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Soul Eater

Season 1 Episode 1

Resonance of the Soul — Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe?

Aired Monday 6:00 PM Apr 07, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater, a Meister/Weapon pair, have defeated 99 bad souls, and they now need to defeat a witch to evolve Soul Eater into a Death Scythe. They seek out a witch named Blair, but there is something strange about her...

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  • An unusual pilot. Really good and aesthetically appealing art makes you curious about the show but as a pilot, this episode makes the story seem a little lacking. But watch it as part of the prologue (which it is) and you'll love it.moreless

    So, when I first watched this episode I was amazed. The art in this show is kind of abstract and that appeals to me a lot. The fighting scenes were also really nice and the humor was amusing (I loved to watch Spirit getting hit by the "Shinigami Chop") so the pilot did what it was supposed to do: it got me to keep watching the show.

    However, many people may be put off by the poor introduction to the story that this episode offers.

    The episode introduces Soul Eater and Maka Albarn, two of the main characters. They live in Death City and are students of the DWMA, and academy formed by Death himself to combat the evil. In this world there are people who were born weapons, being able to transform themselves between their human and weapon form. Others, the meisters, wield those weapons. Maka is a miester and Soul is her weapon partner.

    The goal of the series is presented as being to collect 99 kishin egg souls and 1 witch soul in order to make a Death Scyte. This concept is quite straightforward but doesn't seem to have that much potential. And they add no more to the story than that.

    For fully enjoying this episode, you need to know that this is not the actual story and that Maka and Soul are not the only main characters. This is just part of a prologue that consists of three episodes to introduce the characters. The real story begins afterwards. Doing so, you want be disappointed with the lack of a plot, and watching the great and different art of Soul Eater will make you wish for more, this time with a story to back it up. And you'll get it, just keep watching!moreless
  • What the ****?

    There is no better example of a pilot episode that throws you straight into the fire than this one. One thing I don't like about manga is some of the unrealistic conversations that are made that seem to fulfill the mangaka's fantasies, such as Soul referring to Maka as small boobs. Didn't really find the humour funny, but what I did like was that the entire episode felt alive. All of the backgrounds were constantly moving, and there was always something going on in a single scene. Plus the aesthetics for the fights were very well done, and this is only the first episode. On an artistic point of view, this is a beautiful achievement, but in terms of characters and story, it needs to slow down.moreless
Izumi Koike

Izumi Koike


Guest Star

Mayuki Makiguchi

Mayuki Makiguchi


Guest Star

Koichi Sakaguchi

Koichi Sakaguchi

Jack the Ripper

Guest Star

Rikiya Koyama

Rikiya Koyama


Recurring Role

Emiri Katou

Emiri Katou


Recurring Role

Toru Ohkawa

Toru Ohkawa

Death Scythe

Recurring Role

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    • (After Soul says that he wants to be Blair's weapon)
      Maka: Blair, you're controlling Soul with your witch magic, right?
      Soul Eater: You really are stupid
      Maka: Huh?
      Soul Eater: A man would obviously choose a sis with a nice body, rather than a tiny-tits like you.
      Maka: What do you mean? Men are the worst. All of them are cheating. But I thought I would try and believe. I can't believe this. All you men should go and die! (pause) Hey, Soul. You said earlier that women are saying unreasonable things, right? IS there anything reasonable about a man cheating, you idiot?
      Soul Eater: How would I know such a thing? (transforms his arm into a scythe around Blair) Cool men don't cheat. Maka! (Soul transforms into a scythe, and Maka swings him around, killing Blair)

    • Soul Eater: What are you doing, you idiot?
      Maka: Shut up! It's because you nose-bleed all the time, you know.
      Soul Eater: Huh?
      Maka: Men are really the worst. You went in knowing Blair was having a bath, right?
      Soul Eater: How the hell am I supposed to know that? Why do women say such unreasonable things so confidently?
      Maka: Hmph. It's women's intuition.
      Soul Eater: Really, it doesn't make any sense.

    • Maka: Today I've written down some plans on this paper.
      Soul Eater: Just what is that? It's not a schedule. Nothing changes with just some paper.
      Maka: Then how are we going to beat that witch?
      Soul Eater: Beats me. With spirit, I guess.
      Maka: (annoyed) What? It's impossible without cooperating, you know. You have to become a Death Scythe too, right? Are you listening?
      Soul Eater: I understand, so cut it out already.

    • Soul Eater: She tempted my cool self with her witch temptations.
      Maka: As expected of a witch. But you won't be able to become the Death Scythe if you lose against such sex appeal.
      Soul Eater: Shut up, tiny-tits. (Maka gets mad)

    • Maka: Soul will eat your soul, and become the Death Scythe; become the strongest weapon, and surpass my father.

    • Maka: Weapon and Meister are one together. Let's go, Soul!
      Soul Eater: Yeah!

    • Maka: Murderer, Jack the Ripper, we will be taking your soul!

    • Death Scythe: Shinigami's Weapon Artisan Vocational School. Known as Shibusen. It's a place for not letting the existence that once made the world tremble in terror and dragged humans into the swirl of madness appear. Founded by the shinigami for studying and training with weapons and artisans.

    • Maka: Soul Eater, that one...
      Soul Eater: Yeah, Maka. No mistake. That one's soul is a demon's. Not a human's soul.
      Maka: The soul who goes astray from the way of humans has a possibility to change into a demon eventually. (to the demon) By the order of the Shinigami, we will collect that soul of yours.
      Soul Eater: What's wrong, Maka? Just like he's not a human, I'm a weapon. But normally I'm in a human shape. (his arm transforms into a part of a scythe) But the form or shape isn't the problem. The only thing that matters is the soul! (his entire self transforms into a scythe)

    • Maka: A healthy soul dwells in a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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