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  • Awesome

  • I want more! >:( please? :,(

    I loved the series so much! But now it is over and i am so upset, please make more! I know it has been about 5 whole years since last aired but this was the one anime I actually liked! We as fans could give you ideas and you could choose which ones you liked best! Like a new idea for a season could be Maka trying to figure out her weapon blood and Soul getting upset because he still wants to be her weapon and maybe some people could start dating? You don't have to take my ideas and I know it might be hard to get the actors back, for all i know some of them could be retired or worse... but still please and more. The reason I am so desperate that you make more is because I am absolutely positive that I am not the only one who wants it to continue. So if you read this,which you probably won't ,please please please think about what I wrote so that IF you do read this then i know you will make the right decision. if you don't read this, this part will have no point but if you don't read this and don't continue this series then I want to thank you for an awesome anime series that will probably be the only one I loved and watched. (but then again i'm probably just exaggerating about that last part ;)
  • Bought The Complete Series When Adult Swim Ended It

    This is a great anime. Like so many, it has cool abilities, likable characters, blends comedy and action very well and was fun to watch. The animation has a gothic like feel to it, though I do wonder why the moon and sun look scary.

    This is also one of the few times I've ever seen the Grim Reaper in a more benevolent light. He is funny, humorous and was only dark when he had to face his son Asura.

    The show's main themes are friendship, forming bonds, and courage. The friendship between the characters makes them very formidable and Meisters and their Weapons show a strong bond to make them great fighters, and it took courage to face the Kishin, with a punch full of courage destroying him.

  • Please add more :(

    I watched all of your episodes and seasons, but what got to me is the last episode, I have been really depressed for the last few days after the last episode and thats why I'm adding this review, just hoping you can make more. I thought a funny episode would be the 4 main boys ( Soul, Kid, Black Star, and Crona ) would all have deep feelings for Maka, but Maka only likes one, but it would not be heard until later in the other episodes (making the whole thing confusing the audience so they are questioning what's gonna happen next?) Oh and I have a brilliant new season name, "Soul Eater: A New Scythe" <--- This is referring to Maka becoming a scythe from the last episode. I hope there is gonna be more episodes!! Thank you!!
  • Fantastic Show!

    Soul Eater is one awesome show, and I'm pretty sure almost all enjoy it! It also made me develop my new and favorite "One True Pairing OTP" which is Soul and Maka! <3

    This show also has a really great lesson engraved in it. To Be Brave.

    To those people who have recently finished the anime, I feel your pain now that it's over... But due to my research, there have been slight rumors about a second season! ^^ The creator Atsushi Okobu said in an interview he would love to see another go at it, so he basically said yes to it! ^^ Let's all just wait and hope for another season

  • Love it but having problems

    I absolutely LOVE soul eater but all the episodes i try after episode 4........ Now I'm super sadness... I tried you tube but they only have Japanese with English sub titles.... D:)
  • Soul eater

    A very good anime, definitely worth watching. A good plot and awesome characters.
  • soul eater

    soul eater probably one of the worthy to watch anime.
  • There aren't many animes out there that are as creative and unique as Soul Eater, and BONES had to go out and tarnish what could have possibly been one of the best shounen animes out there.

    Soul Eater is an odd anime. A terrible introduction, crappy ending, yet the middle parts kept it afloat to make the entire series an actually good watch. And yet at the same time the middle parts weren't anything out of this world. How can this be? Not sure myself, which brings me to the very first point; Soul Eater is an odd anime. Aside from brilliant character relationships, Soul Eater does nothing that is spectacular, yet its brilliant combination of unique characters, steady character development, consistent story telling, and juicy battles all come together to create a fine well oiled machine that you'll never watch an anime that captures this unique feeling as much as Soul Eater does.

    It's unfortunate that BONES had to handle the project so poorly. There are at least six completely pointless or boring episodes that do nothing to contribute to the main story at all. The first three episodes are introduction episodes introducing the three main heroes; Death the Kid, Black Star, and Maka. These three episodes were very lackadaisical that did a poor job of actually doing their job; introducing the characters. And then there are three other episodes that are complete and utter filler concerning an ego centric being named Excalibur. They're all pretty terrible and it comprises of 10% of the anime itself. If this was a 26 episode anime, that would be a quarter. 12 episodes, half. Unacceptable!

    Good news is that once you get over that hurdle, the anime almost immediately becomes awesome. Other than character chemistry, Soul Eater doesn't stand out in any one particular area. Yet it does everything so equally well that it all comes together for an extremely entertaining and excellent watch. There are times where each of the three main characters are off doing their own personal assigned missions, but their missions are all related somehow, giving us a different perspective of the story at hand yet does a great job of handling the story. Although the characters are usually apart from each other, the main cast are textbook example of how to have great character chemistry. One of the more rewarding experiences during the anime was after a major battle, all of the characters were out playing basketball and just enjoying each others' company.

    After a certain point, BONES pulls off what they did to Fullmetal Alchemist and create their own ending, except this time they did a pretty bad job of it. The mystery and anticipation that the anime did a great job of creating went into complete shambles with how the remaining twelve or so episodes ended. The only thing that kept the ending afloat is that the fights were very juicy and exciting to watch and there was at least some creativity and ohhh and aweeee moments here and there.

    Though nonetheless, the ending felt like it didn't do the anime justice. Even without knowing what episodes were filler, you would be able to tell right away which ones were filler and which ones were canon. That's how unique the feeling is for Soul Eater. There isn't a shounen anime like it. Despite its wasted story, six dreadful and boring episodes, Soul Eater still remains a very enjoyable anime.
  • Great show!

    This is one of the only animes i actually like and i actually got into. I dont really like anime but i loved this show. I thought the humor in it was hilarious and the fight scenes were just epic and also it had some good morals it seemed. Plus i liked all the characters in there (not including the bad guys) my favorite being frankenstein just cuz he was awesome and the show was just awesome in general enough said
  • well it was a great story...

    it was a great story line until the near end and then bones got lazy about the anime and just quit it and many people i believe are waiting for a soul eater comeback as i am hopeing that bones would get up and start soul eater again one of the best animes out there bleach has the same characters yet theyve gone through 300 episodes and still going fresh yet after 50 episodes bones just quit on this almost perfect anime wich couldve gone so far
    someone go contact bones and persuade them to continue soul eater!
  • Great Animation yet unorigional

    This series caught my attention after viewing the opening which was full of energy fast paced and well animated

    I got the same energy watching the series until around episode 11 where it stopped focusing on any sort of plot or development of character and instead concentrated on laser beams and cool moves

    Soul eater is very unoriginal being a Bleach ripoff which is a Yu Yu Hakusho ripoff with a simple recoloring don't let the flashy lights and cool characters fool you this show barely goes past average

    No plot(Past episode 10 or so) No development(Ever) Simple art great animation thats about it
  • Story about three meisters (weapon users) and their weapons (who are people too) and their adventures in an alternate reality from our own, where the school of Shibusen serves to protect the world from madness

    Soul Eater is a great anime that needs more recognition. The whole series works really well and all plot lines and tie-ins get settled. All the intricacies of the story tend to make sense towards the end although there are a few things people won't understand the first time round, and there is no way you'll remember all the characters names. You'll find yourself screaming shinigami chop quite a lot or punctuating sentences with 'when I was alive' (believe me it all makes sense when you watch it!). Excalibur is pretty annoying but it's a sacrifice you should be willing to bare. Tell your friends, Soul Eater ROCKS!!
  • An action/comedy/drama packed up new series. Animation above average and consistent, characters slowly developing, awesome battle scenes, that's what you can expect from it.

    This is a must see series. I've not read the manga, but I've heard it is awesome and I'm willing to see how. The series have been slowly progressing, while giving us some nice side-stories about all the main characters, and some more information about them. Their power is also incresing, but not god-moding like most of Shonen animes. So, as I said, animation above average and consistent, characters slowly developing, awesome battle scenes, that pretty much sums it. But you'll have to be patient, as it takes a while to pick up the pace. But you'll have to see till you actually believe how good it is. You won't regret it!
  • Awesomeness.

    This show is like..woah! It's really unique. People changing into a weapon? That's awesome. :o They fight monsters and get their souls...that's awesome too! When you watch it for the first time, you would totally love it. The action, the comedy, and the romance would get so your attention. I swear, this is like the best anime ever. The first episode got my attention to this anime already. I won't spoil anything, but I HIGHLY recommend you to watch this anime...NOW! You can find the episodes to watch by searching on google. Hurry up, so you won't have to catch up a lot, lol. :P
  • Unoriginal? HAH! Far from it!

    After seeing other's opinions and thoughts saying that this show is a ripoff of Bleach led me to write another review. Though it may seem like a ripoff first with a Shinigami organization, the story is completely different. What I love about this show is that each character has their own character development. Not just the main characters. Also most of them to all of the main characters are lovable and are not despised. This show also features one of the most despicable and plain out evil villains ever in an anime which is Medusa. I really wanted to give this a 9.9 since everything was perfect until the very last half of the last episode but 10 works also. Besides the Manga pretty much fills that disappointment up and features even more development and plot!
  • All killer no filler. Imagine Bleach without the random time wasting.

    This is a relatively recent fantasy action anime based on a manga of the same name. For those fluent in the genre, you'd notice that it has distinct similarities with other popular anime such as Naruto or Bleach and while this isn't necessarily a bad thing it does make it seem rather unoriginal, giving you the 'been there done that' mood.
    However it is interesting and enjoyable to watch, the characters are fun and a good mix of personalities which interact well with eachother.

    The general premise is that humans called 'Meisters' wield 'Weapons' that can take human forms in order to slay demons, while being traned at the shinigami school in the ficticious Death City. One thing I should point out is that you've know idea about the small background details such as, where it is set, what year it is set in, how do these people react with regular people? etc. Now for me this isn't much of a problem because it means the show doesn't get bogged down in fine stuff (although it would be nice to see a bit more detail), but for some viewers this may bug them.

    Now as with most anime like this, the characters are essential to keep the viewer watching and Soul Eater delivers in this aspect. There are 3 main characters and each of their weapons totalling 7, each is likable in his/her own way and each viewer will be able to like/identify with at least one of the major characters, spanning Soul's obsession with being 'cool' to Kid's chronic OCD (although personally, I prefer some of the less major characters). One thing I should say about this show is that at times it is genuinely funny and yes a lot of this is derrived from character based humour, however it is also quite serious in places with one of the show's main themes being madness.

    A very noticable part of Soul Eater is the artwork. Taking a couple of steps away from the average anime style, this anime tends to employ a more strange and gothic theme. The characters are well drawn, although faces at times look a bit odd with people's noses seeming a bit strange, although in my opinion this is made up for by the way the eyes and mouths are shown as they tend to make the characters look more interesting and dramatic, in comparison to many other anime where a lot of people look bland and at times rather soulless. The animation is quite impressive. With a large focus of the show being on combat, the animation lives up to the task with frantic and impressive action. Another thing that is worth mentioning is the sun and the moon. I've yet to meet someone who isn't annoyed or freaked out by them, the best thing to do is ignore them.

    In reference to my summary, a Bleach viewer will find many similarities between the 2 shows, however Soul Eater cuts to the chase the way you'd want without needless dialogue or an emphasis on the same frames to save on animation and draw the series out. Yes, the 2 anime have very similar ideas, but its the way they are presented is where the differences are marked. Whereas Bleach tends to introduce many side characters and does a good job in creating this different world and has quite an epic theme, Soul Eater seems much more confined and claustraphobic with more humour, when it is needed of course. Unlike Bleach the pacing of Soul Eater's storyline is much more ballanced, the lack of time wasting helps this.

    Overall I would highly recommend this show, often I would stop and think 'wow this really does get better every episode', however it is presented rather differently to other similar anime, making it seem a bit niche. I rated it 8.8 as Soul Eater is very good and enjoyable to watch,with only a few detrimental attributes. I wouldn't call it a classic as it's just not that kind of genre or material, but it's certainly worth checking out.
  • awesome

    best show ever. imspiring show.

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  • Awesome ! One of the best show of the decade.

    Modern japanese Anime at its finest. Plot might be a little bit classic at first glance but the incredibly fine design of the characters and the insane fighting sequences makes this show a killer. The zany humor (Excalibur!), the gore and the sexiness, all mixed together, make a wonderful cocktail. Apart from episode 24, the animation is one of the smoothest and most innovative ever produced. The general storyline is truly compelling, with no abuse of cliffhangers, with evolving characters and a dense background. Fun, smart and visually impressive, this show benefits of the craftsmanship of one of the finest anime studio of the moment, Bones, responsible of the marvelous Full Metal Alchemist.

    A must see that definitely worth the watch.
  • It's about the best show ever! Soul Eater starts off as an anime about three meisters with their live human weapons trying to obtain the goal of becoming the most powerful weapon capable of being used by the Shinigami.

    This show is clearly underappreciated. Apparently, Soul Eater is as best as D. Gray Man or Bleach and such, but is often being compared too much to the more popular animes and are looked down upon. At first, when I watched the first 3 episodes, I thought "meh" and probably thought this anime is too random. But I didn't know those episodes were just character introductions, and when I hit the fourth episode, it actually grabbed my attention and forced my unconcious mind to demand for more. Yea, this show could have some very unoriginal scenes included(which bothers me to an extent), but the action and the way how the whole anime is drawn keeps the high score. Being an artist myself, I can't keep up with poorly drawn graphic animes, but this one gets an A+ plus my #1 favorite anime for now.
  • Unoriginal, but look away from that, and this show is decent.

    Okay, I'm not a fan of reviewing shows in their early stages, but when I read the other reviews here; I just had to write up one, because I don't find it as great as most of the reviewers here on MAL. I find Soul Eater to be a bit of a rip-off from Bleach. It's still decent, though.

    As mentioned, the setting is a rip-off of Bleach. The setting has just been given a new design to camouflage the rip-off. There's these humans, known as Meisters, who has living weapons with various abilities. They use these to fight evil human souls; seeds of Kishim. Seriously, how [i]is[/i] that different from the Shinigami vs. Hollows in Bleach? The only original thing about that is the goal they have to make their weapons into a Death Scythe, so that it can be used by the Shinigami himself.

    Anyway, enough about the setting. The story up to where I am has been mostly an episode-by-episode story, but a plot is slowly beginning to sneak in behind the scenes. I'm not sure what direction it will take from here, and this is why I don't like reviewing so early. However, I believe that it will get better as we go on, so for now I'll keep the story at a 7, for unoriginality and because only the latest episodes have shown a continuous plot.

    EDIT: I just watched ep. 18, and it seems the plot will get much better from here on. I'll probably edit this section a bit when the show has come further.

    One thing you should note though, is that it's a bit lighter than many other shonen series out there; it's not as heavy to watch. Therefore, it's great when I'm tired and just need something easy and action-packed to watch.

    The animation is more cartoony than many anime out there, I feel. That's not necessarily a bad thing; I mean, coloring and shading and effects are okay, but some things bugs me a lot - f.ex. the Shinigami, the moon and the sun aren't very pleasing to look at. Overall, the animation deserves an 8: It's good quality, but there's just something about the overall feel of it that bugs me.

    The soundtrack isn't very remarkable either. The background music isn't anything noteworthy, but it's not bad either - it fits with the mood. The OP and ED themes are decent, but I think I'd only listen to the first ED theme outside of watching the show. The voice acting is good too, though I share many others' opinion that Maka's voice is annoying. All in all, I'd rate it a 7.

    The characters are fair too. I mean, they're funny to watch, but funny isn't' enough to rate it high up. They lose some points for unoriginality (Soul=bad-ass attitude good guy, Maka=sorta voice of reason for Soul Eater, Tsubaki=shy girl who goes along with her hyper partner does, Maka's father=daughter-loving father who does everything to win her affection, but gets serious when needed), but there's still some original characters there. I'm especially fond of Death the Kid and his obsession with symmetry, because I can somewhat identify with him (though not on such an obsessed level). There hasn't been a lot of character development so far either - only Maka's desire to get stronger -, and the series is already 1/3 done. However, much can happen, and again, since I'm reviewing at such an early stage, I won't prejudge them. But for now, I'm keeping it at a 7, losing points for unoriginality and low character development so far but gaining points because they're funny as well as the presence of a few original and likeable characters.

    I'm enjoying Soul Eater, but only just enough to watch it. It loses too much because it hasn't got a large amount of originality. If you look away from that, though, Soul Eater is a decent shonen series.
  • well from watching a few eps i'm ready to review it.

    I got bored as usual waiting for new eps of bleach naruto shippuuden one piece and code geass to come on so i asked on the naruto off-topic lounge if anyone could recommend a good anime to watch. someone said soul eater so first i looked it up here to see if its still airing cuz its hard to find ended shows on youtube ect. so I watched the first ep and enjoyed it. the fight scenes are smoothe and it sorta reminds me of how avatars were. The abilities are kinda similar to erementar gerad sp? where a person has to have a sync rate to become their weapon. Difference is that they just have to match their soul frequency unlike in erementar gerad where a hot almost never aging chick becomes your weapon after making a pact. Only the pact user can use the weapon no one else.
    I also agree its sorta like bleach. But its a little different. There wern't witches in bleach. and apparently a witches soul plays an important role as its said if one consumes a witches soul they obtain great power.
    character wise its ok. Black Star is the eager hyperactive moron of the series who mainly relies on physical strength but can come up with a few tricks. Maka is the smart girl who's going to be the damsel in distress and will probably use brute force. Death the Kid is the smart technique user and is highly skilled but his weakness is symmetry. Patty and liz are combo fighters and fighting them plus kid will be difficult. Soul and Tsubaki are support types but would be better off on the front lines.
    I can't wait to see what they do with the side characters like Blair, Mifune and Angela.
    its a good show hope it keeps running.
  • It is a pretty good show.

    Soul Eater, a show taking place in a school called Shibusen. It is for children who help gather evil souls for the Shinigami. In the school, there are people called Meisters, and people called Weapons. Weapons are people that can transform into a certain kind of object which can help the Meister collect the souls. Maka is an example of a Meister. She uses her partner, Soul, to eat all demonic souls that can found. If they manage to get 99 souls, Maka and Soul must defeat a witch for the 100th soul in order to turn Soul into a much stronger weapon known as a Death Scythe. They got close to doing so in the first episode, but sadly, did not get a witch soul as the 100th one. Now, they must restart not knowing what new problems are going to occur at Shibusen. It could effect everyone around them in ways they could never even imagine.
  • Action, Comedy, and Drama what a good mix, that what this show has. The fun series to check out and a total must watch.

    Action, Comedy, and Drama what a good mix, that what this show has. This show I've got into and find it pretty tight after watching the first few episodes of it. It revolves around students classified as Meister's at Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School located in Death City. The school's run by a Shinigami, who's a Death God and head of the school, as a training facility weapons and the human welders of the weapons, which are the Meister. Each Meister has at least one Demon companion who can turn into a weapon or his/hers human form. This organization enforces peace to prevent the rebirth of the "Kishin", who have once plunged the world into darkness. Human souls, which have become evil have a high chance of becoming Kishin, therefore are killed off by the students at the school. The student's ultimate goal is to collect and eat 99 human souls and 1 witch soul. Which would increase the power of a given weapon and thus be capable of being used by a Shinigami. This show is a pretty good show anyway, you should definately check it out. Check it out, you wont regret it!!
  • Another decent comedy.

    Soul Eater is what you get when mixing Kingdom Hearts,Bleach,Harry Potter,and Fooly Cooly in a blender.Soul Eater has a title named after the character Soul Eater.The show is actually eccentrically goofy showing a lauging sun to a grinning moon with blood running out of it's teeth.The show.The show has some pretty good puns,but the later on in the series it's kind of worn out a bit.One of my favorite characters are Death the Kid,who has a mental disorder called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,Kid will want everything symmetrical,if not he will cry or go berserck.The symmetrical jokes are fun hear.Okay I forgot to tell you the story,it show a group of kids who attend a school tooken place at some town,that school is Shibusen.A school where people must use shinigami weapons to capture 100 souls to egg the Kishin demon god.The animation is pretty good and all.But Black Star is totally annoying,not only is he a loud ninja asssassin,but he cares only about being on the spotlight or on stage.This kid is like the loudest Naruto clone.The show is really cute and humorous,but the jokes may sadly flesh out later in the series.