantly consided an out cast. Having no use for a weapon he used to do his missions alone and with ease, until he met Aya (Sword) who broke the barriers and cliques and partnered up with him. Alone Aya was already a popular student but when she teamed up with Konun her popularity pllumited. One day Konun was forced to duel with the school bully and his mace weapon alone. Aya got hurt by a stray hit and this made Konun very angry. Using Soul resonance by himself he decimated the bully and pinned his fame to the top.

    Personality: Cold, Genius, Silent, Split-personality ( Konun & Nanoka) self-proclaimed monster.

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    [5]Mar 17, 2012
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    character name: yang

    ability: he can be in perfect sync with his partner

    what is he: a meister

    partners name: yin

    clothes: black boots and black cape and rope with a small white dot in the middle and a yang sighn necles

    partners clothes:white dress with black dot in middle with a yin sighn necles

    personality: shy and quiet and emo

    partners personality:kind friendly

    weapon: chains with shurikens at the ends

    intel:he sits in the back ofthe room and has not got beaten

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    [6]Apr 27, 2012
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    Cool Character : Shiri Connamo Weapon or Meister : Meister

    Partner : Soulis Atemo Look : Wears a long lab coat with a stiched coat hair color red w/ white tips. Wears long to the elbow surgen gloves and kneehigh buckeld and laced convers . Is only about 5"2.

    Soulis is a double sided sythe with cracks up he blade . When in witch hunter I am able to split her right down the middle. hehehe

    Personality : Quiet and shy normaly cant talk to others, But when she firsts meets Soulis it changes she is stronger and well witted her father [ Stein ] calls her swallow.

    Parents : Merie and Franken Stein . Her first day an DWMA She met Soul first but sadly he didn't play much attention to her . Shortly after the encounter with Soul, Shiri met Soulis Her new weapon partner. Her father never approved of her liking boys but when he finds out shes fallen for one of the partners whom tried to kill him .............. long story short Maka tried to kill her XD.
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    Name: Zyeon Rakate (Meister)

    Age: 17

    Demon Weapon: Vane Rakate (He's Zyeon's brother) He turns into an assault rifle in his soul resonance he shoots a gigantic ray beam at the target.

    Crush: None

    Appearance:Zyeon has short black hair and red eyes. he wears a black leather jacket over a white dress shirt and jeans. He wears black leather boots up to his shins. He has a lot of spikes, chains, and skulls on his outfit, so he basically looks like your average goth. Vane has brown spiky hair and green eyes, he likes to wear a white T-shirt, grey sneakers, and Khaki shorts.

    Info: Zyeon is a very mysterious, quiet and serious person, nobody knows about his past, not even himself. His personality is quite bland, and he rarely talks. He tends to be at the top of his class, even though he puts in no effort to do anything. He has no interest in jokes and is very sarcastic. Vane on the other hand, is virtually the exact opposite of Zyeon, outgoing, talkative, and annoying. He doesn't really like the quietness of Zyeon, and he's constantly trying to make him be more like him, resulting in failures and punches to the face. He constantly fails tests, much do his brother's dismay, and he's best friends with Black Star (After all they're almost completely alike) In battle, Zyeon's warfare skills are incredible. He has the ability to see a short distance in the future, leaving him with the ability to see his opponents next move, making him a near unstoppable opponent.

    Story: Because of his lack of knowledge on his past, I cannot give much information on that, so I will start with when he joined the DWMA. He joined the DWMA at 15 and was an excellent meister for those two years. He got straight A's, completed missions with ease, etc. However, later on, Zyeon kills Vane for unknown reasons and abandons the DWMA. He becomes a lone wanderer who is hated by everyone. He begins to go insane and consumes human souls and ultimately becomes a Kishin. For now, nobody knows where he is or what has happened to him.

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    Name: Sid Muriyama

    Age: 15

    Crush: maka

    Demon weapon:Ray takanashi (Sid's bestfriend)He turns into a wand and uses Sid's energy to shot out bolts of icy lightning. And their soul resonance shoots balls of icy lighting at the opponent.

    Appearence: Sid is a mix 15 year old with a flat mohawk and wears nerd glasses.He wears a short sleeve graphic tee and black skinny jeans he weighs about 127 lb. And is about 5"6 and wears black vans.Ray has a mop top hair style and is 2 inches taller than Sid and wears a button up shirt (long sleeve) and cargo shorts.

    Info:is a queit person and only says a few words.the only time Sid really talks is when he trys to make his opponent not fight him.Sid is a skilled martial artist and a great meister but when annoyed he gets ruthless.Sid will tel a few smart alec jokes or insult someone but everyone likes him.Ray is a funny person and likes to have fun. Sid is not much of a fun havin person and likes to spend time alone. Sid is also a electro dj.

    Story: Sid has a troubled past and doesn't like to talk about it but his parents were killed when he was little and then ran away. He met Ray when he was 13 and they been partners ever since.Sid joined the DWMA to revenge his parents and Ray joined to help him do that.When sid joined the DWMA he met maka and soul and their friends and Sid instanly fell in love with maka and always wanted to ask her out.Sid fought his first major battle and was put in urgent care for 3 months and Ray was perfectly fine.Sid also has the ability to steal moves but not soul resonances.
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    name: libra law


    crush: kid

    rank: miester

    weapons: leo and scorpieo, they turn into thorwing stars

    bio: is justin law's little sister named after her astronomical symble. she loves everything unique thats why she loves kidd because he so many uniquie traits. she loves to fight most of all .you may think she is sweet but ge on her bad side and she'll give you black eye. her and black star don't really see eye to eye, but netherevertheless they are friends. Kidd confest that he loves her for her for her syemitrie[sorry cant spell it right] and Shinigami arranged a marriage for them. Justin was so happy to hear it . her, kidd, liz , patti, leo, and scorpieo are now living together and will marry when they're 18. she wears mostly T-shrits and kakis and the occansinal jacket her weapons are brothers so they dress almost the same leo wearsoutfits kinda like libra's but more boyish and scorpieo wears sorda baggy t-shrits and pants

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    Here's mine,

    Alexan is A LITTLE GRUNK........thats why she is blushing in this picture.......:}

    Name: Alexan Corber.

    Age: 17

    Clothes: Just Look At The Picture And You'll See.

    Crush: Death The Kid

    Weopon: Kolimi Flag, And Daisy Hops. Sords.

    Soul Eater: The First Kiss. Book. Ep One: Alexan Corber is a 17-year-old that is new at DWMA and wants to have friends. She meat Kolimi and Daisy when she was 5 they played together. Suboki was Alexans first friend then Maka, then Black Star*, then Soul, Then Lizz. Patty Told Kid About Alexand and Alexand herd about Kid."Who's this Kid?" she asked but when she meat him she just froze-up. Alexan just stayed there looking. A min later she started to talk...."I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I'M A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A ALEXAN!!!". Alexan though that was stupid so she blushed. "That was stupid." She thought so she just walked away. Kid was looking confused...."That was wired" Said Kid. After school Alexan tryed to make a move with Kid but just before she said some thing she turned around and thought about it......"What Should I Say?". She turned back around and Kid was looking at her. She blushed......."Ummm......You Must Be Wondering Why Am I Here, Right?" She gulp. "I am new here...........". "That Was Stupid Too" She Thought . Then She Froze again Kid knoted his head. A Little Man Named, Loko Hated Lord Death and Kid he wanted to Kill Them. He put a red sky and a black sun. Kid Woke up Alexan. "Huh.....What......Were?" said Alexan. She looked up "What the? The sky is" "RED?!" said Kid. "Oh Yeah thanks.....What a red sky?!" Maka and the others ran out. "Wow......Cool!" Said Black Star*. They all looked at him but Daisy blushed and giggled. "Ooook." Said Alexan. Stein told Kid, Alexan, Lizz, Patty, Daisy, and Kolimi to go find the person that made the sky red. Alexan was happy because she gets to be alone with Kid. A day later they found a big ship. They found a entrace. When they got inside Alexan made a face. Kid looked at Alexan "are you ok?" "Of course!" Said Alexan. Then she start puting down the sords as she went closer to Kids face. Kid coughed "Eh...............". A bump sound made Alexan stop. "Are you ok?" Asked Kid. "I guess i am a little grunk." Alexan grabed her sords and she blushed "lets go we wasted to much time..." "You just now found that out?" Kid asked. Finally they made it to Loko. "I was waiting for you.........Kid." Kid and Alexan started to laugh. "B-B-B-B-B But your so small!!!!!" "Just wait, i will get in my suit.....". Loko Was bigger and stronger Kid and Alexan ran out and jumped out the windo. Maka and others were playing go-fish. Suboki spoted Kid and Alexan, "there coming!!!" Kid and Alexan landed right on the grownd. When they land they saw there hands touching then they let go. "Sorry...". Alexan said. Kid siad, "we need your help to defeat Loko.....hes........ummmm........BIG.." Every one laughed. Loko Bust out his ship "Oh........" siad every one. And they found them selfs fighting him. They mixed there powers together to defeat him. Loko turned into ashes and sky and sun are back to normal. Alexan kissed kid on the cheek. "Looks like i am stell GRUNK.....i just kissed you kid..........." she blushed." Siad Alexan. Kid froze "He he....." Siad Alexan.

    Info on Alexan: When Alexan was 5 her and her wepons were playing outside. When Loko came and killed her father her mother Took care of her. But when Alexan Was 12 she came back from her job. she knocked on the door then it opened she went in her moms room and she saw her laying down on the floor. "Mom?" She turned on the light and her mom was dead. "MOM!!!" Alexan found out that her mom was merdred. So she packed up and wiped her tears and headed out to find new family and friends. She took Daisy and Kolimi and went to go get revenge but she does not know who did it. She saw a note that said "GAME FOLO KILLED THIS WOMAN" so she want to go killed him but nevver found him so she went to DWMA.

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    heres mine:name: hirusho magatoya

    age: somewhere between 16 and 19

    demon weapon: izana(female) can turn into masamune

    crush: izana

    info: hirusho was an orphan growing up, once able, he and his childhood friend izana left their village in search of the kishin that killed his parents, his outer nature is blank and expressionless his fighting style consists of a special technique called soul resenove,a technique that allows hirusho to see his enemies weaknesses and exploit them

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