Soul Eater

Season 2 Episode 15

Twirl 'Round and 'Round — A New World in Which the Doc Dances?

Aired Monday 6:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on TV Tokyo

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  • Insane!

    Once again this episode is dancing away from that perfect formula that Soul Eater has been building such a strong show on. Although this episode it's different. It sort of takes an Evangelion approach to Stein's insanity and for the most part, it was pretty interesting to watch. The episode opened up pretty effectively with Stein's mind toying with him about entering certain doors, etc. And while that was all going on, the story is setting up for a Crona and Marie vs. Medusa battle. Plus the mystery of why Shinigami is quick to attain the secrets of BREW is still brewing, and Death the Kid's suspicion to this adds to it. Like most good shounens, it leaves us with the questions of; what is going to be the outcome of Stein now that he's going to encounter Medusa soon, and when is the epic clash between Shibusan and Arachne going to erupt?