Soul Eater

Season 1 Episode 2

I Am the Star! The Big Man is Showing up Here?

Aired Monday 6:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Meister Black Star and his Weapon, Tsubaki attempt to go after Al Capone and his comrades to collect their own 99 souls but fail. Black Star and Tsubaki then learn that Al Capone plans to capture a witch named Angela and go after him once more, only to find Capone and his allies already defeated by Angela's powerful bodyguard. When Black Star decides to challenge the bodyguard, who will come out on top?moreless

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  • The second part of the prologue which needs to be appreciated as such.

    This episode keeps up the great impression I got from the first episode in terms of artwork.

    This time, we are introduced to another pair: Black Star (the meister) and his partner Tsubaki (the weapon). The two, unlike Soul and Maka, haven't collected any souls yet. They totally fail to collect the souls of Al Capone and his gang because of Black Star's giant ego that actually annoys me to no end and kept doing so until the end of the show (even though I got kinda used to it). After hearing Al Capone's gang talking about a witch, they go after them, just to find out that some strange samurai had killed them all. Anyway, the samurai Mifune was the witch's bodyguard and the battle Black Star has against him is amazing. Once again, really aesthetically appealing.

    The one thing I don't like about this episode is simple: Black Star. I hate the fact that he thinks he's a big, unbeatable star and I hate his loud and cocky attitude. If you like him, good, you'll have more reasons to do so throughout the show. If you don't, well, he'll end growing on you. At least that's what happened to me, I don't really like him but I see him as an important part of the cast, balancing the other characters and adding a light feeling to the series.moreless
  • What...

    In this episode, we are introduced to another Meister Black Star and his partner Tsukabi. Like Soul, Black Star has a very flamboyant and artificial personality. Even during the middle of a break in, all Black Star thinks about is being big and shows off by singing on the table while all of Al Capone's men look at him. He has a unique personality, but because it's just so out there and fabricated, it's really hard to like him. Plus he's just so arrogant. There were some bright spots in the episode though, like how he didn't kill Angela, and how Angela gave Black Star a gash in his head. Other than that though, the really flamboyant characters are proving to be dragging the show down so far.moreless
Kenichi Mochizuki

Kenichi Mochizuki

Lupan Kaitou

Guest Star

Shozo Iizuka

Shozo Iizuka

Al Cabone

Guest Star

Rikiya Koyama

Rikiya Koyama


Recurring Role

Ayaka Saito

Ayaka Saito

Angela Reon

Recurring Role

Kenjiro Tsuda

Kenjiro Tsuda


Recurring Role

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    • Mifune: You are a small figure, right?
      Tsubaki: That is not true. Even though Black Star is a li... a little bit stupid, if he tries, he can definitely do it.

    • Mifune: Don't you feel sorry for that girl? The reason you are still alive today is all because of the capability of your weapon. No matter how good the weapon is, it's wasted if a useless master is using it.

    • Mifune: My name is Mifune.
      Black Star: My name is Black Star. I am the man who will surpass God!
      Mifune: I don't want to do any meaningless killing. Stay away from Angela and stay away from here.

    • Mifune: Today is a little bit annoying.
      Black Star: These eggs of Kishin's souls... did you do all this?
      Mifune: Did you come here to obtain the witch's power?
      Black Star: Are you strong? That's good, I'll step your head under the foot of big me. Duel with me!

    • Mifune: Al Capone. What are you doing here as the king of dark street? Based on your answer, I might slaughter you.
      Al Capone: How arrogant. (To his minions) Erase him.

    • Soul Eater: Looks like you failed again last night.
      Black Star: What are you saying? I had a grand stage yesterday.
      Maka: It's just that you didn't capture any Egg of Kishin.
      Black Star: Well yeah, that's it.
      Tsubaki: And what about you two?
      Soul Eater: Please don't ask...
      Maka: ...because just thinking about it makes us down.

    • Al Capone: Get rid of the thrash who oppose me, you know?

    • Black Star: Tsubaki, are they our target this time?
      Tsubaki: Yes, Al Capone and his associates. There are hundreds of souls.
      Black Star: One versus, hundreds, huh? That's what I like.
      Tsubaki: Black Star... Fetch all the mislead souls that have transformed to the Egg of Kishin. Assassin's code number one: Dissolve in the darkness, and erase your breath. Consider and grasp the weak points of your targets.
      Black Star: Assassin's code number two, transpositional thinking: Predict the target's thoughts and moves. Assassin's code number three: Take out the target before the target notices you.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Al Capone

      This character is named and modeled after the famous Italian gangster of the same name.

    • Lupin

      At the end (during the next episode preview), Death the Kid is chasing a master thief named Lupin. This is an allusion to both the original gentleman thief Arsène Lupin from the novels by Maurice Leblanc as well as to the long running anime series Lupin the Third, which details the journeys of a master thief named Arsène Lupin III, who is the original Arsène Lupin's grandson.