Soul Eater

Season 2 Episode 25

The Word Is Bravery!

Aired Monday 6:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on TV Tokyo

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  • we will miss it

    although it left us with alota question like were her mother, why CAN SHE BECOME A WEAPON, what will soul look like if he had become a death sycth (srry for spelling) and THE MOST IMPORTANT HAVENT THEY MADE A THRID SEASON :C
  • Extremely disappointing ending to an amazing Anime.

    I have many problems with this finale.

    The first issue I have is the number of Deus Ex Machinas that is used.

    1) Maka can turn into a weapon all of a sudden, if this was in the manga fair enough but it felt like it came right out of nowhere to me. Even if it is an inherited trait from her father who is a weapon, it still came out of nowhere. It should've been introduced long before then.

    My other problem with this is that it served absolutely no purpose, she didn't win the fight in weapon mode either, so she might as well have attacked him with Soul. It made no difference whatsoever.

    2) Lord Death couldn't stop him, fighting with all their strength couldn't stop him -- but all of a sudden this guy can be defeated by just words... how very... Lame. Might not actually be a deus ex machina but still this is extremely cheesy and lazy writing.

    My eyes rolled as they started to tell us "its all in here" while putting their hands on their chests. Oh boy, we're in for one of _those_ endings. One where its solved with emotions. Which is fair enough if handled the right way but this felt forced and out of place here.

    2nd problem I have with this episode is that it just stopped directly after the battle -- my initial reaction like at the end of Bioshock 2 is 'thats IT?' - my reaction still now is 'Thats IT?'

    I know the manga goes on longer but the Anime should be able to stand well up on its own. Here's what they should've done to alleviate this problem: They should've split this into two episodes and had the fight finish within 10 minutes on the 2nd episode. Then spent the last 10 minutes with the characters talking to each other or giving us some idea of the aftermath of all these events asides from putting a little slideshow on for us at the end credits.

    Bottom line, what a terrible way to end a nearly perfect anime. It felt sloppy, rushed and was poorly written.
  • Disappointing ending to a near perfect show.

    The first half of the episode was brilliant. A good revelation added by some kick butt action. Unfortunately the climatic second half is just Maka mind screwing Asura and discarding the main point of the show and using "courage in a fist" to destroy Asura. Really I would've given this a 5 for not us the epilogue. Fortunately it showed up in the DVD version. Really this is a great anime but the resolution was anti climatic and just plain dumb. The biggest disappointment is how Soul is cast aside in the second half and is down. The reason I have a problem with this is because isn't Soul the main character also and he should share the kill with Maka? Though I personally think Maka is the best female anime character solely for being the most human out of any character I've seen, Soul should of been by her side also. Once again this was booted up to a pretty decent episode thanks the the epilogue but it can't save it for being a pretty bad ending.
  • Once again an intangible form and human emotion is the one to slay evil.

    Can't say I wasn't expecting this. The ending reminds me a lot of Shaman King; in both instances, before the final blow, a lot of excitement was building up filled with high octane action and emotion, and then human emotions decides to take a tangible impenetrable form. The episode before this featured excellent fighting scenes, and for a while it seemed like that was going to carry over. The whole twist about Maka being a weapon herself really heightened your emotions, and most of all she was fighting equally with the Kishin. For a while I was thinking Soul Eater could have went out with a bang! Nope, it seems like the hardest and most deadliest attack in the universe is "courage", enough to defeat the Kishin what even Shinigami has failed to do. The ending would have been 10x more exciting if Maka defeated him when she was in weapon mode. Overall a very disappointing ending.