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Season 3,4, & 5

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    Now that season 2 is here, lets keep pressuring Paramont for seasons 3,4,& 5... Lets stick together to get them to release these seasons unedited and soon. And maybe they will put together a soundtrack that contains music from the actual show. I don't think they realize what an impact this show had on it viewers. But if "WE" Soul Food fans stick together and keep the pressure on then hopefully they will see thing our way.

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    At this rate, we are gonna have to wait another 3 years!Paramount should just release the rest of the seasons in one bundle. I am sure they would have enough viewers who loved the show so much that they wouldbuy it and make a significant profit. I alreayd bout Seasons 1 and 2.

    I can't wait 3 years and I can't watch the BETJ version. Not the same thing!

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