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  • still a favorite

    Well it's back to the past. I have purchased the entire series a few years ago and I'm reviewing the Soul Food family once again. I enjoy the different stories and appreciate the writings of the authors. This is strictly an adult entertainment program and because it's such, a viewer should not be offended by many of the extremely graphic scenes. It's life!

    The characters are so real for many families. The guest actors and actresses are equally as real for many families too.

    I like the story lines as it segues from story to story. So much of this series is relatable to how peoples lives are torn apart and how they eventually work through their problems and mend their issues and get back on track. And then back to another family drama!!

    One question I had is how were the youngsters chosen for this program.

    They fit right into place with the families and even favor the actor parents.

    I gave the series a 10 because of it's relatability to life problems.

    And I like all the actors who play their parts so well.


  • Soul Food

    One of my night time soaps that I watched faithfully until last night. I didn't think the writer would stoop so low as to have a rough and tough white guy with tattoos being sexually abused in jail as Lem sat there and listened to it. Why would you pick something like that too dramatize. I can still picture that guys face as the shadow of a huge black guy was taking advantage of him. There are many sad things that happen in jails and prisons but for you guys to depict something like that on television. You could have made a better choice. It was so graphic!!! You got your point across but I refuse to watch any more of your shows. I would hate for my young grand daughter to see something like that!! You have lost my viewership. I thought this was a clean family show!!!!
  • This is the best show that has ever graced the TV. This need to be brought back now! The chracters are believable and lovable.

    I am truly disappointed that this show was canceled. This was the best drama of all time. The story lines were strong and true. It showed real black love! I love the way Terri and Lem's relationship grew. They went from a sister and brother-in-law that couldn't stand each other to a sister and brother-in-law that not only loved and respected each other, but would fight for one another. That was real! Terri and Damon had some poweful scenes. Their Chemistry together was mind blowing. I alweays thought they were seeing each other off camera. I was right. They are married with two kids. I miss this show so much. I am glad I have it to watch on DVD!
  • One of the best black TV Drama's out there- just wish there was more of it.

    I live in the UK and I became excited to see Soul Food on Satellite! Although some of the scenes are heavily edited and the show times are inconsitent- this show is one of my all time favourites and frankly I cant get enuff of it.

    I brought the original Soul Food movie and enjoyed it very much. When it eventually came out as a tv drama recently I was pleased to see it. Soul Food has to be one of the best black drama's there is right now on tv. The cast are very comfortable with each other and are able to add realism to the show that makes it easy to relate too.
    Just like the 'Joseph sisters' I too have 2 sisters and we are very close.I can definately relate to the strong bond and the way they are fiercely protective of each other and the family as a whole!

    I cant wait for the series to come out on DVD!
  • i love this show. it's a feel good show where u get some popcorn and just enjoy!

    this show is great! one of the best show ever! i was sad when the show was over. great cast. this show is so real. it show enery day life of black people. if u don't like this show then your out of your mind. because u this show makes u laugh,cry, and just makes you happy. why they end the show i can't say. but i do know that it was the longest black to run over! and they should try to bring the show back. the only thing is that it was on cable so if u didn't have cable then you didn't see it. but now you can see it on bet and bet jazz! thank you god!
  • A family struggles through life, haunted and influenced by the recent passing of their mother, but remains bonded through the food that reminds them of home. Through all things they stick together.

    I honestly enjoy Soul Food. Although it doesn't come on regularly, I'm stuck to the tv when it does. It's so refreshing to see black actors in positive roles, that celebrate not only their sexuality (which the media often focuses on) but their roles as parents, as professionals, and as family members.
  • A decent show.

    For a while, there has been a new wave of television show. This show required, what one would say, a "continuation" of a character or particular character's lives. This show required a great call to authority and possibly had the hardest task of living up to it's predecessor's status. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, it's the sudden trend of television shows based off movies that are starting to sweep the television airwaves currently. If you've already guessed it, "Soul Food" now falls into this category.

    Receiving positive reviews and doing pretty good at the box office, "Soul Food," the 1997 film starring a cast of rising A-list actors & actresses struck a chord with audiences, most notably the African-American audience and helped redefine the black family film. Since, this film was a hit on all levels, what would one expect next? You've guessed it, turn it into a weekly television series. I must say that I feel that the television show is much better than the film. Not that the film was bad or anything, it's just that the television show allows the audience to sympathize and grow with the characters over a period of time. Here we are, each week for one hour, we get to tap into the Joeseph sisters lives and realize that they are more than one-dimensional characters. With the film version, we only got 2 hours to really tap into the lives of the Joseph sisters, but with the series we're given a chance to see how they have evolved as characters.

    They're are many positive things about this show. For one, I think that this show presents African Americans, especially men, in a positive light. Here, the male characters are not deadbeat dads, drunkards or living their life from check to check. Another plus, is that I think this show has very good acting. Perhaps I think my favorite actor on this show is Rockmund Dunbar(Kenny Chadway) but I'm surprised they didn't cast a much taller actor to play his character. Let's don't forget Nicole Ari Parker and her believable portrayal of Teri Joseph, the leader and the most successful out of the Joseph Sisters.

    It's funny because I didn't start watching this show until a couple of months after it was taken off the air, but I try to watch it every night it comes on BET. My word of advice is don't watch it on BET because they cut out all the good parts(oh God, the humanity) so it is better to watch it on Showtime, edited free. This is a good show and I recommend it.
  • A stellar ensemble cast, excellent writing, directing, soundtrack and cimenatography, make Soul Food a totally entertaining show as well as a must have DVD. See it if you haven't. You won't be sorry.

    Ok I have to, "Eat Crow." I must admit that when this show first came out, I would not watch it because I am a stickler for books and I don't usually like it when a movie is made from a book or a series is made from a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I was adamant about not watching the series. However, I was dead wrong. I started catching episodes, in rerun, when it was on BET. I got hooked. I wound up seeing a lot of the last and second to last seasons so I finally bought the DVD. It's fantastic. I am glad that I bought it and I am angry that they won't seem to release the remaining seasons. Such wonderful performances by the entire cast. It would take me forever to list everything individually.

    I have always liked Nicole Ari Parker & Boris Kodjoe. I think they have the most wonderful chemistry together. Isaiah Washington is one of my faves as is Rockmond Dunbar, Malinda Williams, Vanessa Williams, Aaron Meeks, Darrin Dewitt Henson, and so on. I could go on forever.

    The writing is excellent, the soundtrack great, the cinematography beautiful. This is a show that is worth watching and a DVD worth buying. I can't wait for the next episode, but I will savor this as I do most shows when they are this good.
  • wow it was very sad it looked so real!

    what did she do when bird walked in how did she end up on the floor? Yeah on one episode didint she pass out? which onw was that. it doesnt make sense because i dont remember maxine knowing about her panic attacks. On what episode did that happen? well anyone know please relpy or something
  • what a show what a show!!!!

    i have nofin much 2 say bout dis except dat soul food just bring soul to you the episodes storylines are so well put 2gther couldn't ask 4 anyfing more
    Ahammed being changed as the narrator well why change him dats what i wanna ask and i fink its put a bit of flavour into his character when he was the freaken nanrrator was noticed more.
  • I love Soul Food so much!!!

    BET needs to air Soul Food more often because if they are never going to release the second season on DVD at least we can see it. I really don't know why Soul Food was cancelled beecause even though it has a hit it could have still have been a hit if it wasn't cancelled!
  • The Joseph sisters' bond strengthens in this story set in Chicago, Ill as they grow older and wiser together. In the movie, the mother was the glue that held them together but now they have to be that glue.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, Soul Food. So when I heard there was going to be a continuation of the movie on cable TV, I became skeptical and excited at the same time. But the Showtime network did a great job of transitioning the storyline, actors, and setting to TV. The show was able to maintain its momentum throughout its five seasons which is why I never understood why they cancelled the show. Needless to say, the show was so great to me that I purchased the first season on DVD only to learn that the other seasons wouldn't be released as of October, 2005. Maybe my prayers will be answered with the release of the episodes in the future. But overall the show is a definite must see.
  • Best TV drama ever!

    One of the best dramas on TV ever. Amazingly well written, superbly acted, wonderfully cast and so very realistic! I am addicted to Soul Food and wish I had seen it from the very start. I came on board when it went into syndication on BET. Is it still on BET or Showtime? When will we get the complete boxed set?
  • Excellent show, upset that it ended. Now it\'s taking to long to put all five seasons on dvd.

    Excellent show, upset that it ended. Now it\'s taking to long to put all five seasons on dvd. The show made you feel like you were apart of their family. Ever show pulled you right in and you could honestly say that this happened to me or someone I know. Can not wait to purchase the rest on the seasons, I already have season one.
  • I can watch Soul Food everyday all day long,me and my girlfriend discuss it all the time. She has cable, so she kept me inform about what is going on. I was glad it started coming on BET, they should have a Soul Food mathron.

    Soul Food the movie was great, while watching it in my mind I was thinking they should continue this movie not know it was a series too follow. But the only bad thing is alot of people do not have cable so we miss the TV series, until it start showing on BET. I know its probably out on DVD/VHS I do not know if its the whole series. The producers really know what their during, because the plots are so real. You have 3 sisters with 3 different personality, but they still come together as a family no matter what\'s going on personal, physical or emotion. I\'m kind of confuse because in the movie she had a boy and girl then had another whatever happen too that baby? Why the producers are not bringing out the other children? Whatever happen too their uncle that stay in the house?
  • This is by far one of the most talked about african american drama\'s that has ever surfaced.

    This show will keep you quessing and jumping out of your seat. I enjoyed every episode of this drama. I often did nothing on wednesday\'s prior to nine pm. I am still looking for the second season on dvd along with many others. The first day I see it I will but it.
  • A Wonderful Series

    When I think about the series "Soul Food", I am constantly reminded of what an American family should consist of. You don't have to necessarily have to be African-American to enjoy "Soul Food". It welcomes all races to symbolize a close-knit family.

    Picking up where the movie left off, the Joseph sisters are back and dealing with the death of Mama Joe, the matriarch that kept her family together. Now, the Joseph sisters are trying to keep that dream alive.

    The series had a wonderful five-year run on Showtime and even received a first season DVD in 2003. I hope that the remaining seasons follow on DVD to complete the entire series. I love this show.
  • One of the best dramas depicting the African American Family with class, and taste.

    I have to admit, I did not have Showtime. I would hear people talk about the show every week, and I finally rented the show from Netflix when it was released on DVD. I was hooked after watching the first episode. There were so many issues you could relate to. Love, trust, unity, opening your heart to love again, disappointment, and every other emotion involved. You could relate to some or all of the characters. You would laugh, cry and talk to your television with this show. This is one show that will be missed, and wish the other seasons of the show would be released on DVD.
  • "Soul Food's" originality and its unconventional approach to its subject matter help make it an incredible drama series unlike anything we have ever seen before. With an entirely African-American cast and one courageous leap into an unprecedented art form

    The hit Showtime drama “Soul Food,” gives us an unprecedented look at the lives of three African-American sisters, the everyday struggles they face as individual people and the togetherness that keep them a family. Narrated by Ahmad (Aaron Meeks), an observant young boy barely in his teens and the oldest grandchild of the late Josephine “Mama Joe” Joseph (Irma P. Hall), “Soul Food” takes us on a constant ride of highs and lows as we watch the Joseph family deal with issues of honesty, betrayal and the constant conflicts that shape their lives and keeps the characters realistic and relatable to African-Americans and American families alike.

    The oldest of the Joseph sisters and my personal favorite, Teri Joseph (Nicole Ari Parker) is the feisty corporate lawyer and self-proclaimed head of the Joseph pack. Though beauty, intelligence, and professionalism are just a few of her more honorable qualities, Teri’s frank attitude and her assumed obligation to take care of her family often lead to turmoil with her sisters and within her personal life.

    Maxine Chadway (Vanessa Williams), the second oldest of the sisters, plays the part of both mother of three and wife of Kenny Chadway (Rockmond Dunbar), owner of Chadway Towing. Though her nurturing and compassionate ways allow for the job of “Stay at Home Mom” to consume her life, Maxine longs to find happiness outside of her positions as a mother and a wife.

    The youngest and more complicated of the three sisters, Tracy “Bird” Van Adams (Malinda Williams), owns a beauty salon and is married to ex-con, Lem Van Adams (Darrin Dewitt Henson) with whom she has a son. Although Lem’s honest attempts to plant himself on the straight and narrow are evident, his never-ending trouble with the law and his hardcore upbringing is constantly rearing its ugly head, creating more problems with the three sisters than anyone can ever imagine.

    “Soul Food’s” classy approach to its subject matter and its amazing cast of actors is what make its audience, young and old, fall in love with its characters and become intrigued with their lives. It’s spiciness and originality keeps us on the edge of our seats and begging for more. I have been a fan of “Soul Food” from day one, and I am still a fan today. Nonetheless, with all bias aside, I can honestly say that “Soul Food” is absolutely worth every second you spend on it. It has touched so many lives around the world, and its legacy will live on in their hearts and souls forever.
  • A show that will be truly miss. And does anybody know when Season 2-5 is coming to DVD.

    Soulfood is just one of best drama's ever. It really put's those UPN and WB show's to shame. It was just great to watch because to me it had such a reality that most show's just don't have. From Lem trying so hard to change his old ways but always getting caught up in something. To Bird helping him in every single possible way but still frustrated that the man she loves may never change. Maxine and kenny going what a lot of Couples can relate to.But to me the best episode's was with there son. watching him just gave me so many memories on how life is growing up. But my personal favorite was Terry and Damon. They really had chemisty. even though it got crazy at the end of season 4 when damon left terry. Then to comback in season five with terry Just so heartbroken, confuse, and just wanting some one to love her. So she had sex with every man she met. which was just crazy. But at the end damon came back to terry and they got married. But the sad thing is that it's going to be a while when we see a black drama this good. So just keep watching on BET tuesday's and thurday's at 10:00pm.
  • "Soul Food" isn't only a classic in my eyes; hopefully, it'll soon become influential to future family dramas.

    What makes the hit Showtime family drama "Soul Food" a classic is that it's the first of its kind. Even after all of the research on shows that I've done since becoming a TV Tome member in late 2003, I don't ever remember there being a drama series that comprised of an all African-American cast. "Soul Food" was that now classic, and hopefully influential series.

    While this show isn't at all intended for the entire family (it contains adult language and situations), it succeeds in giving a real look into the lives of an African-American family living in the Windy City. The Joseph sisters are the only survivors of their immediate family; these three make sure that they're there for each other, despite the many arguments and disagreements that they may have. Teri Joseph is the eldest of the three; she's a hotshot lawyer at the most prestigious law firm in Chicago. She feels that she is over all family finances---especially their parents' house that was left to them. Maxine Joseph is the second oldest of the sisters; she's happily married and a mother of three. The youngest is Tracy a.k.a. "Bird"; she's the sister with seemingly the most problems. She has to juggle owning her own hair salon, taking care of her infant son, and trying to watch her ex-con husband Lem's every move. These are just some of the problems that the entire family has to deal with.

    Hopefully in the near future, network television will order family dramas starring an all Black cast. "Soul Food" already kicked down the door for more of these to come along, and in the process became a hit. Prayerfully, one of the networks will consider.
  • Real

    This show is so real it shows you the realness of these relationships and it shows you ever aspect of the characters not holding back anything this show is real and true and a good insight on the lives of a real african american family i have these characters in my own personal life and can relate to the realness of every episode , you can look at this show and look at your life and find the similar aspects of how the come together in full circle , very insightful and informative for day to day life a goood drama.