Soul Food

Season 1 Episode 8

Bad Luck

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2000 on Showtime

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  • Not exactly sure what the purpose of this episode was, and I seriously doubt I will ever truly figure it out.

    Now, there are some storylines from "Soul Food" that lasted the entire series, some that were mentioned once or twice, and there are some that were complete wastes of time. Guess which one this is. You guessed it. One of those complete wastes of time!

    Since when does anyone other than Ahmad narrate the show? Whoever decided that would be a clever way to shake things up was completely wrong. You can’t just change the narrator halfway through the first season. We’d become comfortable with Ahmad as the narrator, and that’s like pulling the rug right from under our feet. Let one person, and one person only, tell the story. I’ve never cared about what Kenny had to say. Why would I start now?

    Secondly, we could snatch this episode right out of the season, and we wouldn’t miss a beat. What exactly was the purpose of this episode? Perhaps it was a way for the writers to establish Kenny’s character since he was never explained in the movie. If that is the case, all is forgiven. I’m just glad they never tried that again, or we might have a serious problem.

    With everything considered, “Bad Luck” goes down in my books as one of the worst, most uninspiring episodes of “Soul Food” I have ever had the torture of watching. If you have the DVD, just go ahead and skip right past it. It’s really not worth your time.